My Name … is … Meow!

2003_4_matrix_reloaded_04_scolOne of the standout sequences in the otherwise unnecessary sequels to The Matrix comes when Neo fights off an endless swarm of Agent Smiths. Well, make some popcorn, because you’re about to see that scene the way it was meant to be made–with puppies!



  1. Those puppehs can attack me anytime! 😀

  2. Jimbeaux says:

    Yeah, I’ll take your place, kitteh!

    Seriously, rough rough day. I could stand to be mobbed by those adorable wag-tails!

  3. LOL! That poor cat. And I just love how quickly they lose interest at the end when the cat finally jumps out of reach.

    They’re just like:

    “kittehkittehkittehkittehkittehkittehkittehkittehkitteh – huhn? – OHLOOKWHATSTHATOVERTHERE!?”

  4. That poor cat must not have known what he was getting into with a kitchen full of puppies.

  5. Mewpheus says:

    Don’t you mean “an endless swarm of Agent Sniffs”?

  6. hon glad says:


  7. Kristabelle says:

    WHAT KIND OF PUPPIES ARE THOSE?????????? They are adorable! They can mob me anytime!

    (I thought maybe Porties – PWDs – but probably not…)

  8. aww poor kitteh 😦 He was kind, though, he didn’t seem to be using claws on the puppehs!

  9. LOLOLOL @Mewpheus

  10. Jay in Oregon says:

    Agent Smith would have been much less threatening had his tail been wagging as hard as those puppehs’ tails were.

  11. Hah. I’m sorry. *That* is why I love this site. We have this great combination of geeky, cute, and fun, all in one dose. With a good soundtrack. 🙂

    Who else would combine The Matrix with puppehs? lol

  12. Paunchie says:

    Poor kittaye!!! Get meh outta heres!!

  13. Tooooootally digging the slo mo at :38.

    No, but really – what are those? B+W Corgis?

  14. Katiedid says:

    lol… the hopping is tooo much hahahhahahah

  15. Serena says:

    Hooboy. Let the commentroversy begin…

    (While I’m sure that the cat was safe–from the vid, it looks like the puppies didn’t want to do more than snorfle the kitty, and the kitty looked harassed rather than panicked–it still peeves me a bit that the owner just sat by and filmed this instead of helping the poor dear out. She was seriously outnumbered, man! Not trying to be a nuffer, here, friends; like I said, it doesn’t look like Kitty was being hurt, but it is a bit eye-roll-inducing. That said–great music!!)

  16. Which way did he go George… Which way didi he go….

    PUPPY POWER!!!!!!! 😉

  17. Serena Bless your heart for your care and concern but the cat lives with the puppies and I suspect purposely went into the den onf iniquity to have a romp.
    Kitties being how kitties are, fearless bundles of sharp claws and teeth

  18. Shannon says:

    lol – cute or sad? I KNOW kitty didn’t get hurt, but man! Give a kitteh a hand!

    And what stubbular legs they have!

  19. Hollis says:

    Poor kitty! It was like a nightmare for him/her! But the puppies are so cute the way they just want to make friends in the most over-zealous way!

    Does anybody know what breed of puppy they are? They are SO CUTE and I’m dying to know! Maybe a border collie corgie mix? …I have not idea =p

  20. @crackjob: I’m with you on the slow mo! That made me laugh the hardest!

    Cute puppies, and the cat proved that s/he can escape when the desire strikes. I personally feel no need to nuff.

  21. This is one of those moments where I come to CO after class, and am left completely speechless.

    Blew my mind.

  22. They are Corgis… Pretty Sure!!!! and They are doggone cute.

  23. Stressfactor says:

    Yeah, kitty seemed a like he/she got in a little over their head but no signs of seriously angry cat (i.e., bushy tail, ears back, hissing, clawing, etc.). I’m going to come down on the side of kitty thought something would be fun and easy and quickly realized that there was more here than he/she could handle.

