Sea Biscuit! Go on, Boy!

Sea Biscuit!

Go on! Back to the ocean! Go on!


GO Sea Biscuit!!!


Mer-Spaniel “Charlie” brought to you by Erin L.



  1. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:


  2. Oh poor dog. 🙂 Patient dog. Funny dog. I wonder how long before he broke out of his shell!

  3. Beth (in NC) says:

    “I tewtally would…. but I can’t seem to move….”

  4. Mud Bug says:

    So Duuude , Which way did Nemo go ???

  5. He’s a spaniel; he stayed there forever. Or until someone insinuated they’d love him even more if he moved.

  6. “COCKER BARNACLES” made me LOL so hard. (Rikki was briefly alarmed.)

  7. (gives Sea Biscuit a doggie biscuit)

  8. Sea Biscuit: “Is this a sand castle competiton?”

    “‘couse if it is I deserve first place and a biscuit”

    So cute! Luv him!♥♥

  9. Illise says:

    So cuteeeeeeee my dog isnt that patience lol

  10. Aww, poor pup. Sometimes teh doggies’ submissive nature gets them into troubles…

  11. aww

  12. chanpon says:

    Once hatched and out of their nest in the sand, the sea turtles instinctively crawl towards the sea..

  13. Shocking transgenic experiment. What next, beagles that glow in the dark?? Oh, wait, they just did that. . .

  14. Oh my, loved so hard ^^
    What a brave puppy

  15. ♥ his sad eyes!!
    Saying please get me out of here!lol!!!

  16. berthaservant says:

    Oh, spaniels. Is there anything we can do to you that doesn’t make you look even more puppish?

    P.S. I love how at the moment the banner ad to my right is for “!”

  17. Raemie L. says:

    First thought was the Mock Turtle from Alice in Wonderland. Second thought was to pet and scratch behind Charlie’s ears, then pat on cockleshells and barnacles on the “turtle shell”.

  18. cheesybird says:

    My first thought upon seeing this was “Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!”

    My second thought was “wonder how long it’ll be before we need some pudding”.

    Dear lord, people. This pup absolutely can move. Have you never had a part of your body buried in sand? It’s not cement. You can break through it simply by shifting/moving. If you look closely at the picture you can see where his little pup body is because it’s outlined by cracks in the “shell” of the turtle. He could jump out of there and destroy the illusion at any time. This pup is NOT being mistreated. He’s just being very patient.

  19. cheesybird says:

    How funny, Raemie L. I hadn’t even seen your “first thought second thought” comment when I wrote mine. Not copying/mocking you! That was just a coincidence. 🙂

  20. Raemie L. says:

    @cheesybird – No prob.

  21. Bless lil pup’s heart. What a sweetie. He’s a dawg, I imagine he enjoyed the attention he was getting when his human was building the turtle around him. He can move if he wants to. After years of lurking I *still* struggle to believe that people cry “animal abuse” when they see stuff like this…

  22. 260Oakley says:

    Yum, it’s a Pecan Sandie!

  23. Starlinguk says:

    He can get out when he wants to… and (in response to EK), he won’t be hot, he’ll be lovely and cool (I wonder if that’s why he hasn’t wandered off yet?).

  24. bunnywabbit225 says:

    Being OC and all, I’m just thinking about the possibility of sand fleas! Ewwwww!

  25. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    He was probably just taking a simple doggie nap and woke up to find out he’d morphed into a turtle. 😉 Wh-wh-what happened?

  26. I think it was not so nice of you, what if the dog thinks it’s really scary!?

    [Then the dog gets up and runs away. Which hasn’t happened. – Ed.]

  27. I tried really hard to make some kind of Dune joke, but it didn’t work.

  28. IronOrchid says:

    Unfortunately, people who have done this to the dog breed.

    […don’t finish their sentences? – Ed.]

  29. This made me think of a conversation I had with my boss last night. We were talking about the high-pitched “teenager repellant” that’s on the market, debating whether to get it for the building (I work security). Someone asked if that was okay or really unnecessarily cruel. He said, “Well, we do it to dogs. They’re kind of on the same level as teenagers.” Hehehehe! 🙂

  30. I just re-read the comments… holy BATMAN PEOPLE! Chillllll! As one who’s lived on the beach for my entire life and been buried in the sand both of my own volition and against it, it’s pretty much impossible to get “stuck” unless you’re buried verticially with your feet straight down. I only have two legs, that little guy has four. If he wants out, he can has outs. He’s clearly just a good doggie who is willing to put up with silly humans.
    People have been very sensitive lately. Everyone go watch “Finding Nemo” and give me thirty duuuuuuude’s instead of pushups. 🙂

    [or else we turn loose the BATMAN PEOPLE, muahahahahahaaaaaa – Ed.]

  31. LOL at the long suffering look in the last Photo are you done yet?
    Chanpon Snicker!

    as to being hot… helloo COol wet sand…
    that dog is lapping up all the attention… ; ).
    okay all grumpy peeps go get a mocha latte or cup of cocoa or a piece of left over easter candy and chill
    or better yet if possible go to the beach and have your loved ones bury you in cool damp sand and then jump up and chase them down the beach just like this puppy did. you will feel a whole lot better.

