Today’s Contest: Bark-keee!

Here we go, peeps!  For National Pet Week, Cute Overload challenges you to win one of four cute new Discovery Kids’ Games for the Nintendo DS, with a grand prize of a new Nintendo DSi game system and all four games!

Today, your challenge is to write a caption for the photo below. Remember, the winner will be selected randomly, so any entry can win, as long as it fits the photo.


dk-promo-puppyToday’s prize: Puppy Playtime for the Nintendo DS by 505 Games. E-mail your caption to competishe [at] by 9 PM Pacific Time today (May 4, 2009)! Official contest rules
Photo credit: Sindy Yao



  1. Marian says:

    “But…but…WHY can’t you teach me to fly, Mr. Bird???”

  2. Ours is a forbidden love.

  3. 3..2..1.. a-a-and you’re asleep! Now, neutralize the cat!

  4. LOLDemon says:

    “Mom, are you trying to tell me that I’m adopted?”

  5. Bonnie says:

    Please sir birdy… May I have one of your crackers?

  6. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    LOLOLOLOL!! Funny! Remember, if you want to enter the contest, e-mail your captions to competishe [at] Good luck!

  7. Leslie Thomas says:

    .(please read the following in Al Pacinon mode. Thank you]

    …are you, talkin’ tuh ME????????

  8. temperance says:

    ‘you gotta a bugger in yer nose there, kid. want me to pick it out for you?’


  9. Pup: “You truly have a dizzying intellect.”

    ‘Keet: “Wait ’til I get going! Now where was I?”

  10. “Okay, but just a leetle kiss…”

  11. niamh loft says:

    birdeh: now this may be a bit of a shock, but your NOT a bird!

    Pupeh: haha!no wait.. ur jokin right?

  12. PetePete says:

    Polly want a muzzlepowsche?

  13. Just a little kiss?

  14. Heather says:

    want to follow my tweets on twitter?

  15. Ok kid, you destract the Mom and I’ll fly to get the treats…

  16. “If you hit me I’ll tell Mom….Mooooooooooooom!”

  17. kodalai says:

    Aww, is that a cardigan corgi pup? (No cleverness from me, sorry…)

  18. Ronald Fellows says:

    You will never believe what a little Birdie told me..

  19. Kristabelle says:

    Leslie Thomas – you got here first! That was my first thought too! You talkin’ ta me?

  20. Andrea says:

    Who does your makeup???

  21. 260Oakley says:

    “Darling, you could use a little waxing and plucking.”

  22. Francesca says:

    Birdie: “My GAWD, you are a vision of stubbular perfection… I cannot takes it.. I must touch that perfect pointy nose..”

    and just cuz: OMG that is the cutest little tricolor pemmie corgi, if only we could have gotten a shot of his cute little corgi tush!

  23. “Mmmm…let’s see…yeah, I think you got it all. Just keep a tissue handy in case you sneeze again.”

  24. anne henderson says:

    World Championship Staring Competition Finals enter the last round

  25. Linda H. says:

    It’s a pleasure to meet you.

  26. Hon Glad says:

    Fancy some psitticosis.

  27. capt' tightpants says:

    HAHAHA! Pyrit! Love live the princess bride.

  28. Maddie says:

    Fancy some fusilli?

  29. And then the little bird told him, but it didn’t look like it had a happy ending.

  30. mberkie0 says:

    “Dr. Livingstone, I presume?”

  31. Just bring that nose a little closer, Big Guy.

  32. When our eyes met I knew it was meant to be…you were going to be my bird.

  33. *Do not blink. Doooooo noooooooooot blink.*

  34. abbeyth says:

    Puppeh: Have you been stickin’ your head in the cheezypoofs again?

  35. 😆 Y’all, these are great… but remember you need to e-mail your captions to competishe [at] (like Other Mike says, above) if you want to have a chance at winning the Nintendo gizmo & games.

  36. I don’t wanna win. I just wanna play!
    They don’t deliver to pirate ships anyway.

  37. So Rover….let this be our final battle!

  38. Beeker says:

    I’m Detective Carter. Do you speaka any English? DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE WORDS THAT ARE COMIN’ OUTTA MY MOUTH?! I cannot believe this! First I get a birdbrained assignment, now Mr. Cheep…don’t even speak American.

  39. This couch isn’t big enough for the both of us…on 3 we draw

  40. SaintStryfe says:

    Sherbert The Bird: So, that’s what happens.
    Curious Puppy: Okay, okay, so where do the bees fit in?

  41. “Do I have a snoogie?”
    “Rogeroo. Bat in the cave.”

  42. Look deep, deep into my eyes … snap. You are under my spell. Next, the cat!

  43. Bird: “Hey kid, what goes, peck-peck-peck-peck-peck-Bow Wow!”

    Pup: “Uh I dunno.”

    Bird: “Me, playing my new Puppy Playtime DS!”

