10-4 Bun Rescue In Progress, Over

That’s a 10-4, we have bottle contact with Baby Bun, Over

Suspect is slurping soundly, Over


Nice work Detective Eli G. [Handing over Bun Badge of Honor]



  1. Laureling says:


  2. manekineko says:

    Even as he suckles, he disapproves.

  3. shadowsong says:

    Is it my imagination, or is there a wee trickle of milk coming out of his nose?

  4. Kristabelle says:

    Awww, poor bodyless bunnyhead!

  5. Jimbeaux says:

    Hee! Little bunbun made me think of the nom nom nom song!

  6. such a weeeeee little baby! but he/she sure is snorfing down that bottle.

  7. AuntieMame says:

    shadowsong, I think he’s just messy and the dribbles are getting all over his face.

  8. Ellabella says:

    Oh my GAWD!!! His little milky lips!! And the tiny dribble under his nose…I am actually dead.



  10. chanpon says:

    Holy cow, are those bunny lips I spy???? And the bottle nipple seems to run the length of his entire head and then some.

  11. temperance says:

    i can’t handle the cute!

  12. Bunday’s child is hairy of face…

  13. It’s a good thing my workday is almost over. I won’t be able to accomplish much because this sweet little baby bun has reduced my brain to goo.

  14. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    Awww..so sweet. Hope the little one lives a long happy life (kisses head)

  15. GingerBean says:

    oh get OUT! (shoves you ala Elaine from Seinfeld)
    A baby bunny head?! Come ON people, this is just too, too moishe!

  16. 260Oakley says:

    Who knew bunions could be so cute?

  17. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Houston, this is SunBun1. We have completed nutrition absorption operations and will initiate the honk-shu sequence in 10…9…8……..7……………6…. [hoonnnnnk-shuuuuuuu]

  18. Katiedid says:

    “I disapprove of this milks! Bring me a carrot cake!”

  19. superboymom says:

    Could you please pass the bun and the butter? I would like seconds please. 🙂

  20. 260Oakley! Ha! Funneh stuff!

  21. berthaservant says:

    lol pyrit!

    Yay to the ResQer!!

  22. This cute bun…on one hand, he suckles. On the other, he turns his nose up in disapproval.

  23. Dave T says:

    Just curious – what do you feed a micro bunny that is apparently too young to be weened? I guess bun formula. I’ve never seen it but I don’t go down the baby bun isle at the grocery store.

  24. Birdcage says:

    Are we sure it’s a bun? Looks an awful lot like any number of grey squirrel babies that I see in my yard from time to time. I need to see some earvidence.

  25. dawgpup93 says:

    can we bring him in to custody just for being cute or is that a crime? lol

  26. sunnymum says:

    Awwwww, a wee precious one. Wish I could see all of his or her adorableness. Thrive little one…

  27. The Bonny Rabbit loves miwks so much, he/she is inhaling it. 😀 Love the way the milk clings to his/her fur.

    For some reason, I’m recalling the antics of my sisters and I. We put cat ears on headbands and attempted to drink milk from a dish.

    I have no idea why I’m sharing this. hahaha!

  28. If he could open his eyes and squint suspiciously at the person feeding him, I’m sure that he would. =]

  29. Oh my GAWD!!!!!! (gasp gasp)

  30. pounce says:

    There’s such a tiny hint of “I disapprove of this”, buried under the “MILKIES NOW ohh yeah slurp snorg smack aaahhhh … ” *honk-shu*

    Richard the Water Dragon – hahah! I used to actually eat cat crunchies right from the cat bowl when I was two. My parents have a pic of me and the cat eating together, after they made me stop eating his crunchies and gave me some puffed wheat instead.

  31. kibblenibble says:

    Meelky leeps! Meelky leeps! Gah! Why can’t I geev meelk to a bebeh bun?

  32. This reminds me why it’s called diaper mind.

  33. Teresa says:

    AWW 🙂 I glad that you were able to rescue and feed that little bunny 🙂

  34. puddlepeppers says:

    We used to have a caption that went, “Bottled meelks…must have eet!”
    Love the hovertext…

  35. Omg! So cute! So lovely! Heavenly! XD

    Upload more pictures!

    You’re so tiny. Grow big and strong baby bunny. 🙂

  36. Raemie L says:

    Gangsta Babyface “Disapprovals* Bun… at such a young age, too. *tsk tsk tsk*

  37. hon glad says:

    Sweet little sucker.

  38. Dave T – you can feed baby bunnies kitten milk. It’s not ideal to hand-rear bunnies, but it can be done (I used to help at a rabbit rescue centre and we had a few orphaned buns).

    I wanna hold this little guy and keep him warm and snuggled up!

  39. Katrina says:

    How come I suspect that the next place this bun goes is in someone’s shirt? Ya, know, to keep it warm and cuddled and, oh I’m so busted aren’t I? *snerk*

  40. Yep, it’s quite difficult to bottle-feed baby buns — they really don’t do well. But, if you don’t happen to have a lactating mum-bun handy, the only option is kitten formula.

    Hope this little one makes it.