This week on “The Basket”, we go outside

“Welcome to the show. I’m your host, Sprinkles.”


“This week, we’ll be traveling through the back yard via basket…”


“Through the flowers, past the pond, finally landing in the orchard.”


“Join me, won’t you?” [Looks at camera, tilts head]


Jorden C., you know I’m a sucker for ani-pals getting their nature on.



  1. kayouko says:

    *heart melts*

  2. brinnann says:

    A tisket, a tasket,
    A kitteh in a basket!

    An acceptable substitute for a bukkit, too. Bukkit just wouldn’t sound quite right in the poem, either.

    A tikket, a tukkit,
    A kitteh in a bukkit!

  3. SoCalSis says:

    Love the disembodied hand… seems vaguely Pythonesque (Monty, that is).
    Ahhh, Spring!

  4. Cat Skyfire says:

    Brinnan – Bukkit only works with lolruses. A tikket, a tukkit, the lolrus lost his bukkit.

  5. What a lucky, spoiled – and beautiful – kitten.

  6. This is just why I can’t stay away from PBS.

  7. ‘sprinkles’?? what a great name.

    baybeh kitteh in a spring basket?

    ok this is just all way too cute.

  8. charliewabba says:

    pbs has replaced Rick Steves?

  9. I felt compelled to let y’all know I just love this!!

  10. TexIrishRose says:


  11. Haha Sprinkles! That’s what we call my best friend!

  12. Awwwwwwww…….. *splodes*

  13. Katiedid says:

    hahaha.. “how did sprinkles get a TV show” hahahahah that was too much..
    I could see my little evils doing that.. 😀

  14. Must-See TV. Appointment television, indeed.

  15. GingerBean says:

    The commentary is hilarious! And “Sprinkles”?? Too cute!

  16. kodalai says:

    I want to ride in the basket ;_; Preferably surrounded by fuzzy white kittens.

    Eee spring at its cutest. ❤

  17. These photos are a feast for the senses, just beautiful!

  18. brinnann says:

    Cat Skyfire, wasn’t there some huge scandal about a kitteh being in possession of the lolrus’s bukkit?

  19. What a wunderfullll way to start the week. Teeny kitteh ‘sploring the world in a basket. It doesn’t get any better than this.

  20. And doesn’t Sprinkles have a discerning look on her face? She is genuinely eyeing those flowers and perhaps remembering their Latin names. PBS indeed!

  21. ffleur, I was thinking more along the lines of disapproving than discerning. “I’m Sprinkles, and I disapprove of these flowers!”

  22. hon glad says:

    Spring is sprung the grass iz riz
    I wonder where dem birdies iz.

  23. Sharon Wilson says:

    I want a kitten basket! Where can I get one?

  24. “Sprinkles”? I hope it doesn’t refer to her potty habits? :mrgreen:

  25. Noelle (the First) says:

    Basket is the only way to travel. Lucky kitteh!

    (Brings to mind one of my all time favorite T-shirt sayings: “Where are we going and why am I in this handbasket?”)

  26. zeldapie says:

    Awwwww! What a little snookums. And what a cute handbag! Want BOTH!!!
    *grabby hands

  27. O promise me
    A kitty in a basket
    Promise me
    When e’er I ask it
    A tabby in a crate
    Would be great
    And, a ball of thread’ll
    Let me play well
    Cat’s in the cradle

  28. Kristabelle says:

    I would like to travel by basket!!!

  29. Ok, that has to be THE sweetest kitten EVER.

  30. That cat must be glued to the bottom of that basket. How else could you keep it in there?

  31. Space Cowgirl says:

    Ahhhh, spring.

    I think when I get married my flower girl will carry a basket of kittens. Although that might complicate things.

  32. chanpon says:

    If that were one of my kitties, I’d have to go all Roy Schneider with a “We need a bigger basket…” *look of horror* They’d also be gnawing on all the leaves and probably clawing the flowers.

  33. Noelle:
    I was thinking the same thing.

    “What do you mean, in a handbasket? I demand first-class seating!”

  34. Juniper Jupiter says:

    If this is supposed to be Hell, sign me up!

    (get it, kitteh’s in a handbasket…oh, never mind!) 😛

  35. brinnann says:

    I have one kitteh, Sister, who loves bags of any kind. She seems to rather enjoy being carried around the house in them, as well. Sheba will sometimes submit to being personally transported via baggage from room to room, too, though she doesn’t seem as addicted to bags as Sister. I wonder if they’d like a basket…

    Partially off-topic, Sister likes to drink my bathwater every morning before I get the water soapy. Today she finally fell in! 😆 Luckily it was just her back end, so there was no clawing of mommy’s skin. She didn’t seem particularly upset; maybe just a little angry with mommy for laughing!

  36. berthaservant says:

    A basket is just a box with a handle, people. This kittie is going to have a serious (and seriously adorable) box problem.

    Nice pome pyrit!

  37. Thanks, berthaservant! Always good to see you here.

  38. Space Cowgirl, can I have an inviatation to your wedding? It sounds like a blast!! Beautiful flowers, lovely music, and kittens running amok, tangling in your train, pouncing on your peeps, cuddling with the…caterer… oh, oh, I think we have issues!!

  39. Rooanne says:

    I love everything about this — the color coordination, the name “Sprinkles” (!), the caption, hovertext…. but those blossoms make me feel like I’m gonna sneeze!
    Still it’s important for pets to experience nature. Since I live in the big city and my kitty is not allowed in the dangerous outside world, I like to bring in bits of nature for him to sniff.

  40. myrnster says:

    The angle of the bottom photo exposes the hidden face of YODA!!!!!
    ” Enjoying blossom time, I am!”

  41. AWW 🙂 I would just LOVE to have a kitten like Sprinkles brought to me in a basket 🙂 I would cuddle and kiss the little baby 🙂

  42. Subhangi says:

    Cute kitteh in an ever cuter GREEN basket. Oh joy!

  43. charliewabba says:

    @kar – velcro

  44. Janice of the Nine says:

    This is like the ultimate CO post, and a wonderful antidote to the discomfort of the Keyboard Kitteh video. Yay, Sprinkles!

  45. January says:

    Entirely too sweet.

  46. serafemme says:

    o. mah. GAH.

  47. Now THIS is what I call keeeeuuuuuutttt!

  48. Awww, the kitty really looks like he/she is enjoying the fragrance of the flowers!

    What breed is he/she? looks very familiar. Somewhat like a Siamese cat. But it’s not i guess? Too fluffy. XD

  49. hepdoll says:

    haha… hilarious captions. love it.

  50. eternalcanadian says:

    omg, do i have enough room for a basket-kitty since i already plan for a mac-kitty and file-kitty??? 😮

  51. that’s cute overload alright!

  52. Let the cat out of the bag and pick the flowers. seemed to be that he is fascinated
    about the flowers. 😀