A Little Birdie Told Me…

A little birdie told me. … that the official Cute Overload icon is back where it belongs!

Look up! Goodbye, un-cute “W” icon (you know we love ya, WordPress), welcome back, cute chickie icon!




  1. I See it Mr Monkey I see it.
    I am ready fro my Banana Daquirie.
    WOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!

  2. brinnann says:

    I dun see eet. 😦

  3. First I lloked in all the wrong places and then I looked in the right places and the url is a total LOL!

  4. brinnann says:

    Oh, and can I haz a ‘nana split instead? Plzkthx.

  5. Brinn to the left of the url!

  6. and on your Tab!

  7. brinnann says:

    That’s where I expected it to be, but I still see the boring old Internet Explorer icon.

  8. Nope, not here.

  9. brinnann says:


  10. I, too, have the boring ol’ IE icon.

  11. Barcaxavi says:

    It’s simple. Don’t use IE. I see it :-)!!

  12. Refresh your screen

  13. brinnann says:

    Refreshingks are nawt helpingks.

  14. Do’h you are correct it doesn’t show up in Explorer but it does in Firefox.
    SO get thee to the firefox people hurry!

  15. Opps I forgot to log in as Kittyadventures under Explorer!

  16. brinnann says:

    I dun think the tech peeps would be too happeh about me downloading Firefox on my ork computer. 😛

  17. Press Control-F5. Refresh doesn’t force a download new images, only the page.

  18. Another reason to use firefox and not Explorer..
    Anyone in safari?? OR other?

  19. Still get a W when I try to add a cuteoverload bookmark to my iphone home screen 😦 The wordpress icon looks way too much like wikipedia, which is not so cute.

  20. Von Zeppelin says:

    How sad for you IE users that you can’t see the little birdie. Behold the power of Mighty Firefox! Apparently that is the browser of choice for the happy little orangutan.

  21. Control F5 doesn’t change it either Keith anyother suggestions.? TEHO NOMTOM???? Hwere are the Mods when you need them Sheesh as if this wasn’t way more important tha their nine to five job LOL

  22. cheesybird says:

    Yaaaayyy!!! Little birdy’s back!

    Brinnann, they on’t let me do’nload Firefox at my ork either. 😉

  23. SO then Cheesy bird how are you seeinks the birdie then are you at home?? or did you do a stealth download

  24. brinnann says:

    Cheesybird, that’s a little something from the CuteTalk Forum: We decided that “work” was a dirty word, so our mods set up the auto-replace to change it to “ork” anytime you type it. We have quite a few hidden auto-replaces. My favorite has to be the one for “winter;” it’s “Poobumstinkyhead.”

  25. TG!

  26. Sigh I even tried clearing my temp files and cookies but no such luck.. I am abandoning the Explorer and going back to my favorit coolest browser Firefox. except at ORK where I use Explorer too for my apps!

  27. cheesybird says:

    @ kittyadventures, yep, I iz at home. (Supposedly studying… Ha!)

    @ brinnann, I love it! I think I may auto-replace “Poobumstinkyhead” for “winter” in my daily life too. How long will it be before they commit me, d’ya think?

  28. Von Zeppelin says:

    As Saruman said to his evil minions, “Don’t ork too hard, guys.”

  29. essensual says:

    lol…Von Zeppelin Yeah, I need to join the herd. But but I also love IE8 beta…

  30. LOL Von Zepp

  31. john in co says:

    I missed. I smiled when I saw the chick instead of the W.

  32. Oh, how I’ve missed u, CO icon!!!! Even flying Mr. Hamster Pants is cuter than the “W” of WordPress!!

  33. Katie Kat says:

    Yeah, that “W” sign looked too much like the Volkswagen emblem in my little version in “favorites!”

  34. Kiragirl says:

    I dun theenk so

  35. What’s fun is when you start using the Cute Talk words in your every day life, just the other day I said “This banana has been a cold one”! People looked at me so strangely.
    They were very magenta until I realized I’d said banana instead of Spring.
    What? You’ve never said “Squee” or “Prosh” or other CO words in a conversation?

    [Never not once not me no way! – Ed.]

  36. Vocabulary word for the day is … favicon.
    That’s what the little yellow chick is an example of.
    Most browsers remember the favicons of sites you’ve visited … if you want to see the little chick instead of the W, you may need to empty your browser’s cache …

  37. January says:

    Really special…sweet.

  38. brinnann says:

    Lars, I did that, too. Is it not allowing the change because CO is my homepage?

  39. I should note here, just because I can, that last night I told my daughter “I saw the CUTEST picture yesterday.” and she says, “What was it?” and I said, “Well it was on Cute Overload and..” and she interrupted saying, “Well of COURSE it was on Cute Overload, where ELSE would it be?”
    (eyes misting) Sniff, I’ve taught her well.

  40. brinnann says:

    Metz, I can totally see her doing that, too! And I bet she did it in her HSM/Valley-girl voice, didn’t she? 😆

  41. Brinn, complete with the hair toss. 😀 A diva I haz raised it.

  42. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Hi folks. Internet Explorer doesn’t handle favicons as sensibly as Firefox, Safari, Opera and others (this is odd when you consider that Microsoft originated the favicon method in the first place).

