The new face of Disapproval

Audrey Tautou is the new face of Chanel, and “Pancake” the pup is the new face of DISAPPROVAL. (Also a great perfume name, by the way). This pup is at DEFCON 5, People:


Scale of Disapproval: 5 out of 5Nyerhe!Nyerhe!

I never thought I’d see a pup outdo a bunny, but it happened, Mai N.



  1. I hope the person who produced this radioactive level of disapproval is in prison. Whatever of his/her crime, it was truly heinous.

  2. Awww, how cute!

  3. WendyPinNJ says:

    Oh, he very, very angry! And very, very key-ute!

    What kind of doggie is he? Body doesn’t seem right for English Bulldog.

  4. don’t want to mess with that pup.
    pancake for the win……

  5. Wow. That is one TICKED OFF puppeh. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such anger from an animal. Still cute, though!

  6. Von Zeppelin says:

    He’s not really mad. He’s just impersonating Winston Churchill.

  7. Lizzums says:

    Am I still restricted to saying nice things? Cause I don’t think this doggums is saying anything nice at all.

  8. I’ve just printed out this face of disapproval and stuck it on a church fan and will wave it at bad drivers on the way home.

  9. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Pssst! Ed: DEFCON 5 is “everything is easy-breezy, pass me a beerio, wouldja?” DEFCON 1 is “holy krap get me outta here before that dog disapproves my face off!”

  10. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    RAOTFLMAO ! What a wonderful face! Puppy probably thinks he/she is smiling…

  11. 260Oakley says:

    Pancake is mad ’cause someone tried to butter him up.

  12. Wow–Pancake is NOT pleased! Yet she/he is still very cute, especially with those massive paws.

  13. emudoug says:

    I’m sorry, Pancake, I’ll never do it again!

  14. Paunchie says:

    his face made me LOL! I am wondering if he’s a bulldog – sharpei mix….

  15. That pupster has some great snorgling potential in them there wrinkles.
    Regardless of the disapproval.

  16. Mikeyfur says:

    I think he’s all English Bulldog, just kind of scrunched up so we can’t see his back and legs very well. I’m not saying he’s outdone the bunnies on disapproval, but he is a very close second.

  17. I am just GOBSMACKED. Again and again this week, I have been STREAMROLLED by OUT OF CONTROL puppy-chub, pony-tude, kitty-fabulosity, in a RELENTLESS ONSLAUGHT!!!

  18. Fluffy, Destroyer of Worlds has finally met his match.

    Fluffy, destroyer of worlds

  19. darling.creature says:

    Well, he is smelling those horrible dirty socks. No wonder he disapproves!

  20. Was the photographer killed by this really dissapointed dog? couldnt surprise me lol
    I really love this pic

  21. “That sock really smelled!”


    Must have been bad!


  22. Kallisto says:

    And chubby feetz.
    Sooo chubby, soooo disapproving.

  23. chanpon says:

    A measly 5 disapproving buns? This should be way to the 11-ses.

  24. Katiedid says:

    puppy does not think those shoes go with that tie!!! seriously!!!

  25. That’ll teach you to wear those socks with sandals.

  26. *kisses pup right between eyes on 2nd chub roll*

    Everyone please enable your good vibes and send them to my keeshond Kassie girl who is at the emergency vet as we speak getting a blood transfusion (husband just called me).

  27. PetMama says:

    Okay, that made me LAUGH OUT LOUD…. He is lookin mighty fierce! but totally anerable.

  28. WOW! I live with a rabbit, I thought I’d seen the depths of disapproval. I was WRONG!
    Ack!! *falls over dead*

  29. @Metz – all good wishes to Kassie Keeshond! Hope she will be safe at home soon!

  30. Whoa. That’s some serious disapproval. Eat your heart out, buns.

  31. shannomo says:

    I think he disapproves of his name. I difficult to be taken seriously with the name Pancake he probably wants to be Killer or Cujo.

  32. shannomo says:

    Sorry that would be “its difficult” although “I” been known to be difficult too.

  33. apyrit says:

    Go avay, or I’ll call de brute squad! Oy, you ARE de brute squad!

  34. And when help finally arrived, all they found of the owner was his dead sock.

  35. skippymom says:

    Metz, sending prayer that Kassie is all better very soon.

  36. I have never laughed so hard @ a puppy. That is cutest unhappy dog ever!

  37. (((Metz))) (((Kassie)))

  38. apyrit, nice Princess Bride quotation (one of my all time favorite movies)

    Put this pup together with “Destroyer of worlds” and the Universe is pfftt…goners.
    LOL, so much disapproval, so little time.

    Metz, I too will pray for Kassie.

