Tempting Morsel?

Just in time for your afternoon tea, please try one of our famous Side-eared Marmelade Morsels. [Offering you a plate] You will simply fall over ded if you try one! [head tilt]

Freya, Yellow baby boy, Kuan Yin as seen thru the fantastic lenses of fofurasfelinas.



  1. cuteeeee

  2. Is that a bit of black on its side? Is it actually a calico morsel?

    [The one in the second pic is, miewwwww… – Ed.]

  3. zeldapie says:

    oh wow, the morsel can’t even keep his head up wiffout help. ahn

  4. Laureling says:

    AAAAAAAWWWWWWWWW!!!! Isn’t there a rule about ‘if your head is too big for your body, you’re cute’? Well, there should be!

    I want to nom his little toes.

  5. that is sososososososo cute i can’t be live it

  6. Ha! Is that all ya got?!

    ::::: dust :::::

  7. The flickr page is great. Someone drew a box on this baby’s forehead saying “kiss kiss kiss”.

  8. BeckyMonster says:

    Dear Santa,

    Please bring me a baker’s dozen of tiny little squeaker kittehs (unable to hold up head preferred) this Christmas. I would also like them to NEVER GROW UP into sassy teenager brat cats who only come inside to eat.

    Becky Monster


    Oh god they are so itty bitty teeny tiny! Whyyyyyyyyyy can’t I get a new kitten? 😦

  10. Oh look at those tiny things. They look like they’re kin to my current foster babes, The Lovejoys!

  11. KERPLUNK!!! That is the sound of me falling on the floor from cuteness!!

  12. skippymom says:

    Picture 1 is a calico, too!

  13. Petit fors-paws + two ears!

    (squeeing at a pitch only dogs can hear)

  14. These would be excellent topped with whipped cream!


    I’m ded from teh anerableness of teh teeney babeh earlets!! (But not before I have nibbled on at least one of the ears!!!!)

  15. skippymom says:

    I’ll have the marmalade one with Orange Pekoe, of course. And with the calico, I think a nice smoky Lapsang Souchong would be best.

  16. Wait for Christmas? Are you MAD????

  17. temperance says:

    i ate too moishe…

  18. I was thinking Mother’s Day… just around the corner…

  19. Yes, but like potato chips, you can’t eat just one.

  20. Noelegy says:

    I have been having a particularly lousy day.

    I needed this.

    Thank you.

  21. binky-mama says:

    Nommable mini-ear flaps and strawberry noisicles!!! My favorite!

  22. Cleanup on aisle 13. Mandy has melted! Bring plenty of mops!

  23. Lauralyloo says:

    I just love their little teensy earsies! And look at the round little belleh on kitten number two <33

    *is ded nao*

  24. Ded from the cute….

  25. Teresa says:

    AWW 🙂 I would take all three and feed them warm milk 🙂

  26. BonzoGal says:

    I don’t have a spoon small enough to eat up these morsels. I will have to put them in espresso cups and drink them.

  27. ariesgirl says:

    *blink blink*

  28. Anastasia says:

    AHHHNNN!!! I can’t STAND the adorableness+cuteness=aduteness!!!!!!!!!
    the aduteness is killing moi! hey, whatever happend to the word “kronche” or somethin like that? I never see that word anymore…

  29. Awwwwwwwwwwww

    CUTE AS !!

    ♥ THEM ALL!!

  30. catsocks says:

    Gotta love the side ears stage!

  31. harlemgrrl says:

    i’ve never wanted to soft kronsche something so bad in my life

  32. Dianne says:

    I bet Mommy’s pretty too !!!!

  33. kibblenibble says:

    The light is shining through the earses, and they’re translucent peenk! *sigh*

  34. Marianne says:

    what little babies!!! my Mister Julius is turning one Monday, these remind me of when he was a newborn!

  35. chanpon says:

    Holy moly, itty bitty kitty bits!!

  36. “itty bitty kitty bits”… Ha!

  37. lucky Cliff says:

    yep they’re cute… and did you see their human? WOW what a morsel!

  38. Toooooo sweeeeeet!!LOL!

  39. fish eye no miko says:

    Aw, such cute little kittehs!
    Man, whatever’s going on in the world, or in my life, I can always come to this Site and find something to lift my spirits. You guys do good work. ^_^

  40. Can I snuzzle their soft round bellehs pweeses? 😛

  41. Must resist urge to neeble de ears!

    On a sidenote.. *singsong* someone needs to stop biting their nails.

