Owlette enjoys ear scratch!

No, that is not a typo. It’s a lil’ owl who loooooooves a good scratch. He even has a happy little cackle and his eyes roll back like Shark week. This whole scene belongs in a Japanese video game check it:

ORLY Lisa L.!? (and of course Juannasue!)



  1. Birdcage says:

    OMG!!!!!! WANT!!!!!! Looks kinda like a furby toy but I lurve that little sound he makes when he’s all blissed out from the neck rub!!!!!!

  2. Birdcage says:

    Birds have a way of looking like they are smiling – incredible when you stop and think that they have no lips.

  3. So this was the inspiration fo furbys. How did something so keyute turn into something so ebil & sinister?
    Seriously though, I kept thinking, OMG It is not real it’s not real!!

  4. chanpon says:

    Redonkulously cute and ebil when his eyes roll back!! I want to scratch little owls on the head too, sinister or not. *pouts*

    Errr…what’s with the italics?

    [Sorry, what italics do you mean? 😉 – Ed.]

  5. Why u stops head pats? So saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadsssssssssss ………………. 😦

  6. aaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeee, he’s cute! And yes, he does look like a Furby-will he sing himself to sleep?

  7. awwww, what a cutie! he’s totally blissed out. and the noises are ace – kinda remind me of my cat when he sees a bird outside and wants to hunt it 🙂

  8. bendeng says:

    definitely a RL Furby.

  9. Big… scary/adorable eyes of a soul eating doll Q_Q

  10. Copperbat says:

    Such a pretty little creature. I love her little noises.

  11. I love his slow, heartbroken look when the scratching stops. He’s like, “… You did not just stop. :|”

  12. Amazing third eyelid action! Strangely cute…

    [YAY for nictitating membranes! INSANES! – Ed.]

  13. So adorable! And proof that the Jim Henson Company has moved onto genetic experimentation.

  14. Kristabelle says:

    I would scratch his head alllllllll day long. My cockatiel loves a good head scratch around her head plumage, but this would bring a whole new level to it!!! He is SOOOOOO happy to have his head scratched!!!

  15. Owlette, gentille owlette
    Owlette, je te plumerai

    (“like Shark Week” LOL Meg)


    Thisis one of those animals that seems like it shouldn’t even exist in real life – like elephants.

  17. I’m in loooooooove!


    Yesh… it is more of a back of the head/neck scritchscritch than an ear one. The thingers on it’s head are just floofy feathers. The actual ears are on the sides of the head just behind the eyes, and in this species they’re asymmetrical, one higher than the other.

    kasia: OMIGAWD YESH! Sounds exactly like my kitteh tooooo!

  19. YAY! One of my submissions got in! rofl
    I can’t even count how many times I’ve watched this video 😛

  20. It’s like Sims Animals where you have to pet the animal to make it trust you.

    Also, zomg I want one!

  21. Oh the NOISE! The leetle noise!

  22. @pyrit: Um, you want to pluck that owlette bald?

  23. PS NOTHING evil about this little wol! Bok bok!

  24. peachfish says:

    *scritch* *scritch*…..Opens eyes, but sits very still waiting for more…*Scritch* *Scritch*

  25. Katiedid says:

    Speaking of birds… that duck that laid her babies on the cement awning last year.. had babies again!!!! and this time they again transported to the water by the same guy! He caught all the little ones this time. The story is on CNN.com if anyone is interested!

  26. artgirl says:

    Omg, it’s little furby noises of happiness are the cutest thing ever! I want it!!!!

  27. charliewabba says:

    birdie scritches!!!
    the best kind!!!

  28. Katiedid says:

    PS… I love Mr. Owl and his extra eyelids!!! “yesh.. more rubbies!!!”

  29. i can NEVER get my eyeliner to look that even.

    cute. not evil.

  30. I think it’s doing its Sally imitation from When Harry Met Sally, the restaurant table scene…

  31. That does not look real. Owls are FASCINATING. Amazing, superdupercrazyamazing. I lack the adjectives to describe this. The third eyelid thing is friggen COOL.

  32. @anon – WHOOOO are you?
    (hee) j/k

  33. Caitlin says:

    Awwww, I loff owlies! Happy scritchy owlies are even better! 😀

    Paz, I think most (all?) owls have asymmetrical ears, yes? That’s how they can pinpoint the location of noises.

  34. Headtail says:

    Who doesn’t love a good ear scratch? The “i luf my earese scratchings” sound is the best.