  39. maggie says:

    is this little guy a bulldog? a bulldog shar-pei mix? he is AMAZING!!!!

  40. Ow! My soul!

  41. Metz- all hugs and prayers I can muster for you and yours!

    As far as this pup goes, I can’t stop staring at him. I’m in love. His name should be Old Man Grumpus.

  42. earlybird1 says:

    “HARRRUMPHHH! I am NOT amused.”

  43. earlybird1 says:

    I am a 5th grade teacher, and this is the face I had at the end of the day yesterday. Hee!

  44. I can haz ANGRY PUPPEH??

  45. zeldapie says:

    Eeeeep! I wouldn’t want to meet him in a dark alley!

    (Okay, I would. I would snorgle him into happiness.)

  46. WOW I almost peed myself he scared me so much. I want to cheer him up!

  47. this is totally awesome because:

    1) cutest puppy ever. duh.

    2)the name of the puppy is pancakes. cute overload!


  48. skippymom says:

    I totally want to see the look on the face of the sales lady who accosts people in the department store and sprays them with Disapproval perfume.

  49. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    “We are not amused.”

    (‘Cause something about this pup makes me think he’d use the majestic plural when speaking in the first person.)

  50. TheGreatKatzini says:

    The famous wild-life photographer had everything on film: bears, alligators, cobras-Nothing was a match for him until he met… Pancakes. And he finally met his match.
    All the best for Kassie, I’ll pray for her to Eir!

  51. “Pancakes are NOT AMUSE!!!”

  52. starla says:

    I hope this isn’t product placement for Chanel because it’s only making me want to buy PUPPIES!!!!

  53. Actually, I’m thinking 6 out of 5 buns.

    And great love to Kassie.

  54. Oooh, five DR’s!


  55. redkitten says:

    I like the idea of printing the picture to wave at bad drivers. If they’re bad drivers, however, they might not be smart enough to clue in that the pup is expressing disapproval. I suppose I’ll have to stick with my initial disapproval photo. (Don’t worry — it’s safe for work.)

  56. temperance says:

    suddenly i feel very guilty but i have no idea what i’ve done wrong.
    i’m sorry pancakes, for whatever it was- please, you gotta forgive me!

  57. Amanda H. says:

    Holy Moly! The other day, I took my bulldog, Hoagie, into the vet’s for treatment for an ear infection. This was the first time we’d seen this doctor & he was an enormous bulldog fan. He told me he has a little girl bulli named Pancake! And she happened to be hangin with him at work in the kennels that very same day!!! So he brought her out to meet my Hoagie & she got so nervous she peed all over the floor (prolly cause Hoag is a very handsome boy). Anyway, I don’t think this is the same Pancake but maybe it’s a popular name for bulli girls. So preeshous!!!!

  58. @shannomo – not necessarily. Sometimes truly scary monsters need a cute name to make them even more menacing, for example the big hairy monster in Bugs Bunny cartoon named Gossamer:

  59. I love Jen Eisler

  60. Katrina says:

    Oh, Metz, best wishes to Kassie and to you and your husband. Hugs and kisses and snorgles and all the good stuff. Stay with us and tell us how Kassie is faring, ok? Your friend, K.

    Sucha wonderful pooch, I would like to try to gently jostle him out of his disapproval, that’s just toxic for everyone around! Smelly socks, indeed!

  61. binky-mama says:

    Oh noes!!! I’m very sorry for poking your chub folds. I won’t do it again. (for a few hours anyway, tee hee)

  62. i mean I love u Jen Crieselr!!!!

    [One toast too many, I’m guessing… – Ed.]

  63. That’s more like an 8 out of 5.

  64. aaaawwwweee can i like idk like have him plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 🙂

  65. That’s not disapproval – that’s totally pissed off.

  66. Shannon says:

    My word.

  67. lauren says:

    oh. my. LORD.

    i want to kiss his precious little face.

  68. ummm, do you mean Defcon 1?

    [Nay indeed! They’ve gone to Defcon PLAID! 😯 – Ed.]

  69. BabyOpossum says:

    Even his tummy chub is knit with disdain!

  70. dawgpup93 says:

    aww his wittle wrinkles make look mad lol

  71. Hell hath no fury like a puppeh scorned…

  72. leslie thomas says:

    1: All well-wishes re. blood transfusion…All available positive Karma to ya.
    2:Re. “remarkable appearing” critters & Names of Awesomeness: one of my best friends, who is managed by numerous animals…the smallest yet yappiest of’ em, received the moniker “Angus” … & therewith began to assume that he runs the household…. although the Alpha Canine there, can & when necessary, she DOES.. hold down Angus, with only the light application of ONE PAW OF DISIPLINE (those are akin to Fists of Fury”….

