One Hamster’s Last Day on Earth

Poor leetle “Bułeczka” the ham recently spent her last day on earf. Before she passed on, her owner Pyza took her out one last [sniff] time!

To her favorite park…

Favorite tree…

Favorite dandelion patch…

And then there was a funeral where the Guinea Peeg came to pay respects.

Barooooooooo! (crying sound)

Rest in peas, little ham! ♡Bułeczka♡’s last day out…, ♡Little Bu♡ and the big world., ♡Bułeczka♡ – asleep in the Sun…, Balbinka saying Goodbye to ♡Bułeczka♡…, Balbinka & ♡Bułeczka♡ ~ sisters.., by pyza*.



  1. Oh no! Bułeczka!
    She was one of my favourites of Pyza’s little ones.
    She will be missed. 😦 I am so glad she had such a beautiful last day.

  2. lauren says:

    i SO teared up… it sucks when pets die. but that hammie looks old and content! i bet it lived a GREAT life 🙂

  3. goodhoppe says:

    Sniff! 😦

  4. dianna says:

    okay, that is the sweetest, saddest thing i’ve seen in awhile. r.i.p. sweet little hammie, you obviously had a great life with lots of love.

  5. Joe Allen says:

    Condolences! What a sweetheart.

  6. Von Zeppelin says:

    Blessings and good thoughts, Pyza. How caring to give your friend a last day out in the sunshine.

  7. katfighter says:

    So cute and so sad, all at once.

    It looks as though she left knowing her wonderful mom loved her very much, and ultimately, isn’t that what it’s all about?

    Many condolences to Pyza. 😦

  8. That hammie was obviously well loved. Good show, dear Pyza. Bułeczka will spread the wondrous word of you in Pet Heaven.

  9. ShonaSquee says:

    What a cute and beautiful little hamster *tears* What a lovely idea Pyza 🙂

  10. What a happy day you provided for your little fuzzy, Pyza…it wasn’t any trouble for her to move from earth to heaven, other than having to leave you and her piggy friend behind, just for a while.

  11. berthaservant says:


    Now I’m crying at work!!

  12. Awww Hugs Pyza So sorry .. What a beautiful last day for her.

  13. AuntieMame says:

    Aww, sweet little Bułeczka. Baroooo! :*(

  14. chanpon says:

    Depressed. That is sooooo sad. What a cute little hammie~~~~ (T_T)

  15. 😥

  16. Aww, such a beautiful hammie. She looked like she lived a long, privileged life.

  17. So sad:(
    R.I.P. little one:(

  18. aww… pocket pets never stick around long enough. When I sense that the end is coming, I spoil them rotten, but I try not to give them too much stimulus because I don’t want to overwhelm them when they’re not at their best. Also, my pets usually live with a friend, so I think they’d probably want to spend their final moments with their best friend (not that I don’t sneak in all the extra cuddles I can). They definitely get as many delicious treats as they can eat, though, and a heating pad to keep them extra warm, and as much “out of the cage” time as they want.

    I’m glad the little lady had such a rich life and loving owner.

  19. Jay in Oregon says:

    Nooooooo! I come here to brighten my workday up!

    I’m on the verge of tears at this poor ham’s story.

    Rest in peace, little fuzzy one.

  20. Suzanne says:

    Aw. Pyza, I am so sorry for your loss. I bet Bu and Chmurka had a wonderful reunion – they’ll be waitin’ for ya. 🙂

  21. Kitty kat:D says:

    I cried loads:(
    Thats really really sad:(

  22. Kitty kat:D says:

    Little hammy

  23. harlemgrrl says:

    barooo :*-(

  24. Awww. Thanks for the feel good story of the year. I’m gonna go cry all weekend now.

  25. Poor sweety. It’s nice to know she owned such a loving human.

  26. anastasia says:

    how sweet and sad….surely this ham ham ham ham lived a totally long and happy life under the watchful care of her awesomely awesome owner. Poor thing, so sweet, I got all teary when I saw the poor dead ham in the little casket. The poor owner must have been heart broken. 😥

  27. sweet and sad. i’m crying over here.

  28. metsakins says:

    We let Huggy lie in the sun for a few hours on her last day. I was really glad she got to do that, and drink from a puddle, one of her favorite things.

  29. :”” ( so sad! i’m glad she had such a beautiful last day though. would that all our little ones were so lucky.

  30. *sniff* I’m all teary now. Rest in peace, little hammy.

  31. Katrina says:

    In the very best spirit of CO, we are there for those who mourn. I’m glad that we can take some of the awfulness out of this for you, at least I hope we are doing that for you . Best wishes and know how much happiness and sheer, undiluted joy you ad your hammies bring us! Thanks to you and your furry darlings.

  32. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    RIP, little one. What a sweet and thoughtful way to say good-bye to a beloved companion. It’s never easy. Forever in your heart and thoughts!!

  33. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    @egmaniac–are you for real? You don’t have to be sad, but I can assure you, it’s not *just* a hamster. Go away and leave us alone.

  34. This made me tear up, but I’m happy that this sweet little hammie obviously had a good life and a caring owner!

  35. Aiiyeeee! Howls!

    It’s terribly sad and yet that looks like the best last day ever. Hope mine looks like that.

    Could do without the hover-snark on B’s eath-Day day. Some things are still sacred.

    (And someone else will probably have to be contrary. Sigh.)

  36. E5tr14 says:

    So sad.. my rabbit died yesterday and this makes me down 😦

  37. Noelegy says:

    A very good last day, and a sweet memorial.

  38. not into the pictures of the hammie being dead

  39. I am completely baffled. Why the need to take photographs of your dead pets and why the need to show them to the world. I love this site, I think the animals are great and during the time I have been checking out the cute photos I don’t think I have ever seen anything that has made me uncomfortable and or concerned for the animal. It is one of the things that Cute Overload can be proud of, the animals it shows have not been degraded just for human amusement, they are genuine cute photos that everyone can love. I have lost animals myself, I know how awlful it is and I am sure that everyone looking at the photos of Bułeczka would feel just as upset reading (rather than seeing) that the following day she died. The photos of her out and about enjoying herself tell a wonderful story to the viewer and they do not need to see her on the site in a glass box to sympathise with her owner. Maybe I am being too harsh, maybe the owner takes photos of her dead relations in their coffins and puts the photos online, I don’t know, I just hope Cute Overload isn’t wandering into the realms of sweet sickly kitsch.

  40. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    What can possibly be wrong with a picture of a dearly departed companion, especially such a sweet photo? I don’t get it. And how is that kitsch? Oh, really, I’m getting caught up in others’ hard hearts…I must stop now. As you can see from my name, I rescue rats. And they have very short lives. So I can very well understand this post. If you don’t, just don’t. But stop telling the rest of us how to feel.

  41. lauren says:

    um… i don’t think that’s the “casket”… i think that’s the corner of a cage, where the owner probably wrapped the hammy in some towels to make it as comfortable as it could be while passing… you know, just let the sweet heart drift off in a nice sleep.

    there’s nothing gross about those pictures. they’re just showing a beautiful friend, one last time.

  42. Ihave10cats says:

    Unbelievable. How can people be so cruel as to mock the feelings of others? Especially those in mourning. People love pets, pets die, people are sad and look for comfort in others who feel the same about their animals.

    And to the unfeeling out there who feel compelled to spill their poison when it is utterly unnecessary: “Begone! You have no power here!”

  43. Condolences, I, too have many special memories of thlis ham; which remind me of good times spent with our little ones… she will be missed.

  44. Woods Walker says:

    Good Bye little one. Rest in peace. There are some people who only know how to hate. A loving little pet teaches a person sensitivity. Real tough people do not need to use vulgarities.- Woods Walker U.S.Army Retired.