    Here’s a page of useful information about favicons: http://www.make-a-favicon.com/favicon_FAQs.htm

    Perhaps the upcoming version 8 of Internet Explorer will finally get favicons right. We can only hope.

  43. Estelle says:

    yaaayyy!!! ^_^
    I was wondering what was up with the W
    when I first saw it, it reminded me of that WonderPets show because their logo thing is a “W” like that. hahahah.

  44. nope…still an un-cude W.

  45. superboymom says:

    Yay! My duckie is back . . . gotta love Firefox!

    And the baby monkey is adorable . . . I guess he is prolly a chimp.

  46. superboymom says:

    Metz: Just the other day I used Cute Talk with my teenage boys and their friends.

    I said, “Look at the hammie . . . he’s all . . . honk shu!” They all looked at me like I was from Mars.

    Its fun when the Mom has some new vocab and she can outwit the young ‘uns!

  47. charliewabba says:

    @superboymom, metz, et al – I was traveling with my sister last summer, and we left some chocolate in teh car and when it melted, I said “Oh noes!!!!”

    When she gave me her baroo look, I said, “that’s more serious than just one ‘oh no!'”

    She agreed.

  48. brinnann says:

    Charliewabba, didja hafta explain “baroo” to her as well?

  49. @superboymom & charliewabba *nods* Yep yep! 😀

  50. charliewabba says:

    I didn’t tell her she had given me a baroo look, but she has dogs – she’d get it.

  51. catloveschanel says:

    poifect! on IE

  52. AuntieMame says:

    Mine still has the stoopid Internet Exploder icon, too. 😦

  53. Ctrl-Shift-F5, AuntieM. See if that clears it.

  54. firefox rox. i lurvve the chickie favicon,

    […and I ♥ your screen name. Nice! – Ed.]

  55. Kristabelle says:

    This thread is killing me!

    I have definitely inserted cute words into my vocabulary. Sqwerls are sqwerlios… Or sqwerlio iglesias. Tails are definitely tailios. I have surely said Oh Noooes! I have more, but my brain is blanking today…so tie-tie. 😉

  56. AuntieMame says:

    Nope. But we’re still using IE-freaking-6.0, so there’s a whole slew of stuff it can’t do.

    Oh well. I have Firefox at home, so at least it’ll be right somewhere…

  57. Oh I have gone completely over the edge not only cute words but I see little emoticons in my head and wish I could make them appear in the air as I speak. because haven’t you all just wanted to add a winkie guy to a tongue in check statement. not to mention the little emoticon rolling on the floor laughing!

    yeah I know completely gone over the edge!

  58. Wat a SWEET lil skronched up puckerer!!! (SQUEEEEEEEEEE!)

  59. Help!!! I don’t see the little birdie ANYWHERE. Where is it supposed to be?? I don’t even see any “W” that you guyz are referring to. Won’t someone please help poor leetle ole me?? (Wahhh, wahhh)

    P.s. I’m using IE7

    Gracias. And danke.

  60. By the way… that’s the cutest orangatangerine I’ve ever seen. What a ham… so to speak.

  61. the absent chick says:

    I’m using IE8 and this is my story (cha-chunk)

    CO shows up with the blue W where the chickie oughta be. I deleted the old bookmark, rebookmarked, and still I get the W. So I deleted the bookmark again, closed IE8, opened IE8, typed in the full official CO url by hand (oh, the agony), and — still I get the blue W.

    So no chickie for me, evidently. (Could my machine be storing the cuteoverload page in a cache somewhere, so I would have to find that and delete it?)

  62. I can’t get the chickie favicon to show up in Internet Explorer, either. At all. Any version.

    My Firefox works a treat, though, and I’m betting that Opera, Chrome, and Safari all handle it OK. 😉

  63. berthaservant says:

    Welcome back, duck.

  64. danielie says:

    IE just can’t seem to handle teh cute. 😦

    Another reason for me to switch over to Firefox. My friends will never let me forget this.

  65. the absent chick says:

    well, I dumped out my cache (ooof! felt good — it was really full) and that got rid of the old blue W. But as you say, Theo, the chicklet fails to appear.

    Well, curse you, Firefox aficionados, and your free socialist software! I’m sticking with IE, because, well **bursts into tears** I just love capitalism and all the good things it gives me! In return for, uh, money and such…

  66. I TAUNT YOU!! 😛

  67. the absent chick says:

    Bolshevik! Communist! Minnesotan!

  68. thass RIGHT.
    Now gimme MONEY$!

  69. Anne Boleyn says:

    Yep, right there on Safari. Pass the daquiries or however you spell them.

  70. Kitteh Toez says:

    *points* i see it in my Google browser favs!! :3

  71. jenbrooke says:

    I have the cutie icon on my bookmarks list and when I’m on *this* commenting page it’s by the URL and on the tab, BUT when I go back to the main blog page, I get the boring W back by the URL & on the tab. I have Firefox, and I refreshed and such too.

    Why is someone picking on me?!?

  72. *squee* I thought I was hallucinating when the little duckie disappeared. Then I was sad when I realized it was actually replaced.

    I’m glad it’s back now! Love that you caught that guys! I’ve been dreading the ‘W’ for so long now.