    “Run away! Run away!” (Yes, obligatory Monty Python reference)

  24. soxfan413 says:

    They look like Cardigan Welsh Corgis to me. 🙂

  25. I think I can tell the difference between an annoyed but playful kitty, and an enraged panicked kitty. That cat was big enough to mess one of those puppies up, and it had a lot of things to climb on if it had wanted out earlier. If it had been a truly stressfull situation instead of just a confusing and annoying one, you’d be seeing much more ear flattened screaming hissing action with full lightning paw swipes and hard bites. That didn’t look like a cat fighting for its life nearly so much as a cat trying to figure out how to get to its food dish/favorite sleeping place with this irritating wiggle mob in the way.

    Watching again I see that the cat’s ears are forward in alert play posture, and that he does little pouncy bunny hops as well. Especially the way the cat bats at them through the rungs of the bar stool- that’s obviously kittenish play. I think he got outnumbered in the end though. 🙂

  26. Poor kitty!! This was cute for about 5 seconds, then it was clear the kitty was in distress and scared. I can only assume the photographer was in control of the situation. I would like to have seen intervention on behalf of kitty.

  27. Marianne from GA says:

    “FTW, Neo!!” Leave it to a smart cat to get up where the puppies can’t reach him/her. That cat is not seriously distressed; I saw no hissing, no ears-back, no teeth or claws or sideways-dancing or bottle-brush-tail or ridged-back going on. They were just having fun. Can I play too?

  28. i wish people would stop yelling abuse for 1 minute clips assuming they know everything. jesus christ. animals are not entirely helpless. that kitty could have defended itself if it was really annoyed. lil puppies don’t know any better. i thought it was amusing because the puppies never ended. :3

  29. balamuthia says:


    That’s a big NO. That cat was, at most, a little irritated by all the chasing. I lived in a mixed dog/cat household and believe me, that was not a distressed cat, or even one that was truly angry at the puppies.

  30. AuntieMame says:

    People forget that cats can climb/jump pretty much anywhere and anytime they want. I haven’t seen the video yet (they block ’em here at the office…boo!) but I’m guess that unless they were locked up in a small, empty cube, the kitteh probably had lots of escape options.

  31. Kristabelle says:

    Another thought occurs – Australian shepherds, or yes, border collies…

  32. I, too, would like to know what flavor of pup those little waggers are…

  33. skippymom says:

    Was anybody able to actually count how many puppies there are? My head was spinning way too fast to even try.

  34. Janice of the Nine says:

    Adorable! I too LOL at the slow mo leap–just when I started yelling “Leap, Neo!” at the monitor! Very, very clever. And I’m joining the “Nothing to nuff here, people. Move along!” crowd. I know what an angry or trapped kitteh looks like–I’m owned my nine–and that wasn’t it. Kitteh might have jumped in over his head, but he came lookin’ for (play) trouble. 🙂

  35. I too have a kitty/doggie combined household and believe me, my cat seeks it out. Keeps him young and agile and gives him a platform to express who’s REALLY in charge in my house. 🙂

  36. Kristabelle says:

    Bearded collies maybe? Look at the puppy photo –

  37. I much prefer dogs to cats, but even I will admit I love how the cat at all times is clearly smarter than the pups. =) and, the minute the cat disappears, all the pups’ tails slow down dramatically or stop wagging. They haz a sad that their playmate is gone. Aw!

  38. moderatelyneato says:

    When all else fails, hide behind the Foreman grill LOL!!!!!!!!

  39. Doggabone says:

    Ditto what Noelle has written. No matter how many times I “rescue” my “clearly distressed, harassed, and terrified” cat, once I’ve separated the squabblers, kitty goes tearing around the house to re-initiate the fray. My cats are more than capable of knowing when they’ve had enough and when they have, they disengage readily and find their own spot. And they’re happier and friendlier with me if I don’t interfere.

    Clearly, what’s clear to you and me is not actually the case. Nuff the nuffing nuffers…

  40. @Zanna, “wiggle mob”. That’s it exactly. I was mobbed once by a pile of beagle puppies and the memory of it always lifts my spirits.