  45. Oh, sad! Buleczka was a lovely little hammie, and certainly well-loved. Please don’t take the rude comments to heart — one of our sweet guinea pigs passed away last month, I know how much it hurts. This was a very sweet tribute.

  46. David Spor says:

    Jenni, I have to agree with you. I think that if those last two pics were indeed of the ham after passing away, that is not the least bit cute. Apart from that, I think this post crossed the line of decency. The captions seemed to make light of a sad moment. That may not be what was intended, but it was the effect.

  47. dawgpup93 says:

    and a beautiful last day it was *sniff*

  48. What a sweetie. What a lovely last day.

    …love is love whether the recipient has two legs or four. But I would rather experience the love, even if it brings heartbreak, than miss out on the love. Nothing brings me greater joy than cuddling with my kitty, which I am going to do right now.

    I’m sure Buleczka is waiting at the Rainbow Bridge…

  49. dawgpup93 says:

    and i think it was wonderful of them to give him such a great last day sadly my gerbil didnt get this b/c she died when i was asleep 😦

  50. No one is ‘mocking’ anyones mourning, or doubting anyone’s sincere grief at the death of a pet. I just don’t see why anyone wants to share a private, emotional thing with the world. As I said before maybe this person takes photos of their relatives in their caskets and puts them on the web, maybe it is a perfectly natural thing to do wherever they come from. I just don’t understand it. It is like those ‘delightful’ little angel figures of dogs and cats with wings that you get in gift shops or the huge amounts of money you can spend on animal caskets and memorials at pet cemetaries (and yes I do think that expensive wooden caskets are completely pointless for humans too). It is just a way of praying on peoples emotions when they have lost a pet (or a human), the fact that these things are tacky and kitsch make matters worse because people who do not understand that losing a pet is just as devastating as loosing a human, see the tacky memorials and come to the conclusion that the person is just one of those ‘mad animal people’ and laugh at them. Anyway, just to get everyone going again, how did the owner know that it was her pets last day? what would have happened if hammy had hung on a few more days? More to the point, how do we know that hammy passed away the following day, a photograph can say anything you want it to. Oh, and has anyone offered the guinea pig bereavement counselling?

  51. Nobody’s being exploited here.. Cute Overload is about that complex relationship between people and animals as much as it is about the animals themselves. And this is an enormous part of having a pet, which everyone here can at least at some level understand.. Conveying affection for this little critter at a time when that attention is especially profound. Who here hasn’t wished for some kind of sunshine-filled send-off for a pet they’ve loved and lost?

  52. Jenni, it used to be very common back in the Victorian era for people to take photos of their dead loved one in the coffin, or carefully arranged in bed, and display them in their house. There were sometimes even arrangements of the dead old wife, and the husband, and his new living wife all together. And also people wore lockets and other jewelry made of dead relatives’ hair.

  53. Ihave10cats says:

    Wow, now we have accusations of lying AND sarcasm.

    Face it, you are just not the kind of person who “gets” CO and all the peeps who come here. Life and love is messy and it’s not all sunshine and kittehs and sometimes people need a shoulder. THAT’S the kind of people this website is for. Remember what your mama told you: If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

  54. pounce says:

    This reminds me of when my gerbil died when I was 6. I wrote a song for the funeral, which my mother still has:

    Oh, Georgette, come and have fun,
    Oh, Georgette, come play in the sun,
    Our wishes are now yours,
    Mary Tyler Moore shall sweep the cage floors,
    Oh I, oh I, oh I love you.

    (guess what show I liked when I was 6)

  55. earlybird1 says:

    May I just put in my 2 cents? Everyone grieves in his or her own way. Perhaps it brings some comfort to Pyza to share her beloved pet’s last moments and final photos. Who are we to judge the way in which she expresses her grief? Our function here is to celebrate animals and the joy that they give us during their brief time with us. I personally think it’s beautiful that Pyza shared her story, and I don’t think the photos were tasteless at all. Not everyone would feel comfortable posting a photo of their dear deceased pet, and for that reason this is perhaps one of the most controversial postings on CO yet. But whether or not we would choose to do as Pyza did, we must understand that she obviously loves her hammies and is grieving for the loss of her little Bu. This is her way of grieving, and I for one support her. Losing a pet is hard; I’ve experienced this and I for one, extend my heart to Pyza. RIP, little Bu.

  56. I personally found this post to be inappropriate and not in keeping with the theme of the site, which is — Unless I’ve missed something the last several years — things that are cute. Death isn’t cute. I’m not dismissing the legitimacy of the pet owner’s grief or the sympathy of any of the commenters here, but I felt this post came entirely out of left field on a site that I subscribe to under the reasonable assumption that it will make me feel good, not creeped out.

    While I’m a daily reader and am very well aware of the typical CO vernacular, in this instance it felt patronizing and made me very uncomfortable. Were it my pet that had died, I wouldn’t want someone captioning it with this sort of fluff.

    Additionally, while this isn’t to do with the post, I thought this was ridiculous:

    Face it, you are just not the kind of person who “gets” CO and all the peeps who come here.

    Actually, I’d say you’re the one who doesn’t get it. Thousands of people subscribe to this site via RSS feed; just because they’re not regulars in the comments doesn’t make their positions invalid. You might be interested to know that the comments to the LiveJournal feed for this post were largely negative.

    [Actually, no, I’m not very interested in the comments on some other site. – Ed.]

  57. Pyza, so sorry for your loss. And how loving of you to take your little sweetpea out for one last outing. Your photos were very moving.

  58. RitaSV says:

    How very sad but also if she had to go it was a beautiful last day….we should all be able to choose such a passing…it is so easy to forget or deny that death is part of life. My condolances to Buleckza’s family.

  59. Hey, Noelegy, I like the logo/pic/symbol, whatever. I have that as a tattoo!!! The sacred three; the holy trinity; earth/sea/air; maiden, woman, crone… all kinds of fun symbolisms… right? This is the celtic/breton symbol, I think.

    And a news flash: Trying to wrap up last chapter, having major conflict in private life, singing the dissertation blues, but soon, I will be free!

    The hammie is lovely, and even if it’s just a hamster, it’s nice to give love… barooooooooooooo indeed. Though I need to keep it together….

  60. Elizabeth says:

    I so just cried. that is the sweetest post I have seen so far!

  61. Oh, and yes, it’s hard to see pics of a dead animal, but this is life, face it, or don’t look, either is fine. The word “funeral” was enough warning that people could look away.

  62. :/ After having a really bad and stressful week, I didn’t expect to come on Cute Overload to tear up more. Thanks.

  63. Janice of the Nine says:

    I think these photos were perfectly appropriate. I’m very sad for Pyza’s loss, something I think we all have shared. I’m at a loss to understand why anyone would feel that respectful photos of a hamster who has gone to a peaceful death are gross or disgusting. We all must die. What’s important is that little Bułeczka led a good, well-loved life.

  64. That is so terribly sad! I cry whenever I skim past those pictures. R.I.P you gorgeous little critter. =( I also agree with David Spor. The loss of a pet is devastating and I certainly would not like it if my pet was posted up with captions like these, its a sad situation, not a funny one. But, in saying that, the hammie’s mum wanted these on here, so I guess she wanted Cute Overload to help her feel a bit better? I don’t know.

  65. Well, most of the comments on this list aren’t.

    Because there is such a thing as documenting your pets last day tastefully and with love and respect and that was I think definitely done here. And most of these folks seem to agree.

  66. Awwww so sad. =( My little sister very recently lost her hamster of 2 years or so, and it truly devastated the household. At some point there will be a new hamster, but both my sisters agree that there needs to be a grieving period.

