Lonche Scrolldown

Before they all wandered away from their own plates and started eating off each others’ plates, Saturday-Kitteh-Sitter Robyn A. snapped this shot of Ezra, Bessemer, Caleb, Beulah, Phinneas, Elijah, and Jasper eating their lunchabuhls.


Robyn chronicles her foster work over at Love and Hisses (great site name!)



  1. That’s a ladder of Squee right there.

  2. sunnymum says:


  3. sunnymum says:

    IIism, great minds think alike 🙂

  4. Lil’ Tortipants is all “I can see parts of the plate through mine, gimme yours to fill the gaps!”

  5. Love these little fosters. Robyn does a great job and her site is a hoot!

  6. OMG! Want to snorgle and squeesh and cuddle!

  7. fish eye no miko says:

    Lookit all the pritteh kitteh colors!

  8. emudoug says:

    i call tail curlage!

  9. As per usual, the tortie started it.

  10. Paunchie says:

    all such good little kittehs until you get to the last little stinker!

    Lov the nom nom face on kitteh no. 3

  11. Jimbeaux says:

    Oh so cute!

    And it makes me want lunchabuls for some reason. 🙂

  12. janet2buns says:

    It’s a kitteh kafeterieh.

  13. Damn. That is some exquisite naming, if I do say so myself.

  14. Love the little pawsies on the plate! Sweet kitties.

  15. Mary (the first) says:

    That’s truly adorable. My two cats used to do that also.. eat their own food for a few bites and then wander over to the other one’s dish to see what else might be around .. even though typically they each had half a can of the same thing. Did y’all notice that these little guys have kitteh-themed dishes, even!! Those are some supremely indulged little babehs.

  16. That little grey one in the middle is so sweet!!

  17. This is my kind of lunch meeting!

  18. chanpon says:

    Wait, that’s a kitty rainbow! Did I just barf that up from looking at that fawn and bob-kitten photo? Can we refer to the fawn and bob-kitten photo in any more entries?

  19. charliewabba says:

    bev, you beat me to it. another clear cut case of tortie nortieness.

  20. I shouldn’t even look at pictures like this. I come way too close to being tipped right over the line into TOTAL CRAZY CATLADY-NESS.

    And yes, my two trade plates at the end of every meal. I’m not sure if it’s because it tastes better if you’re not supposed to have it (works for me) or if they’re checking to see that I didn’t give the other one something better.

  21. AuntieMame says:

    Haha! Cute and precious and hilarious!

    Does the one on top have to move all the way down to the bottom of the row when everyone else has pushed in to the next plate?

  22. Flavia A. says:

    I want them all… How cute 🙂

  23. A RAINBOW!!! A frikkin’ RAINBOW of KITTENS!!!

  24. I love how the grey kitty and the orange kitty (2nd and 5th from top, respectively) are looking over at the plate of the kitty next to them, while the kitty at the bottom is already heading over to the plate next door. hee hee!

  25. The last kitten at the bottom is my favorite. There’s still food on his plate, and yet, he’s eying the plate of another.

  26. Now THIS is a Cute Overload. Between this pic and the fawn with the bobcat yesterday, my face is hurting from smiling so much. KITTIES!!!!!! {Reaches through monitor to snuggle the babies}

  27. gravyboat says:

    I bet I could scoop them all up at once and give them such a beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeg hug!

  28. skippymom says:

    Excuse me, but I think these little morsels are technically cuter than it is actually legal to be. I’m afraid I’ll have to confiscate them.
    I love to watch my guys eat. There’s something mesmerizing about the way their little mouths move as they nom their food. I can be late getting ready for work, really really need to get in the shower, grab the coffee and get the heck on the road, but I’m standing there in jammies watching my cats eat breakfast. Got my priorities straight, don’t you know.
    At every meal, the two young boys eat a little and wander away, and then Skippy, exercising his perceived rights as King of the House, swoops in and sucks down as much of their food as he can until Mom shoos him away.

  29. skippymom says:

    BTW, this post would be a perfect fit for the Nomming category.

    [Peeps: “OM NOM NOM” is not really a Cute Overload -ism. Meg did add the “I’m Going To Eat You” tag, y’know… – Ed.]


  31. Chanpon, “kitty rainbow” is a phrase that came to my mind, too. (You must be a highly intelligent person!) I would love to go down the row of kitties, kissing each one on the head.

