Play him off, Keyboard Cat!

You must head over to “Play him off keyboard cat” to witness this hilarious failblog/kitteh mashup. Go!

Here is your first installment:

Sparky, I was laughing for 5 minutes straight too.



  1. snapsz18 says:

    That makes me sad.

  2. that cat put in some feelings into his music.

  3. Christine says:

    Wow, yeah that is super sad.

  4. that… was so… painfully… excruciatingly… AWKWARD.

  5. Why should this dear, lovely man be humiliated by showing his most excruiating moment again? I can’t blame her for not saying yes; he was daft to do it in public, but still….. I come here for cute, not for humiliation. After that, the cat is not remotely funny.

  6. berthaservant says:

    Umm….well….yeah, the cat is kind of cute and weird….but…and I’m blocking a lot of feelings out because I’m pretending it’s some kind of reality-esque Austin cable show where they do cruel stunts or something….but no, I don’t like the thought of watching this happen, and I’m not going to watch it again.

    I would never propose to someone in public. But as someone who has gotten that response to that question in private, well, this isn’t the kind of thing I expected to have to relive here, that’s all.

    I still love Meg and C.O. But this one kind of hurt.

  7. berthaservant says:

    At the very least there must be a cute or sad tag. Or maybe cute or miserable.

  8. Paunchie says:

    Did you guys see the weirdness of the clip of the video playing kid and the dog?

    wtfreak ?

    play him off, keyboard cat

  9. jess e. says:

    I’m going to make a blanket statement on behalf of ladies everywhere: the public proposal is never a good idea. Never.

    Also, this is weird & painful, not funny & awkward. I usually get Meg’s sense of humour, but not this time.

  10. Yeah, it was sad that the guy got rejected like that, but then keyboard cat comes into play him off, that’s what I found amusing.

  11. Dang.
    Neksht posht pweaz…

  12. My favourite emotion is schadenfreude so I give this post five stars. Any person who proposes without discussing it with their s.o. first is asking for this reaction. Particularly if they do it in public. If you’re going to share your life with a person then you should make that decision together–not propose out of nowhere. That’d be like saying, “Hey–wouldn’t it be great to move to another country/buy a house/have a kid without bringing it up prior to the big question.”

    The cats only made me laugh harder.

  13. Wow. I meant ‘cat’ and the end quotation mark should be moved up to after ‘have a kid’.

    I suppose I’m laughing too hard to type properly.

  14. Wow, that was awkward. Note to self: do not propose in front of an audience.

  15. Christine says:

    This is not cute, or funny. 😦

  16. oh man, that made me so sad!! yeah so the guy was totally weird and unconvincing in his proposal and i can’t entirely blame the girl for not saying yes but… how can i laugh at keyboard kitteh after that!?? no, boo hoo!

    but there is a video of a dog humping a kid that’s trying to play a shoot-out video game on the keyboard cat blog – THAT i could laugh about!

    calls for a ‘try again keybord cat post’?

  17. I can’t really say I think the Keyboard Cat is funny by himself, but I do think that music is funny. To me, it’s kind of like the “Please Stand By!” message you used to see when the TV signal went out, or when something extremely inappropriate was accidentally broadcast. It doesn’t mean the situation isn’t pathetic and awkward. It’s kind of like the laughter you have when you’re uncomfortable.

  18. Jonathan G. says:

    Awesome! I’m glad to see the Keyboard Cat make it to Cute Overload, and it featured my favorite local celebrity, too! (The host, not the proposing dude.)

    Don’t feel too bad for the guy. You don’t put yourself out there if you don’t know the answer for sure.

  19. Paunchie says:

    I feel like they should repost keyboard cat at the very end of all the comments. As in this CO post? and peoples’ comments? FAIL.

    doo doo doo do-do doo doo doo (cat plays)

  20. Transpogue says:

    Guys, I really, really, REALLY think this was a gag.

    So it’s ok to laugh. 🙂

  21. But, wait. There’s salsa lessons at Copa Bar & Grillee, …and wine tasting with Abi Tapia. See you there.

  22. K to the T says:

    I love Play Him Off Keyboard Cat, but of all the scores of videos featuring his awesomeness, I would not have picked this one. This “fail” isn’t funny. It’s heartbreaking and uncomfortable, and it’s kinda cruel to laugh at the guy.

  23. You can see the original Keyboard Cat video on Charlie Schmidt’s web site … there’s a second song as well! The cat’s real name is Fatso and he plays the keyboard “… with all the cool of a true jazz artist.” It’s cute. And absurd. And hilarious.
    And … did I mention? … cute.

