“Hamsters are huge online right now!”

…So says Sender-Inner Lindsey W.

Doi Lindseeeeh!

SpotMotorcycle Hamster was not harmed in the making of this vid. They swear! via Urlesque



  1. Annie J. says:

    Where’s the hammie?


    OH! The link! LOL. I got scared because there’s no picture or anything!

    *watches video and dies of laughter*

  2. Jezebel says:

    Annie maybe that’s a good thing. You know the nuffers would be all over this if they weren’t confused!

  3. Rooanne says:

    Wow – looks like people have missed this post. I hate to say it but I think this video was ‘shopped!!! Call me a nuffer but I you can’t see hammy on it when they let the bike go. And how would the little guy be able to stay on the bike anyway? Hehehe – it’s funny & cute though.

    [No comment. – Ed.]

  4. Estell says:

    not to be a nuffer but… I do hope it was shopped.
    that’s kinda mean even though he wasn’t harmed. poor little guy was probably terrified.

    [You do mean the stuffed “stunt double”, yes? Terrified? ‘Cause I would be, too. If I were also stuffed. – Ed.]

  5. Mmmmm, delicious hamster motorcycle handlebars…

  6. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    For greater accuracy, that hamster should have been covered in logos.

    […or Legos! – Ed.]

  7. lucky Cliff says:

    oh my god!!!! Did you see how terrified that poor defenseless creature was????? His ears were pinned back and he was positively howling in terror!! Oh the humanity!

  8. Hope he had a stunt double!lol!

    ♥ though!!!

  9. Jesus Christ people, there was a stuffed stunt double.

  10. mmmm…. i didn’t like it…..hope the video is fake, our babies don’t deserve to be treat it like this….

  11. Stephanie says:

    I smell a commentroversy comming on!

  12. Stephanie says:

    Although I did pause stop, and pause stop in the middle and the hammie does look stuffed for the stunt…….

  13. hon glad says:

    He flys through the air with the greatest of ease
    that daring young ham, with the hairy knees.

  14. berthaservant says:

    That is an Evel Kneivel Stunt Cycle. I had one of those.

    But I didn’t have either a hammy or a stunt ham.

    And right on, Meg, the nomming of the handlebars is the best part. If only we had a “nomming” tag to more readily identify posts with nommage….

  15. Raemie L says:

    I snickered when they showed the ramp stretching out and when the person started winding. The motorcycle stunt is fake and edited for humor, of course. They did a nice job on the fake hamster.

  16. Juniper Jupiter says:

    A ham on a hog? I’m not surprised!

    **cricket chirp**

  17. Golden Phoenix says:

    @ Hon Glad: Hahahahaha! Love it.

    @ Nuffers: Lighten up.

    @ Everyone else: Aww, cute hammy and that was really cleverly done. Love it! Right, where’s that remote control Airplane of mine??? C’mere little hammy!

  18. thank god its fake

  19. fail! im srry but that was kinda mean….did u see his poor little hamster face? u terrified him! plz dont post another video of “hammy the daredevil” again, because howd u feel if u were a hamster and a giant hand picked you up and set you on a bike? nervous, right? and then waht if he set you off? and made you jump? im srry but plz dont treat animals like that.

  20. @gold phoenix: What are you a critic? (haha kidding)

  21. temperance says:

    i’m a bit disappointed at the lack of costume- perhaps there were budget concerns….and, i suppose that would have been another thing to get nuffy about. ( i really don’t understand why so many people on here hate animals in clothing…..)

    oh, yeah- that video was totally awesome.

  22. Look Ma! No hands!

  23. ShonaSquee says:

    BLARGH TROLL OMINOMINOM!!!! That hamster must have been scotch tapped against his will BLARGH SQUEEE to the motor-o-bike BLARGHIBLARGH NOOOOO and belongs to the same nefariousness as spooky slow loris and flying cat!!! BLARGHIBLARGH! I’m going to file an official complaint with law enforcement… just after I’ve finished dressing up my kitty as a princess…. oww, don’t claw me…..

