Win the Ultimate Pocket Pets!

Listen up, peeps!  May 3-9 is National Pet Week, so starting next Monday, 505 Games and Cute Overload challenge you to win one of four cute new Discovery Kids’ Games for the Nintendo DS:

  • Puppy Playtime: Train your pup for exciting rescue missions!
  • Kitten Corner: Raise and train your customized kitten!
  • Pony Paradise: Wash, groom and accessorize your pony!
  • Dolphin Discovery: Teach your dolphin awesome tricks!

Grand Prize: A new Nintendo DSi game system and all four Discovery Kids games!


How To Play
Monday through Thursday, check C.O. for a new contest each day:

  • Caption contest: It’s your turn to make us laugh
  • Limerick contest: There once was a cat from Nantucket…
  • Haiku contest: And now, here it is, your moment of Zen
  • Trivia contest: NTMTOM lobs you softballs as usual

One winner will be chosen randomly each day, with Friday’s grand prize winner chosen from all eligible entries, so play every day for your best chance to win!

Awfully important-sounding official rules with lots of impressive legal words like “eligible” and “Zamboni”

  • Rule one: Entries in each day’s contest must be received by 9 PM Pacific Time.
  • Rule two: One entry per e-mail address, please.
  • Rule three: One winning entry will be selected at random from eligible entries in that day’s contest.
  • Rule four: Grand prize winner will be selected at random from all eligible entries.
  • Rule five: Contest open to all except employees of CuteLabs, 505 Games, their immediate families, robots over twelve feet tall, and that jerk down at the ice cream parlor who won’t give us extra sprinkles even though we ask very nicely.
  • Rule six: There is no rule six.
  • Rule seven: Winners will be selected by NTMTOM, using a top-secret method involving a Ouija board, sixteen left-handed hamsters, and a Zamboni (see, I told you).


  1. Paunchie says:

    My niece has one of those games. I bet she’d love the pony one! She has a kitteh already.

  2. NTMTOM, you need a remote-control Zamboni!

    Or is it me who really wants one???

  3. I just want sixteen left-handed hamsters!!!

  4. Allison U. says:

    Is your name not Bruce then?

    That’s gonna cause a bit of confusion…

  5. What was that about training a kitten? Hmm, maybe that game isn’t so realistic…

  6. Oy Jeepahs. Everybody text your agents… and lock in your pizza delivery…

    NOMTOM, I see London, I see France, I see your contest fetish! 😉

  7. “Huc accedit Zambonis”

  8. scoobie says:

    Where is the open to contestants from the USA only rule?

  9. KittehToez says:

    omg I want to play the kitteh game!! LOL That would keep me entertained for hours on end!!

  10. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    SHAZZAM on the knockout Bruces reference!

  11. imwithzombie says:

    Can we trust six left-handed hamsters with this sort of responsibility?

  12. imwithzombie says:

    or sixteen rather!

  13. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @imwithzombie: It’s OK — all the decisions of the hamsters have to be ratified at a special bi-weekly meeting, by a simple majority in the case of purely internal affairs, but by a two-thirds majority in the case of…

    (Be quiet! I order me to be quiet!)

  14. Um, so how do I enter? Who do I email?

  15. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @Patrick Kellogg: The e-mail address will appear in the contest posts, the first of which will appear on Monday morning.

  16. Von Zeppelin says:

    If there’s disagreement among the sixteen left-handed hamsters, the Zamboni should smooth out the differences.

  17. Ahh…left-handed hamsters are cute.

  18. berthaservant says:

    If I win I will be giving this gift to my three nieces. Thank you for allowing me to participate.

  19. Katrina says:

    It is just great how the left handed hamsters are encouraged to be left handed these days. My father-in-la (who actually isn’t a hamster), went through a very tough time being who he was and he was tormented into writing right handed. That being said, he is very cute and, oh, never mind.

    Do they throw left handed too, or just write left handed? The hamsters, not the fathers-in law).

    Zambonis are so fun- when I win BIG lottery I’magonna rent one and do something really sweet with some ice rink! I’ll invite you all! Promise!

    Monday cannot come soon enough. Can you imagine how we are going to crank up the comments when there is actually something on the line? Great gobs of goo!

  20. Thanks to CO for even more great things and freebies to some lucky people!

  21. NTMike, I’m ready with the violence inherent in the system! On your count of three?

  22. People from other countries besides USA can participate?

  23. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @gatonejo: Yes, participants outside the USA are welcome. Remember that each day’s contest will stop accepting entries at 9 PM Pacific Time on that day.

  24. ellie007 says:

    But when’s 9pm pacific time?! 😉

  25. The winners are supposed to be announced today, May 5th. So far, 9:20am ET, no announcement on the Webby website!
    Rotsa ruck, CO!
    My organization might win also!

  26. Oh noes! I meant to post my last comment under the Vote Stoat!!!

    So sorry!

    I have contest confusion.

  27. Snernk! Aaand, I just noticed I got today’s date wrong too.

    (here I go loopy-loo, here I go loopy-liiie…!)

  28. На самом деле прикольный блог! Спасибо и… разумеется, пишите еще!