Carrots—the gateway vegetable

“Listen, Doc, I sneak carrots into bed every chance I get. I’m eating like—well, a Guinea pig. I’m afraid it’s going to lead to broccoli binging… What can I do!?”


Timmie C., whatever you do—don’t let her try cilantro—it may be all over.



  1. brinnann says:

    😆 Meg, I love the cilantro link!

  2. Am I the only one reminded of George Costanza here? Except there’s no female hammie hiding under the covers while he surreptitiously binges on carrots.

  3. Noelle (the First) says:

    I was wondering why the sheets were orange? Early intervention is the best strategy.

  4. brinnann says:

    Bryn! It’s so unusual to meet another Brinn!

  5. Biscuit Tin says:

    His blanket-covered ‘tocks are too close to that coal fire!

  6. zeldapie says:

    At least she’s not eating crackers in bed, or drinking alone (that we KNOW of!!!).

  7. I don’t even know what to say about a website devoted soley to cilantro….I do not like cilantro. Totally cute hammy in sneakin’ carrots in the bed, though!

  8. If my hammies see this, they’ll want a room all prettied up like that..

    *hides pic*

    PS Feeds little hammy another carrot … tee hee!

  9. brinnann says:

    Biscuit Tin, I think it’s just one of those neat little electric fireplaces. Ya know, the ones that give off warmth but don’t burn and are made too look like a real fireplace. That’s a very lovely marble mantle she’s got there; I bet the rest of the house is filled with schmancy antiques. I’m sure she doesn’t want to risk catching the house on fire.

  10. varekai97X says:

    I just want to know what surreptitious reading material she has peeking out from under the bedskirt. Play-Ham Magazine? Or maybe it’s Carrot Fancy?

  11. Kristabelle says:

    I don’t usually find hammies too over the top cute, but this set up is redonk!!! 😀

  12. skippymom says:

    Does she think we don’t notice the spinach stash within easy reach on the mantel?

  13. Don’t let her near parsnips.

    Thanks, Meg, for the awesome cilantro link. Fark yeah, cilantro! Best herb in the world.

  14. Erm garsh, I know this doll house. I really know it in detail. See that little white button on top of the fireplace mantle? You push it to make the fire light up and there’s crackling noise sound effects!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And, when you open the windows, …birdies sing!
    And, I know that bed! And the little rug sticking out under eet!
    Woah, flashbacks!

  15. temperance says:

    i heart cilantro!!!! it’s the other pesto.

  16. Whoa, Pyrit, tell us more! I was wondering what the rest of the ham-house looks like. Can hammie go into the kitchen for more carrots, or heat up some water for some mint tea?

  17. chanpon says:

    At least carrots don’t really leave crumbs. Is the bed over a little area rug?

    I found that cilantro site via a food blog a few weeks ago, and I share its sentiments about cilantro wholeheartedly.

  18. GingerBean says:

    I don’t know how people get their guinea pigs to do things. My guinea pig would barely let me pet him! Though I did enjoy the happy sounds he’d make when I brought out a bag of hay 🙂

    FYI, that cilantro site is in retaliation to this one:
    I am one of those people who think cilantro tastes like soap, I think it’s a genetic thing.

  19. GingerBean says:

    Oh, it’s a hammie…duh. Yeah, that would be a large doll house if it were a guinea pig. My statement still stands though, my hammie doesn’t let me pet him either. *sigh*

  20. Sarah F. says:

    F*** Yeah Cilantro! It’s the only other blog I read as religiously as Cute Overload.

  21. Personally, I don’t see anything sad about this one. Well, maybe that the bed clothes don’t match but that’s about it. He’s living large in a gorgeous house, gets gourmet treats at bedtime and has the shiniest brass bed that I’ve ever seen.

  22. skippymom says:

    It’s sad because it’s a pathetic picture of addiction! This hamster needs help! Sure, she has the gorgeous house and all the trappings of a life of luxury, but clearly she is not happy! She’s sneak-eating carrots in bed, for God’s sake. This is SAD! (I think she may also have Seasonal Affective Disorder…can’t drag herself out of bed until the weather gets better.)

  23. BabyOpossum says:

    pyrit, can you identify the objects on the mantel? I would be much obliged.

    In other news, I think I’ve found what I’m bringing to my work potluck next week: “Pondicherry Lentil Salad.” Thanks, FY Cilantro!

  24. AuntieMame says:

    I’m in the “cilantro is pleh!” category. It has a yucky aftertaste that I can’t stand, same as spinach and hot mustard.

    But Hammy’s little house is awesome.

  25. berthaservant says:

    Cilantro is teh awesome. Srsly. I totally have to get cilantro for lunch now. Thanks, now I have a new blog to visit!

    I like carrots, too. And hammie is cute. And it’s NOT A PROBLEM. No one talks about lettuce being a “gateway” drug even though lettuce has opiates in it; it’s all just big lettuce not wanting people to know they can get a better leafy vegetable buzz.

  26. I love cilantro. My cilantro plant is about 8 months old now, and it looks like a weed. But it has all these white flowers and seeds.

    Also, pampered hammy!!

  27. Snowpea says:

    ZOMG! I think I’m doomed. Here I am sitting at my desk, quietly munching on carrots (the celery’s noisier) — and now i find out my beautiful, lovely carrots are a gateway veg? ohNOESSSSSSSS I don’t want to give up my carrot sticks!

    (Cute Hammy, btw)

  28. Katrina says:

    Oh, come on, Killer has a ‘nite-nites’ carrot every night before bed and, um, yes, every night, why do you ask?

  29. “Could someone please stick more peas under this mattress?” Nom Nom Nom.

  30. Carrots aren’t the gateway! Carrots are where it’s at!

  31. egyptheart says:

    AH – this just an awesome and an adorable photo. Great work and patience. Many more carrots to you.

  32. spitfiresjewel says:

    Just completely great – the photo is most precious. How did you ever get this photo shot ? Please continue to explore your photos and situations with the guinea pig. This is juust wonderful.

  33. hon glad says:

    This is the famous Romantic novelist Daphne La splarge, dictating another chapter of her latest romance.” Chomp chomp, now where was I , ah yes, He rained hot kisses onto her trembling lips while”…..

  34. Hope he didn’t leave crumbs in the bed!!!

  35. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    Boy, this hammy sure has the life! He probably has a little car parked outside…

  36. serafemme says:

    i’m very distressed about the cilantro link. if you want to post links like this, do it on your own site, and not in a public arena. many of us work long, difficult days and come to cuteoverload to relax with sweet, adorable animals, not to be confronted with sexually aggressive herbs and explicit language. i demand that you … oh, f*** it. *snertle* sorry. just doing some nuff-fluffing. how was i? lmao.

  37. Wow, luxurious house you have little ham. You even have your own fireplace! lol. My hams are not as lucky as you dear.

    And sorry, but i was wishing the link to be some cute animal link. 😦

  38. yochana says:

    The cilantro site is awesome! I sent him this link of a hedge who feels the same way:

  39. Um… so what does 006 mean? Or did someone forget to update the hover text?

  40. samiwammy says:

    I thought my ham was spoiled. She eats the same breakfast cereal that I do on a given morning. ^_^ today it was Kashi, tomorrow it will probably be pops : )

  41. DonVasilione♥ says:

    cute cute cute cute!!!!!!!!!!!
    mimimimimi!!! :-*

  42. apsutter says:

    OMG…I love the little bedroom this hammie has! She’s got style and grace!