Post “Flop”

I’ve heard that when bunnehs decide it’s time to lay down, they lay down with a vengeance, known as a “flop”. I’m sure you bunneh-types out there can confirm or deny this theory.

Behold exhibit A:


Jon S. saw his dwarf Lionhead “Bushel” is post “flop” at this point.



  1. Thlaylette?

  2. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    With a “leghlold” to maintain the flop position, too.

  3. Chelsea says:

    This theory is correct. We were in the process of adopting a cute lop named Waldo, and he was the king of flop.

    This is a really cute bunbun.

  4. Pat Trenner says:

    Dwarfs perform “floppettes.” Larger buns flop with enough drama to shake the floor.

    Regardless of impact, it translates to “I’m so happy I can’t even stand up anymore.”

    New bunneh owners sometimes mistake a Drama Flop as some sort of seizure.

  5. Around here, the flop is also known as “The Precious”, or “The Nestea Plunge”. The more belly showing at the end of the flop, the better. Of course, no self-respecting rabbit would ever admit they meant to show such contentment… they almost always instantly right themselves… “Uh, I totally meant to do that. I’m not being cute. Really. Now go fix my salad.”

  6. I don’t know about bunnehs, but I have a pudgy kitteh at my house who is the queen of floppage. We can always tell when she’s getting ready to go, and my hubby and I both say, “…and FLOP!” right as she hits the ground.

    It’s the little things that entertain us.

  7. *shifty eyes*
    I’m not gonna snorgle the belleh.
    *really shifty eyes*
    nope, not gonna do oh wth! *SNORGLE*

  8. mxlplyx says:

    ….my Tira-Misu used to flop w/a flair. We called it the “Diva”.

    Also, for some reason, every bun i know LOVES the dustpans…..guess they are all dustbunnies at heart.


  9. mxlplyx says:

    …. listening w/Dr. Hook singing “Sexy Eyes” in the background, as i’m mezmerized by the beady black eyes of Bushel.

  10. My funny little dog flops in our laps. It’s amazing how hard a 25 lb. dog can land!

  11. Indeed. You be Flopsy, I’ll be Tipsy.

  12. . . .


  13. Jimbeaux says:

    Been watching some videos of bunny flops on YouTube. They’re amazingly adorable.

  14. hee hee “Sexy Eyes”. I heard “Better Love Next Time” in the market today.
    EVERYTHING about this guy is cute! He has bangs!

  15. aww, lionheads always remind me of Bigwig. XD Imagine this little guy infiltrating a totalitarian state and liberating bunnies..

  16. Like Rachel, I have a cat who does the teenage girl drama flop. And he’s a boy. “Moooom! SIGH. (entertaingly huge dramatic flop)”

  17. @Rachel – amen sister!

  18. Peaches says:

    LOL, it’s cute, but the first time my bunny did it I thought she croaked!


  19. Copperbat says:

    If I had leaf-springs for legs and rabbit fur covered feet, I think I’d *flop* whenever I needed a lie down.

  20. I had never heard about bunny flops but a quick search on YouTube confirms this. Some serious bunny flopping going on here:

  21. Maximum flopping ACTION. Must……find…..axis…of….snorgling…..

  22. An old friend of mine used to have a bunny and it was SO hilarious when it flopped.
    Really adorable too 😀

  23. My kitties do that sometimes. I’ve always called it “throwing themselves down” because that’s what they seem to be doing! It almost seems like an effort to flop themselves down with so much gusto!

  24. Indeed, they do the flop! My two bunnies do this ALL THE TIME! It’s hard to get any work done when they insist on distracting me by doing adorable things like this constantly.

  25. Confirmed!

  26. If you think flopping is cute, you should see Binking, when they do kookanutty jumps of joy. The link above is to a video of a master of all things bunny, Billy the Bunny. Here’s an AMAZING video of his wonderful dancing.

  27. Anothergirl says:

    I too have a big orange tabby kitty that flops. The first time my nieces saw him doing it, they must’ve been about 3 years old, they started tugging on my sleeve and telling me he fell. lol, we still laugh about it, remembering how shocked they were, whenever he flops.