    As for the last two pictures, I thought they were touching. A lot of people have this fear of death where they find it offensive to look upon a dead being. But really, aren’t those two pictures just like going to a wake and seeing an open-casket? I think it was fine for poor little hammie to be photographed in his shrine. So cute, and so appropriate for such a loving, deserved pet.

  67. Jenni, for the record it wasn’t that long ago that we humans actually DID take pictures of recently deceased family members in their coffins, frame them and hang them. A good intro to this former practice can be found here

    Incidently, in the same time period, jewellery was made from the hair of the dead (I have a copy of a Victorian how to from Gody’s Lady’s Book, it’s a very painstaking and time consuming craft)

    Therefore, to me, last couple of pictures of the hamster, assuming that at that point the little darling had already crossed Rainbow Bridge, is not odd or weird or strange, but a modern continuation of a discontinued practice in an era where we try far to hard to disassociate ourselves with the inevitable ending of physical life. A tribute in the same vein as our Victorian ancestors.

  68. bunnymama says:

    The compilation of photos that Pyza took are very tasteful, loving, and moving. I don’t follow her photostream, really, but it made me shed real tears. I think because hamsters are so small and fragile and we know they won’t live long it is even more painful when they leave us. We know they will not be with us for many years but we let them into our hearts anyway. Losing a pet is terrible and my thoughts are with Pyza.

  69. carole says:

    Little hamster had a good life with loving care and that is obvious.
    Our pets add love and sweetness to life. Who else loves so purely and of course when they pass they are missed and they will always hold a piece of our heart.
    A beautiful tribute to a sweet little hamster.

  70. Melinda says:

    This made me so sad. What a touching tribute. Poor little Pyza, rest in peace.

  71. RedKitten says:

    My land, but some people are nasty. If you don’t like the post, there are plenty of others to look at, you know. And if you’re really offended by it and think that this should not have been posted, the decent thing to do would have been to contact the blog proprietors with your concerns.

    But the post is there now, whether you like it or not, and to post criticism (especially in the way that some of the criticism was worded!) in the comments section only serves to denigrate the very real grief of someone who lost a beloved companion and who wished to share the bittersweet last day with her pet with people who she thought would understand and sympathize.

  72. thursday says:

    she is the same orange color as the guinea pig i lost to cancer in march…and now my other pig is in the hospital, not eating.

    it is indeed a loving tribute though. my thoughts go out to pyza.

    don’t suppose anyone knows of a blog dedicated to cheerful things? i need to distract myself for awhile so i can get some more work done.

  73. JinxtheCat says:

    Megan: Why don’t you find a new site? Because you obviously are not an animal lover and don’t care about others feelings. I want to say Bite Me, but won’t because you aren’t worth the effort. Go somewhere else.

  74. I thought those photos were some kind of joke when I first saw them and I have to agree I don’t think they are really the sort of thing we visit this site for. I personally find the last ones a bit disturbing after having lost a number of pets myself and been totally devastated at their loss but I wouldn’t post photos of them dead and really personally don’t really want to look at photos of dead animals either. I know these comments don’t agree with others but that’s my personal feelings.

  75. why are people so worked up about a sweet last look at a pet?
    if the caption didn’t say she had passed on you would just think she was asleep.
    good thoughts for pyza.

  76. thursday says:

    is there a reason this isn’t under Cute Or Sad?

    [No… because it is? – Ed.]

  77. I don’t know why but I started tearing up reading the cute overload post. Then, out of curiosity, I visited the Flickr pages that Pyza posted and commented on and started crying harder than I did at my uncle’s funeral. I don’t know what it was about it… I think it was Pyza’s innocence and obvious sadness in her comments that made me cry like there was no tomorrow.

    A very touching tribute on both CO’s part and Pyza’s part.

    I hope little Bu is frolicking through dandelions. 🙂

  78. Amanda says:

    … I honestly have to agree.

    I read CO for… cute things.

    Death isn’t cute. You’re all talking about how it’s touching and lovely and a memorial – but this isn’t the site for that.

    This isn’t an issue of ‘not liking the site’ – it’s an issue of ‘liking the site for what it’s for and what seems to be the theme, not this sudden posting of animals who have died.’

  79. thursday says:

    what amanda said.

  80. Bułeczka has earned her CO wings and hammy pants.

  81. Michelle says:

    NOT CUTE AT ALL…!! Totally depressing. Thanks for ruining my day with those totally unnecessary last pictures.

  82. Sorry for your loss Pyza. I too have recently lost a few little ones.

    And as for the comments, while I wouldn’t necessarily have posted pictures of my deceased pets (or taken any photos at all), the pics of Bułeczka’s outing were sweet. It’s obvious that Pyza loves and takes good care of her anipals.

  83. Pasickie, anyone?

    Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion about posts. And my personal feeling is that if people don’t like a post they should feel free to say that. But what I don’t understand is why people have to be abrasive and belligerent, and curse and insult each other. Granted, I use that kind of language all the time to myself, and with people who I know are comfortable with it. But why would you not try to be polite among company that you don’t know? Many of the commenters who have disliked – or liked – the post have been civil, and I applaud you. Can someone explain to me why that seems so hard for others?

  84. Megan S. says:

    You know, if the poster had put these pics on their private blog for their friends to see, that would be one thing, but these pics of a DEAD ANIMAL are posted on a website where people come to look at cute animals. I could care less if this is the poster’s way of dealing with death, because I didn’t ask to see this. It should have been kept on a private blog. End of story.

    [This is a private blog. Sometimes we allow you to comment on it anyway, is all. – Ed.]

  85. RedKitten says:

    @ Anita: Obviously facetiousness escapes you. I just thought it was rather sad for someone to come on here cursing and swearing about a post on someone’s deceased hamster, and then when called on their rudeness, to admit freely that they don’t care about other peoples’ feelings.

    Anyway, as that poor hamster could probably tell us, life is just too short for this kind of foolishness. I stand by my statement: if you disagree so vehemently with a post that you cannot do so in a civil fashion, then you really should be contacting the blog proprietor. Being nasty to a person who has just lost a beloved pet, even if it is “just a hamster”, accomplishes absolutely nothing and only makes you look like a heartless jerk.

  86. Sarah-Jane says:

    Cutest. Funeral. EVARS!

  87. Copperbat says:

    @Missy: Thank you for putting my thoughts to such well-chosen words.

    What kind of bitterness makes people say such nasty things about how someone chooses to pay tribute to a little friend who has gone? You don’t like it? By all means, politely mention it if you feel it’s not in good taste. But the ugly attacks? Wow, people. Get some perspective, please. Especially ironic is the ugly attack from the person telling us to get some perspective.

    In many cultures and countries, these types of remembrances (even for pets) are common and accepted. Gifts, flowers, cards, etc offered to the departed as well as the survivors. Friends, parties, and wakes to send them on their way, celebrating their best and happiest memories. Keepsake photos are taken. Leaving is a part of living. Remembering is a part of healing. I find these pictures charming. I feel sorry for those of you who seem incapable of the smallest bit of respect while the world says its sappy goodbyes to a CO friend.

  88. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Rest in peace, little furball. You were well loved.

  89. Kimberly says:

    Since when it is not appropriate to celebrate a hamster’s life by being realistic about its last day, and its funeral?

    Since when does “cuteness” have to be stupid and sanitized and ignorant of the circle of life that all of us must follow? What, if we like “cute” things, we have to also be naive and not realize that our pets are going to leave this mortal coil? Are they somehow less cute, and less loved, when they leave us?

    Gruesome photos would not be appropriate here. Violent photos would not be appropriate. But a respectful photo of a hamster funeral, complete with very much alive animal buddies, is very cute. It’s not morbid, it’s not ugly, and it’s not inappropriate for this site.