  32. lol ellie I guess we are JINK snicker

    [ 😕 What is “JINK”? – Ed.]

  33. maralisil says:

    It’s just that puppy doesn’t look very happy. 😦

    [It’s the “puppy eyes”. They do that. Beagles and Bassets especially, but Spaniels too. – Ed.]

  34. I’ll bet they had a fun nice romp in the ocean or lake after. And pup is all, “you people are weird, but I lubs you anyhoo.”

  35. A lot of times it’s actually cooler to get buried in the sand than not, because it keeps the sun off you. If you find someone in the desert you’re supposed to bury them in the sand to stave off heat stroke.

  36. Soup, soup, beautiful soup….

    Help, I can’t remember the rest of the words the Mock Turtle sang!

  37. AuntieMame says:

    Beautiful, beautiful sooooooooup! Sorry, that’s all I remember, too, Nancy. 🙂

  38. Starlinguk says:

    I’m not grumpy, but can I get a mocca latte anyway?

    P.S. WOAH!

  39. Starlinguk says:

    Beautiful Soup, so rich and green,
    Waiting in a hot tureen!
    Who for such dainties would not stoop?
    Soup of the evening, beautiful Soup!
    Beautiful Soup!
    Beautiful Soup!
    Soup of the evening,
    Beautiful, beautiful Soup!

    Beautiful Soup! Who cares for fish,
    Game, or any other dish?
    Who would not give all else for two
    Pennyworth only of beautiful Soup?
    Beautiful Soup!
    Beautiful Soup!
    Soup of the evening,
    Beautiful, beautiful soup!

  40. Have you ever had a spaniel? They are the sweetest, cutest, nicest, snuggliest animals in the history of the world. Also, they aren’t very sensitive to heat. Practically the only thing spaniels need is love and affection. The lil’ guy was probably pleased out of his mind to lie there while his beloved owner made him into a turtle. Besides, he looks happy!
    Nikki and Nina (The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)

  41. Starling, it is DEFINITELY mocha latte time. Wait, uh-oh… brainworm, dangit…

    It’s double mocha latte time, it’s double mocha latte time,
    It’s double mocha latte time, it’s double mocha latte time
    Double mocha latte, double mocha latte, double mocha latte with a plain croissant,
    Double mocha latte, double mocha latte, double mocha latte with a plain croissant…

  42. CeeDawg says:

    My dog digs his own holes to bury himself 🙂

    Oh and @Theo:
    I said steamed milk, steamed milk, steamed milk, steamed milk,
    And espresso shot, espresso shot, espresso shot, espresso shot,
    Chocolate sauce and whip cream! Chocolate sauce and whip cream!
    Double mocha latte, double mocha latte, double mocha latte with a plain croissant

  43. The only cruel thing is this picture is that the pretty spaniel is so close to the water, but he’s not fwimmin’! Spaniels gots to fwim, birds gotta fwy. (And then spaniels gotta chase the birds, but that’s a whole ‘nuther story.)

  44. Anne Boleyn says:

    And then there’s that song:
    What the world needs now is no more Nuffs
    That’s one thing that we’ve got too many uf!

    Sing it with me now.

    [Fixed the spelling. 😉 – Ed.]

  45. Aw but he doesn’t LOOK happy. He looks so sad!

  46. serafemme says:

    ya, well, MY dog looks sad when i pet him, and i can promise you he LOVES it, because when i stop, he pats my face with his paws with “pweeeeeeees?” written all OVER his fluffy, frito-smellin’ toes. some dogs just look sad. i defy you to find a happy looking bassett, for ince.

  47. dawgpup93 says:

    that is one laid back dog!!

  48. Starlinguk says:


    How about Droopy?

    Hmm, maybe not.

  49. Lerrinus says:

    Argh! Thanks for the earworm Theo and CeeDawg!

    Happy Puppy!

    If this “Mock turtle” was created early in the morning, is it a cocker turtle do? *runs an hides*

  50. Hon Glad says:

    what these vivisecionists get up to, is beyond me.

  51. Hon Glad says:

    vivisectionists, mebe.

  52. @ Theo.. Sigh I meant JINX
    Blargh… Do not type before coffee (new rule for me!)

  53. @ Lerrinus. You made me LOL, and I was tryin’ to pretend like I was all snooz’n and not awake yet; but i’m a sucker for a bad pun. You got me. (chases him with a sandbucket full of water)

  54. ShonaSquee says:

    Wowwwww!! Is that a turtle-spaniel?? I thought they went extinct centuries ago!!! *takes out encyclopedia*

  55. Paunchie says:

    Oh my. I wanna give him a baf. Or three.

  56. charliewabba says:

    There were nuffs?
    :::sighs and shakes head, goes to the store for more pudding:::

  57. Peekyweeky says:

    Awwww! He kind of looks like my dog Skittles, but she would never let us do that to her!
    (she likes to be FREE!)