  28. @pyrit 05.18.09 at 9:19 am
    Indeed. You be Flopsy, I’ll be Tipsy.

    Wouldn’t that be, as the Frawnch say, “a given”?

  29. I NEED THIS BUN!!!! I will die of a cuteness deficiency if I don’t get him right now! gimmiegimmiegimmie *grabby hands*

  30. My mom rescued a lab bunneh to bring home as a pet. The first time she saw him flop, she said to my grandmother: “Oh my God, mother, Oscar’s dead!” (Oscar turned out to be a she, and had a baby on Valentine’s day.)

    I always laughed when our bunneh Fred threw himself down. (I say that too, Bugg.) It looked like such a sudden decision.

  31. Confirmed. I’ve only seen my Pepper do this once, when I was fostering a possible husbun for her (it didn’t work out). She threw herself down against the fence as if to say “See – I’m MUCH more comfy that you!”.

  32. Camille says:

    Confirmed, confirmed, confirmed! They flop so enthusiastically that I sometimes go poke them to make sure it wasn’t a seizure.

  33. Elisha B. says:

    LOVE THE HAIR!!!! Oh my… bunny would be SO jealous of the fluffitude. But he has a “tude” anyway…he rules the house, chases both the dogs and rolls his HUGE pink ball everwhere (he is a Netherlands dwarf and the ball is one of those larger than a small child balls).

    Love this pic, want to take that bunbun home with me;)

  34. When my bunny flops, he hits the deck like a soldier during an artillery barrage. Yesterday, he hit the edge of his litter pan on the way down and sent the contents flying. Then he gave me this look that clearly stated “I disapprove of your placement of the litter pan”. However, I managed to make it up to him with ear skritches and dried apple slices. The end. 🙂

  35. WendyPinNJ says:


    Must resist the pull of the fuzzy, super-snorglable belleh!

  36. WendyPinNJ, you beat me too it. That’s exactly what I was going to say! (BELLEH!!!)

  37. Confirmed by Toffee, who just Flopped:
    Bunneh + soft carpetinggggg + nap time = SUPERFLOP(tm)

  38. I did indeed think this was some sort of seizure-fit when I first observed my bunny partaking in this behavior.

    He usually follows the flopping up by rubbing his forehead on the carpet while still belly-up, then he gives his paws a little grooming before getting up to run around like a madman. Entertainment comes in small packages in my house.

  39. berthaservant says:

    Of course, haven’t we all heard the song?

    It’s the new sensation
    Flopping since creation
    Do the bunny flop.
    Flop flop flop!

    Let’s all join in the fun,
    Father mother bun,
    Do the bunny flop,
    Flop Flop Flop!

    Lyin’ in a sunbeam
    Lookin’ for a daydream
    With a bunny flop,
    Flop Flop Flop!

  40. The dead bunny flop is something all bunny owner must go through, a right of bunny slave passage. When you see they’ve fallen asleep in that position you spend a few tense seconds waiting to see their furry chests rise and fall and then breathe a huge sigh of relief.

  41. Katrina says:


  42. Bunny Ma says:

    OK, so when my bun does this I call it a Swirly Pig interpretation. If you’ve seen the corkscrew motion as they flop you’ll know where the name comes from. The best is when he does it while lying next to you on the bed – heaven!

  43. o so true. it’s the best when they stay belly up and let you pet their soft soft underbellies, but of course they usually see you seeing them and quickly roll over to belly-down position. much like when chinchillas don’t want to get caught enjoying a chin rub and nip your finger.

  44. Just when you think you’ve seen every type of rabbit THIS comes along!

    That is one funky cool mohawked fuzz bunny. In a word – Fabulous! More!

  45. i can confirm the grandness of bunny flops! My little guy, Curry, who is similar to this specimen (but white with brown spots) flops over so hard sometimes i look to see if something is wrong!

  46. It’s Eeyore!

  47. my bun flops and gets back up multiple times until he’s ready to stay down.