    Bułeczka is very cute, and very loved, in life and in death. The photos are a wonderful celebration of that. If you think they’re a downer, you need to grow up and join the adult world.

  90. Cloud's Kim says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. What a sweet little hammie!

    Oh, and by the way, can we please watch our language … it is neither cute, nor attractive, and it makes one seem extremely ignorant. If you don’t have anything nice to say, it is best not to say it, especially if you know it is going to tick people off. So you don’t like the post, fine, but you can express that without being so crass. Kaythanks =)

  91. My condolences. It reminded me so much of the hamsters we had over the years, how sweet they were and what a short time they were with us.

  92. La Katie says:

    My main thing is…why present it this way? There’s been plenty of great animal memorial posts in the past without this level of exhibition. Picture, explanation, ‘sorry for your loss’ and then comments to let others show their community with the person who is dealing with the death. Even having the “last outing to the park” and then a link to the gallery with a suitable warning would have been better.

    As it stands, this doesn’t feel like someone documenting death in a Victorian way. This feels like slipping in the photos of someone’s Uncle Frank’s corpse with the summer vacation pictures. “Oh, yeah, there’s that too. I know you weren’t planning on seeing that, but I thought they were good photos, don’t you? They miss him so much.” And there you are, feeling like a jerk because you’re torn between wanting to say that you’re sorry for their loss while also handing them back quickly and saying, “I don’t want to see these.”

    So you can say that the people who are reacting this way are selfish brats all you like, but it’s not easy to handle feeling this way in a situation like this one. It’s hard looking at it and saying, “That’s so sad” and at the same time feeling like there was no warning, like you’ve become a voyeur to this emotional upheaval without any real say when all you wanted was to look at a site you’ve possibly paid money to help support (desk calendars, anyone?).

    So, to Pyza, I’m sorry for your loss. Losing loved ones, even small and furry, is a horrible experience.
    To Meg, could we go back to the old-style, sweet memorials?

    [Um, that’s exactly what this is. Really. – Ed.]

  93. I actually teared up at this, especially after visiting the Flickr pages and reading the owner’s commentary…I lost my hamster a long time ago. I was at school when my mom took her to the vet’s to find out what was wrong (she wasn’t walking and her back looked bent and we had no idea how it happened). She had to be put down while I was at school but my mom and the vet took pictures and I put them up in the a little space where her cage had been…*tearing up again*

    I didn’t find the dead pictures to be in anyway disturbing. It’d be one thing if, say, the dead animal looked dead, but that sweet hammie just looks like she’s sleeping. If you don’t like the pictures, then move on, scroll down, put it out of your mind. It boggles me that people can feel so upset by this that they need to leave cruel comments; I hope the owner doesn’t read these (or if she does, that she doesn’t pay these ’nuffers any mind).

    And I can’t understand people who take time out of their day to visit a site for cute animals and yet can’t understand why people would be upset that someone’s pet had died. Our pets are not just animals we care for, they are our friends and family. So the sting is very painful and real when our pets pass on. Many of us understand the hurt this owner is feeling and are even reminded of our own past losses, so yes we’re moved to tears by the story of an owner’s last treasured day with her little hammie. If you can’t understand that…well, I feel sorry for you.

  94. RedKitten says:

    Sorry, Megan S. I was getting my Megans confused, and apologize for attributing comments to you that you did not make. That was careless of me.

    I’m not really sure that I get your point about kids being confused or upset and the parents not being ready to deal with that. Parents take their kids on car trips all the time. Once in awhile you see roadkill — you’re not expecting it, but you deal with it. That’s part and parcel of being a parent: dealing with those awkward moments when you have to explain stuff that you’d rather not explain.

    Besides, the photograph only shows a hamster lying down with its eyes closed. The only real indicator that the hamster was no longer among the living was when it said that there was a funeral. So it’d be an easy enough landmine to avoid if the parent really wanted to. And if a kid is old enough to both read and understand the word “funeral” and what it implies, then they’re probably old enough for their parents to give them the life and death talk.

  95. kermit says:

    For what it’s worth, I’m glad that the blog admins took the opportunity to feature about animal grief. To me, this is site is not only about cute things, but about the way in which people love their theirs pets – from those who dress them up in humiliating outfits, to those who bathe them when it’s not necessary to those who just take pictures of them as they are. I base this opinion on the fact that the majority (if not all) posts/tags are about animals not just broad “cute imagery”, as the “About us” page states.

    For me, “reasonable expectation” was not violated. …

  96. This is so sad but very sweet as well 😦

  97. Why the venom and personal insults? I have to admit I was a little put off by the last two photos, they aren’t my thing. On the other hand, I thought the first ones were really sweet and they made me tear up. But one way or the other, I just don’t see what is to be gained by yelling and cursing about it.

    One question – I haven’t followed many CO comment threads recently – in general have they become this profanity-laden, or is this one an exception?

    [Venom? Personal insults? Profanity? Where??? – Ed.]

  98. Heather says:

    On the whole people seem misinformed. CO is the IP of the blog owner. She and her team can post whatever they want.

    I was sad to see a dead pet, but the way that the “last day” went was so sweet. Even if “only” for “a hamster”.

    It makes me even sadder to think that many people don’t put this much thought into a dog or cat’s passing.

  99. Shannon says:

    RIP little Hammy………soooooo sad……….cry a little tear for you.

  100. My heart goes out to Pyza. My hamster Hrothgar died about a month ago, it was a sad day. Losing a pocket pet is very hard because when you hold them in your cupped hands they make you feel soooo big.

  101. Sniper says:

    I haven’t followed many CO comment threads recently – in general have they become this profanity-laden, or is this one an exception?

    It can get a little salty, but mostly sweet – like a yogurt-covered pretzel. The stuff cropping up this thread is just plain weird. It makes me wonder if there’s a good way to get a donation to CO to show support. (Hint to eds.)

    [We don’t really do the donation thing anymore, with all the ads & merch, y’know… but thanks – Ed.]

  102. cecille says:

    My condolences to Pyza on the loss of little Bu. I tend to think of CO as a community (complete with characters with their own little back stories) instead of just another faceless photo archive, so I appreciated the fact that she was able to share her grief with the people who’d also enjoyed Buleczka in life when she needed to. So while I understand why the last few images made some people uncomfortable, I wish they’d have edited out the vitriol when expressing their opinions. The post wasn’t malicious, nor did it mean to offend — if you disagreed, there would have been no harm in saying so in a more civil manner, just as in real life. And as for the posters who’ve been reacting to the so-called nuffers, I very much appreciate those who’ve been doing so in a calm and lucid way.

    On a totally different note, the drama at the latter end of this thread has totally been comparable to the more… entertaining human-type funerals I’ve attended :p

  103. I thought the title for this website was “Cute Overload” – I’m sorry if others disagree but I do not find anything “Cute” in dead animals or people for that matter and really it is the same to an animal lover!
    I personally find it very sad and depressing having lost a nuber of pets I loved very much – I really think those photos at the end should have been left off- but that is just my personal opinion. I come to this site to see “Cute” stuff!

  104. jess e. says:

    Amy J – No, swearing is definitely not the norm. The comments are usually harmless and/or or hilarious. I don’t know why a pictorial of a clearly beloved hamster’s last days brought out so much anger. Maybe the peeps are starting to feel entitled to “our” daily dose of cute? But remember that C.O. is a gift. Don’t take it for granted.