    “That is all ” (Thanks/ credit to film M*A*S*H”…) Peace unto all…

  73. leslie thomas says:

    oops… guess that WASN’T all … at least, once I took a chance to proofread this for the third time (really; I had read it over at least a couple of times…but..due to severl bum keys on my keyboard…)
    Thaat phrase was MEANT to say “paw of DISCIPLINE”…
    Mea Culpa; mea Maxima Culpa…”
    “Thanks [and Peace] be with you [all]”.

  74. rachel says:

    hey guys, unrelated but i figure this is a good place for animal questions: my boyfriend just called to tell me a kitten has been following him around outside his apartment complex. he says it looks old enough to not be entirely defenseless, but it’s been raining heavily off and on all day and he says it’s drenched. he can’t really take it in with him, because his housemate has a very large and somewhat obnoxious dog. plus, he’s not even sure it’s a stray– it doesn’t have a collar, but the sorts of people who live in his apartment complex are the sort who would be irresponsible pet owners. what’s the protocol in this situation? should he take it in immediately and assume it doesn’t belong to anyone? i told him to set out some tuna and some water but that’s all i could come up with. thoughts?

  75. I was to kisss that wrinkly forehead.

  76. Pancake needs to start an advice column.

  77. Von Zeppelin says:

    The power of his wrath is only increased by the splayed back feet and the little Pink Puppy Pistola.
    (I know, I know. . . think of the children who read this site, etc.)

  78. baileysgrandmom says:

    I sent this photo to a bunch o’ folks, one of whom wanted to know why I referred to said puppy as “him.” Would the real owner of Grumpus Puppus please clarify the gender of said canine? Not that it really matters–the disapproval rating is still officially off the charts!

  79. They’re both toooooo cute!!!

    ………don’t pick on them!!LOL!

  80. Pancake is not a happy prince. I shall give him a kiss on his forehead to help cheer him up.

  81. Oh wow…. the level of disapproval is off the scale!!! I didn’t do anything wrong, but it sure feels that way after looking at that face! O_O;

  82. puddlepeppers says:

    To Metz and Kassie, A prayer and caring thoughts–wishing you both the best.
    To Rachel and boyfriend, Niceness, niceness is who you are. Lucky kitty!
    To Pancake–I’m bringing you a sour-face special from International House of
    Disapproval. Strawberry topping ok?

  83. Hi rachel- personally, I’d take the kitten in (maybe keep it in a room safe from the dog) since we wouldn’t want it to get uber sick from the rain. And then promptly go put some posters in the lobby or wherever people would see em and see if someone ‘claims’ it. It’s possible someone owns the kitten but the worse possibility is that it gets a respiratory infection or whatever from exposure!

  84. soxfan413 says:

    Rachel, it’s safe to assume the kitten’s a stray, in my opinion. It’s not as if any owner could accuse your boyfriend of stealing him/her if they just let it out to wander unsupervised and with no collar ID. I’d tell him to take the kitten in, or see if there’s another neighbor willing to take the kitten if the roommate’s dog really is too obnoxious, and put up “found cat” signs around the apartment complex.

    Metz, I send tons of good thoughts for your Kassie!

  85. Thank you everyone. They’re keeping Kassie until at least Fri, she has an auto immune disorder and seems she’s reached the point where regular meds (steroids) aren’t cutting it anymore and needs to go on the “good stuff”. She’s holding her own tonight and is charming them all there at the pet hospital. Thank you all for your well wishes for her and for us. ((HUGS)) to one and all.

  86. berthaservant says:

    Metz, continued good thoughts. Rachel, if it’s still apropos, I echo the thought — try to give the kittie shelter, even if it’s in a small room w/ a closed door. Make a little bit of food and water available, then ask neighbors, post a few signs, etc. If the kittie starts to act up, just let it outside again (if it’s not too cold/wet) and see what happens. Sometimes they just need a little respite, or they can get confused because of the weather and it might affect their sense of direction (particularly in kittens). Disoriented cats often use the sun to guide them towards where they think is “home” and if the sun isn’t out, cats with less outdoor experience are more likely to be confused. (Smells are also different in the rain).

    As to the pup here — I think this photo would also be right at home on “”

  87. Why does this remind me of the actor Luis Guzman? It’s really freaking me out!
    Also, possibly the cutest wrinkled up face ever.

  88. Don’t you even THINK of taking his sock!!!!!

  89. Subhangi says:

    LOL what a grumpup!

  90. LOL! That’s def a rule of cuteness right? Nuzzleable mini-chest?

  91. hon glad says:

    Human; your paltry offering displeases me and is beneath my contempt.

