I Tawt I Taw a Twitter Tat!

Remember how we watched in awe as Ashton Kutcher beat CNN to a million Twitter followers?  All right, maybe awe is too strong a word, but according to the Baltimore Sun, a cat named Sockington is catching up, quietly racking up half that million, and gaining every day.   What’s the matter, Ashton?  Cat Kutcher tongue?

I must leek ze feengers zat tweetz for meeeeeeee!

Photo: Jason “Textfiles” Scott



  1. dylanimore says:

    Aww. What a sweetie pie.

  2. Sockington’s tweets are hilarious!

  3. He got one more follower. 🙂 I, for one, support our new feline overlord.

  4. thicktortiethintabby says:

    Where have I been that I didn’t know about Sockington?!?!

  5. thicktortiethintabby says:

    :: adds Sockington’s feed to homepage ::

  6. I also follow Sockington. He’s fun.

  7. Christine says:

    Seriously. Jason Scott is going to take over the world!

  8. claudia says:

    lol, cute, I laughed at “slow news day”

  9. Just don’t forget to follow @pennycat (Socks’ oft-neglected, more intellectual, sometimes abusive sister) too. I sometimes think of Winston and Rudy when I read Penny’s tweets.

  10. On the Internet, even cats are more popular than you.

    Or plants.


  11. Katrina says:

    Don’t tweet. Don’t twy.

  12. thelibrarianne says:

    I totally follow Sockington! Rainn Wilson has a personal vendetta against Sockington’s popularity, which makes for some very funny Tweet battles.

    Can’t believe I just wrote that sentence.

  13. go kitty!!!! 😀

  14. essensual says:

    What a handsome cat!!! I’m in love.

  15. Charlene Butterbean of the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee is also on Twitter. The Internet lubs kittehs.

  16. I just joined twitter for the sole purpose of following Sockington.

  17. lucy's mommeh says:

    gods, I’m sorry. I refuse to tweet.
    Facebook? Yeah, I’m there.
    But tweeting? Nuh-uh.

  18. kibblenibble says:

    Lucy’s mommeh, I’m with you. However, I must say Sir Sockington *is* quite a handsome fellow!

  19. One of my favorite Twitters is Barry Zito’s (pitcher, SF Giants). It’s hysterical.

  20. my kitties have more followers than I do… seriously…

  21. kibblenibble says:

    Cat Kutcher tongue…LOL 🙂

  22. Perfect chin-scritching posishe.

  23. PS Also check out Sockington’s nemesis, Rudy the Parrot:

  24. @AustinAaron says:

    I didn’t know that many people liked cats.

  25. We’re not watching this in awe, but in awwww.

  26. ratchic says:

    Do we know if Ashton will see this? Does Mr “cat Kutcher tongue” visit C.O? Mebe thumwun thud twitter him the linkth?

  27. lucy's mommeh says:

    kibblenibble, yesh, hims is a veddy handsome puddy tat.

  28. P.Erasmus says:

  29. Sockington rocks. I’m totally following him now.

  30. AWW 🙂 Sockington is a very handsome kitty 🙂

  31. Awwwwwwwwww what a cute kitty cat!!

  32. following!!!

  33. edmundh says:

    “Sockington” ??? Why can’t I think of cute cat names like that??

    * checks kitteh’s twitter page *

    “All your tuna are belong to us” ??? LOL!

  34. puddlepeppers says:

    Sockington rules! I drools…

  35. eternalcanadian says:

    lol. follows sockington.

  36. hon glad says:

    I think i’ll pass on twitter, I don’t want to get bitter and twittered.

  37. Subhangi says:

    Of course kittehs are on twitter. ALL evil overlords are on Twitter!

    (Including yours truly. Unfortunately my evil overlord plans are secret.)

  38. I follow Sockington. And Pennycat. I do not follow Ashton Kutcher.

    (I secretly think Sockington is smarter)

  39. Tractatus Blorpico-Philosophicus says:

    @Theresa, thx for the Rudy the Parrot link! I love eet! It’s 1,000,000 X better than Sockington! . . . Just like how Winston-san is 1,000,000 X better than Winston!

    Does Zito say anything interesting? I’m curious, but kind of can’t be bothered to look . . .

  40. thicktortiethintabby says:

    @lucy’s mommeh and @hon glad, I am not a fan of the “social networking” sites, either. (I’m 34, not 64, believe it or not.) I put Sockington’s feed on my browser homepage via RSS. It’s the ONLY twitter I’ve followed so far…I have a soft spot for tuxedo kittehs.

  41. berthaservant says:


    I am not on twitter, so I have no comment about that.

    BUT THIS DUDE STOLE MY NAME. (Yes, my real name is Jason Scott).

    I mean, it’s hard enough having a name that is two first names (and two of the most popular American boys’ names in the 1970s to boot). BUT I AIN’T GONNA CONCEDE ANY OF MY CUTE OVERLOAD STATUS TO ANOTHER DUDE WITH A CAT!

    Seriously, peeps, ‘dentity crisis….

    (Oh, and if you think it’s not gonna get worse, check this out…..http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0475968/).

  42. Sockington is the second person, er, cat I followed on Twitter!