  42. berthaservant says:

    I believe I am meant to slave for this woman, this fofuras. How can I resist? Bertha will understand….

  43. hon glad says:

    Never was a morceaux more so.

  44. Oh my heart ❤

  45. pickledkittie says:

    The middle picture is especially precious!! He looks like he’s opening his eyes to the world for the very first time.


    So sweet and beautiful. I love that picture so much 🙂 ❤

  46. Juniper Jupiter says:

    MEG! Be prepared to have summons to appear in court for I am SUING you for a new computer, chandelier, dining room, and head! And I think my town has a noise ordinance after 10 pm and seeing as it is now 3:05 am my time I will add that to my list of losses, because at this time Wednesday morning I took one look at those bebehs and I squeeeed so loud my head done asploded and probably woke the neighbors! I may have to confiscate those kittehs for pain and suffering!

    You will probably hear from my attorneys Dewey, Cheatham, and Howe soon.

  47. Katrina says:

    oooooooooooooooooooooooh. Yes, wheeped cream would be very nice. On the side, so I can pet the kittteh while I’m eating the gastronomical equivalent. Wouldn’t want those little bebeh toesicles to get sticky, just my fingers.

  48. puddlepeppers says:

    @Hon Glad–“morceaux…more so” Brilliant!
    @ Decca–“like potato chips…you can’t eat just one” LOL!!. and kronsche…
    from wasaduck *O0<

  49. T.U.M. says:

    *hed asplodes*

    If I close my eyes, I can actually feel these three leetle weeglers in my hands. If I bring my hands up to my face, I can feel their tiny heads under my lips as I kiss each one. As I tuck them under my chin, I can feel their teeny little thread-claws gently digging into my skin. I can hear their wee shrill miaows and smell their milky kitten breath.

  50. Space Cowgirl says:

    I’ll risk it. *nom*

    Their human is beautiful, too – I wonder where she gets her hair cut. She’s like the ultimate chic cat lady.

  51. January says:

    They remind me of those cheap baby photos when you prop the baby up into a sitting position before the baby is able to do it themselves. Poor litttle kits.

  52. I loof it when their head is all round like that. Loof!

  53. Wish that they would stay that way forever. So cute!

  54. Paunchie says:

    I shall name you Sophie Morceaux. @ Hon Glad

    Nuttin cuter than a wee kitteh at this stage. Widdle side earsies!

  55. Paunchie says:

    She has 15 cats?!?? Plus the kittens…. yowza.

  56. chitadenita says:

    How can you editors live with yourselves? I mean, really! Posting pictures this qte can have dedly effects on those of us sitting behind computers all day.
    Now I shall have to wait 10 WHOLE minutes and go home to snorgle my own kittehs. The agony of it all!

    Sigh. It’s a rough life.

    [No, you misunderstand — we, too, are Ded From Teh Qte™. It’s like a sickness with us. We’re oohing, ahhing, blogging fuzz zombies. No lie. – Ed.]

  57. You realise they are at the perfect stage for one in each bra cup and one in the cleavage. WHY DOES SHE DENY US THE PERFECT CATS’N’RACKS PHOTO.

  58. Rooanne says:

    “I’m going to eat you”…… ha! Oh those little precious faces……

  59. Subhangi says:

    That’s the thing about side-eared bebeh kittehs – you always want to plant a kiss on their wee foreheads!


  60. OHMYGOD!!!!! DO U SEE THAT THING? the middle picture is so adorable! how in the world did u get the kitten to pose like that?

    srsly, it was AWESOME!!! when my own kitten died three weeks ago, it made me cry. but when i see ur kitty, i smile! thanks for cheering me up!

  61. LOL look at the weee wittle behbeh! mew mew

  62. I just wanna nibble his wee wittle earsies….OMG You make me want you, kitteh!

    What a lucky kitteh. He must be a really famous celebrity and he’s not even a year old. Pfft!

  63. Awww. Hi little kitties!

    How old are they? They look super super young.

    Love their colours and pink nose. XD

  64. Soooooo Sweeeet
    You would rather added a photo of their mother
    Thanks for sharing those photos