  41. soxfan413 says:

    No, they have to be Cardigan Welsh Corgis. The legs are too short to be Beardies, or Australian Shepherds, or Border Collies.
    Google them!

  42. Mud Bug says:

    OMG !! Did you guys see how that kitteh has those pups surrounded !
    kitteh goes high , ketteh goes low, jukes to the left & right !
    How could anyone think that kitteh is in trouble when he has George Foreman (or at least his grill) to hide behind ? The pups don’t have a chance !!!

  43. I just want to say that I like the “Violence” tag for the video. That made me laugh.

  44. I have to agree that kitty doesn’t look to be in any sort of real panic or distress whatsoever.

    My kitty hides in between two pieces of furniture so she can ambush the two doggies, and they’re both huskies so WAY bigger than she is! And she still whoops their fluffy behinds!

  45. And yes, I LOVE how they immediately lose interest when kitty hides.

    “ooooh kittykittykittykittykittyki- what was I doing?”

  46. soxfan413 says:

    This seems to be the original copy of the video, referring to them as Cardigan Welsh Corgis. I knew it! 🙂

  47. soxfan413 says:

    Um, whoa. I didn’t know I could embed a video! All I did was c & p the url. 8)

  48. Kristabelle says:

    Good call, Soxfan! I emailed my CWC breeder friend the video.

  49. 7. 7 pups

  50. superboymom says:

    @Zanna . . . “wiggle mob”


  51. I call “interspecies snorgling”!!!

  52. superboymom says:

    P.S. I tried to count the puppies . . . but . . . they keep replicating!

  53. You can see the cat’s tail wagging behind the cabinet at the very end. It wasn’t in distress. How could ANYTHING be in distress when attacked by a mob of pure cuteness.

  54. Vector P says:

    Oh nuffers, do shut up. Have any of you even owned cats in the past? If you had you’d know that animal was in no way distressed.

    Great video, I haven’t laughed that hard at something for a long time!

  55. kodalai says:

    James: While I agree with you that the cat was not in distress — at most, it was annoyed — tail wagging does not mean the same thing in cats as it does in dogs. (Which can be the cause of social disaster fail when a dog thinks a cat is happily wagging — and then BAM!) Cat tails twitch or lash back and forth when they are feeling annoyance, anger, or fear — you can usually tell how intensely they feel by how much of the tail is moving and how fast. Judging by the speed of tail-lashing here I would say this cat is mildly annoyed but no more 🙂

  56. Copperbat says:

    I agree with Soxfan. They look like Cardies. Very, very cute video!

    Still laughing at the “poor cat” comments. If you’ve ever been mobbed by a litter of puppies, you sure know how this cat is feeling: Halp! Halp meh! Puppy kisses! OMG!

    But srsly, I doubt very much that cat was traumatized by this. I find it more than a bit amusing that so many people think cats are defenseless, crippled blobs – unable to fight or flee if they feel overwhelmed – especially from a wriggling mob of waddling puppies. I find it even more amusing that an assumption is immediately made that a cat would never put herself in this exact situation to stir up trouble, as most cats are wont to do. Have any of you nuffs actually ever owned cats? And if so, did they ever leave their padded cages?

  57. Emily Rose says:

    Locked in the library for another full day and this just made my afternoon. I can’t help but suspect the cat went in there with intentions to rumble, show those upstaging babies who was boss then — OH MY WORD how many of you are there?? I love how enthusiastic the puppies are (BE OUR FRIEND!) vs. the poor cat. I understand that this might have been momentarily unpleasant for the cat, but for families where the animals will have to coexist, I think it becomes sort of like sibling rivalry; you just have to let them work it out sometimes. If they’re getting too rough, intervene, but sometimes … kitty has to learn not to take on the whole pack ; )

  58. berthaservant says:

    Hey all….I KNEW the cat wasn’t in distress, I just felt bad because it was so annoyed. I kept saying “Oh, poor kitty!” and then I kept saying “I WANT TO BE THAT KITTY!”