  48. People please stop talking about your precious bunny flops and supply the goods. Send in pics and videos and let’s a have flop day at CO. Oh pretty please. Maybe we can have a Wednesday humpday/flopday soon?

  49. Do bunnies get along with cats? I want a bun.

  50. Beth (in NC) says:

    @elyod : Yeeesssssss but just know right now that for the most part, your bunneh would OWN your kittehs! If you have chilled out cats, I say give it a whirl. My two cats and my rabbit are friends, I supervise their playtime but there is really no need. Tawny pwns those dudes, they are slightly terrified.

    I ❤ the Overly Dramatic Bunneh Flop!!

  51. Ah, yes, the “flop.” My bun, Ramses, has hit his noggin on his litter box before by doing this. It is always amusing to watch.

  52. chanpon says:

    “If I…were king…..of the foooreessssst…”

  53. floppybuns_r_cute says:

    Definitely true.. cutest thing ever is when our bun has decided it’s time to relax.. hop to the spot.. sniff.. look around.. pause.. aaaaaand… FLOP. Insta-comfy

  54. puddlepeppers says:

    Grazie to Berthaservant for “Do the Bunny Flop”…loving this song.
    AmandaL LOL for “the Nestea Plunge”.

  55. Confirmed! Both of my bunnies flop with gusto! They also do binkies, which is hopping straight up in the air, twisting with joy! They chase each other and play hide and seek. The fun is non stop!! Such sweet pets.

  56. Hamish's people says:

    Ah yes, our bunny does the ‘flop’ with such grace, such style…One minute, he’s sitting there upright and noble, or lying on his tummy, ears perked, regal as you like…the next? He tips/ falls over straight onto his side, paws out, blissfully relaxed. Too cute.
    Like Nikki, he doinks in the air too. And runs around like a mad thing, doing laps of the room, for no real reason at all, apart from to enjoy running, I think.
    Luckily he manages to skid to a halt/ avoid running into furniture/ feet most of the time…when he doesn’t, it’s hilarious.
    This is when he’s not circling around his favourite human’s feet, inviting him to play chasey back and forth.
    Never a dull moment, with a bunny in the house. 🙂

  57. thicktortiethintabby says:

    @Rachel and @Anothergirl: my big girl kitteh (a.k.a. “thick tortie”) is a “flopper”, too! She does the back-and-hind-legs s-t-r-a-y-c-h and then just falls over on her right side once she has reached maximum stretching distance.

    Also, One of my mother’s friends has a bunneh and five kittehs. They all are litter-trained.

  58. I too had a Pepper bunny, and she would commence her flop with a slow rock forward and backward. Three or four rocks, and then…slow keel over to the left side. When I watched this, I would provide the sound effect of “Bleargh!” when she hit the ground. Pepper would then roll over onto her belly and look at me out of the corner of her eye and clearly project that she thought her human was weird.

  59. Rabbits flop like that when they know they’re totally safe…it’s the position they go in to for deep sleep. Wild rabbits almost never do this.

    My beloved and much missed Francis (lop-eared Netherlands dwarf, although he didn’t look all that ‘dwarf’) would do this, sometimes on my lap. It looked like I had a dead rabbit I carried around. We lost our AC one summer, so I put some ice cubes in his water bowl, and he would flop against it so one ear was in the water…good way of keeping cool.

    I must confess, when he flopped like that, I sometimes couldn’t resist poking his little white belly. He’d leap into the air, and then start nudging me with his nose. This meant ‘You! Bring me a handful of Cheerios, or some slices of banana. Or blueberries. Blueberries are good. What are you waiting for?’

    He also loved having his eyes and nose covered, so much so that he would bump my foot with his head until I lifted it up, then settle underneath it and sit perfectly still for hours. Or I’d lay on the floor with him with my hand over his face and my fingers around his ears, and we’d both take a nap…he was so calm, he looked like he’d melted into the floor.

    God, I miss him.

  60. kibblenibble says:

    Why, oh why, did I never know that bunnehs were so much fun? Thanks CO peeps for all the great stories/videos. I declare myself once again enlightened by CO.