    ( 😉 Sarcasm – throughout )

  24. EnufNuffing says:

    “And how would the little guy be able to stay on the bike anyway?”

    —-why, with staples, of course!

  25. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Definitely ‘shopped. The middle section is too unlikely. The hammie would never have stayed on and landed perfectly like that. He would have bailed at the beginning, smart hammie that he is.

  26. Katiedid says:

    hahaha… this is funnier then cats riding roombas lol

  27. Anybody know the band/song? Great bass line!

  28. Sporkles says:

    i dunno…the hamster looks pretty stuffed during the whole video. He’s definitely a well-fed little guy.

  29. You know what would have made that better? A little helmet.

    My brother also had the Evel motorcycle set.

  30. Beth (in NC) says:

    I wish that he’d had a cape. Weeeee!!

  31. This video is fake. The hamster looks nothing like SpotMotorcycle Hamster–the one with the fancy pants, cape and helmet! I think Hammy camp hired a cheap stunt-hammy.

  32. lmjbre says:

    Aww, showed this to the boyfriend and we both had a good giggle over it! Especially when Hammy chewed his little handlebars.

  33. Leslie says:

    I’m about 100% sure that’s a stuffed stunt double for two reasons:
    1.) I’ve got a stuffed hamster on my desk that looks exactly like that…if you pause it during the jump you can clearly see it doesn’t have long hair like said hammy.
    2.) I’ve seen a hamster fly through the air before (long story short, one of my hamsters got out of his cage and crawled into bed with me, and when I flung the covers back in terror he flew through the air and landed in my laundry….he was unharmed and came up with a sock on his head). So I can also say with reasonable authority that when hamsters fly they stick their little arms and legs out to the sides and do a pretty good Spider-ham impression.

  34. cheesybird says:

    Crap. Now I’m gonna have “Spider-ham, Spider-ham. Does whatever a spider… cam?” running through my head.

  35. Notice his nonchalant stroll away after laying the hog on its side. “That’s right, I’m bad, uh-huh!”

  36. Noelle (the First) says:

    Harley Hammy is the newest member of the Rodentville chapter of the Hams Angels. He performs stunts for charities and bike rallys. Booking can be done through his agent Flying Balls of Fluff, Inc.

  37. chumblefuzz says:

    Such a clever video. And yes, its a stuffed stunt hammie doing the actual jump, but its still fantastic. Especially the bribe of treats on the handlebars to get him up there.

  38. AuntieMame says:

    Dang! I can’t watch videos at work!

    Is he wearing a tacky little white suit with sequins and opened down to his navel? He ought to be.

  39. maralisil says:

    “Oooo, I can’t be liking this!” I dare say, if it were real there’d be a stream of hammie pee following the bike through the air. They do tend to wee then frightened or upset.

  40. Scruffylove says:

    I also had a flying hamster incident once. When I was kid, I put my hamster in his ball to let him run around. I told my stupid older brother to watch him while I did dishes. After a while, I hear the sound of something rolling briefly on the wooden kitchen floor and look up in time to see my hamster going for the stairs. I ran over, but he was already going down.

    The image burned into my head is of my hamster, now outside of the ball, in the air, arms and leg splayed. We made eye contact.

    Thankfully, the little guy survived. He was shaken up, but fine.

  41. I’m sorry, are you all kidding? Are there actually people who think this is a real hamster? Like, for seriously, for real? I highly recommend you all get off the internet post-haste and go snorgle a hamster…preferably not an OBVIOUSLY fake, stuffed one.


  43. The flying hamster stories remind me of when I was a kid and my brother and I decided to tape a container to his ceiling fan and put the gerbil in it. The gerbil was too smart and refused to get in. We turned on the fan anyway, container promptly flew off the fan and smashed on the wall. Lesson learned. In my defense, I was 10. In my parents’ defense, they had no idea what we were doing. I can’t defend my brother.