    When they run out from under the table/dresser at the beginning….I mean….they just keep coming like clowns out of a little clown car!

    Again, I have no doubt the kittie was fine. I still felt bad for it, though.

  59. ok, that was perfectly done. HILARIOUS!

  60. Haha, too cute. I too love the slow mo sequence. If that cat wanted to, he/she could have really put a hurting on and scared off several pupehs at once. Our cat used to terrorize our dog(s). She would run and jump over them when they were lying down to get them to chase her. If they caught her, she’d let them fake bite her, etc., run off and wait for the dog to lie down and start again. She never tired of that game. haha

  61. Anothergirl says:

    Actually, his name is Meo. So funny. Poor kitty:-)

  62. critterluvr says:

    Watch the full length vid on Youtube. The kitty is rasseling and playing with the pups, but is clearly out numbered by the entire bunch and seeks higher ground. From her perch, she occaisionally jumps down and rassles some more with the furballs, rolling on her back and squirelling around. You can hear mom and dad talking, so there is sound. Not so much as a squeak, growl or hiss comes from the puss. These are housemates. Miss puss could have sereously messed up one of those babies in the flash of an eye. My kitten beat the crap out of a doberman once, and it was not pretty for the poor dog- all he did was sniff her.

  63. critterluvr says:

    Kodolai- I agree! My cat’s tail switches back and forth when she is waiting at the door for my hubby (her favorite human) to come in. Her tail is also twitching back and forth when we play with her, using pouncy toys.

  64. intransigentia says:

    I love how in the unedited video you can see kitteh is in fact getting up on the furniture and then jumping back down into the mob. Nobody is making her.

    Oh, and I want the one with the mostly white face.

  65. I love how as soon as the kitty vanishes from their eye level, they totally lose interest and just wander away in ones and twos …

  66. Cats know how to handle themselves, and puppies know when something wants to play and when it wants to be left alone.


  67. check out 6:04 of the long version when kitteh totally body slams one of the pups.

  68. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    I’m never snortin’ catnip again…what a bad trip…every time I turn, there are more and more…they all look alike…

  69. Sporkles says:

    alex – i like how the puppies are all “wanna play? wanna play?” until mom comes along and they suddenly get brave enough to get close to the kitty.

  70. platedlizard says:

    I seriously doubt that that cat is even annoyed, my kitty acts like that with her stuffed toys, especially the stuffed toy border collie. Kittens (this one looks like she’s about four to six months old) love to play, and this kitty looks like she’s doing the typical hide/pounce/wrestle/runaway sequence. Also, playing with the kitty is good for the puppies since they are learning that kitties are family members too. Dogs that aren’t raised with cats are more likely to be cat-aggressive.

  71. glassact says:

    Oy my goy! I can only guess by platedlizard’s comment that someone actually nuffed this fabulous video! I’m totally on the floor from this one. The soundtrack timing and slo-mo action are just perfect. Thanks for cheering up my dismal day!

  72. shannomo says:

    I think the cat was playing Simon Says with the puppies, and snickering at them. Kitty says “See ya, pups”!

  73. Any day you get harassed by a cute puppy mob is a good day.

  74. Blondie says:

    @Cambridge Rat Mom: ROTFLMAO!!!

    Great timing on the soundtrack! The slow motion…. Priceless!

  75. boomer13 says:

    I like how the kitty finds an escape by hiding behind the George Foreman grill (ha)!

  76. Poor kitty -LOL!!

    All so cute and adorable!!!

  77. Sasha's mum says:

    That cat is a way better actor than Canoe Reeves. I might have actually watched the Matrix movies if they had starred this kitteh.

  78. Quincy says:

    Hmm, I would have guessed Border Collie/Aussie Shepherd mixes. But Corgies? That just makes them all the more cute when you realize their legs will be just as short when they’re adults!
    Oh, and to all the “That cat is in distress!” LOL WUT?

  79. Jezebel says:

    Funny stuff! And can we have two seperate comments section for every post? One for short funny comments and one for the long winded downer comments from nuffers and the people who respond to them? Please? I just want funny!!!!!!

