Honorary Moms

A friend of Sender-Inner Amy L. reports: “I’ve had another crazy adventure! On the Gold Coast (about 2-3 hours from my town), hundreds of baby flying foxes have been abandoned by their mothers for unknown reasons…”


“There have been a few violent storms and the parents just left the colony, leaving their babies starving to death. So a group of wildlife rehabilitators are rescuing them. They are an endangered species (grey-headed flying foxes).”


“…It was quite an experience! We worked for 18 hours two days in a row so I’m tired! But it was all worth it because they are so darn cute (see pictures)!”




  1. OMG. Are those little bats in somebody’s dresser drawer? *goes to check sock drawer for cuddly baby bats*

  2. My sock drawer has no baby bats… *sigh*

  3. They ARE cute. Awwww. Hope they make it ok.

  4. Horray and a huge thanks to people who care for all the critters we love. You guys are my heroes.

  5. BEF off charts -> me ded.

  6. AuntieMame says:

    Who knew that baby bat-foxes liked pancakes? I wonder if they prefer maple syrup or sorghum?

  7. I’m kind of scared of bats, but I gotta admit that little guys are pretty cute and I am glad they are being cared for!

  8. What is the wildlife group doing this work? Some folks may want to donate for the cause? or is just a private group of people doing something nice?

  9. I’m assuming if there are 100s to be saved there maybe a group involved?

  10. fish eye no miko says:

    Awwww… they look so cute all snuggled in their little blankies!

  11. Annie J. says:

    Aww yay for moms saving babies! Yay for moms – they’re all supermoms!

    Happy mother’s day to any mothers here on CO. I tip my hat to you! Being a mommy is no easy job, and not one you can quit, either…

  12. That’s aDRAWERable! ROFL

  13. *flipping through the interwebnets for cheap flights to Gold Coast Queenslad* I MUST get in on the babeh flying fox action!!!!!!!

  14. Where are you located? I’d be willing to help out if you are anywhere near. What is the name of the organization? It is nice to see other’s caring for wildlife. Keep it up and thank you for being you.

  15. Great job! Very inspiring to here about such devoted caregivers.
    Happy Mother’s Day!

  16. Space Cowgirl says:


    Ded. Ded I say.

  17. Barooooo!! Poor bebbehs! So glad they are being cared for!

  18. berthaservant says:


    Every day, somethin’ new here…every darn day….

    :: muttering to himself about wonders of nature ::

  19. Adorable. I just love the stuff you guys get. And the fact that it’s a rescue and not someone just keeping wildlife for the sake of keeping wildlife. I love this!

    *cuggles a little baby bat…while hanging from moon boots*

  20. Katrina says:

    OH, NO! Batty Batty Bat, …worth it, I guess. One two three spread out your cape…
    I love the dresser drawer Idea, now that is the Mother of Invention on Mother’s Day! OR, is it Mothra’s Day? I thought with the wings and everything…

  21. OMG those BABY BATS!!!!!!!!! I can’t STAND it, I tell you!!!!!!

  22. Squinty says:

    better lighting! i demand better lighting!

  23. dylanimore says:

    Aww, they’re so cute.

  24. I am worried about a generation of flying foxes with abandonment issues.

  25. platedlizard says:

    I love how snuggled they are in their blankies. I’m guessing that’s because their mom’s would cuddle them in their wings? Sooo cute.

  26. AuntieMame: Given that these are aussie critters, I expect that they like their pancakes slathered in Vegemite.

  27. chanpon says:

    Snuggly bundley baby bats for the win!

  28. Headtail says:

    Yay! Bats are my fave. Don’t get me wrong, I love the puppehs and kittays, but unusual+supercute is so fun!

  29. Cute little guys, alright, and very soft fur too. Around Sydney we get them a lot – you can go out at night and watch them hanging upside down from trees, stuffing their little doggie faces with wild figs. They just kind of look down at you with their enormous eyes and keep munching away.