  24. emudoug says:

    This left me sad 😦

  25. good to see cuteoverload pushing the boundaries.
    obviously the pay off is the kitteh at the end.
    don’t take this post down.

  26. Ellabella says:

    this is like car-wreck television…

  27. Ummm, is this the right video? Is a man’s rejected proposal cute in some way that I don’t understand?? Now, the next one down on the website with the huge dog trying to hump the boy playing the video game – THAT was funny!

  28. This one was not that funny, itwas actually pathetic and sad. However, the video of the guy who eats it on the treadmill is howlingly funny. It’s the video after the failed proposal on You Tube.

  29. spentpenny says:

    Ok guys, it’s all cool. I know these people, and that was totally a gag. They are a very happy couple who are actually engaged now (he proposed for real at the Grand Canyon). All is well! Feel free to laugh!

    p.s. The cutest part about this post is your concerned reactions. 🙂

  30. ShonaSquee says:

    Cat was cute but I feel very sad 😦 It would be so difficult for a guy if that happened *sniffs*

  31. berthaservant says:

    I was about 98% sure it was a gag….the woman’s reaction is a little too measured, and her whisper is a bit stagy (I’m not saying she’s a bad actress by any means, there just wasn’t as much real panic as you might imagine). Still sad to me. But I’m not saying take it down or anything.

  32. EVERYONE PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO SPENTPENNY. (two comments above this or so)

  33. First off, I often watch failed marriage proposals on YouTube, they’re all over. Some of them are hysterical and some are way too humiliating to watch (a lot like American Idol, you know what I’m talking about!).

    Secondly, people need to lighten up. I mean, come on, the guy on the screen was obviously – and this is putting it nicely – socially awkward (and slightly pathetic), probably lonely and desperate. I mean, he’d only been with the girl a few months, for crying out loud. OF COURSE the marriage proposal was going to fail.

    Thirdly, Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat is a failblog, people! Its entire purpose is to make fun of the failures of others. That’s the kind of humor it is. If you personally don’t get into that, that’s cool, but don’t complain that someone posted it here. Nobody’s going to un-post it. 🙂

  34. claudia says:

    LOL!!! I love how the cat throws his head back in ecstasy while playing off to that awkward skit… LMAO

  35. The guy being rejected is NOT FUNNY. The cat, however, is charming. It might have been better to pick some other keyboard cat clip, or to just crop off the end of the video and feature the cat alone. 😦

    cat = win
    public humiliation = fail

  36. temperance says:

    i didn’t think this was real when i watched it, the delivery just seemed a little ‘off’ somehow. but then i started feeling guilty for laughing at his pain after reading some of the comments…..thanks spentpenny for assuring me it’s okay to laugh again!

  37. scoobie says:

    @ Jess e.
    Will you marry me?

  38. Jonathan G; #18, ***Don’t feel too bad for the guy. You don’t put yourself out there if you don’t know the answer for sure.***


    I actually feel worse for the girl. What a bonehead move it was to embarrass her like that, by putting her on the spot. They guy’s a tool. Sorry, but he is.

  39. Oh, and the cat is hysterical!!

  40. Epitaph says:

    Bah to the naysayers. I found it perfectly awkward, and very entertaining with the sudden, random switch to keyboard cat.

    As mentioned previously, proposing in public, especially without already knowing how she will answer, is not exactly the brightest choice.

  41. Funny if not for real but humiliating and sad for the poor guy if not!

  42. I proposed to my wife in a butterfly sanctuary. Tropical weather indoors, in Chicago in February. I’d just found a secluded bench, and asked her to sit down while I pulled out the ring box. Just then, one of the attendants came over and asked if we wanted to see some newly-hatched butterflies be released. So I stood and tried to smile for 15 minutes while the ring burned a hole in my pocket and my heart pounded. Finally the little butterflies were done being cute, and I could navigate her back to the secluded bench.

    I have no idea what I actually said, but I do know the words ‘will you marry me?’ must have passed my lips at some point, because she said ‘yes’, for which I will be forever grateful.

  43. I’ve been watching at least one Keyboard Cat vid a day since I found out about him. It is the silliest thing, the most ridiculous thing, and I love it! I crack up at the end where he’s (she’s?) looking up like he’s really grooving. It gets me each time. Lol! And what a catchy tune. Perhaps the loss of dignity is a little sad, but this is brilliant. I’m just sorry KC is not around to bask in the glory.