  44. Yes, I love candy corn. Why do you ask?

    (and I did email, thanks for the reminder)

  45. Listen, uh, i don’t know WHo took your bird nuts, but it wasn’t me, okay? all i said was hello!

  46. Bird: “Whaaaat? Are you color-blind?”

  47. Wabbit says:

    Birdeh: Seriously, doggeh.. I read it on OC… A little nibble of those cute puppeh ears of yours and I’ll be invincible!

    Cutesy Puppeh: Erm, ok… but yer beak looks pretty sharpth… go easy on meh!!

  48. gamer-geek says:

    Parakeet: (Roars like a T-Rex.)

  49. Monica says:

    Listen Kid, I’m da boss around here.

    Sez the burdie to the pupphe.

  50. Floski says:

    Dog: Bark~!
    Bird: Chirp~!


    Bird: Frankly my dear, I just don’t give a damn.

  51. “Oooh! This banana looks tasty…”

  52. You ate ALL of my dog-food!?

  53. Nope, no boogers. Now check mine!

  54. sparkycole says:

    my computer won’t let me go to… it says not found, someone please tell me what I am doing wrong, I must be a birdbrain today

  55. For the last time, it goes “Old MacDonald had a farm E-I-E-I-O”

  56. “Once Cheep learned how to imitate growling he became the alpha dog”

  57. “If you blink you lose”

  58. “I said this is MY house”

  59. dawgpup93 says:

    ‘what kind of dog are you?!’


  61. I don’t care that you fancy yourself a lovebird. I’m not ready to say the “L” word yet. You’ll have to settle for being my little likebird.

  62. NutellaonToast says:

    Pooch realized too late he could never win a staring contest with an animal whose eyes were on the sides of its head.

  63. Brandi says:

    “What is it?”
    “I’m not sure.”
    “How’s it look?”
    “I can’t describe it– it’s like a little nativity scene…”

    [special credit to John Regler and Gary Markowitz]

  64. “You may be bigger than me but I could totes take you on! Don’t let the name love bird fool ya, check out these guns… err, wings… and my fierce beak for a’peckin’! *POUNCE*”

  65. Katrina says:

    OH, you have to throw me off with a Corgula puppeh. My puppeh and I are waiting for her smaller big brother’s new TUBA! How great is that? Now, that will be a biiiig box!

    Caption: “And then the big, bad wolf, (oh, sorry no offense intended)
    “None taken, go on…”

  66. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @sparkycole: isn’t a web site, it’s an e-mail address. Send your entry by e-mail to

  67. Sunbreaks says:

    As Sophie leaned in to kiss Peety she paused for a moment – what had her father said about interspecies snorgles? Something about cooties…

  68. IIIIIIIIIIIIII’vvvvveee….. got ur nose! Ha!

    No, it’s still right here all cute an cuddly as ever….

    Now I’ve got ‘er! Yar!

  69. Michelle says:

    Go beak on someone your own size!!

  70. hey pollita! (hey chick!)

  71. TrekkieCat says:

    Can’t think… puppy too fluffy…

  72. I’ve got a secret?

    Oh yeah, where’d you hear that from?

    Dunno…a little birdie told me!

  73. Lisa M. says:

    Brudder? Brudder! Our foreheads are da same, I found yew!

  74. Brandi — it’s a M*A*S*H note! Thanks for the memories.

  75. Pampers says:

    You had me at woof!

  76. “Girl, no man’s worth all that trouble. Now go fix your mascara.”

  77. You call yourself a soldier!

  78. Chanel's Momma says:

    “Yep, it looks like that sinus infection cleared right up!”

  79. Staring Contest:

    Puppy: You blushed, I win!
    Bird: Hey, that’s not in the rules, this is a staring contest, remember? *rolls eyes*
    Puppy: Ha! Made you blink!

  80. Madeline says:

    “I’ve got the bright plumage, why do your stubby little legs get all the attention??”

  81. It’s a big world out there, Grasshopper.

  82. Susan Lin says:

    “The humans have left, lets go raid the kitchen fluffy one!!!”

  83. I’m the 3-county staring champion….i can go daaaaays without blinking….bring it on mr. bird !!!!

  84. Honey, you know I love you, but you’re rocking some BAD morning breath…

  85. And there goes the dog’s eye

  86. LOLDemon says:

    It’s a good thing for both my chances of winning and the judges that winner is chosen at random rather than judged on merit. The competishe has a fierce.

  87. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    hehehehehehehe!!! You kids are cracking us up! 🙂 Remember, if you want to enter today’s contest, send a caption to by 9PM Pacific Time today! We’ll pick one entry at random to win today’s prize.

    Tomorrow’s contest will be even trickier! Watch for it!

  88. “Sorry Polly, the couch is mine!”

  89. “Whatchoo lookin’ at, punk?”

  90. cafegrrl says:

    CORGI puppy! So cute!!

  91. Whitney says:

    A Battle of Wits…. But I’ve never heard of playing “Lovebird”, I thought the game was called “Chicken”.