  105. blessing to the sweet baby

  106. Emilee says:

    what sweet sweet love. i’m so glad the hammie had such a wonderful life.
    i agree that this is cute in the way that this is real life when living with animals. the love this human had for her pet. i know that day when my baby love kitten passes, i will keep every single thing he ever owned. i will take pictures. he will have a funeral. thats how love works with our pets. but to disrespect the owner of the hammie with cuss words and words of anything but support is just downright mean. put yourself in that situation. this is meg’s blog. she has the right to post whatever she wants. and i think she took a very bold step in this. and it really makes me proud to be a CO follower. thank you meg, theo, and not that mike.

  107. Really its dead?

    cant be…. 😦

    how did you know it was going to die beforehand!?

    I actually cried when I saw this…it’s too cute 😦


  108. im just putting another comment so I’ll be notified…

    im still sad 😦

  109. RIP little one, I am glad you were loved…

    I was shaken by the photos, but I understand grief can be expressed in many different ways, including sending photos to CO, and including shouting nasty things at other people. I have a feeling the Eds are trying to make a similar point by leaving the comments with the bad language. [Um, no. – Ed.]

    If someone wanted to do a study about the way humans deal with grief in the internet era, I think there is good starting material in this thread.

  110. Space Cowgirl says:

    While I can say I’ve never been a fan of photography at funerals, everyone grieves differently, and it’s not for us to judge so long as no one is hurt.

    The “offensive” hovertext in the last couple of photos are likely a phenomenon known amongst people with a sense of humour as “whistling in the dark.” Sometimes you’ve cried all you can, so there’s nothing to do other than laugh. Sometimes you can’t cry, but if you don’t laugh you WILL cry. This also falls under the “not our place to judge” category.

    As to “many humans not getting even this much when they die,” or whatever that comment was, that’s because, as this thread nicely demonstrates, humans are prone to being cruel, judgmental, and selfish.

    Any other mysteries of life I need to explain? (Not like anyone reads comments anyway.)

    P.S.: Sandy, I’m guessing the hamster’s person took her to the vet.

  111. Space Cowgirl says:

    Gee, leave it to Rimou to get in under the wire and explain my points for me more succinctly. :p

  112. I was getting ready for bed, priming my head for dreams of kittens (*sometimes* it works), and I get….

    …. *sniff*…..

    ….. I got somethin in my eye.

  113. Space Cowgirl: sorry =o). // Ed: sorry too, bad guess on my part!
    [‘sokay… – Ed.]

  114. Monica the Tiara Chick says:

    Bawled like a baby at the images. The expression on the guinea pig’s face especially made me cry. Peace to the bereaved owner and furballs. The hammie is at the Rainbow Bridge now, rolling around next to her big, bright dandelions.

  115. It’s so heartbreaking to lose a beloved companion. My sympathies to all who knew and loved this little one. I’m going to go give my kitty an extra hug.

  116. serafemme says:

    jenni: you say no one is mocking anyone’s mourning, and then you end your post with “Oh, and has anyone offered the guinea pig bereavement counselling?” because, what, that’s … being thoughtful? sheesh. okay, so you don’t understand why some people feel a need to share their grief by posting pictures such as these: does that automatically make it wrong for someone to share their grief this way? why the need to rain all over someone else’s parade just because they aren’t marching to the beat of YOUR drummer? if you don’t get it, why don’t you at least respect that not everyone feels like you do, and leave it alone? fwiw, it’s not my style either, but i’m not the only person in this world, and i know that others express themselves differently. my sympathies to this hamster’s person. the loss of a beloved being is never easy.

  117. R.I.P little one, I’m glad you were loved so much!

    It can be as painful to lose a beloved pet as a human loved one and the grief as painful:(

  118. I am really sorry for the sweet hamster and the owner, but I avoid sad animal stories. I don’t expect to leave cuteoverload feeling worse than when I got there. I thought this website was supposed to cheer you up.

  119. A pet well loved. R.I.P. little fluff.

  120. Aw! I am so sad! She was soooooooo cute! And my heart goes out to Pyza! Sweet Hammie is now in Jesus’ Arms, having a ball.

  121. suzanne jenson says:

    it brought me to tears.but a smile also,that this pet was loved.sometimes people know when their pets last day is ,what difference would it have made if it lived a few more days?she was sharing her love and her grief for her pet w/the world,most would was obvious it was dying,if it were mr i would have done the same,done her favorite things fed her favorite treats to make her last pleasant,so when they go,they know they are loved.they have personalities you know ,unlike you,jennie you hater.It wasnt like it died tragicly then she show was a peacful death .it was beautiful to see it enjoy the things it loves one last time..what a good mom

  122. I have skimmed through some posts, and want to clarify that Pyza did everything she could for Little Bu. Bu was just too sick and the vet could do nothing more. Bu was WELL LOVED and ADORED by millions of people following Pyza’s Flickr.
    [True enough. Pyza’s pets have shown up on CO with some regularity, too, including the cover of our 2009 calendar. – Ed.]

    This is a stunning tribute to Little Bu and a lovely way for all Bu’s fans to say goodbye too.

  123. Megan F says:

    Count me as another Megan who thinks this post was in terrible taste for a website that is supposed to focus on cuteness, sweetness and light. This was particularly upsetting for me since I visited the site tonight looking to be cheered up after the family dog was put to sleep today. Not even close to what I had in mind.

  124. We’re all dying. What matters is what we do while alive. That little hammy was obviously loved and looked after, and I bet ate more vegetables in his life than I have.

    Rest in peace, dear little one. You were well-loved, and that’s probably better than most beings can say.

    Megan F., I’m terribly sorry for your loss. But you loved your dog, I’m sure, and your dog knew it was loved, I’m equally sure. Take condolence in that, if you can. My best wishes to you and your family at this unhappy time.

  125. Julia (the one in BC) says:

    Will say prayers for sweet little Bułeczka. Om mani padme hum…

  126. Wombats says:

    Awww….precious little ball of floof. **Cry**

  127. long time listener, first time caller.

    this mini photo essay is incredibly poignant and lovely; i felt compelled to chime in with praise and condolences.


  128. Poor little Bułeczka. I hope that her last day was a peaceful, joyous one. Poor Pyza, that has to be awful being with her little one that day.

    I hope that she finds a bit of peace herself knowing that she did everything that she could to make life as good as possible for her little ones.

  129. Miss K says:

    I too cried over this sweet and adoring post. The little one was lucky to have had such a fantastic owner.

  130. I think the last day stuff is borderline, but dead hamsters are not cute. Especially guinea pigs looking on. I come here to feel warm and fuzzy, not sad. A more appropriate tribute would be a collection of the happy times with a memorial statement. You can honor a beloved pet’s passing as a celebration … I just didn’t get that vibe from this. :-/

  131. i lost my much-loved bearded collie boy three months ago, and i still cry when i think of him, and whenever i read or hear about an animal (pet or not) who died, i cry some more.

    death is part of life, and pet owners *know* this as much as anyone else, but we choose to love anyway.

    “just because you’re not looking, doesn’t mean it’s not there…”

  132. Stephanie says:

    I would just like to send my condolences to Pyza. It seems like you did everything you could to make your little hammie feel loved and special. You seem like a very loving pet owner. …

    While I wouldn’t have taken pictures of my deceased pet, or put them on the internet, I am certainly not going to judge someone who does. It’s not like this pet died in some gruesome manner; it simply passed away in a peaceful manner. Everyone grieves in their own manner. I have lost pets before and it is hard to say goodbye, so I can understand why Pyza wanted to take these pictures. I may not agree with it, but I can at least try to understand how she feels and not make snap judgments about her or insensitive snarky comments. It just seems unnecessary.