  44. Meg’s throwin’ curve balls on a Monday.
    We get that!!!
    Like the hammie on the motorcycle. Right?
    But without the cute hammie.
    Bring on the hammies!
    (remember peeps, wash dem pesticides off your lettuce…)

  45. It came off like a hidden camera show or punked so I didn’t feel bad for laughing. And even if it was real, when you propose there’s always the possibility of rejection (esp. after dating a few months!) so why the heck would you do it on TV? This was hilarious!

  46. hahahaaaaaaaaaaa i havent been this happy over a tragic moment in a LONG time

  47. I thought that was funny. I love a good “public proposal – public rejection” fail, and if you throw in a keyboard playing cat, well then I laugh even more. Honestly people, why would anyone propose in public like that if he wasn’t 300% sure she’d say yes? The proposal fails I’ve seen the guy looks like this is his way of saving a doomed and dying relationship.

    Bring on the humiliation kittehs!!!!!

  48. Btw I can’t be the only person to believe this proposal is as fake Miss California’s chest? Puhleeze.

  49. A Few MONTHS?? Wow.

    Hey well at least there was a wee widdle kitty at the end.

  50. I tewtally second Alex F. And kitty made me laugh!

  51. YES, it’s Fatso! We were just talking about him on the Marmie cat thread, it’s about time he showed up. Redonkulous marmitude with a deadly earworm included.

  52. katfighter says:

    Oh dear God. I’m dying from laughter here watching some of these. I TOTALLY get Meg’s sense of humor and it’s KILLING ME.

    Kid getting humped by the dog…FAIL! Take it away, keyboard kitteh!

    “Where are your brains, boy?” Kitteh waits…”You’re making an ass of yourself for all eternity!” Take it away, keyboard kitteh!

    “I Think you probably won’t say it again.” “I bet I do….Chris.” Take it away, keyboard kitteh!


  53. B-serv, in some ballparks, when a guy does a big public proposal, the crowd will chant “SAY NO! SAY NO!”

  54. Geez gals, if your guy proposes to you in public, just say yes and act all happy to spare him the embarrassment! You can talk to him later in private about how you really feel.

    Also guys: don’t propose to your girlfriend in public. Don’t put her in the position where she feels she HAS to say yes, when maybe she’s not ready for that kind of commitment.

  55. Nobody’s paying attention to Spentpenny.

  56. man, all the nerds commenting…bla bla thats not cute…thats sad bah bah…unhappy face. i came here for cute not sad…eeerrrrddduuuuuhhh. STFU. Besides it looked totally fake.

  57. Von Zeppelin says:

    Turning to the really important matters, I’d like to ask our professional musicians Theresa and Katrina what they think of the cat’s technique on the pianoforte. I am no expert, but, but it seemed a tiny bit jerky to me–not quite Carnegie Hall material.

    As to the marriage proposal, I suspect that poor woman could only see many years ahead spent with that horrible little soulpatch goatee.

  58. Funny for a fake proposal and the kitty cat was hilarious at the end!!

  59. BonzoGal says:

    It is funny, in a “black humor” way, and I did laugh. Sorry soul-patch guy, but if you’re making a intimate moment public, you’d better be ready for any answer. Besides folks, this is Cute OVERLOAD, which means sometimes the kyoot is gonna be OVERLOADSOME!

  60. Rocket widget, in the ‘pult, now!
    Fi-yar one!

  61. P.Erasmus says:

    my favorite

  62. firepikachu says:

    Yeah, this was extremely awkward and only slightly laughed at the end chord where the kitteh closes his eyes. I came to the comment section to hope I wasn’t alone and missing the point.

    Now, P.Erasmus, that “Play him off, keyboard cat” is great!! That was hilarious!

  63. jess e. says:

    @ scoobie: Can we discuss this later? (LOL)

    Seriously, I would lie and accept just to avoid the public humiliation, but then recant behind closed doors.

  64. jess e. says:

    Also, so relieved the video is a fake proposal! Now I get the piano cat. I’m sorry I ever doubted you Meg!!!

  65. prinbsn says:

    Even if it’s a faked proposal/rejection, I don’t find it funny. And keyboard cat is not my idea of cute; my reaction is “yes, it’s fake and corny and hokey – but not cute.” But for those of you who enjoyed it, more power to you.

    Maybe if I thought the first part was funny, I would’ve laughed at the cat part?

  66. HAHHAHHAH!!!!!!!! Thank you P.Erasmus!!! The best part is how his slippers go flying in opposite directions, i love it!!!!! and the Keyboard Cat of course.