  35. manypurl says:

    Awww, the wittle vulcan birdie has an extra eyelid…
    Love how the owl scratchin’ lady cackles back at the bird: “Oh, ki ki ki ki ki”.

    My daughter used to have a big furby doll that looked just like this bird. When you came near it, it rose up and talked at you. Hooorible. It even started to freak the kid out. We could not figure out how to turn it off. It is no more.

  36. Wow, those white eyelids and big lashes! don’t they kind of look like old-fashioned doll eyes that were weighted to close when you laid them down?

    and those cute little sounds!

  37. Big black eyes :O

  38. I CAN HAS??? AWWW, owlee looks fake but so cute lol. LOL @ shark week eyes. I want to give him a scratch!

  39. Katrina says:

    Ooooooooh, over to the left um yeah, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, got it! Thanks. cracklebleeeep.

  40. VentureSister says:

    Waaa! Where is the story about the man catching the ducklings? I’m from Seattle and I LOVE that story. So glad he was there a second year!

  41. balamuthia says:

    Absolutely cute-dorable! I don’t get what’s with all the furby hate. I miss mine terribly. 😦

  42. LOL I love how the owl comes out for some scratching action.. this is so amazingly cute!

  43. Andréa says:


  44. Possibly the only thing in the same league of redonk to a cuddlingk fawn and bobkitten is a skritchy-happy li’l owl. OutSTANDING!

  45. Beth (in NC) says:

    Is this even serious???????????? Fer realz? My mind just got blown.

  46. That is just creepy…

  47. Evil eyes. Cute cackle.

  48. chicky82 says:

    of course, who wouldn’t love a head scratch right now 😀 aaawwwhh cackle cackle

  49. The owl also looks like it’s wearing eye shadow with its white-feathered eyelids. Cute and trampy!

  50. Caitlin: Not always. Some diurnal ones will have symmetrical ones. I’m pretty sure all the nocturnal owlies (like our wee Malaysian poofle here) have ’em asymmetrical.

    *noms on feather tufts and eyelashes*


  51. Von Zeppelin says:

    Reminds me of an elderly professor of Semitic Languages I once knew. A stern, frowning, beak-nosed fellow. As soon as he had the first sip of a martini, he got that same blissful, relaxed, droopy-eyed look as the owl. Didn’t make the strange cackle, though. More like a quiet “aaaaaahhhh.”

  52. WendyPinNJ says:



  53. That is no owl, my CO friends! THAT is a real-life FURBY!

  54. NutellaonToast says:

    That is clearly a cat in an owl costume

  55. No waaaaay. That is totally a Jim Henson puppet. Not real. Proof: bird with happy-cat-squint.

  56. Marianne from GA says:

    Geez, the eyes look like Cap’n Jack’s when he was “king” of the natives on the island, but it sounds like the raptors on “Jurassic Park!” Don’t know whether to laugh or hide!

  57. PS: YA RLY.

  58. My what big eyes you have! LUV!!!!

    Ducks can be found here: http://blogs.abcnews.com/theworldnewser/2009/05/the-duck-parade.html
    There’s a video of ducklings being caught.
    I’m on the facebook page and mom duck’s name is Amelia Duckhart. So cute. 🙂

  59. Delta Sierra says:

    My cat loves the birdy soundtrack, except now I think she’s pissed at me for not letting her at the birds.

  60. Steppy wants to know if it was a purr I heard coming from the little owlette. Sounded almost identical to my kitty with the borken purr. I wants to scratch the owls ears and just snuggle.

  61. Paunchie says:

    skritchy scratchy happyz owl. ki kiki ki zomg

  62. It’s nice to see nature has finally found something useful for humans to do. Scritching

  63. I totally thought this thing was fake at first.

    OMG, it’s totally a FURBY! (Kinda creepy…)

  64. flufflovin says:

    how much does critter love some tickle?!
    insanely gorgeous!

  65. I love him. I want one of my own to scratch!

  66. loreblob says:

    wah why can’t i see anything ;_;

  67. Paunchie says:

    don’t you love it when animules clearly enjoy receiving our skritches and smooches clearly as much as we enjoy giving them out?? lerve.

  68. Speechless. Passed out on the floor. Writing with my toes.

  69. Is she wearing eye liner? :-O

  70. brinnann says:

    OMG He looks just like the slow loris! “Why you stops? 😦 “

  71. Courtney says:

    Brinnann, I was just going to write that this video reminds me of the slow loris video.