  58. eknirb says:

    Sorry, don’t like it. He seems scared.

    [You think he’d be sitting still for it if he were scared? Come on. – Ed.]

  59. With silver bells and spaniel shells…

  60. The dog doesn’t look scared. He looks wet, which happens at the beach. Sheesh, he’s under a little wet sand, not concrete. What’s with all the nuffers lately?

  61. chelonianmobile says:

    I’m less concerned for the dog than for the interior of the car when they take it home. Dog looks comfortable enough, but he’s gonna be carrying about ninety pounds of sand in his fur when he gets out.

  62. Looks like one unhappy dog. Really, this is cute? hmmm…

  63. soxfan413 says:

    So sweet. Any dog person knows and loves that pretend-sad face. We see it and say “awww” and they love the attention and use it to their advantage whenever possible.
    That’s why there’s so many fat dogs. 😉

  64. Is this the part where the little boy yells “Get out of here! I never liked you anyway!” in a tear-choked voice and eventually has to throw rocks at the turcockle to get it to stop following him back toward the ranch?

  65. red_rabbit says:

    hee hee hee!! oh man, reminds me of this old onion article – the great depression is over, mr. roosevelt! why don’t you get up and dance?!

  66. RedKitten says:

    Any dog person knows and loves that pretend-sad face.

    Exactly. Beagles are phenomenal at that long-suffering stare. If you didn’t know better, you’d think every last one of them had been listening to The Smiths since puppyhood.

    Friends of mine have a Boston Terrier, and he often has that “I hate my life — I wish I was a bird so I could fly far, far away from here.” look around the eyes. He’s spoiled rotten and happy as a clam, but that’s just his typical facial expression.

    I agree that this dog’s expression reads more like, “Sigh. You people are really weird.”

  67. carole says:

    Not sure that this is cute. The dog looks confused and scared.

  68. Suzanne says:

    The littlest things can cause the biggest commentroversy! Get your knickers out of a wad, won’t ya folks. 🙂 This pup is doing fine. He’s all, “Why hand stop petting me’s?! OoOo What’s dis?!” [owner dangles foodstuff’s to get doggy’s attentions]

  69. Jenni S says:

    That is so freakin cute!

  70. This is to cute and jsut to wrong to do a pretty guy

  71. Noelegy says:

    I see that pretend sad face from our Rocky whenever we dare to eat something in his presence. The eyes, they shine. The jowls, they wobble tearily. The canine visage arranges itself into such a heartbroken countenance that there’s no way you could possibly finish that sandwich, could you? Not when he’s virtually wasting away before your eyes…?

    (Cocker sand turtles: new level of cuteness attained. Carry on.)

  72. paranoiagirl says:

    I totally want to nuzzle his sweet little spaniel head. Also, whoever did the turtle body sculpture is fabulous, those fins are prosh 😀

  73. People – I mean happy pet owner people – crack me the heck up. I’d love to meet the artists.

  74. Oh and Theo I have your plain croissant right here. It’s an extra one from a local French bakery owned by an award winning pastry chef. I add the latter part only to emphasize that the lady knows how to make a croissant. In other words to make you jealous! Lol! I’ll trade it for that mocha latte though. Slurp!

  75. poor puppy.. he looks so lost on the picture, thinking ‘what are they doing to me?’. definitely a very patient dog.

  76. Awww cute furry turtle… poor puppy. Just wondering what would those breeders will call him…

  77. i E j A says:

    so cute~!!!!

  78. kodalai says:

    Ahh, I wondered why there seemed to be so few nuffer comments in the early section. They were there indeed, but deleted. Can’t say I’m surprised.

    It never ceases to amaze me how people can project doom and gloom onto pictures of animals whose body language, insofar as we can read it from a limited, static shot, seems to be perfectly relaxed and happy. Where do you see signs of stress? Fear? Misery? Is your world really so free of unhappiness that you feel the need to imagine it in every corner and every photo?

  79. wossamotta with getting a big hug from the beach? hunh?

  80. Momcat says:

    Is it the economy? The Swine Flu? Do people think that nuffing will burn calories? Geez, anyone who has ever met a dog of any kind knows he won’t let you do anything to him that he finds scary or uncomfortable. I have personally been buried in a lot more sand than that, even as a skinny small child, and it feels GOOD! Besides, I’m sure all that patting was nice. I had a dog who buried himself like this, although less artistically, in a muddy dinosaur footprint. The only problem he had was his muddy, formerly white, Lhasa fur afterwards.

  81. Lerrinus says:

    @Decca: With silver bells and spaniel shells…

    and pretty mermaids all in a row! 😉


    Hello ! Eu sou brasileira e i love turtle! Está muito engraçado esse cachorro com corpo de tartaruga ! kiss ! lilia

  83. Ah, Portuguese. Per, Lilia says,”Hello! I am Brazilian and i love turtle! This dog with turtle body is very funny! kiss!”

    Boa vinda a CuteOverload, Lilia!

    (I love web translators.)

  84. IFNROCK says:

    LOL. Dog does not fool me.