    I started cracking up here at work btw. Embarassing.

  67. scoobie says:

    @ jess e

    Is that a maybe?

  68. Katrina says:

    Well I thought I commented. Twice. Nasty, brutish and, thank God, short.

  69. superboymom says:


    The fish-net stockings, I mean.

  70. earlybird1 says:

    Nope, not my favorite post. This made me sad, and the kitteh was just weird. Sorry, no offense and I still love CO… this one just wasn’t my bag, baby.

  71. I just watched several of these. Hilarious. Those keyboard lessons are paying off!

  72. VonZep, it’s because Fatso Cat is really photoshopped, but I don’t hold it against him,

  73. BTW, anybody seen the Keyboard Cat-Hindenburg clip? Um, maybe VonZep shouldn’t.

  74. Samantha says:

    Hahaha, I thought it was funny.

  75. by far the best one, and the first i ever saw and not really sad at all:

  76. Samantha says:

    Moo, that one was hilarious. Ohmygod, I’m addicted to these now.

  77. Von Zeppelin says:

    Just saw the Hindenburg clip. Oh, the felinity. . .

  78. jess e. says:

    @ scoobie: I’m sorry, no.
    It would never work between us – I’m a cat person. 🙂

  79. craigellachie says:

    If so many find this not-that-funny, even when it is revealed to be a gag….do you suppose it’s actually NOT funny? Gasp!

    It wasn’t funny. Not even existentially.

  80. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    sorry but I’m laughing out loud at all these for some reason. But of course I am a bitch ya know lol

  81. Australian Shepard taking care of 4 absurdly adorable kittens.

    Too cute not to share here.

  82. Aw, c’mon. A goofy marmalade kitty in a shiny polyesterish shirt playing the keyboards is priceless.

    I can’t decide if I’m laughing because it’s obvious that there’s a pair of hands underneath that sky blue kitty shirt and the kitty is totally relaxed about the whole thing or if it’s because I really believe that the kitty is playing the keyboard.

  83. marthava says:

    These’re dumb.

  84. michelle says:

    This post was…kinda boring…and too weird for my tastes. CO is slowly becoming worse and worse lately. Time to change my home page …

  85. Cloud's Kim says:

    Hahahahaha the more of these I watch the more hilarious they get (moo that one was great)!!!! Hoo I can’t take things like this *snort*

  86. kibblenibble says:

    Von Zep’s comment: “horrible little soulpatch goatee” made me laugh more than anything. I do love the cheesy wierdness of the keyboard cat, though. Somehow having him follow the “failures” made them funny to me. It must be my black heart.

  87. Huh??? What was this post for? I don’t get it. It’s not cute, at all; the proposal was at best awkward… even if fake. And the cat wasn’t even cute, or clever, or anything… but stupid.

    This one was a real bomb. Oh well. I guess a few peeps thought it was ok.

  88. gatita bonita says:

    The only sad part about this to me is that the “keyboard cat” was created twenty years ago and, alas, Fatso is long gone. RIP, Fatso, and thanks for your charming legacy. Now, “play him off”!!!

  89. Paunchie says:

    Why is what I said so wrong? You guys are always doing stuff, like braaa! where’s the nachos? ( marmie kit, not too long ago)

  90. I never comment here, but usually enjoy checking out the site. I have to say, this video was just awful. It was painful to watch, I don’t come here (as another commenter mentioned) to see humiliation, and frankly it doesn’t make it better if it was fictional – it seemed authentic to me. As for the cat part, what was that all about? Is it supposed to be cute? Funny? I didn’t even want to watch that, and I am a sucker for cats. On a scale of 1 to 10, this is a -100. So much for your “warm and fuzzies.”

  91. jubileeblot says:

    I’m still cracking up and got the giggles. Keyboard cat is so relaxed and looks happy to be playin’ the piano. The dude on the treadmill did me in, still laughing…Humor can be black and dark and still give you the giggles!

  92. gravyboat says:

    My husband proposed to me in public too. It was by a canal in Amsterdam and he knelt in dog crap. At least I said yes, though.

  93. Ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaa haaa haaaaaa, this made my day! Thank you so much!! Go kitteh!

  94. Blosson says:


    Thank you for that. Made my day. xx

  95. I love CO but I really didn’t like this, and I don’t care if it’s fake/staged. Not my cup o’ tea. Sorry!

    Thanks, hello, for the Australia Shepherd taking care of kittens vidlink! That was the real CO post for me!

  96. hon glad says:

    What a magnificent organ that cat has.