  80. Sasha's mum says:

    Thanks so much for posting the full vid, soxfan413. The music choices might not have been quite as creative as the Matrix version (although I did LOL at “The Magnificant Seven”), but the resolution is much better, and of course who doesn’t want to see more of these guys? My favourite bit was around the 5 minute mark when someone “turned on” the stuffed moose … hilarious. Oh, and near the end when they’re all sleepies, you can just make out a cat head tucked in with the two pups curled up beside the microwave cart. Awww.

  81. danielie says:

    Puppy avalanche!

    This is perfect. Made my day! 🙂

  82. Katrina says:

    That hoard of Cardigan Welsh Corgis are awesome. Yes, they keep the wiggly behinds and that darling bounce when they run. Just darling little babies. Are they babies now? Is there a puppywebcam? That is better than television!
    That cat knows exactly what it is doing and exactly what it is in for. No panicked cat would behave as well with that pack-o-pups. NO spitting, no claws out, not puppies screaming. I suspect that either this isn’t the cat’s first litter or /she has been with them the whole six weeks and had cool-ly calculated every move s/he makes with them! No worries! I’d love to ask those puppeh/kitteh parents some questions!

  83. Adorable! Puppy mobbed!

  84. kibblenibble says:

    Kitteh is in danger of being over-snorgled.

  85. puddlepeppers says:

    puppy-pile-up on 10E at Flatonia Exit.

  86. Little guy almost got assimilated by the adora-Borg.

  87. MoonCatty says:

    Oh pure wonderfulness! The addition of the Matrix soundtrack and slo-mo action is inspired!

    This video reminds me so much of when I was a kid and our Old English Sheepdog had a litter of 8 puppies. They were also black and white, and just about the same age as these puppies. One night I was in the backyard and all the puppies spotted me. They mobbed me and somehow I ended up flat on my back on the grass. All I can say is that if you EVER get the chance to be mobbed by cuddly excited puppies, say YES!

    I was trapped on the ground for the longest time. They were bouncing on me, licking me, barking, playing, and I just couldn’t get up… but not because they were holding me down… I was absolutely weak from laughing!

  88. Subhangi says:


    *dies from teh Cute*

  89. Marilyn says:

    @Mewpheus @Anothergirl

    you guys beat me to it

    Meo vs. Agent Sniff =)

  90. So many waggling tails! I just wanna lay on that floor and let them jump all over me!

  91. MoonCatty, I completely agree!!!

    When I was little my foster father had a beagle he used for hunting. One time she got herself knocked up by a handsome boy beagle.

    One of my favorite pictures from my childhood is being mobbed by one of those litters. 🙂

    Puppies and pigtails!

  92. Adrienne says:

    I LAUGHED SO HARD. thank you, videographer.

  93. OMG!!!! Fabulous! And for those of you thinking kitty was not where kitty wanted to be… HAH! That kitty may have gotten overwhelmed but kitty got out when the going got rough! Seriously cute pups there! They can overwhelm me anyday!

  94. Raemie L says:

    I like-y. I even watched soxfan413’s vid, all 8:34 minutes of it AND enjoyed the soundtrack.

  95. ROFLROFLROFL! That´s gonna keep me giggling all day. *wipes tears from eyes* 😀

  96. LOVE it!!!!

    (said in a Wicked Witch Voice, swirling a finger near a magic glass ball…)

    Puuuuuuppies… Puuuuuuupies… Puuuuuuuuuupies….

    The longer vid shows the kitteh attacking the pups… The BEST part? When the puppies are sleepin’ at the end… I kept expecting to see kitteh in the pile with them…

  97. January says:

    Might give you PTSD however.

  98. Aaah, what a horrible fate! Being swarmed by overly cute puppies.

  99. Sasha's mum says:

    Gail, if you look closely, kitteh is sleeping in the the pile with a couple of the pups. Right at about the 7:25 mark, the pups in the little alcove … look closely and you can see triangle kitteh head curled up with them.

