THIS JUST IN: Under-the-desk snuggling has moved to hallway

Extremely alert reader Fiv3r is reporting that Animal Planet is reporting the bobcat kitten was rescued near Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ranch, where it was dehydrated and near death.

“They rescued the fawn during last week’s wildfire. Although wild animals, especially of separate species, are never placed together due to regulations, in this emergency situation, they had no choice. During the mayhem of the fire, they were forced to put animals anywhere they could, since they had run out of crates large enough for the fawn. The kitten ran to the fawn, and it was instant bonding.”




  1. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Oh my!!

    So much floof it’s hard to tell where the fawn ends and the kitling begins!

    So kyoot!

  2. gravyboat says:

    You can tell the pitten loves the fawn by the way he sticks his butt in her face.

  3. Fawn is all “DO YOU MIND, WE’RE SNORGLING!!”

  4. kej5009 says:

    Can’t… handle it…

  5. @gravyboat lol that is *totally* the first sign of kitteh lurve.

  6. This is killing me!!

  7. OMG!!!!! This is jus- [head esplodes!!!]

  8. Hope they get to stay together unless they can be released to their kind soon. Can’t believe the cat would ever want to eat the deer.

  9. What beautiful markings on the fawn’s little face!

    This really is almost unbearably cute.

  10. Awwwww…..too adorable!

  11. I hope we get more updates on these sweet little animals. Also, I want them to be my pets.

  12. Holy moses snrglmzzznftzzngargsnitz

  13. puddlepeppers says:

    This update means so much. Heart-happy.

  14. fish eye no miko says:

    (where are the tags, anyway? I can’t find dem…)

    [Tags added now… but, not matchingks for these two. Nah. – Ed.]

  15. OK, WOW, I believe this may be the cutest thing in the entire history of the universe. It has killed me much dedder than I have ever been killed by the qte before. Or something like that.

    Must go snorgle the unsuspecting felines right now.

  16. 260Oakley says:

    John Deer, meet Bob Cat.

    [*snkr!* – Ed.]

  17. berthaservant says:

    The paws and the hooves indicate that in the near future these kids will be mighty, mighty big creatures of the earth.

    Disney made this film about thirty years ago, it was called “The Fox and the Hound.” I smell sequel!!!

  18. I need to snuggle them both now, or I will die. That’s way too much adorable fluff-love for my pregnancy hormones. TOO MUCH!!
    *splodes from cutes*

  19. PS: grzzlgrblsntzrfrtz!

  20. chanpon says:

    Bobcat’s coat is surprisingly matchingks with fawn’s neck fuzz, as does the fawn’s nose and mouth area and the bob-kitty’s ear fur. It’s like, they belong together!

  21. I agree with everything that’s been said, that is about the sweetest, most heart-splodingest things I’ve ever seen and I want to climb into my monitor and cuddle up to those two warm furry little babies. Please keep the updates coming!!!!!

  22. I want one!!

  23. kibblenibble says:

    Best. Inter-Species Snorgling. Evar.

  24. Great, just great, there goes the last vestiges of my humanity, I have now offically become a puddle of goo, last to go my typing fingers of coursssssssssssssssssssploot

  25. *splode*

    Welp, there goes my noggin. Thanks again CO!

  26. very cute. They are both so fluffeh.

  27. KellySeattle says:

    Just…can’t…get…close…enough. So funny, kitty is backing up onto the fawn. Happy to know they are keeping each other warm.

  28. I am so in love with these two.

  29. This just broke the Cute-O-Meter gauge into a million gazillion pieces.

  30. jess e. says:

    LOVE!!! Could not love more! Can’t stop staring! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

  31. this is so cute I might throw up

  32. This is the cutest photograph in the history of the world. Poor, poor babies to be orphaned like that. Bless the people working to save them.

  33. photogirl says:

    260Oakley – That’s brilliant!
    “John Deer(e), meet Bob Cat.” indeed.

    and Bambi and Tigger lived happily ever after…

  34. claudia says:

    holy crow… just when you thought it couldn’t get any more cuter….

  35. If you see this, you are the resistance.

  36. spaceaged says:

    That picture will trigger a cuteness core meltdown.

  37. soxfan413 says:

    They’re good pals. YAY!

  38. Subhangi says:

    Awwwww squared!