  97. I let my boyfriend know that if he ever proposed to me in public, I would say no, period. If we were ready to get married he would know me enough to know that that’s a big no-no. How humiliating for the both of them.

    The one with the guy fainting was hilarious.

  98. Bumbles says:

    I know this is fake, but…

    Like you wouldn’t have said no, too.

  99. Can’t stop watching keyboard cat vids now…man that Chuck Norris clip, bwah!

  100. Genosha says:

    I LOVE KEYBOARD CAT! Play ME off will ya!!!!!!!!!

  101. why is this here? it’s not cute. it’s heartbreaking. it’s totally at odds with what y’all are doing? i’m dismayed. did you think you were tmz or some other site where people show their worst?

  102. The cat playing at the end was very funny!!!

  103. Patrick O'Neil says:

    bad taste..I am not use to cute overload getting yuks at someone else’s expence. please filter things a little better

  104. Bawwwww teh drama says:

    Bawww suddenly a lot of concerned trolls! “Oh my god I’m never coming back again!!111one”. Keyboard Cat, play them off!

  105. revolution724 says:

    Um, ow. That just made me sad.

  106. This is not what I come to Cute Overload for. When I want to see painful and awkward I go to FailBlog.

    This post and all these comments belong over on FailBlog with the title “Cute Fail”

  107. god we need more of these.

  108. windbalm says:

    mmm. I’d have to say this entry itself is an epic fail in my book. I watched the clip… not funny and not particularly cute. Then clicked the link and watched the next clip- only to be bombarded by an old movie of a man roughing up a woman who was probably raped by her dad. NOT a cheery way to start the morning.

  109. I had never heard of Keyboard Cat before, and I LOVE HIM. The whole cheesy badness of it–it’s like the marmie version of The Gong Show.

    Play me off, Keyboard Cat!

    clap-clap, clap
    clap-clap, clap
    doot doo doo doo . . . .

  110. annerrr says:


  111. I love the cat, but how are any of these funny? I can’t stand watching people in embarrassing situations, or watching people get hurt. How anybody can get enjoyment from other people’s hurt is beyond me. Even if it is staged its painful because people are at their most vulnerable.

  112. mypetfisheric says:

    Last night I made my boyfriend and my poor mom watch the whole string (what I could…page 3 was not loading). I was rolling on the floor, and at first they were like “er…this isnt funny….” and after about 7 of them they actually starting laughing just as hard. I love the cutaway shots of the cat’s paws hovering over the keyboard…TOO funny!

  113. maralisil says:

    Awww, she’s out of your league, dude, sorry! My hubby proposed in public at halftime with the alum marching band, BUT we had already talked about marriage, set a date, and met with the priest, for pete’s sake! Yes, he did make me wait for the ring, which made my friends wonder about my future when I told them of our plans. This guy seems nice, but just a little …off… somehow.

  114. I feel horrible for laughing.

  115. artgirl says:

    I hope I never see this video again. Now I’m sad while drinking my morning coffee. … 😦
    This was neither cute, nor funny.

  116. kodalai says:

    I also don’t like watching humiliation. I also don’t find Keyboard Cat particularly funny. Know what my solution to this dilemma is?

    I DIDN’T WATCH THE VIDEO. Problem solved.

    Also, Tara: NO NO NO GOD NO. Why would you even do that? Stringing the guy along, making him feel like it’s the happiest day in his life (making him feel like his bad judgement is totally justified) and then later, totally crushing him (and admitting that you lied in response to the most important question in his life?)

    Not to mention the endless stream of friends and relatives who might see the video, call you up to congratulate you, and you have to tell them that no, you lied on camera, you aren’t really getting married? Ugh. That would just turn a moment’s painful humiliation into an ordeal that would grind on for months, and generate way more bad feeling on all sides. Honesty, while sometimes sucky, is always preferable to the alternative.

  117. Sarah Panda says:

    Okay that first sketch was OBVIOUSLY faked. They guy wasn’t even a very good actor. You people are gullible!

    Play ’em off, keyboard cat!!!

  118. PetMama says:

    Haters to the left, sheesh people. I don’t think anyone is laughing at the poor guy, just the random ridiculousness of the keyboard playing cat, which I thought was hilarious.
    Grab a sense of humour.

  119. crossproduct says:

    Why so serious? It looks pretty fake by the way.

  120. terradi says:

    This seems more like an epic fail than a cute thing. Even if the guy was foolish and really jumping the gun though, I can’t say I like seeing people embarrassed like that. I hope that was fake.