  133. fatcat says:

    My condolances to the sweet hammie’s owner, as well as my compliments for some very beautiful pictures. Loosing pets is part of life, sadly-and it is *so* hard. Knowing that this hammie had a wonderful last day and was treated with respect and love even after the tiny spirit had departed is comforting, I think.
    Angry people posting (on both sides), do you really think you are helping *anyone* with your comments? /done feeding the nuffers. Will sprinkle pudding on them if they don’t stop ruining a lovely tribute. Oh, and I liked the hovertexts, it kept me from starting to cry because I had to smile!

  134. Poor ham. 😦

  135. Long-time reader, first time poster

    I have to admit that the first pictures were an adorable memorial to Bułeczka, and I can sympathise with Pyza. However I do feel I need to put in a small word – it’s not just adults that read this blog. One particular five-year old reader does understand what the word ‘funeral’ means, but she doesn’t have the maturity to be able to cope well with the concept, and has been thoroughly distraught by all of this.
    For what it’s worth, while I do think memorials are a valid part of what is posted here, I do hope that people might remember in future that some phrases and images really would be more appropriate if hidden behind a link. It’s too easy to forget that some people in this community are very young.

  136. oh geez i’m shedding a tear here – and i have to head to class! (yeah i have class on saturday :p). i’m dreading the day when my little sammy (also a hammy) dies 😦 i think it was so nice that buleczka got to spend her last day at her fav places

  137. Now I really am confused. Where is this profanity? Where are these ‘snarkey’ comments. I have read through all the posts and I can’t see any.
    [There’s been some cleanup done, Jenni… – Ed.]

    Are people not allowed to have their own personal view point? Some people love the photos and the idea behind it, some people don’t and can’t understand the idea behind it. No one is being rude or insensitive at all, they are trying to express themselves, which is something humans feel a great need to do. Please, please, please could everyone try and stand back a bit and accept that everyone is different and entitled to their own opinion. What’s wrong with saying ‘my opinion is different to yours, lets talk about it, lets try and understand how each other feels’. Or should there be some sort of code that you can put at the beginning of your posts, so that others can avoid reading your comments if they don’t agree with them and continue living in a world where everyone agrees with their point of view – whoops, that comment was OBVIOUSLY sarcastic, rude and unpleasant, I didn’t mean it like that but I wonder how long it will take for someone to jump on me?

    Anyway to finish (as this is driving me mad – I only said I didn’t understand the photos, it’s not a hanging offense – is it?), please note:

    a) yes I do know all about Victorian funeral (and non funeral) death photographs, I used to work in a library for the history of medicine and have seen hundreds of them. No they don’t freak me out, I am just not sure why people would want to put them on their mantlepiece.,

    b) I would never belittle anyone’s grief, as I said before I have lost pets myself and have been devistated and I still miss all of them.

    c) I do understand CO, I have been a daily (actually several times a day) viewer for the last 2 years, I just do not normally comment on any pictures because I treat the site as an amusing, clever distraction to my day. I was under the impression that I was allowed to do this, I didn’t think I ‘had’ to be a ‘CO Person’ and agree with everything posted.

    d) Your Opinion + My Opinion + discussion = Appreciation and Enlightenment
    Your Opinion + My Opinion + no discussion = Ignorance and Fighting

    The little hamsters death photograhps may only be a small point on a small issue but magnify it across the world and you are left in no doubt why one half of the would is trying to wipe out the other half all the time. Can’t we agree to disagree, see each others point and live together in the only world we have?

  138. Let me ask you, those who say “dead animals aren’t cute.” If you were unaware that the hammie was dead in the last two pics, would you still say the photo wasn’t cute? Dead animals that look dead (eyes wide open staring, tire tracks through the midsection, etc) are not cute. But, to me anyway, Buleczka just looks like she’s fast asleep. Adorable little fuzzball.

  139. @Pyza: So very sorry for the loss of your dear little one!! I enjoy your photos and envy your ability!

    Meanwhile, as many have said before, taking pictures at funerals is very common in different cultures.

  140. diddleymaz says:

    “He liveth best who loveth best, both man ,and bird and beast” Coleridge

  141. Sweet and touching post.

  142. berthaservant says:

    Jenni @4:05 am:

    Theo (or as some people call him, “Ed.”) has removed an earlier post where someone used the f-word to very negatively express his/her reaction to this post. I posted a comment shortly afterwards suggesting that it might be appropriate to at least censor the offending word (that post was also removed as it is now irrelevant). This happens frequently with CO, proof that Meg, Theo, and NTMTOM are watching and deciding what THEY think it offensive/inappropriate, etc. Since it’s their blog.

    [Yep. I’m big on politeness and respect, too. Carry on… – Ed.]

    Death of any sort brings out very strong reactions, peeps. I certainly understand people’s need to express themselves because yeah, this post definitely challenges/expands our usual boundaries of “cute.” Some of us, for example, might think two animals trying to, uh, procreate, might be cute for whatever reason. others would obviously think it is very inappropriate.

    I think we’d do best to let us express how we feel without trying to “mix it up” or convince each other that one side is “right.” The facts are that this IS a private blog space, it is has REPEATEDLY presented itself as “PG-13” in terms of some subject matter or occasional saucy language, and that we are allowed to post here not because it is our right to free speech but because Meg let’s us. I’m not the type to criticize a host for what she chooses to serve her guests; I will respectfully pass on things I don’t enjoy, or confess that something isn’t to my taste, but I don’t tell the host that she’s wrong for serving something I don’t like or demand that she cater to my taste and mine only even though there are many other people besides me to entertain.

    I will close by saying that even though this is probably the saddest memorial post ever on CO, I’m really grateful to have my emotions touched by a pet hamster living and dying on another continent, and the owner who clearly adored the pet (and the others she has documented over time). I wish to God I had had a digital camera to take more pictures of my beloved Rider, who passed five years ago, even in his last days and his last moments (and I am NOT a picture-taking or picture-keeping person in general). I’d love to show them to my friends (and to everyone here) and say, this was my friend who I loved every single minute of the 13 years he lived with me, the last time I got to see him with my eyes. And I wish I had a final picture of him with Bertha, too, since they were best friends. I don’t see how sharing that love and devotion is inappropriate simply because it intersected with one of the more painful realities of life.

    (And yes, I was surprised to see the “funeral” pictures, and the hovertext seemed a bit weird until you read the hovertext on the following photo, but it’s not unusual. Growing up without proper pets, my brother and I as children held a funeral for our first goldfish, Charlie, whom we buried in a plastic bag in our backyard).

    [We are who we are. Also, well written, thanks… – Ed.]

  143. You know what people are missing?
    She took photos of the “sleeping” ham because hammers little friend guinea pigger was there to say goodbye, and I think that is incredibly sweet and cute.
    It makes me very sad to see a dead -anything-, but it’s touching how lovingly Bu was laid to rest.

    The point being, guinea pig friend was there to say goodbye, and I think it’s very cute.

    I’m so sorry for your loss, pets are the greatest friends no matter how big or small.

  144. Wow, Theo/ Ed., I can understand Jenni’s confusion – awesome and thorough editing job!! The world is a much more civil place now, thanks!!

  145. maralisil says:

    I knew this would be controversial, and I didn’t understand what I was seeing at first. That being said, it’s the sweetest little funeral I’ve ever seen! Condolences to the nice person who cared for this fur baby.

  146. I was sad, but then it was followed by “Pup to go” and the Dancing Bird. Then I felt better. Just a suggestion though, if you post more memorial/ funeral pix maybe you could post a few really cute pix after so we can cheer up? Maybe some ‘tocks, or shnozzles?

