So bad it’s good

Some kid (or adult) you know needs this hilarious trompe l’oeil shirt available over at Skankazon:


Hey Liz M., Can’t you see Bret from Flight of the Conchords sporting the Rainbow Unicorn or El Tigre one?



  1. berthaservant says:

    trompe l’bleen.

    I don’t think a man with my bear-like physique could get away with this. 🙂

    [You did see that ICHC link I posted earlier, right? – Ed.]

  2. AWW 🙂 I want one 🙂

  3. Oh man I would TOTALLY wear that!!!

  4. Oh, Bret could, definitely. I can hear the song now.

    Wot you think, don’t be curt,
    Bout the kitten on my shirt.
    Got the cute,
    on my suit,
    don’t you think you want to reach into it?

    Or something.

    [Nicely done, I like it. Sweet, white, highly refined… – Ed.]

  5. I missed when you posted that link earlier but I saw that photo on ICHC and it completely slayed me. As for the t-shirts, well, I’m just going to back away quietly…

  6. Melissa says:

    Oh man, I totally had that shirt when I was a kid. Isn’t it standard crappy t-shirt fare?

  7. puddlepeppers says:

    Cutest concept ever!

  8. thicktortiethintabby says:

    I think Memaw might wear it to the Super Flea outing this Saturday.

  9. Aw, a bib overalls pocket kitten. I know ya’ll’re jealous, ’cause you don’t have a bib overalls pocket kitten.

  10. I AM jealous.

  11. Standing in the sitting room totally skint
    My kitten jumper is covered with lint

    Inner city
    Inner city pressure

  12. michelle says:

    I am buying the unicorn shirt for my boyfriend right now.

    I’m totally freaking serious.

  13. I know a guy who could airbrush some cleavage behind kitty’s head…
    Because the only thing better than a t-shirt that makes you look like you’re wearing bib overalls is a t-shirt that makes you look like you’re naked underneath them.

    With a kitten in your pocket.

  14. Hey, I have one of these! We got it at the Skagit Tulip Festival! Sooo cute.

  15. thicktortiethintabby says:

    The unicorn tee hearkens back to Lisa Frank-brand elementary school supplies, circa 1987.

  16. berthaservant says:

    I missed that Teho…but that is a familiar posish for me when I approach a kittie. I am helpless!!

  17. Just found some online shops in the UK who sell this, and another pocket kitteh one. It’d be worth getting just to see the boyfriend’s face when I turn up at one of his petrolhead get-togethers wearing it!

  18. I have a horrible crush on Jemaine Clement.

  19. artgirl says:

    I heart flight of the conchords

  20. hon glad says:

    Er, too cutesy poo and some what sick making.

  21. So bad it went through good and back to bad again.

    /Ghost World’ed

  22. You’re not alone, Meg! I love Jemaine too.

  23. thicktortiethintabby says:

    Another passenger on the Jemaine train, over here. Love me some muttonchops and dark-framed glasses!

    While I enjoy Bret on the whole, his scrawniness and penchance for wolf-emblazoned sweatshirts trump his desirableness in my eyes.

    At any rate, they both care about the “pepileptic” puppies, so they are welcome here at C.O., I’m sure.

  24. Where can I order one!!

    So cute !!!

  25. @Molly

    Hey Man, I just want some Muesli

  26. WendyPinNJ says:

    Um, yeah. No! I hope someone will shoot me if I ever leave the house in something that nauseating.


    Kitty’s cute though. Of course.

  27. Katrina says:

    An alternative to cats ‘n racks, perchance? If the artist could artistically portray a lovely cats ‘n racks trompe, I’d consider it! Artistic I say!

  28. Arielemc says:

    Love the FOTC shoutout. And please add me to the Jemaine Fan Train. ❤

  29. Jennie Mello says:

    I know a farmer named Clarence
    Who would look great in this shirt.
    I wish I hadn’t cut my finger last night chopping onions
    Because it makes typing difficult.

    (my contribution to random verse)

  30. Hey guys, remember Duck Rescuer Joel Armstrong?

    Well, he did the same thing this year and he got on telly.

  31. My mom would wear this.

  32. Carlisa says:

    Omg! I must have one. Do I get a free lint brush X)

  33. DejaMew says:

    Hooray for Joel, the duck man!

  34. Instant Cats ‘n’ Racks (TM). Just add rack!

  35. I want the one of the Fighting T-Rexes!

  36. Aaah! I LOVE Flight of the Conchords!! I just saw them live in D/FW, TX! I could totally see them in one of those shirts!!

  37. superboymom says:

    I think this would look great on Hurley (Lost) . . . since he already has the Shih-tzu (sp?) shirt.

  38. BabyOpossum says:

    They need to offer these shirts in “girl-fit” sizes. They are missing out on an entire market: ME!!

    I have my eyes on the panda tee. It’s the kitten overalls tee, but with a pocket panda. Clutching some bamboo.

  39. bees on pie says:

    @Jodi — Yay Skagit County! I’m sitting in my kitchen in Mount Vernon right now. It’s raining.

  40. Noelle (the First) says:

    I would totally wear this shirt! I love t-shirts like this.

    Yay for Joel “the Duck Man” for another great rescue. I wonder if Mom Duck is the same one from last year or if it’s one of the babies from last year. I wonder if this will be a yearly event. How cool!

  41. Ummm…”Skankazon”?

  42. whoa. that totally trompes my oeil.

  43. Graceofbass says:

    This is like unto the “3 Wolf Moon” phenomenon. Equally disturbing.

  44. Paunchie says:

    That is so dorky! Doi! LOL

    I like the ones with the fairies on them.

    zomg mystical ponies!!11!!

  45. ClaireZ says:

    wow, this is almost as sexy as the t-shirt with the cats on the front and on the back you see them and their anuses walking away.

  46. Katrina says:

    Nice, anner, niiice.

  47. I love Flight of the Conchords!
    They are awesome. And the shirt is totally Bret.

  48. It’s eyes. They burrow into my soul.

    In a bad way.

    Call a priest–this t-shirt needs an exorcism.

  49. Also, I’m going to punch the first hipster I see wearing this thing ironically.

    Just sayin’.

  50. katiebug says:

    haha my favorite bret shirt is the zebra one. he seems to wear it often. and i love the random portraits of dogs and cats that show up in their apartment. and i ❤ bret more than jemaine, though i may be the only one here at c.o. with that opinion.

  51. Also, I’m going to punch the first hipster I see wearing this thing ironically.

    Oh dear. I just bought two to wear specifically for that purpose. Not this one; the tiger and one of a cow. ;-D

  52. Pamela S says:

    I work at the company that makes these! Check out: for the sheer redonk-a-donk of it all….!

  53. Once at Walgreen’s, they had some t-shirts on sale with kittens frolicking in front of an American flag. The only size they had them in was XL and up, so I didn’t buy one since I’m an M, but later I regretted not getting one anyway, and still do to this day. I could’ve had it altered. They were so awesomely tacky!

  54. Samantha says:

    Whoa! I kinda want to get one in the and pretend I’m wearing it ironically but secret reeeeeally love it THUS INCREASING THE IRONY! And mystery. So Bret worthy.

  55. gennytte says:

    Since I looked at this shirt, now amazon keeps suggesting others that I might “like”. It’s a dark world of t-shirt design that I never knew existed.

  56. Why do you call it skankazon? I love amazon. Just sayin, not cool. I don’t come to this site for opinions on e-commerce site quality.

  57. That shirt is totally Bret….love it! I want twos just like it one for me and one for my best friend