Take a one-second baby sheep break

Shreve Stockton over at The Daily Coyote paused for a little sheepskin action today:


Excellent spotting, Tanguera 😉



  1. Holy moly…this pic literally stopped me dead in my tracks! I ❤ bitty sheeps!!!

  2. holy edible baby sheep batman!

  3. I was gonna check if there was a head-to-body-width rule of cuteness, but seems the rules of cuteness page gets a 404 :<
    Either way, I do believe it applies here, even without the ears.

  4. I was wondering if this would show up on CO ever since I spotted it over at the Daily Coyote! This picture literally made me melt into a googly-eyed blithering mess of gibberish. Of course, this was *after* the angel chorus sounded.

    Actually, let me rephrase:
    Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeimabloothybooooooobiddyboobooobooooblaahhhhbiddysheepydoooooobooooowaaaahhhh *brain drips out of ears*

  5. Martha in Washington says:

    We’re only allowed ONE SECOND to look at the precious bebeh?! I think it would take a LIFETIME to completely comprehend all of the adorabuhlness!! I mean, look at those eyes and those ears and that nose and those lips and I just want to give him/her and big ol’ smooch right in the middle of that forehead! I loves sheeps!

  6. berthaservant says:

    Shreve Stockton is one of my favorite people.

  7. biscuithead says:

    Once in a while a photo like this shows up on CO and I simply gasp.

  8. Precious!

  9. thats so cuteeeeeeeeeeee love sheeps and the look on the faceeeeeeeeeeee

  10. Cute little lambykins! I wish the pic came with sound… I love the sound of little sheep bleats.

  11. S/he looks like s/he’s just… about… to… speak…

  12. cafegrrl says:

    absolutely precious.

  13. doomchild says:

    There I was, working my butt off, sending snappy e-mails and being important. Then, during lunch break this sheep shows up, asking: “Why bother?”
    Man, I gotta find a batch of grass to frolic on, and fast.

  14. Aelfwyn says:

    Think her name must be ‘Meeeeeh-g’!

  15. StormCat says:

    I don’t know about ya’all…But this little fuzzy looks like she’s asking to be picked up! I mean, look at those eyes!!

    *grabs up the little fuzzy gently and whisks her away to play*

  16. hon glad says:

    Agnus dei.

  17. AWWWWW! I used to care little about sheepzies but just look at those eyes and that face! I wanna see his mother….(I’m gonna ask for permission to adopt him)

  18. chanpon says:

    I melted when I saw this on her blog. And this is the very reason I can’t eat lamb.

  19. Birdcage says:

    I wish I had the guts to do with my life what Shreve Stockton did with hers.

  20. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Please, don’t eat me!

  21. temperance says:

    i literally stopped breathing when i looked at this little lambie. it’s almost too much for my brain to comprehend. was i really in a bad mood this morning? i can’t remember now…

  22. Lambies were my favorite part of life on the farm! They are annerable, and snuggly, and they frolic and bounce around in the sunshine!

    (Don’t worry, lamb-the-meat isn’t baby sheep. It’s awkward, obnoxious teenager sheep. I know that might not be too comforting to the most tender-hearted. That’s okay; the world needs the tender-hearted people to remind the rest of us to think with our hearts sometimes.)

  23. temperance says:

    you know, james herriot- the most amazing vet in the entire world, ever- said that there was nothing cuter on this earth than a baby lamb, that it almost seemed as though God was being unfair because He gave them so much beauty when compared to all the other species of babies in the world- including the human kind…(but he said it much more poetically than that)

  24. Jezebel says:

    I just got to work, turned on my computer, read my horoscope, opened my favorites list and clicked on CuteOverload, OMG!, and fell off my chair. That is all.

  25. I knew there had to be a better reason going to work for getting up this morning. Now I know what the reason is–this little lamb! Life is worth living again! 🙂

  26. For my eyes did spot
    innocence and purity
    in those two black orbs…

  27. Oh my! Simply adorable! 🙂

  28. This not real lamb – this must be stuffed toy!!

  29. I can skip work and class to go frolicking with the sheepies, right? Guys?

  30. Maa-aa–mmy, I want baa-aa-llet lessons!

  31. Laieanna says:

    Almost bit off my tongue trying to keep from squealing at work. Can’t stand it!

  32. This lamby is so cute! The hair on lambs’ faces is so soft, and their wool is so nubbly!

    This is making me homesick. [Packs bags for parents’ sheep farm in Iowa.]

  33. OMG! this is the cutest lamb i have seen in my life! heaven must be filled with these fluffy darlings. Will it squeak if i poke it?

  34. Jimbeaux says:

    I beep da nosie!


    What a cutie!

  35. Katrina says:

    OOOOH, how easy it would be to just pick up that young’un and oh, so quietly walk away to have a happy day with a babeh sheepsie. A lovely thought, I guess I’d give it back when it needed its Mommy, but not until then!

  36. Sometimes I swear that this site’s purpose is to make me a pleather-wearing vegetarian. I think it’s working.

  37. wowie

  38. Noelle (the First) says:

    Awwwwwwwwwwww! WANT!

    (Packs bags and joins Erin K. on her parent’s sheep farm in Iowa)

  39. you just know this thing clicks its heels while it frolics. IT CLICKS ITS TINY HEELS.
    I have exploded into a cloud of glitter.

  40. zeldapie says:

    I’m a pleather-wearing vegetarian! Tee hee!

    Oooh, check out the PEENKNESS! Peenk noiscile, leeps, ears… Squeeeeeeee!

  41. BostonBunny says:

    I’m a pleather-wearing vegetarian, too! Guilt-free squeeing!!

  42. cute, cute baby 8D

  43. Kristabelle says:

    Soooooo adorable. Just heart meltingly adorable.

  44. Shannon says:

    One more reason I can’t eat lamb. People can continue to look at me funny.

  45. temperance says:

    do it Kar! do eet!

  46. OMG what a snuggly little sheep. I’m going to have such a hard time eating lamb after this…

  47. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Progress to pleather-wearing VEGAN!! Even better.

  48. this looks like a stuffed animal, for sure.

  49. BostonBunny says:

    Cambridge Rat Mom – we’re working on it – yay!

  50. Lerrinus says:

    Am I the only one who wants to give this behbeh a kiss between its eyes?

  51. louieballoo says:

    have you ever seen lambies go crackers at twilight? it’s the cutest thing – they spring about with all four feets off the ground. springtime is the best time 🙂

  52. Von Zeppelin says:

    If this guy needs a job, I’ve got a nice, chemical-free lawn that could use nibbling. I’d even pay for first-class air fare from Wyoming for him.

  53. Rooanne says:

    This is the picture of innocence.

  54. Katrina says:

    Von Zeppelin- We have a beautiful lawn of dandelions, broad blade grasses, chickweed, moss and all manner of happy bugs and birds! YAY for not putting chemicals on our lawns! Hooray, I say!

  55. kibblenibble says:

    Aaagh! 9 and 3 earses! And bebeh looks like he’s wearing a leetle grey vestie. Cyute! 🙂

  56. Subhangi says:

    Awwww, I love his curious & earnest expression!

  57. bunnywabbit says:

    This right here is why I don’t eat lamb. Yeah, yeah, I know; chickens and cows and pigs are wonderful, too.

  58. elmerfudd says:

    Mmmm delicious!

  59. The little lamb is SMILING!

  60. I love little lamb and baby sheep