  147. temperance says:

    what i really love about C.O. is how it encompasses the entire human/animal experience- the good & bad, the sublime & gross, the silly and sad. i love a good baby animal picture, but it doesn’t touch my heart the way an old friend does…and why not remember that old friend even into the hereafter?

    i have my own problems with death, it’s true- but it IS a very natural part of life, everyone’s gotta do it eventually. when i see someone grieving as much as i have for my critters, it comforts me to know there are others out there who feel what i’ve felt, what i’m still feeling.

    kudos to C.O. for continuing to grow and change over the years- life is so much more than just cutie animal pictures, and i’m glad you aren’t afraid to acknowledge the whole beautiful, messy package that we’ve been given. my hope is that those who were uncomfortable with these pictures will perhaps, eventually, take from them a more positive feeling towards death. really- isn’t that what makes life so incredibly precious in the first place?

    and to pyza: my most heartfelt condolences…

  148. Michelle says:

    I find this post to be in incredilbly poor taste. Death and funerals for beloved pets are not *sweet*, and they are certainly not *cute*. I thought the entire point of “cuteoverload” is to showcase cute things–not dead things. This is an overload of grief and sadness.

    Meg has the ability to post whatever she wants–this is very true. But, with that in mind, I don’t think I’ll be buying a CO calendar any time soon…I don’t want to “accidentally” turn to a page with THIS kind of thing on it.

    P.S. I thought that the Pasickie post was incredibly cute. This isn’t even close to the same thing, for those who like to bring that post up for comparison. Death vs. cute baby…I’ll take the cute baby ANY day.

  149. @earlybird 1 : you said exactly what I was thinking, everyone DOES mourn in their own way and compassion and empathy for the bereaved rather than sarcasm and criticism are called for. Death is a part of life and rituals (even those that offend your own cultural sensibilities) are what help people get through these times. To the caretaker of this sweet ham: ((hugs)) , To Meg: carry on

  150. anna-jean says:

    death is not something that we should hide from, tuck away, or not be open about. it is the most natural thing in the world. and children have the right to know that it’s a part of life in a language that they will understand.
    i think this post is beautiful and shows that even during a terribly sad moment in someone’s life they can find beauty and a bit of cuteness.

    sweet lil guy.

  151. Anne Boleyn says:

    Sad that the nuffers don’t understand what lovingkindness is. They are really missing out. Sending tender understanding to all who have lost someone or some thing that made life better.

  152. elizabet says:

    =( he iz with jesus now in a carot patch now

  153. I’m not a regular poster either but wanted to chime in here. Yesterday I took my cat to the vet and found out that I probably don’t have much time left with her. I don’t know what to do! Growing up I moved around so much, I didn’t get to know older people and I didn’t have any pets – I’ve been to one funeral in my life (for a human) and that was because we were cleaning up the church afterwards, I didn’t know the person or anything. Death wasn’t a part of my life until I lost my first cat when she was a kitten (this one’s sister) and then it was a matter of, we took her to the vet one day and she was put down the next. There was no dealing with it because it was a shock. They offered me her ashes afterwards and, 8 years later they are still sitting on a shelf in my pantry because I don’t know what to do with them. So now what? What the hell am I supposed to do?? How do I know when to make the call and let my angel baby go because she is suffering too much?

    Anyway, getting a little too personal. But the point is – it is very reassuring to me to see that people can and do figure it out. And people may not agree on what is the right way to do it, but it sounds like everybody has a pretty good internal guide on a way that feels right to them. So I guess I have to trust that I’ll figure it out too.

  154. Meg, wonderful post. despite the commentroversy, I think its clear that most everyone here is moved and stirred by the love displayed by the hammie hooman. Besides with all the problems in the world, how anyone could give a hammie’s ass about the fact that you chose to display these photos is beyond me. This was one slice of human decency amongst a world of pain and things that are worth getting angry about. Bravo, Meg. Bravo. Love, Dora

  155. Katrina says:

    Sad to say, cute things die. We love them. But depending on emotional age and temperament, we need to acknowledge that it is a life cycle, and ours is longer than those of most of our pets’. Children can learn many things from this thread. They can learn compassion, dignity, empathy, lovingkindness and they can learn that when they mourn, there is a socially acceptable way to do that with other people around who also love you and will comfort you. Good gravy, Peeps, From every cultural perspective, those are bonuses. If I had a five year old I would study this with him or her and explain, using the sweet pictures, an age-appropriate answer to death and grieving. This is a perfect textbook, thank you again, my fellow Peeps, for showing how your love for your animals extends to everything they need.

  156. natalie burke says:

    It looks like your adorable hamster had a wonderful last day on earth. Thanks for sharing.

  157. Dvmarie says:

    I feel for the owner, but I consider this type of thing a private matter not to be on display for the world. It seems weird to me.
    and it was incredibly sad….
    not cute

  158. claudemarie says:

    I love how some blame CO on ruining their day. Groan.

  159. Oh no, I’m at work. No place for tears. Especially since I’m a front-desk worker.
    *sniffles and tears*
    I can’t stand this parting with animals thing.
    *breaks down*

  160. I remember my hams last day. He was so weak he feel asleep in his bathroom, I sand him his special song and he slowly lifted his head up and looked at me. I’m sorry for your loss but I hope it’s a condolence knowing what wonderful lives our hams have had. When I die I want to go to hammy heaven.

  161. oh god, so cute!! the messy fur! so cute.
    i had hams when i was little and i took Hamish and Kevin to the park all the time

  162. my thought goes to your beloved hammie.

  163. manekineko says:

    Thank you for posting this. I cried and cried and cried, and hugged my kitty who was bundled up in my bathrobe.

    I totally understand that some folks might have been put off by this: “I come for teh qte, and instead, I get an obituary to some random hamster?!”

    But to me, and to many regular readers, I think, Bu was not just some random hamster. Her very cute adventures have been featured here many times, and so we’ve come to know her, in some small way. Yes, I also wish I hadn’t seen these pictures – but that’s because I wish Bu were still alive and well. I feel the same way about other “regulars”, like Winston and Maru. If something were to happen to them, I’d feel awful, but I’d want to know about it.

    And I think that’s part of what I like about this site as opposed to, say, kittenwars. I do visit sites like that from time to time, but they can’t really hold my attention (cute, cute, also cute, yep that’s cute, more cute, yes, I get it… cute). CO isn’t just one googly-eyed fuzzball after another. There’s always a little story, a little peek into the lives of the animals and their owners. That’s what makes the site so engaging to me.

    So again, thanks, and my deepest condolences to Pyza.

  164. edward says:

    @Kish; you know what to do. Lots of treats, lots of playing, lots of cuddles and lots of pictures of a happy cat who felt safe and loved and lived a long life with you; who is quite literally part of your life, and will always be. My absolute best wishes for you and your cat on this journey. And if you have a chance, give that cat an extra scratch behind the ears for me.

  165. Kish, I just read your post and I am so sorry to hear about your kitty! : ( I have three of my own and I know I will be devastated when the day comes that I lose one of them. I think you will know when to let your baby go and when it happens, there will be lots of people here at CO to support you and sympathize with you.

  166. Jeanine says:

    Thanks for making me cry on a Saturday!

  167. skippymom says:

    I think the funeral pictures are absolutely just as sweet and touching as the other pictures of this dear little creature, and I’m baffled that people are offended.

    Kish, I can only begin to imagine how you are feeling. I send love to you and your baby.
    I have so far managed to remain in complete denial as to Skippy’s mortality. This must be the hardest thing in the world.

    I had a wonderful parakeet named Jim who was my best friend at the time (years before Skippy and I got together). He got very ill and I knew when it was his last day. I sat on my bed all day with him in my hands. At his last moment, he gave one squawk, spread his wings all the way out, tucked them in again and he was gone. I was devastated, but was so glad that we were together and he knew he was loved to the very end.

  168. Arlene says:

    So sad! If it wasn’t for their short life span, I’d have a hundred of those little guys.