  121. berthaservant says:

    Something I’ve noticed is that some people are fine with watching “awkward” moments of others, it’s what reality TV (among other things, like “Borat”) thrives on. Others feel like it’s very, very rude, no matter the “reality” of the situation.

    Many theorists have speculated that the root of comedy is in watching other people’s misery (i.e., “It’s funny ’cause it’s not me” – Homer Simpson). Especially someone who is asking to be watched, we seem to delight in seeing them being taken down a peg while everyone watches their humiliation. It’s at the heart of clowning and status-based comedy. I think it speaks to a kind of unspoken public rule that says “Don’t try to stand out, don’t think you are unique or above the rest of us, don’t try to make a moment artificially dramatic, or it will backfire on you and you will be the object of ridicule.”

    On the other hand, people also speculate that the reason we laugh at things like this is because we recognize our own vulnerability and actions in the failure of others. Embodying our own shortcomings and worst possible moments, these “public” acts of failure resonate because we recognize ourselves in the scenario (i.e., “It’s funny ’cause it’s true” – Homer Simpson). For some, that recognition is truly horrific – Freud wrote about it in “The Uncanny,” how seeing our double in action, or some external representation of our imagination, reminds us of our own mortality. Some of us choose to look away in disgust, not wanting to see the failing body, others want to look at just laugh and laugh and laugh.

    I love the fact that a couple performed this moment as a kind of living prank for the cameras, but for me it’s too easy to identify with the loser, even if he is an imaginary loser. Being rejected is no fun for me, but that doesn’t mean that rejection in general can’t be a source of humor for everyone else.

  122. Janice of the Nine says:

    Okay, I feel much better knowing that the proposal was a prank. 🙂 The ‘play it off kitteh” concept and execution was very cute and funny–does Mr Marmie remind anyone else of Ray Charles?–but watching a real guy get humiliated (yeah, I know, he shouldn’t have done an ambush proposal, but still…) was just uncomfortable.

  123. not funny , not cute , even after the clip, the cat was just kind of weird. and if you think it is funny, you “sence of humor” needs adjusting. It is sad.

  124. dylanimore says:

    That poor man. 😦 As unintelligent as it was for him to say ‘Will you marry me?’ in PUBLIC, on NATIONAL TV, he clearly has feelings for her… and I didn’t see this as cute. Sure, the kitty was cute, but for a man to have to witness that over, and over… even on a CUTE website? Torture. I love CO, and Meg rules, but I don’t like this one. At all.

  125. Just sad. And humiliating.

  126. I feel so sorry for the guy. One of the most humiliating moments of his life, and it ends up not only on TV, but also online. Sure, the cat was cute, but the majority of the video was depressing.

  127. Update, courtesy of CNN:
    Embedded video from CNN Video
    Sadly, Fatso the cat is no longer with us. But his keyboard prowess (and proshness) lives on, thanks to the Interwebs.

  128. Oh, poo … that link was supposed to go here:
    Sorry … (new to this whole embedded link thing)

  129. Man. Is this youse guysesesses first time on the internet? Fake fake faketty fake fake fake. Also: doot-doot doooot-doot…

  130. Karen, your “sence of” spelling needs adjusting too. Some people find awkward moments amusing and I’m one of them. Alan Partridge or the Office anyone? Just because people find this FAKE situation enjoyable doesn’t mean they’re sick. I’m sure your idea of funny is Everybody Loves Raymond.

  131. mervtheflamingo says:

    Oy vey. Read the earlier comment that said this was fake. Even if you find the fake situation hard to watch, then this video is merely not funny to you. In no way is it torture or harmful for any people involved, SINCE IT WAS FAKE.

  132. cuteoverloadlover says:

    It’s totally fake. The girl is an actress in Austin.

  133. Deeee-liscious says:


  134. P.Erasmus says:

    All the people that are critical of this post are little too sheltered and sensitive. Life is not all cupcakes and kittens. Even staged horribly-awkward failed proposals are cute when juxtaposed with keyboard cat.

  135. Squinty says:

    zomg, i don’t even have sound on my laptop any more (spilled teh beerz on it cuz i drank too many) and that cat was still one of the greatest things i’ve ever seen. sure wish i could hear it tho.

    p.s. i just scrolled up and am shocked that anyone could not find that hilarious. if you don’t think that’s funny, you’re on the wrong website, behbeh

    p.p.s. from the context of the comments i take it that that guy proposed to that girl and she said no? if that’s all, then jeez! what’s wrong w/ you ppl?! that makes it all the more hilarious! what kinda doofus proposes on a tv show anyway. and besides, since when does nuffing apply to sympathy for humans! everyone gets all fired up about the pa-sickie incident and now suddenly you’re all crusaders for mankind??? i just don’t know about you ppl. woe is he, he’ll get over it. he just needs to watch a few loops of that cat playing piano.