  44. For those who do not know how or don’t have the ability to see the Accomplice/Stunt double.. here is a link to the one they said they used on the hamsters humans web page


    Was that wording confusing enough for you
    BTW LMAO at that video…

  45. Sasha's mum says:

    But why oh why didn’t they use “Born to Be Wild” as the soundtrack?

    maralisil, LOL @ “stream of hammie pee.”

  46. Ptychozoon says:

    OMG that poor toy bike how cud u treat toy bikes that wai?! How wud u like it if someone strapped a stuffed ham to ur back and made u go down a ramp? I’m sry but u shudn’t treat toy bikes that wai 😦

  47. opossum says:

    …i think the toy bike was stuffed.

  48. The hamster on the bike during the actual jump is obviously fake – which is good.

  49. Mary (the first) says:

    Well you can tell it’s fake because the landing jump was into the shade and then all of a sudden is the triumphant hammie standing over his bike.. OUT IN THE SUNSHINE! Obvy they did it that way so we wouldn’t notice the stuffed ham not getting off the bike (now that would attract the nuffers, an apparently dead hammie at the end of the jump). But I do have to say, and I’ve said it before, some people have too much time on their hands. I mean, really, who thinks these things up? And WHY?

  50. Juniper Jupiter says:

    @Beth (in NC):

    **in my horribly ‘toopid Germanic accent a la Edna Mode (get it? a la Mode? Oh, never mind!)** ahem!

    NO CAPES!!! 😀

  51. I’m laughing my head off at all the people who thought it was real. I mean, come on folks…LOL.
    Anyhoo, this is ONE hardcore hamster ^_~ So calm and collected after the epic jump.

  52. That’s just effing cruel that they didn’t include some kind of fire barrier in this jump setup.

  53. it looks super cute, but it looks dangerous. @.@

    Do make precautions and put more padding on the floor.

    Cute ham btw, looks like one of mine. 🙂

  54. Ees okay, Patito… they had the leetle fire trucks on stand-by…..

  55. Hey, didn’t we have a rule that no one could comment unless they read all the previously posted comments??

    (Oh, you took my suggestion into consideration, but after much debate decided not to implement, right? You really should have. No… really.)

  56. Poor little hammy – what a stunt rider!!!lol!

  57. Oh, I meant like this:

    Seriously, I feel cheated.

  58. Emily Rose says:

    Haha, I love the desperate attempts to nom the bike throughout! Keep trying, little dude, some part of it must be nommable!

  59. Oh, that kind of fire barrier! They still had leetle fire trucks standing by. 😉

  60. Leetle fire trucks with leetle mices in leetle red suspenders, even though they don’t wear no pants ❤

  61. What do they say about pigs not flying!!!LOL!

    Hampsters do!!! ♥ it!

  62. puddlepeppers says:

    Costumes for mice on fire trucks! Costume for a hammie on his bike!
    All this creativity could keep me awake at night –honk shu..”little pants for
    those red suspenders” honk shu…”biker suit with those teensy crystals”
    ….honk shu…”hamster bling on a daredevil fling”…

  63. Squinty says:

    I agree w/ Rooanne. It’s definitely a fake. If you pause it and go second by second you can tewtally tell. Nevertheless, it’s still adorable. Nuffers stop worrying. I seriously doubt that little jack-in-the-box crank or whatever it is could propel that ham all the way up the ramp down the little bump where the up ramp’s disconnected and up the height of what looks like a dictionary and four thick textbooks, like at least over a foot tall we’re talkin, then STILL have enough momentum to go OVER a wagon and land on the other ramp. this is a toy motorcycle we’re talking about, not a real motorcycle w/ a real motor. and really if you pause it at just the right spots when it’s going up it looks like a stuffed animal. it kinda looks like it might be the real ham coming down the ramp, but i’m not sure… but whatever. someone else may have already covered all of this, and i’m sorry for repeating it if that’s the case, but i don’t feel like reading through all the comments right now 😛

    …although yes, I did read the comment about not posting w/o reading all the comments… sorry… :[

  64. puddlepeppers says:

    Squinty…I’m glad I read your comment. Impressive.

  65. LOL? Harmed? He didn’t even look bothered!

  66. some these comments are just…wow.