    I think this owl is really a pokemon. 🙂

  72. Oh my god! It’s a freakin’ Muppet!

  73. Mahalo Spirit says:

    You ok Marie? lol! I was thinking you’d like this because you like owls like I do. Your sweet posts always make me laugh btw.


  74. How is that thing REAL? HOW?! crazy eyes!!!

  75. A Mogwai with feathers!!!!!!!! Love it!

  76. It’s like a furby, gremlin, and the Montauk Monster had a creepy cute baby

  77. The Montauk Monster? NO WAI!!

  78. Totally looks like a furby! Agreed! 😀

  79. illyilly says:

    OMG! His is smiling all over his beakiness! That is one super happy owl! I want to scratch his cuteness and make him smile and hear his owl purry noises.

  80. I also have to theorize that this Owl finds the Spanish language as sexy and soothing as I do!! And with the hed skritches on top of that? DEEEEAAAAAAAAAAMMMM!!!

  81. That is one blissed out looking owl, at least until the scratching stops! Cute!

  82. It’s _Malay_ Eagle Owl, not “Maylay” like it says in the video caption. Here’s the original video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4r577ytYTZM

    The woman scratching his head says “Sudah, sayang. Cukup, sayang,” which is “Done, love. Enough, love.” Owly clearly doesn’t think so.

  83. Punkster says:

    I wish you could see my Senegal parrot watching this video (she’s a big fan of *head rubbies* too). Her eyes pin wildly (for non-parrot people, the pupils expand and contract and make their eyes look like pinwheels – I wish I could do it!), she sways back and forth and growls.

    He drops right into sort of a trance-like state, doesn’t he?

  84. momof2kittiesandapuppeh says:

    So that’s what Sam the Eagle does on his weekends off from the Muppet Show!

  85. he looks like a ferbie aww so cute 😀

  86. Estelle says:

    how cuuuuuutttteee!!! ^_^

  87. OMG, me me me me me me me mine mine mine mine mine mine, I wants cuddles from little beaklette !

  88. Meg, I sent this link to one of they birder guys at work. He never head of CO – I just sent the YT link. What was the response? ‘He’s a cutie!’ Yes, he even put the exclaimation mark. nuff said – CO hits the mark again.

  89. *faints*

  90. I almost feel that we need a new category: “Why You Stops?”

  91. One more “Japanese kicking our ‘tocks” entry. I bet he cuddles under your chin too when the camera’s not on him.

  92. Kitanne says:

    This guy is a Spot Bellied Eagle Owl for those who care. He’s so cute! I love this bright yellow feets and little joyful owl cackle.

    I’ve definitely never considered owls cuddly before but perhaps that will change?

  93. AWW! What a cool bird! It almost looks like a cartoon, I can’t believe it’s real. I totally want one for a pet.

  94. just in case you’re wondering, what the woman said during the clip (in Malaysian),

    “How is it dear? Nice? Do you want more love? Done? More? All right, more petting”

    And at the end when the owl look sad, she said,
    “All right already! Enough petting!”

  95. That’s so funny. @Jess translated it about right, and the funny thing is, that is exactly what I say in Malaysian to my kitties during petting session.

  96. So that’s what she was saying. I knew it wasn’t Spanish (as someone commented up above), but I was curious what language it was. Thanks Jess.

  97. And “nycat” too.

  98. One small bit of translation at the end:
    Enough? You want more? With eyes half-closed like that surely I must pet you some more.

  99. berthaservant says:

    I believe this cat played the part of the parrot in the animated version of “Peter Pan.” Off-screen, he’s apparently a sweetie.

  100. Melissa H. says:

    But its eyes look like bottomless pools of that black stuff from the X-Files. That’s how the aliens will take over. They’ll just be too cute to resist.

  101. Big lovely eyes! It’s agood thing owl have normal eye lids that closes from top to bottom unlike other birds with eye lids that closes from bottom up. It’ll look super scary with owl’s huge eyes. @.@

  102. puddlepeppers says:

    Do I need to speak Malaysian to get work skritching owlet heads? Maybe
    I’ve learned enough today to fake it…I can add interest in giving Slow Loris
    massage to my application…you never know…

  103. OMG I LOVE OWLS!!! Waaay too adorable…..even if the blank-furby like stare in between scratching is a tad bit creepy.

  104. Now, come on… who can’t resist a good head scritch? lol

    I’ll do you if you do me…

  105. eyes….so so black….souless souless eyes. kinda scary. but still want.