  39. hon glad says:

    Ed. I beg to differ, Matchinks!

  40. Sinamon says:

    @Kar — zing!! nice one.

    these two are so-called natural enemies (well, prey and predator) and yet what are we to each other? i wish we could learn from our ani-pals more when it comes to co-existing and survival.

  41. eternalcanadian says:

    omg, tooooo much! this is just adorable, but i cannot help but wonder how many other animals weren’t as lucky. correct me if i’m wrong, but did these wildfires start with the stupid act of human carelessness while doing brush clearance?

  42. QWERTZwerker says:

    Very cheap edit of the picture. Have a look at the fake eyes! Personally, I don’t want to have cute but fake pictures. Has to be real.

  43. The fawn’s eyes are edited, but probably just to remove red-eye or something. It’s not a very good edit, but it doesn’t take away from the picture’s cuteness in any way for me.

    I hope there is a happy ending for these little orphans.

  44. This is too much …. cannot contain … cuteness *pop*

  45. Katrina says:

    World peace, right there, Take that, Mr. Netenyahu! That’s right, in your face!

  46. Does that make her a Bobkit? Those paws are HUGE! They look like they’re being very gentle with each other. Mind you – maybe the kitten’s got super-advanced camouflage skills and just happened to spot the oh-so-excellent hiding place! I call Matchinks too.
    Most wonderful pic i’ve seen here for aaaaaaaages, thank you guys!

  47. I see this symbol alot but have not been able to figure out what it is…please someone, help me!!!!

    By the way…fawn and bebeh bobcat…touched my soul. Their poor mommies!!! Meg, please see if you can find out what ends up happening with them!!! God bless the rescuers and all the little critters of the world!!!

  48. SQUEEEE!!!!!

  49. charliewabba says:

    Little fawn looks sort of fiercely protective of bobkitty, and (dare I say it) almost disapproving.

  50. Birdcage says:

    If I was an orphaned bobcat, I’d definitely seek out a fawn friend at the shelter.

  51. Dobermama says:

    Is that kitty . . . kneading biscuits??

  52. Noelegy says:

    If there’s anything cuter than bobcat ear tufts, I can’t think of it right now. Not without more coffee.

  53. Bobkit is all “I has a fawn!”

  54. If I were at home, I would have to go lie down due the dizziness brought on by the cuteness/sweetness of this picture. Since I’m at work, however, I’ll have to settle for putting my head between my knees.

  55. I don’t know why, but I just want to put the fawn’s entire face in my mouth or decorate them with bubbles, or take the little fawn-kitty combo into my arms and run around the room laughing psychotically.

    And now back to your regular scheduled program.

  56. Sporkles says:

    The kitty saw the fawn and was like “food!! now how do i go about nomming it? Maybe if i snorgle it to death. Yes…yes, that just might work.”

  57. Redbone says:

    They do make a beautiful pair. In the previous post, the plugs under the desk add a sense of scale to the little guys. Holy crap, they’re tiny! Poor little things; it’s good somebody’s looking after them.

    IIRC, bobcats don’t eat deer in the wild. Deer are much too big. So even if these two end up meeting again as adults in the wilderness, it’s unlikely that the encounter would be negative.

  58. Sporkles says:

    “Though the Bobcat prefers rabbits and hares, it will hunt anything from insects and small rodents to deer.” -Wikipedia (which is always true, ya know) 🙂

    In the pic, the kitty is all “I shall tenderize the food” *knead knead*

  59. @KK3: It’s a duck!

  60. Splode!

  61. Oh my God. Now that I see the bobcats eyes I am totally in love. WANT!

    And to those in favor of ‘matchingks’: Never mix stripes and polka dots! Now REALLY!

  62. Sorry first thing that comes to mind is the cat calling dibs on the deer. Planning a good lunch ahead of time.

    Too cute otherwise.

  63. Theresa, It can not be a duck, It does not look like a duck!
    I’m a duck.
    Good Day

  64. HMMM no one said this one yet
    F WN’d!!!!!1!!!!!111

  65. What a lovely way to start my day.

  66. Rex the Wonder Cat says:

    that’s so precious. I hope we see more updates on these two little guys.

  67. essensual says:

    MaTchinKssss!!! Squeeeeee!!!

