FLASHBACK: Our First-Ever ResQte™

Happy Spring Saturday, Peeps! Who’s up for a few Lil’ Floating Snacks? er… ‘quacks’?

Maggie from Australia writes: “They are Pacific Black ducklings, native to Australia, who we rescued after they fell into the man-made water feature outside our home and couldn’t get out again [they were only a few days old and were a long way from flying]…”


“This picture was taken one night when we’d returned the ducklings to their temporary sanctuary in our guest bathroom. Lucy, our 3 year old beagle, was fascinated by them and whimpered for hours after they were taken away – she missed her little mates.”

eins, zwei, drei, wet

The baby ducks should be releases to the wild later this month… Thanks, Maggie.



  1. David Spor says:

    That’s lovely. I want duckies in my bathtub.

  2. Precious bebehs!!!
    I love ducklings, they have micro-fluff! I shall stuff them in my jacket to keep me warm.

  3. skippymom says:

    Thanks for posting something new, Theo! The dead hamster debate was getting kind of tired.
    These little duckies are about as prosh as it gets.
    So that’s the bathtub in their guest bathroom? Wow, can I be a guest there some time? I won’t even require ducks in the bath, that tub just looks so deep and comfy.

  4. SkippyMom — something old, something new… 😉

  5. Lucy: “Ohboyohboyohboyohboyohboy…”

  6. DaytimeDeb says:

    ResQte – I get it! It only took a few moments of “duhll” thinking. This is what I get for giving up coffee.

  7. chanpon says:

    Fuzzy ducklings are always unbearably cute, but with the doggie oggling, it’s even better.

  8. I remember this one! Probably ’cause it’s so cute. Thanks for refreshing my memory– those duckies are adorable, and this is the season to watch out for them crossing the roads…

  9. skippymom says:

    Oh, yeah, not really “new”. That’s sorta how it gets to be called a flashback, eh Theo? Well, then something else. Or something.

    [To be fair, I did update it. Just a little. – Ed.]

  10. wow! lucky dog!!
    : 0 )))

  11. “Baby duckies, you’re the ones….”

  12. So cute!!!

    We have ones just like this every year swimming in our dam and this year the one pair of parent ducks were looking after 30 babies!!!(I think they stole some from other parents – they do that!)LOL! They sure love baby ducklings!

  13. Oh my GOSHK!

  14. earlybird1 says:

    We have a beagle too (or Buggle, as we affectionately call her). And she HATES baths. Bet this would perk her right up!

  15. SQUEEE!

  16. Cute ducklings, cute dog! Maybe the dog got a flotilla of rubber duckies to replace his mates!

  17. @sissy…. making bath time so much fun… baby duckies I’m awfully fond of You.

  18. Tosporn Namhong says:

    They are so cute! Both Beagle and baby duckies.

  19. do pets keep their own pets?

    just wiondering,,,,,

  20. kibblenibble says:

    Teeeeny duckies! 🙂

  21. lol so cute mabey pets keep petz mocax

  22. Katrina says:

    mocax, sure there are race horses who have companion animals. Coco the gorilla had a succession of kitties called “all ball”. My dog has me!

  23. Me Schmoop & I used to live in a neighborhood which had a family, which had a dog, which had a cat. The family would take the dog for walks, and the cat would accompany the dog. She wouldn’t come anywhere near people, just her dog. Not sure which pet was whose, come to think of it.

  24. AuntieMame says:

    No doubt the cat thought she was taking all of her pets for a walk.

  25. Peekyweeky says:

    Talk about cheese and QUACKERS!

  26. T.U.M. says:


  27. kodalai says:

    Well, we know animals can keep pets… just look at Koko and her kittens. They aren’t all that different from us in many ways 😉

  28. ariesgirl says:

    Duck soup!

  29. rubber duck says:

    I think “nomlet” is my new favourite word.

    [ 😀 – Ed.]

  30. ooolala says:

    i don’t know if you’ve seen this already: enormous rubber duck cuteness

  31. Can I adopt them please!

  32. taht is so cute