  106. Juniper Jupiter says:

    HA!! 😀

    I notice I’m not the only one who thought Sam the Eagle…
    And DEFINITELY not the only one who thought Furby…

    Maybe they mated? 😛

  107. My cute-resistant husband was even in awe of this amazing little owl!

  108. Martha in Washington says:

    My 15yo son gets that exact same look on his face when I scratch the back of his head. I think he’d purr if he knew how.

  109. Haha, I wonder where in Malaysia this is, to have a random owl as a pet!

    She isn’t cackling back at the owl, she’s going “ok, ok”. I like how at the end she goes “Ok, that’s enough honey”, the owl doesn’t move, and she goes “well if your eyes are gonna cover halfway that means you want more, eh?”


  110. platedlizard says:

    puddlepeppers, no, it is not necessary to be able to speak Malay to scritch owlies. When I was in high school I volunteered with my local zoo’s birds of prey program and I can tell you for a fact that owls are the softest animals in existence. Waaay softer then even cockatoo feathers. Not all owls like being petted, though, so if you meet one that clacks their beak at you, that’s their way of saying Don’t Pet! (this owl is clearly chittering, which is a totally different sound BTW).

    We weren’t supposed to pet ours, but we all did. BTW, Spotted Owls are the softest of all the owls, as well as the cutest.

    Interesting fact, owls cannot move their eyes, they are fixed in their skull. That’s why owls can turn their heads so far around, that’s the only way they can look around. That white stuff that shows up when the Owl Scritcher starts doing her job is the nictitating membrane, which protects their eyes. They can actually see through it!

  111. Subhangi says:

    Hee! That’s freaky cute. The beak is totally un-owl-like though. Never seen anything like it (in an owl.)

    The white eyelids are such a clever idea! He looks like he’s awake even when he’s sleeping, so enemies would keep away. Ma Nature’s a genius!

  112. SoCalSis says:

    I used to wear just that shade of eye shadow in 1972, 8th grade… mine was a bit sparklier than Mr. Owl’s, but his eyeliner is cooler (and straighter) than mine ever was. Ahhh, memories…

  113. hon glad says:

    As Owl said “Eh eh eh oh eh”

  114. I survived just barely, Mahalo. Lol! Thanks.

    Came back for extra helpings too. 😀

  115. Jyllibean says:

    How much does this remind me of the last Slow Loris vid? So very snorgglicious.

  116. OMG a real live furby!!!!

    so ♥ it!!!!

  117. That is just too precious. I wantz one. 🙂

  118. Vanessa says:

    He probably has mites.

  119. WendyPinNJ says:

    @Mandy, thanks for the link to the ducky video. Stuff like that makes me so happy I cry. Thank goodness that guys a good catch. I’d be mortified if I missed one of those baby duckies!!!

    @momof2kittiesandapuppeh “So that’s what Sam the Eagle does on his weekends off from the Muppet Show!” OMG, that’s TOTALLY Sam the Eagle!! I knew he looked familiar!!

  120. bunnywabbit says:

    He’s beautiful! I love him.

  121. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Okay beeblez. How in the world has nobody drawn the comparison between Owlio at 1:40 and Grandpa Munster? I mean, it’s like, seriously, you know?

  122. OH! OK – not Spanish. Totally sounded Spanish at first.

  123. mandthecats says:

    but this is not a real owl, is it? i am confused…looks so much like your next japanese pet robot … what is it called?

  124. Katrina says:

    Oh, yes, I “second” a “Why You Stop?” category. The first feature may be the Slow Loris and then this Owlywowly and I’m sure there will be others. Pretty please?

  125. Katrina says:

    Dear Joel Armstrong,

    From one peep to another, thank you again for saving the baby ducks. Your obvious devotion and the devotion of your friends is inspiring, and I really loved the yellow sign that the young lady carried to alert people to watch out for the family. Great job!

  126. jubileeblot says:

    Me luvs the little big eyed owlie-pie! Me wants a beaklette snuggle too!

  127. ~groan of def~
    the cute bell just done tolled for me.

  128. Wow… this owl has the most epic eyelids I’ve ever seen!

    I want to scratch an owl behind the ears.

  129. Meg, maybe CO should credit in update the original source of the clip?

  130. also, apparently owlie here lives at KL bird park!

    scroll down, you’ll see owlie with a toucan!