  30. Oh yeah, congrats to the people looking after the little critters – very cool of them.

  31. JinxtheCat says:

    I believe these sweet babies are wearing snuggies. Snuggies are better looking on bats than on hoomans. LOL

  32. Amy L., you are the best! Hooray!!

  33. Here’s a link to the article about this: Cute-click

  34. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Thanks for saving the baby bats. Bats are wonderful and, like rats, have an undeserved bad reputation. Plus they look e-dorable in their little flannel side-by-side pouchettes. No pancakes, please, but could you grab a handful of bugs while you’re at it!?

  35. thank goodness for good samaritans!

  36. OMG: Adorable baby bats! They are lucky to have peoples to take care of them like that.

  37. The next time those wildlife rehabilitators are in my neck o’ the woods, I am buying them a warm beer. Each!


  38. Yes, as I was about to say before I was so rudely interrupted,


    Two 18-hour shifts is not funny under any circumstances. But on behalf of bat lovers everywhere….

    *does the Bill&Ted “We’re Not Worthy!” thing*

  39. bunnywabbit225 says:

    Congratulations and thank you. Even though I’ll probably never see a grey headed flying fox, I am glad the babies are safe and I hope the parents return.

  40. BATTY!!!! 😀

    I don’t know about the specific org that works in the Gold Coast (apparently Wildcare Australia?) but Bat Care Brisbane do a great job with rehab and education. They also have a mascot bat named Gilbert, who is adorable if not entirely smart 😛

    Check them out and help out however you can!

  41. This is a great effort but it is a shame that the one-time rescue of these bats got international press because it occurred near Brisbane while Tolga Bat Hospital in the middle of nowhere Queensland gets no such press. Tolga Bat Hospital rehabilitates and releases hundreds of endangered spectacled flying foxes every year. These are moms, babies, and male bats afflicted by tick paralysis. Tick season coincides with the breeding season so many babies are separated from their mothers who die or get very sick and can no longer care for them. TBH searches local bat colonies every day for bats that have fallen out of trees or babies that have been abandoned due to tick paralysis. TBH is a big, modern facility (rather than a network of rehabbers) and allows the bats the best opportunity to develop proper social and foraging skills by group housing them in huge cages (babies are raised in a special indoor/outdoor nursery).

    Tolga Bat Hospital (google it!) is in great need of volunteers and funds during tick season (~Sept-Feb). I know because I lived/worked there for a month last season. I submitted pictures to CuteOverload and hopefully they’ll be posted soon 🙂

  42. puddlepeppers says:

    with gratitude to all who have worked to rescue these baby bats…”tired, but a good tired”…Tolga Bat Hospital…please send us a reminder when tick season is here…
    so nice to hear from KATRINA…another heartfelt message. Hope you don’t think
    I’d gone batty for printing so much information about the youth performers at
    the San Antonio Symphony concert…I wasn’t given a program and had to walk
    a long way to get one…so I wanted to share quite a bit from the program notes.
    (as Duck au Vin). May a fig tree bless your garden and attract foxy little bats
    in flannel sleepers.

  43. AWW 🙂 Those little baby bats are so ADORABLE 🙂 I am glad that there is help for those poor little bats 🙂 Alina, I am glad that you posted about the information about the Tolga Bat Hospital 🙂 I am guessing it is in Australia (hope I spelled that right) 🙂

  44. I wanna shove a shosh (pacifier) in each of those little mouths. Thank you rescuers for all of your efforts to save these little orphans.

  45. kibblenibble says:

    I love the alert look on batty in the green blankie in pic #2. And this puts me in mind of that post where the guy was talking about reaching into a bag of bats like it’s something one does every day. For this post: “When you reach into a sock drawer full of bats…”

  46. they are soooo tucked in!!!
    where is this tolga bat hospital exactly, i would like to fly to queensland and volunteer there….