    ….still though, i gotta find a ‘puter w/ sound! if the sound is what’s ruining it for you guys, just mute it and watch just the kitty part, maybe it’ll put it in a new light…?

    p.p.p.p.p.p.s. how the heck did they do that w/ the cat anyway???

  136. Squinty says:

    omg, i take it back, the only thing funnier than this video is the comments here. i’m totally amazed! i never would’ve thought this would be something to provoke commentroversy. i think you all might’ve missed the point. if you really think about it, the point of this video is basically an all-encompasing metaphor for what this site is all about, i.e. life is full of crap, painful, awkward, otherwise, and we just need a dose of cute-overload (or specifically in this case, a ridiculous marmie kitty who’s passionate about playing his piano) to put things in perspective and make everything ok and make us realize that you know, in the long run, it’s not that big a deal b/c the happy/cute things in life show us how pointless it is to dwell on bad feelings…

    if you’re feeling bad from watching this clip, then maybe you didn’t watch it to the end b/c there’s this adorable fat kitty at the end who “inappropriately” inserts his cuteness into an awkward situation thereby making it hilarious b/c he highlights the absurdity of the situation AND how absurd it is that anyone would feel that deeply for this guy. and jeez! i don’t have sound on my computer as i said before, but for those of you who are saying it was a staged thing but are still bothered by it, then… i just don’t even get it. if it’s staged then he’s not really getting hurt so what are you so worried about. …and even if it’s not staged, still i ask you weirdos, what are you so worried about?! the point of the juxtaposition of this to the ridiculous marmie cat is to NOT TAKE OURSELVES SO SERIOUSLY. jeeeeez.

    and isn’t that what this site is all about?? adorable animals making our stupid human quibbles seem trivial and awkward and even staged? cuteness trumps sadness every time, and that’s the point. I KNOW WHAT WE NEED! we need a clip of all these nuffers reading their ridiculous comments aloud and we’ll have keyboard cat play THEM off b/c THEY’RE so awkward …b/c they’re making themselves awkward by being made so uncomfortable and getting so whiny over something so trivial. maybe i’m a hypocrite for speaking such a long piece here, but damn! i had to get it off my chest b/c this is just …. well …it’s just nonsense, i don’t know how else to describe it. craziest reactions i ever heard from the nuffer class, and i’ve been a nuffer myself once or twice (in fact i’m nuffing the nuffers right now, but that’s beside the point :-P)

    now go forth and get over it people, and if something bad like that happens to you, i only hope there’s an adorable marmie kitty there to play you off on the keyboard so you can realize that you can smile again …i think there should be a keyboard kitty for every sad/awkward situation. life is too short to take everything so seriously. if you wanna mope around and feel sorry for yourselves or for other stupid people then you need to find a mopey sad website that shows the sad clips only, minus keyboard kitty.

    …to those in charge of CO, i just wonder how these same people would have reacted if you posted a video of just keyboard cat …do you think they could see the humor in it then? i don’t see how they couldn’t if they’re fans of any typical cuteoverload material …unless they’re anti-Marmites…!!! :-O

  137. Squinty says:

    OMG ONE MORE TIME!! i just realized! is this an Austin show (i’m from Austin)?! if so then i think i know that guy!! i have no sound, but did they happen to say his name was Mike Whalen?? because if so he used to work w/ my dad at the same animation company, and he’s married to a reeeally gorgeous girl these days (who i actually think was a model at some point in time, if i remember my dad telling me correctly) who he dated forever and is certainly not that girl… he’s a really cool guy, and i could totally see him staging something like this just to be funny …he’s a lot more confident than he looks if that’s who that guy is. he does poetry slams all the time and is a really talented, smart, and funny guy and you guys shouldn’t feel sorry for him at all. also he’s really into death metal. lol. random side note. if they didn’t say it’s mike whalen then please disreguard this comment….

  138. mrspaddy says:


  139. Squinty says:

    ok, just called my dad, and that is his girlfriend, and they’re not married but they are still living together, but it was definitely just an act. and she’s not a model actually she’s an actress

  140. Growing up socially outcast and still being squicked by awkward social situations, I was uncomfortable as hell watching that clip. I am relieved to know it was staged, but that doesn’t make it funny to me.