  68. Who would have thought a uni-brow would be so adorable?

  69. I can’t seem to look away. This is so cute!

  70. BeckyMonster says:

    We have reached DefCon 1 with the qte. World peace or the end of existence is surely at hand…

  71. This just makes me think that even though so much is wrong with the world…there is still good in it.

  72. Regina Franchi says:

    the peeps that rescued these littles is looking for helps even a couple bucks would do….I’ll be dropping a few when the next unemployment check clears 🙂

    They are rescuing houshold pets as well as wild dudes.

  73. K… this officially too much. All I can do is sit here and swear at my computer…G! D! It! TOO F*ing CUTE!!

  74. brinnann says:

    😆 @ Annie’s “FWN’d!”

  75. It should be against the law for two animals to be this unbearably cute!!!!

  76. A baby deer and a kitteh? COME ON!

  77. Do an google image search for “quake logo” and look on the fawn’s head again. I am such a geek that I saw that at first.

  78. I can’t hear any of you guys over the canoodling…

  79. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    I love animals way better than people.

    **off to snuggle with the dog**

  80. deborah says:

    “. . .and the lion fell in love with the lamb. . .”

    Let’s name them Edward and Bella.

    […and then have NTMTOM write their dialogue. Because come on. – Ed.]

  81. Mary (the first) says:

    Yep.. I saw these babehs .. somewhere..forget where.. maybe on Ellen? and knew they would show up here sooner or later. Wonderful and thanks to the folks doing all the rescuing of the animals in the fires.

  82. catloveschanel says:

    Where was Aaaaah-naaaaaalld?
    I guess he was busy.
    If he only knew these two,
    back at the ranch.
    he would have stayed home
    and made his day.
    The future has not been written.

  83. manypurl says:

    When Ahnold saw these sweet babies, he promised them “Ah’ll be beck…”

  84. Kristabelle says:


  85. Oooooh, holy sh .

  86. Katrina says:

    NOMTOM- Do Edward and Bella work for you? I should say they do! PUT those words in those muzzlepousches! Are Fawns soft? Bobkits have to be, yes?
    Where are our veterinarian friends? Speak up, animal-doc lurkers!

  87. Obviously this has been faked. You can easily see the kitten is NOT full grown and the hair where both animals meet doesnt even overlap. I thought this site was of REAL pets and animals…not forged and photoshop developed ones. I’m highly disappointed in the website for posting fake pics but it was still cute to look at.

    [Ha and also ha. – Ed.]

  88. Awww, there they are! It’s so great to see these two again.

    Hope to keep getting regular updates full of good news I also hope they find a home in a sanctuary too. My beloved California is becoming too perilous for wildlife. We no longer have an off fire season.

  89. catloveschanel says:

    oh ye of little faith,
    the tones are perfect,
    not a fake,
    if you stare hard enough the deer’s foot
    looks like a Goose beak, too.
    Number 9, Number 9, Number 9

    [GET THEE BEHIND ME, YOKO!! 👿 – Ed.]

  90. Totally an overload of cuteness… they need their own show!
    No one should ever seperate them… although Kitty better go vege!!

  91. AWW 🙂 I am glad hear that those babies are doing fine 🙂

  92. Sure hope they’ll stay bonded for a longer period of time. Till before they are ready to mate i hope. Inter-species bonding are quite hard to find.

  93. I love how they’re all like, “What are YOU looking at? Haven’t you ever seen a fawn and a bobcat in love before? Take a picture, it lasts longer!”

  94. Paunchie says:

    Poor kitty! Dehydrated and near def! Of course he ran to the fawn all sceerd and needing snuggles! AWWWW. Bebeh deer is sweet of course, but I really want to hug that kit.

  95. uhhhhhhhnnnnnnn SQUEEEEEEEEEE *thunk* (sound of head hitting the floor)

  96. Is it just me or does that bear bear a striking resemblance to Frida Kahlo?

  97. Sorry…Deer*

  98. Ragingnerd says:

    The deer’s eyes look like they’re photoshopped to be black..

    [I’m guessing there’s been a little redeye reduction, sure. – Ed.]

  99. animal luvr says:


  100. animal luvr says:

    omg dude who seryusly cares about redeye reduction?!?!? its adorable animals wer talking about!

  101. SammyDKat says:

    Ouch! Too cute! Too cute! It hurts!!!