  32. BabyOpossum says:

    I hope the tortie is Beulah.

  33. How the hell are we supposed to stop looking at this picture???

  34. BabyOpossum says:

    Oops…just went to the source, and yes, it’s Beulah! Awesome name.

  35. Too much kyoot! Great pic, and the site is chock full of adorable resqte.

  36. the grass is always greener on the other side… errr the food is always yummier on someone elses plate lol

  37. stop sendig pichurs of the cats

  38. no MoRe cAtS


  39. Dear Meg,

    Please send me a larger screen so that I can view this picture in its entirety.

    Your eternal peep,

  40. From one Meg to another .. OMG SQUEE 🙂 I found a new bit of goodness to add to my daily RSS…

    This picture reminds me of when we used to take care of kittens, growing up.

  41. Finish your dinner, Miss Tortie. There are kitties starving in Africa!

  42. berthaservant says:

    Teho — yes, but we don’t have to say “om nom nom” as a tag. It could be “nommage.” And “I’m going to eat you” refers to creature-on-creature nommage, and does not (at this point) seem to include general maintenance nommage.

    Respectfully, Berthaservant.

    (I will take the marmie, of course).

  43. Lovely kittens

  44. It’s a kitteh smorgasborg!! For us… and for the kittehs. (It’s a scientific fact that on other people’s [or fill in any animal, here] plates, food takes on different characteristics, hence the “Hey, what did you get? Is it better-tasting than mine??”.

    [LOL! 😆 – Ed.]

  45. AWW 🙂 Those kitties are so CUTE, Robyn 🙂 I am so glad that you are able to foster them 🙂

  46. Hey, he got the tuna lunchabuhl. No fair, I want the tuna lunchabuhl too!

  47. I’ve heard about this things. Wild and dangerous animals on the plains, when hauling down a kill, go into these feeding frenzies until the lust for food is satiated. I never imagined such a thing could be so…


  48. I see trouble a brewin’ between those two last kittens there.

    And it’s very cool that Robyn looks after all these kitties.

  49. omg are those their real names?!?!? I love them so much!! I’ll take the lil grey one in the middle, since Berthaservant claimed the marmie 🙂

  50. puddlepeppers says:

    All right, judges…when you have finished culinary creation A, please
    give us your opinion of the following: taste, texture, presentation.

  51. kibblenibble says:

    I want the eeny-teeny one right in the middle (number four.)

  52. I think I broke a noise ordinance, I “squeeeeed” so loud, then I sploded into a puddle of mush, then I pulled myself toghether so I could do it all over again!!

  53. Subhangi says:

    What a great picture! 😀

  54. hon glad says:

    Jasper the nomming champeen, moves up the lunch trail.

  55. OMG can I take them all home???????????

  56. omg, this is an awesome pic! props to robin for being quick enough to snap it! when i do the canned food routine in the morning with my 13, it’s total chaos… i would never have the presence of mind to be snapping photos.

    and yes, each one of mine have their own plate, and i have a couple that will hoover up anything that is left on anyone else’s plate.

  57. nom nom nom

  58. I can’t stand the ears.
    The industrious ears.
    The adventurous ears.
    The engrossed ears!

    And Caleb, Beulah, and Phinneas figgered out how to stand on their plates so they don;t wander away! Schmart bebbehs!

  59. Kristabelle says:

    No, *I* want the 4th one down! He’s the cutest!!!!!

  60. Countess says:

    Yes, they’re cute and all, but those names! That is probably the most amazing sequence of names I ever heard. Will those kittehs grow into those names? (Bessemer, *snerk*!)

  61. Holy cr@p! Are those outlines of catloafs on the green plates? Very unnecessary,redundant cute.

    And yes, while those little ears look delectable, it’s those curly little tales that are calling out to me. Seriously, which one do you pick up and kiss first?

  62. Mary (the first) says:

    Since we’re claiming kittehs, I’ll take the little black one, # 3 from the top. Thank you,.

  63. cassandra says:

    why are torties so weird? mine is a tortie too and she’s weird. the tories at the shelter i work at are weird too. i like it!

  64. That is so very cute.

  65. I wuv how that last one is checking out what the others have to eat….

  66. No seriously, does anyone else see those cats on the plates?

  67. Since people are claiming kitties 🙂 I will claim the first one 🙂

  68. @cassandra It’s because there’s actually an orange cat and a tabby cat inside the body together, fighting for supremacy. 😉