  61. spaceaged says:

    What manner of beast is that?
    Our ragdoll cat has bunny like fur and flops when it lies down. It bunny hops up and down stairs too. Maybe it learned from a bunny before we adopted it.

  62. Subhangi says:

    “I shall flop down, and you can’t stop me!”

  63. hon glad says:

    My big floofy tuxie cat Stanley flops down while waiting to be fed, sort of “sigh, come on must I wait all day”

  64. The correct word is “lie,” not “lay.” “I’ve heard that when bunnehs decide it’s time to lie down, they lie down with a vengeance.” Yes, I know I’m a pedant.

    I love the mohawk this bun’s got going here; also the white earsies and eye makeup.

  65. The theory of “Flop” is more like a law I would say…

  66. bunnywabbit says:

    This bunny’s head looks like a buffalo or bison head. It took me a couple of seconds to figure out exactly what it is. Bunny genetics gone horribly wrong.

  67. rorschach says:

    The aggressive Flop is also a trait very common to kitties. When they land on you, you know it and you will be unable to move until such time as they leave, lest you disturb them, and nobody wants that.

  68. Nay, bunnywabbit — bunny genetics gone fabulously right!

  69. PhoWongTom says:

    Too bad the bunny’s name isn’t Tera. Then you could say, ” Tera Flop!”

  70. Leslie Thomas says:

    …Well — due to the wonderfulness of the photo; you’ve hooked EVEN ME, the Feline Fan for the Ages, w/ this photo & with the Philosophical Premise for the day. Two responses to the Philosophical Premise:

    Two: (Joining in, here, w/ the responder who suggested a followup Mission of Phloppage Photos): Perhaps you (and, by “You”:, I mean CuteOverload)…should sponsor a “Top Phlop Photo” Event???
    (Like the Rhyming Adjective — “TOP” — there?? “Wink, wink; nudge, nudge”???? )

    Also: in response partic. to hon glad’s comment: LOVE your critter receiving the name “Stanley”. So un-cutesy & therefore ironic!!!! I love irony. But, I am also
    (in a limited manner) such a SUCKER, for the Cuteness of the (Natural) World.

    Peace, love & all that other groovy yet corny stuff — to everyone (with possible exception of Osama Bin Laden. NOT all people of Iran/Iraq/ Afghan. Just O B L, specifically).

    Is that still Politically Acceptable? Or am I being Severely UnGracious???? Let me know; however, please consider this factor:
    (I DO live in the Deep South, y’all!!)

  71. Katrina says:

    PhoWongTom-Now THAT is a perfectly good reason to GET a rabbit, just to name it Tera! (No, I jest, I know that is an irresponsible….oh yeah you got the joke, sorry to underestimate you like that, but we have many new people and….)
    I WANT A BUNNY, and a giraffe, if it isn’t too much trouble…(smiles wanlybut with hope in eyes)

    “Now I lay me down to sleep”, I’m confused, Meaghan.

  72. hon glad says:

    Admires Katrina’s wanly butt as she passes.

  73. Katrina says:

    I can always count on hon glad. Thank you, honglad. (Yes, that was on porpoise.)

    [I will never, ever view that screen name the same again. 😯 – Ed.]

  74. Danielle says:

    That’s an affirmative on the bunny floppage. Though, one of my cats does it too. 🙂

  75. starlinguk says:

    My cat flops too. Perhaps he’s part bunny?

  76. My HUGE dutch bun flops with a loud “thump” and I call it the playboy bunny pose

  77. On the first glance the bunny’s face look a little like one of a pony’s. XD Cute bunny. Very sweet looking with pretty fur colour. 🙂 Is he/she a sable?

  78. No disapproval rating for this bunneh, I see… :3

  79. Yes, it’s true!! Sometimes my bunny flops over with such vigor that she actually does a sideways somersault… and ends up almost back on her feet, looking all like, “I meant to do that. Yeah.”

  80. I have a big lop named Marshall that does that all the time, and with the wood floors, there’s definitely a big thump. The way his big ears flop over his face, though, he usually looks dead. Once bunneh sitter I had one time thought she killed him.