This Sucks

Man, I really wish these people would get a kid already.  The three-AM feedings, the burpings, the diaper changes… it’s just not in my job description, y’know?


And what’s worse, they keep making me listen to Mozart while I’m sleeping, when I’m much more partial to Bach or Vivaldi…


Photo: omniNate



  1. claudia says:

    OMYGOSH! lol this is too funny!!

  2. nrosetulip says:

    nice soliere quote

  3. Ellabella says:


  4. It was Joseph II who said “too many notes, Herr Mozart.”

  5. shannomo says:

    Oh sweet puppeh, with sweet puppeh eyes.
    I have a pug that uses a toy duck as a pacifier. He sucks on its tail to fall asleep and to comfort himself. He’s 11 years old now and been doing it since he was a pup. Maybe we should have got him a passie.

  6. Beauty_without_cruelty says:

    Sweet. Innocent. Puppy. Eyes…

  7. Beauty_without_cruelty says:

    I’m. Under. His. Spell.

  8. Stormcat says:

    “Well, there it ’tis”

    Loooove that movie!!

    And what a cute pup!!!!

  9. charliewabba says:

    yet more evidence supporting the argument that we need a nomming category.

  10. Sarah F. says:

    The Princess Di eyes just slay me.

  11. Silly puppy, I love him!

  12. skippymom says:

    Oh puppy, sweet little puppy!
    I was a fully committed lifelong dog lover until Skippy decided to move in with me and proved himself to be my soulmate. Then Edward moved in, then Francesco, and now the three of them rule my world. It’s been years since I last felt the craving for a dog.
    But I look at this little guy and I SO want to rub my face all over that soft little belly and inhale deeply the wonderful puppy smell!

  13. In the second pic he looks so ashamed poor puppy

  14. You can tell by his body language he doesn’t like it. 😐

  15. There are so many opportunities for COXCU on that pic it’s making my brains melt out of my ears.

  16. Just toooooooo adorable!!!:)

    so ♥ him!!

  17. Jimbeaux says:

    I don’t think he’s ashamed in the second pic. I think he’s protective.

    “You’re not takin’ my pacifier!”

    Of course not, little guy! I was just reachin’ over to give you skritches!

    (In other news: Friends of mine have 2 dogs and numerous cats, and have told me I have a standing invite for ‘dog time’ when I want it. This weekend, the same offer was given by another friend who lives kinda far away, but … Multiple dog options! Yay!)

  18. Second pic!! Love.

  19. berthaservant says:

    Maggie Simpson doggie!

    And thank you for the vote for the nom category cwabba.

  20. “I don’t understand. There are just as many notes, Majesty, as are required. Neither more nor less.” Careful, Majesty…Mozart pup will poop in your slippers.

  21. superboymom says:

    puppy with binky . . . seriously deadly combination of kyoot!

  22. superboymom says:

    P.S. The super soft puppy belleh is calling me . . . alas, I cannot answer because I am dead from the kyoot!

  23. Oops, this is the Anti-Mozart pup. My bad. But the poop threat remains.

  24. Of course, I can quit any time.

  25. Okay, that is just the cutest thing I’ve seen in a while! Love it. 🙂

  26. I checked out the original picture and it says: “Our new puppy (Enzo) found the baby’s pacifier. It was too cute to pass up!”

    Here is the link:

    That pup is so adorable. Its still a baby itself so sucking on the pacifier? Perfectly understandable.

  27. btw: I think NTMTOM’s explanation is better.

  28. Lerrinus says:

    Awwwwwww!!! Pasickie and Princess Di eyes, I is ded! 🙂

  29. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTT!!??! i dint know you could DO this

  30. Puppy looks sheepish in second picture!

  31. love the Amadeus

  32. When I was a baby, I’d crawl around shedding pacifiers in my wake and our then-dog, a Samoyed named Kiska, would pick them up and chew their nipples to shreds. We have photos of her with the pacifier sticking out of her mouth, just like with this dog.

  33. SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. chanpon says:

    Oh god, this is just plain disgustingly cute.

  35. puddlepeppers says:

    I’m also a fan of Bach and Vivaldi…at last, a soulpup.

  36. Booster says:

    AEG1: Obviously you’ve never spent much time around Labs. 1) They have an almost unhealthy love of having objects in their mouth. 2) That look in the second pic is the pup’s already finely-honed ability to induce guilt, so as to receive food, belly rubs, etc.

  37. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    oH! the sheepish, silly, 2nd puppy picture. Is more than I can take!

  38. woofysma says:

    I love the reference to Amadeus – very “classy” of you! And how I want to hold that adorable baby. I’d be glad to rock him to sleep with Vivaldi.

  39. Shannon says:

    OMG – he looks like my boy did nine years ago, right down to the diamond blaze on his chest. *sigh*

  40. Shannon says:

    And oh my word the feets!!!! *faints*

  41. (om nom nuk)

  42. Subhangi says:

    Hehe. Poor guy.

  43. hon glad says:

    Jeepers creepers where’d you get those peepers
    oh those weepers
    where’d you get those eyes.

  44. JohnnieCanuck says:

    Nuk, nuk.
    Who’s there?

  45. congratulations on the cute Bach pun

  46. Katrina says:

    It is a baby dog, afterall…I would bet it feels very nice for him/her.

  47. OMG! Giant puppy paws!!!! So nibble-able!

  48. Amadeus quote for the win.
    *bows repeatedly to NTMOTM*

  49. This is so cute I may throw up.

  50. OMY!
    Pam why would u throw up?


  52. DonVasilione♥ says:

    I Like It!