    I actually think the premise of some over-the-top fail being played off by the cat is a funny concept. I’m *really* glad the one posted here wasn’t the first one I saw. I agree with the other commenters that the dog hump-attack and the guy tumbling on the treadmill were far funnier. And the Walker Texas Ranger clip: Oh my!

  141. Squinty says:

    HERE ARE THE FACTS ABOUT THIS VIDEO!! (first read my previous two comments to put this one in context. you don’t hafta read the preachy ones before those two unless, of course, you’re a dirty nuffer who deserves a good sermon) ok, so, last comment i swear, just wanted to confirm that this was in fact a joke. it’s extra funny b/c Mike’s (the guy proposing) mom has been after him to marry that girl for forever b/c she’s such a good catch but for some reason he hasn’t done it yet. it was definitely a joke, and they are definitely acting, and i can tell you all that for a fact. so stop freaking out people. i think he actually put this video together too since that’s kinda what he does. he’s a really funny guy if you ever met him. and apparently he has a master’s degree. he has a really gorgeous girlfriend, they’re still together and living together and in love, and that’s that. nuff w/ the nuffers. that is all i will say. now you have the facts. and that is all. done commenting for today… gotta go study for finals so i can be all smart like Mike. you all should go study too, so you can be smart and funny like Mike too. he’s a genius and his video is genius. he does public access stuff like this all the time. SO STOP FREAKING OUT. it’s funny and you know it.

  142. The cat playing the keyboard is cute, the video is funny, so what’s with all the moaning and teal deer in the comments?

  143. Squinty…

    1. Not everyone in the world has the same opinion as you do.

    2. Please learn how to write more concise comments. Not everyone in the world has the time nor the interest in your rhetoric. Thank you.

  144. claudia says:

    Yum… commentraversy! *cue music*

  145. Squinty says:


    You’re dumb.
    see, i can be needlessly rude and immature too. comments are comments. just because mine are longer, doesn’t make them any less valuable. everyone else stated their opinions and i stated my own. just because i have a lot of ideas doesn’t mean i shouldn’t be allowed to say them just because you don’t like to read other people’s opinions… and what makes your comment so important? insulting me was soooo much more important than anything i might have had to say? in that case, who wants to hear your opinion anyway? certainly not i. yeah, no, that didn’t really do anything for me, spb. i’m pretty sure i’m gonna keep on commenting and saying what i think just as much as i please unless somebody prevents me from doing so, which hasn’t happened as of yet. i’ll use poor grammar and may or may not use paragraphs and/or punctuation. i’ll be repetitive if the mood strikes me and i’ll go on and on for as long as i please until i reach some word limit i have yet to discover… and you’ll just have to sit there and read every bit of it just like you were FORCED to sit there and read every last bit of my opinion even though you supposedly didn’t care to hear it. if you don’t have the “time” or “interest” to read it, then why did you read it? and if you didn’t actually read it, then what are you complaining about? and why single me out anyway? don’t i have as much a right to state my opinion as everyone else here? who says i have to be concise? who put you in charge of comment protocol anyway? unless you’re actually some high ranking CO official i’m unaware of, in which case i’d be very surprised. you know, i think i’ll be as non- concise as i possibly can because you knooow, i’m juuuust not feeling like doin’ you any favors…

    moral of this unabashedly long story – i can say my opinion. you can say yours. and there’s nothing you can do about it …. that is again of course unless you’re some CO official i’m as yet unaware of. in which case you’d probably delete my response… but we shall see. was all this typing and time spent in vain, i don’t know, it’s my time, and i’ll do what i want with it just like you can do what you want with yours. my advice, don’t read things you’re uninterested in and you won’t waste the time you… er…. don’t have… to read them…? wait, that doesn’t make any sense now does it. in the future, spb, i’m going to have to ask that you make more direct commentroversy attacks that are actually relevant to the subject of the “commentroversy.” and i’m also going to have to ask you to not tell me how to write my comments. Thank you.

    your opinion has failed to affect my opinion.
    that is all for now.

  146. earlybird1 says:

    Whoa. Is CO changing, or is it the viewers who are changing? Things is different around here these days, no?

  147. This is funny! The guy stated he only knew her for a few months…honestly? Just a few months? And he already expects her to marry him? He deserved that. He put her on the spot like that in front of all those people. That must be humiliating for her! And the cat is whacko, but it made me laugh.

  148. Keyboard cat, play off all these haters!