  100. MoonCatty says:

    @ Villy

    Your puppies and pigtails pic is adorable, you are so cute and that Autumn setting is lovely! Those precious Beagle pups look like they’re at the same age as when I was pup piled, and the same age as the pups in the vid. It’s that super cute puppy stage when they’re roly poly and all full of fun, floppy ears and wiggling cabooses!

    Happiness is a mob of warm puppies climbing on you and licking your face!

  101. Paunchie says:

    Hey Alex #67 – Love how that kitteh keeps the whole pack o’pups away with just her stare! And the mommy dog tries to herd them away!

    And finally they get too close and kit starts complainin’ and finally MOM!! (human intervenes)

  102. Sweeda says:

    Personally, that cat could have jumped up on the counter a LOT sooner if it felt overwhelmed. I think it was having fun, don’t you? This was seriously ahnerable, btw.

  103. There are nine Cardigan Welsh Corgi puppies. They are not black and white but a dark brindle. This is the original video. It is nice that you all enjoyed this video. Three of the puppies have gone on and finished their Championship. The one with the “spot” on his side is still being shown. His name stuck with him “Spotman”.

  104. DC — I fixed your YouTube link.

  105. @MoonCatty. Thanks. I didn’t know that pic even existed until I graduated high school, because I’d long since left that foster family. I’m still in touch with one of my foster sisters, and she made me a book of pictures from my time with them as a graduation gift.

    It seems like one of those pictures already in the frame at the store hehehe.

    And I agree! Happiness is definitely a mob of warm puppies! *or kittens..I’ve been mobbed by kittens too. And fawns. And bunnies. Hell, being mobbed by ANYTHING cute is happiness!*

  106. #3, DKN…LOLOLOL!!!

  107. Poor kitty! And the clone-puppies just keep coming!!!

  108. Michelle says:

    I feel so bad for the kittie:(

  109. vfxchick says:

    I worked on that sequence, it was called Burly Brawl – I like PUPPEH Brawl much much better!!!!! More wiggles = more better!

  110. Cheryl (and the cats) says:

    It looks as if the kitten and puppies are great friends; I’ll bet those pups were confused (and scratched) the first time they met a cat who *didn’t* want to play.

  111. I too find solace behind the george foreman grill

  112. Katrina says:

    I Can’t imagine having nine Cardigan Welsh Corgis in the house plus MOM makes ten, but I sure would like to try! I’m trying right now…

    Wiggly hineys! They still wiggle, even when grown up and are still so devastatingly rolf-ly funny. Killer has a game she and my husband created where she chasees the ‘dot,’ the red laser pointer, (the game is called ‘dot’ as in “Is it Time For Dot?”, up and down the stairs for a good 15 minutes or so. At the top of the stairs is a plastic wash basket which she scratches and her tail goes up, down side to side and wait-fo- it- yes, circularly. Four years in, it is still hilariously funny to watch!

    Michelle, that cat is having a very fun time, I promise you.

  113. Ms.katieB. says:

    Hey! Kids!,,Your moms callin ya …… (geese…I’ll never babysit again!)

  114. One of the greatest things I’ve ever seen!

  115. Kallisto says:

    And the chub! Those meaty feetz! And the snorfing of the elk-toy. And then all so tired and sleepy. Ahn!

  116. Tracey: If you watch the full length video you’ll see that the cat keeps jumping down to be the with pups, if it was really afraid, it wouldn’t do that. The cat is fine, get a grip.

  117. January says:

    No puff tail..catty might even be enjoying it.

  118. Roisin says:

    ooooo I know this has been up for a bit but how cute is this!
    Thanks for the extra vids. I went to the you tube site and watched the long version. Then I watched some of the other puppy videos. I especially love the ones of the older puppies in the back yard. Their ears are so bouncy they look like they are flapping their wings when they run.

  119. Dave Bell says:

    I’ve seen a cat and a dog working together to hunt mice on a farm, and they hadn’t been raised together.

  120. that rocked, great theme cats kikkin ass and taken names.
    the music of course kicks as well LOLLOL