  92. Okay, let’s try it one more time…’s chirp, chirp, chirp….not ruff, ruff!!!!

  93. Samantha says:

    Shh…. they don’t have to email to enter. >.>

    Sorry, I just really want a DSi!

  94. Erin Eloise says:

    “I just wanted to know what hair dye you use… “

  95. I sent in my entry!

  96. Elizabeth says:

    “Would you fancy an interspecies snorgle?”

  97. Tiffany Anderson says:

    Birdie to puppeh: It’s still behind me…isn’t it…

  98. Jennifer says:

    Pup: It is the east, and Juliet is the sun…….. or at least just as yellowy!

  99. jackuon says:

    Pup: ‘Kay, I rolled up the carpet. Now what?
    Boird: Alls we gotta do is drag it outside to the dumpster, and no body ain’t the wiser ’bout yer little “accident”, capiche?
    Pup: You sure?
    Boird: Hey, trust me. I got dis.

  100. “But I was READING that newspaper…”

  101. Maggie says:

    puppie: “excooseemee, hab you seen mah brudders?”
    birdie: “Before I tell you…POLLY WANTS A CRACKER!”

  102. Taymin Pena says:

    “Can, can I… ehn (steps closer)… can I pet you?”
    (Backing off slightly)…”Um, well… not too…. sure.”

  103. “Gimme some sugar, baby!”

  104. coolcatana says:

    My! what big eyes you have!

  105. You’re getting a nose hair trimmer for Christmas, pup. Things are getting a bit overgrown up there.

  106. So theeen SHE told MEEE…..

  107. “Don’t you simile at me bird!!!”

  108. Bird: Backstreet Boooooooys?
    Corgi: No, please, no more!
    Bird: Daaaaaaaance?
    Corgi: No! No! NO!

    The lovebird never realized that he couldn’t dance.

  109. DaytimeDeb says:

    OK, so I entered “I can talk, can you fly?” But then I thought of another one:

    Why yes, my ear are real. They are the ears God gave to me. I swear, no surgical enhancements were done!

  110. We meet again, Mr. Bond…

  111. angrycupcake says:

    Sandy gazed lovingly into Puppito’s big, beady eyes; his moist nosesicle begged for a sweet caress, some sign of the intimacy between the two lovers, a moment of sweet bliss. She longed for lips to kiss his sweet, sweet face, or teeth to gently nom his perky ears. Puppito returned the intense gaze —preparing to share the depths of his soul— and was promptly distracted by his reflection.

  112. “Can I sit on your nose? Please? Please? Please? Can I sit on your nose?”

  113. puddlepeppers says:

    “You know what they say about a boid in the paw…”

  114. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Less than an hour left to enter, folks! If you haven’t entered yet, hurry!

  115. I would, you know, but I’ve already seen the answers. 😉

  116. kayouko says:

    “Hey…. hey, kid! You like candy, don’cheh? Why don’t you hop on over to my side of the cushion, an’ I’ll show you my stash…”

  117. Heather says:

    Puppeh: Please sir, I’d like some more!
    Bird: MOOOOOOOOORE????

  118. Jenny G says:

    Darlink.. that orange eye shadow does nothink for your complexions

  119. Kelly McNichol says:

    No….it’s more like this…..rrrrrrruuuffffff”

  120. “How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop, mr. bird?”

  121. Casey Lee says:

    You’re going down, puppy. You’re going dooooown.

  122. I’m telling you, you just have a cold. I did NOT give you the avian flu.

  123. You had me at woof!

  124. Laieanna says:

    Since it’s over, I’ll post mine.

    “Ahoy ye scurvy dog! Ye be walking thar arm rest of me sofa, ye lily-livered Corg-Arrgh!”

  125. Bird: Dude, seriously, I just saw Mom and she’s pissed! She found that Prada shoe you chewed on. Run!
    Dog: Gah!

  126. andrea says:

    “sure ill give you a ride to teh keechen. but peez dont claw my head this time when we see teh kitteh”

  127. Congrats to the winner!
    Do we get to see the winning caption?

  128. RidleyOhana says:

    Did you hear that the parrot next door said the dog on the northside told her that the lady across the street had a new cat, and it’s really big and eats dogs!

  129. platedlizard says:

    I know that look. SOMEONE’S gonna get bit, and it ain’t the hatebird!

  130. Squinty says:

    You are getting stuuubbyyy, veeerrry, veeerrry stubbyyy…

    Now when I count to three, you will believe that you are a peanut. One… Twooo…..

  131. Jackie says:

    No, your right eye is NOT bigger than the left one!

  132. Susie Scoggan says:

    I just want to know what breed of dog that is.

  133. Sara Tinkler says:

    a little birdy told me………

  134. Amelia age 10 says:

    Dog: Exuse me Mr. bird but this is my territory, if you can’t smell that already!
    Mr. Bird: “Don’t you mean tell that already?”
    Dog:”no I marked it!

  135. oh dear. oh dear.

  136. pup: whoa! hello! are you a baby duck?
    bird: My name es Iñigo Montoya, you kill my father, prepare to die.