  92. Stephanie says:

    I want to nom on his folds of dissaproval

  93. Felicityanne says:

    Surely this is a Boxer pup? The legs are too long for a bulldog and the colouring is right for a Boxer. When I was a child there was a B&W cartoon on the BBC about a Boxer pup called Bengo!

  94. hey everyone, thanks for the advice. sadly my boyfriend left his apartment shortly after i posted (he had to go cram for finals in the library). he said the cat looked well-kept, but that it started eating as soon as he put the food down…but i’m not sure if that necessarily means it was starving, because it was tuna after all. (i’ve never had a cat so their behavior patterns are mostly unfamiliar to me.) it has stopped raining and it’s warm out so if it is stuck outside tonight hopefully it won’t get sick. either way, he said he’ll look out for it and take it in if he sees it again.

    i already named it oliver, even though i don’t know the sex/have never seen it. ha!

    seriously though, what is wrong with people and not taking proper care of their pets? one of my friends kept getting a hungry, uncollared feline visitor at his townhouse, assumed it was a stray, and let it come in to the house, fed it, etc…only to find out the (very negligent) owners lived a few doors down, and they were miffed to find out my friend had been feeding their cat. (he still does it anyway.)

  95. He looks just like Ice Cube

  96. Raemie L says:

    You geev me thees polyester sock?? I ask for wool! Preferably cashmere.

  97. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Take the kitten to a shelter, pronto. Feed it cat food, not tuna. Take it to a shelter, NOW!!!

  98. I’m surprised nobody else has mentioned this, but he definitely looks like a particularly wrinkly Olde English Bulldogge pup to me! Looks like a Bulldog, but longer in the leg…

  99. Space Cowgirl says:

    Yikes, Mai. N. What did you do??

  100. maggie says:

    ok we seriously need a definitive answer here from the owner on what type of dog this is because we are ALL going nuts.
    -English Bulldog?
    -English Bulldog / Shar Pei?

    I think those are all that have been suggested.

  101. Sure, he’s disapproving NOW, but what will he be when he grows up? Bunnies retain their disapproving looks FOR LIFE, people!

  102. Derb, you know how people get more wrinkles, the older they get?
    …see where I’m going with this?

  103. Noelle (the First) says:

    Yikes, Theo, that’s quite a mental picture. I predict as he gets older Disapproving Pup’s face will completely disappear behind chub folds!

  104. Puppy is very, very angry…be afraid, be VERY afraid!

  105. Merlin' Muse says:

    OMG! That is one cranky looking puppy! Can’t you just imagine all those rolls in motion as he/she bounces around the yard? What an annerable face!

  106. I dunno, Theo….this looks like grown-up size fur on a pup-sized dog. It IS quite an effective look, I’ll give you that

  107. OMgosh no way thats the funnies thign I ever seen!


  108. jenniemello says:

    Even his bottom is frowning.

  109. OMG that is a face made for snorgling !

  110. I wonder if it’s possible to make him change expressions by rearranging his wrinkles. Endless possibilities!

  111. Paunchie says:

    did we ever determine what kind of pup thees ees??

  112. LOL! So cute!

  113. he is so cute

  114. blowp0p says:


  115. platedlizard says:

    You may *think* he’s disapproving, but I tell you guys, dogs that look like this *squeak*. I am not even joking, and it’s the funniest thing ever.

  116. samantha says:

    Sadly I still vote for the bunneh. Reason: the puppy is angry, not disapproving. The rabbit has that “I told you to come in at midnight. I’m not mad, just disappointed” look. So, for disapproval, the rabbit, Sheer ire, the puppy.

  117. Sorry, nothing can out disapprove a bunny!

  118. tehehehlovah says:

    The play that follows this pic,

    5 years later
    Jessie:i can see your mad but why the face, DO YOU HAVE TO BE IMMATURE? gosh i can’t even look at you hmph >.>
    1 year later

  119. dilettante says:

    Throw Momma from the Train, Part 2:
    Starring Pancake the Pup!

  120. yeah cute picture

  121. Oh my god, I can’t handle it. One of the the most cutest and snuggliest things I’ve ever seen. He doesn’t really look angry, it’s just the excess skin folds (that are a trait of the breed no?) that make him look “disapproving.” He is soooo adorable, AAAAAAHHH!!!!!!

  122. My husband is a retired marine and the English Bulldog is their mascot. We lost ours a couple of years ago and I cried for 14 hours! He was the most adorable pet we’ve had, and we still have a lot of pets, they all got along. His name was ‘Smedley’ after General Smedley Butler, the youngest marine commandant. We’re much older now and are not sure we should get another ‘Bullie’, but maybe so. Need care, but a loving wonderful companion.