  47. Jimbeaux says:

    Oooh, the second pic… So comfy! And yeah, I think I’ll do the same. Gonna curl up somewhere cozy, and hope someone wakes me wif pancakes. 🙂

  48. puddlepeppers says:

    I miss my mother especially at this time–I lost her in July of 2008. It helps to have
    such wonderful memories. I think she may be with “Bo Diddley”, her little gray

  49. Pteropus says:

    I’m a bat researcher, and it’s always nice to see the animals get good press. If only we could get more people interested, or at least a bit less afraid! Bats do much more good than they do harm, and seem to only frighten people because they’re so poorly understood. Spread these pics around the net – the more eyes on bats, the better their reputation.

    Thanks for sharing the good work and cute pictures!

  50. Sharon Wilson says:

    Batty burritos! I love it!

  51. Tracy from Oz says:

    Lemmee just hop in my car and I’ll be down there in 45 minutes to help you with the batty bats.

  52. Jeffery says:

    I would pick each one up and give a gentle Kees on their heads, one after the other
    smooch, next, smooch, next

  53. Are they wearing Snuggies?!

  54. Shannon says:

    It’s been years now since I have been able to do any wildlife rehab. I am SO JEALOUS!!!!

  55. hon glad says:

    Flitter mouses.

  56. these bebehs are positively killing me!!
    what with the pastel colours in there eand everything.

  57. PS Is there are special name for baby bats? Like “batlings”? Or “batlets”? Or are they just (squee!!) BABY BATS!!!!!!!!!!?????????!!!!!!!1111111?

  58. PPS “Is there are” — snort! See how these little chiroptera have incapacitated me??

  59. Bia Simsic says:

    Just adorable!! I wish I cold kiss their little heads!
    Thanks for rescing them, guys!


  60. Oh I really like these little guys. I hope they all make it OK.

  61. Katiedid says:

    Theresa- I believe they are called pups…. or sometimes kits

  62. Bill and Ted? I need to brush up on my stoner comedy.

  63. zeldapie says:

    Amy, BRAVO for all your hard work! I’m a rehabber too, and know how taxing it is.
    These are anerable bebehs – I hope they grow up big and strong. I *heart* bats.

  64. Kristabelle says:

    Poor babies! Yay for being rescued!!!

  65. auntbaby says:

    GOD bless them all. They are adorable! These people and others like them everywhere have my utter appreciation and admiration. You are angels on earth. Poor precious little babes. Such beautiful faces. I wish them every good thing. Thanks to the rehabbers of the world!!!
    Kiss , Kiss on little bat foreheads.

  66. I think there ought to be a logo, a theme song, and a cool car for “Batmom”.

  67. Happy mother’s day! 🙂

  68. WendyPinNJ says:






  69. Oh look at his little wing coming out! Aww! I love little bats…

  70. guttersnipe says:

    Bats everywhere, of all species, need protection. I donate to Bat Conservation International every year.

    Three cheers for CO helping to spread the undeniable truth of adorable battliness.

  71. I have no idea why my last comment was held for moderation, but here it is again – check out sonja’s link at #36 and you can see the cute little buggers drinking milk from baby-bottles!

  72. rubber duck says:

    Squeee! Flying foxes! They’re my favourites. Especially the babies…

    This is odd, though. I think just last night I had a dream I was buying fruit to give to a fruit bat I was apparently taking care of…

  73. Grey headed flying foxes? This person has obviously never seen a bat…..

  74. I love bats. 🙂 They are so underrated. These fellas are heart-breakers!

  75. eternalcanadian says:

    that is it, i have officially imploded from the sheer cuteness and carringness of it all!

  76. Elsie Mobbs says:

    Do they suck on something as they go to sleep? Other reports usually indicate that baby bats use dummies like human babies in between meals and especially at sleep time. One report said that if the dummy dropped then the baby bat cried until the dummy was replaced. If they are not sucking on dummies then do they suck their cuddly rugs or feeding bottles to go to sleep?