  131. Yay!! Something I suggested went up! *proud* You know, I think there should be a new category called : Baleful Looks 🙂 This guy and the poochy with the keyboard would def. qualify!!

  132. Bliss!! Could someone come and do that for me??!!

  133. Stuffings says:

    That. Is. Friggin’. Great!

    By the way, anyone else notice the resemblance to Gizmo???

  134. Melissa says:

    Wow, I totally did not even believe it was a real animal at first, lol! I watched it and kept trying to convince myself it was, but kept going “Naw, it can’t be real! Its like a little robot or something.”

    So I had to look up Malay Eagle Owl and sure nuff its as real as I am, haha. SO cute, and such a happy little guy!

  135. So cute, and such pretty eyeshadow…

  136. that is the craziest owl I have ever seen!! It looks like it belongs in the kids book “Where the Wild Things Are”!!

  137. Oh my GOSH – cutest little owl ever! I just love how he looks like my kitty when she’s getting ear scratches. 🙂

  138. Huh. Canuck owls will flay you like Wolverine if you tried that.

    But this one! The devastayshuns when the skritching stops! The nictitashuns when the bliss restarts!

    Wols ROCK, CO?

  139. I’ve worked with owls as teeny as Saw Whets (about 4″ high and maybe as much as a quarter pound) to as large as Snowys (approximately 18 inches high and maybe as much as 10 pounds).
    Every single owl I have ever handled… wild, accustomed to humans, or pretty much completely tame… has LOVED to have the neck scritches.

    Wee little Western Screech that was a demon in a feather cloak would settle, roll his eyes up, and chitter just like Mr. Eagle Owl when you scritched him.
    Horatio the Saw Whet once fell off my finger because he got so blissed out by the scritching.


  140. AWW 🙂 The owl loved having its head scratched because it can’t give it a good scratching by itself 🙂

  141. A REAL LIFE FURBY!!! Awwwwwwwwww!!!

  142. What a strange and cute animal… I replayed the video ten times just to hear that clicking sound!

  143. I love how catatonic the owl looks whenever his handler stops scratching. It’s like something inside of him has died.

  144. Rofnar Frougelson says:

    That’s a Jim Henson creation…has to be

  145. The bird is OBVIOUSLY in PAIN. Look at the cackling! The rolling of the eyes back!

    ZOMG how could this be cute! Look at it! Pain all around ahmahgosh!
    You all should be ashamed on posting such clips like this!

    **no really, that was utterly cute. Blissfully cackling away =P**

  146. Jake, I want your job.

  147. bunnywabbit says:

    Punkster, I wish you could get THAT on tape. Don’t believe I’ve ever seen a Senegal parrot.

  148. Noelegy says:

    So this is what they mean by the agony and the ecstasy. The blissful ecstasy when he is skritched. The soul-killing agony when it stops.

  149. Melinda says:

    What an amazing owl! Every day there seems to be some new, and incredibly cute animal that I’ve never seen before. Who new that owls such as these like neck scritchies? And that they make such a sweet noise when they’re happy? My heart explodes!


    [Not really, no… – Ed.]

  151. waaaay too cute. he seems almost mad when she stops but then i noticed he’s just soakin in the bliss of gettin scratched and then his half sleepy look gives it away – he wants more. tooo cute.

  152. oh yeah and wuts up with the incredibly cute sound they make???? why aren’t those sounds on relaxing cd’s???

  153. mervtheflamingo says:


    je te plumerai = I will pluck you

    That is not a happy song.

  154. Mogwiiiii! It’s the gremlin before the change! I have a Pionus and ‘Too, and they love the scratches. Want to love up an owl (but not bring home to feed!).

  155. I feel like I am watching the Riki Tiki Tiki Room at Disneyland

  156. 0.57 It smiled 😀

  157. His eyes don’t roll back…hie eyelids are white.
    He doesn’t have human “whites of his eyes”!


  158. Tiffany says:

    That is funny!!!! The owl really enjoys it!!!!!!!

  159. Ahhnnn, so cuddly! I want… to… touch it…
    Although, my boyfriend does pretty much the same thing when I do that… then gives the sad look because he was aaalmost asleep and I stopped. Yes, he is adorkable. 😀

  160. Vitalstatistix says:

    japanese have expensive tastes when it comes to food.

  161. Nutmeg0013 says:

    AWE!!!!! I used to have a bird that loved that!!!! He would follow me around headbutting until I rubbed his neck! So cute!!!

  162. Did anyone else notice how much it looks like Zazu from The Lion King?