  169. The last picture:
    OK I have lost enough beloved little friends in the course of my life, and I too felt….uneasy when I saw the last pic. I didn’t question the love, we all already knew that was one L-O-V-E-D hammie! (Maybe more than some of the people complaining.) It made me think back to all the ones I’ve lost, and wonder did I do as good a job? Did I show them how much I cared? And it made me sad, but it also made me think of all the good times I had. Ultimately I said…”Hmm maybe I’ll focus more on the feelings of Pyza who’s just been crushed emotionally, than my own microscopic unease.” Guess some people can’t do that.

    After reading all the posts of the kind people here though I feel better about it and now it doesn’t bother me at all. In fact, the more I thought about it the more I could ONLY remember the very best times and the single cutest moments that I ever had with my furry little buddies. (Prairie dogs fall over backwards sometimes when they give you the “Hello I’m happy to see you!” Yip,..sooooo funny and cute) *lol*. So see…maybe this is a doorway to cuteness, but like one of those “gotta unfocus your eyes to see it 3d stereoscopic images” some people just don’t get it.

    /end ranting

  170. RIP widdle Bułeczka 😦

  171. Animal Lover says:

    If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all.
    Really people?!?! You KNEW going in this would be a sad post because its title says it all. Yes, the last photos may have surprised some, but saying that it was distasteful to post those is unnecessary commentary. You may not like it, but you don’t always have to put your 2 cents in, especially in such a discourteous manner and at a trying time for this little hammie’s owner. Even if you MUST make your opinion heard, this is not the place to do so; contact an admin with your objection. Or, just leave the post and look at others.
    To Pyza, I am so sorry you have to put up with people disrespecting your wishes of a final CO sendoff for Bu.

  172. That’s so beautiful. Incredible.

  173. Lovely and cute, but still very touching.

  174. Starlinguk says:

    Hi! Is this nuffing 101?

    Poor wee hammie. If someone wants to share a moment like this, then let them.

    As for the caps, even during the saddest funerals, we (our family) have always had a giggle. Are we bad persons now?

    Anyhoo, this is one of the reasons I won’t give my son a hammie, they just don’t live long enough, and I don’t want to cope with so many dead behbehs. It’s sad enough that cats and dogs only live part of our lives.

  175. Any time a pet dies, it’s a sad day. I’m glad this little hamster had such a nice last day though. I wish they lived longer.

  176. Copperbat says:

    Loved the hovertexts.

    I’m not surprised by the reactions of some people here. If there are people who come unhinged at photos of a cat leaping into the air while playing, or recoil in disgust at a video of a tiny child babbling incoherently, there will certainly be people who are horrified by something as sweet and innocent as a pet hamster funeral. I find it bizarre and wonder how people like that get through a day without emotional collapse… but I’m not surprised.

  177. RIP little Ham. I like to think of us all as a family. We’ve seen pictures of Bu before and i thank them for sharing this sad and touching moment with us. I was moved to tears at the thought of this ham passing away, but even more so by the harsh, mean comments made by some of these people. We all have a choice. So next time, choose not to look and PLEASE choose NOT to comment. And let the rest of us be. I love CO for this reason. Its not just about kittens and rainbows, but about life. Thank you Pyza, and Cute Overload for reminding me just how precious life is. I’m going to go hug my dog and kiss my kids. :’ )

  178. Wow, you all have *waaaay* too much time on your hands that you could be doing something useful rather than griping about what some person put on their blog. You know, like work if you happen to watching this site while-at-work.

    The post was sweetly sad, but I loved the captions. RIP.

  179. Getting a little dark on Cute Overload.

  180. googlie eyes says:

    I think I screwed up my smiley face :).

  181. googlie eyes says:

    Okay NOW I see the entitlement everyody was talking about. I will argue until my last breath for the right to free speech, but the way some people are talking here is symptomatic of a consumerist ideal that I find more distasteful than any deceased hamster. You have a right to speak, sure, but to make assumptons that Cute Overload is confined to “sweetness and light” and to assert that including death as a part of life is in bad taste, those comments fly in the face of several belief systems. That is the offense in my book.

    Consumerism (your “right” to enjoy anything you subject yourself to) can really limit your ability to find enjoyment in new experiences. Sometimes stretching yourself (even when it’s painful) can enrich you as a person. Not everything has to be easy.

    Keep in mind, no one has to read the above musings. I’m just joining the soap-box derby :o).

  182. RIP, little one! How I recognize that look of messy fur on a pocket-pet that is to old and sick to groom herself. This brought back sad, sweet, and funny memories of my ratties.

    As Cambridge Rat Mom says, they don’t live very long. When my first rattie-love Susanna (see rat on piano in a 2005 post on this site), I actually had to take her to the vet to be put down. She had lost the use of her back legs and, though kept comfortable with yummy apple-flavored steroids for a while, had become less and less mobile, mostly unable to clean herself, and didn’t seem to be leading a happy life anymore. The ex-boyfriend I had gotten her with actually drove 2 hours to come with me to the vet and say good-bye. Her last moments were awful because the inhaled anesthetic wasn’t working, and we finally had to move to another room and try a different kind. Finally, she was gone. My heart ached so much!

    A few months before, my fiancee (now husband) had found Susanna’s cage-mate, Barry, dead in the cage. We were visiting my parents’ place a few days later, and buried him in the back yard. My mom, fiancee, Susie, and I were in the back yard solemnly burying him, when Bethany, my parents corgi, came bounding around the corner with a big corgi smile on her snout. She was so happy to have company, and to have that company out in “her” yard with her, that she did a few gleeful laps, tongue lollin, around the yard. It was nice to be reminded of all the life left around us. We all laughed and I said, “Hey, Bethany loves a good funeral!”

    To some people if it’s smaller than a cat or a dog, it’s hard to understand the grief and heartache and emptiness you can feel when losing a beloved companion. It’s good to see someone else taking so much care with their little pet.

    Thank you Pyza, for a great idea for next time (because I hope there will be many more ratties in my life).

    And thank you, CO. I know this is a private blog, but I just want to say that this is EXACTLY the kind of thing I come to CO for.

  183. Oh my gosh, this was so sad :(. I have had many hamsters and know how sad it is when they pass on, but at least she got to see her favorite things one last time. RIP Bułeczka!

  184. No offense intended to the wonderful CO people, of which there are many, but reading things like this in the comments make we weary to the bone. This site doesn’t necessarily have to be sweetness and light in the post itself, but the comments should be at least a little congenial and polite. It’s such a mixed bag here now- this could have just as easily been a delightfully sympathetic collection of comments about beloved hamsters and tiny funeral preparations. I know that the real CO’s collective sense of humor is up to that.

    Instead, I find a mess of nuffers.
    That depresses me more than pictures of a dead hamster.

    [Heh. Should’ve seen it BEFORE the cleanup… hmm. Or not. – Ed.]

  185. I am so sad!! ;_; That is so touching, sweet and endearing…especially the second picture. She looks so happy, so peaceful. RIP you cute little girl!

  186. Little Bu looked tired and worn out, enjoying her last day in the park, but still tired. The last photos ripped me apart, but she was over the pain and the old-age. I kind of wished they hadn’t been published, but that’s okay, too.

    E5tr14, many good thoughts to you and the memory of your bun. I’ve lost buns, years and years ago, and they were good, silly pets.

  187. David Spor says:

    I enjoy visiting this website on an almost daily basis and will continue to do so while posting the occasional comment. Nevertheless I am dismayed by the people who think that posting critical comments – not the criticisms themselves, but the act of making critical comments – is somehow wrong. While we can all agree that downright hostile language is inappropriate, there is nothing inappropriate about registering one’s opinion that something is less cute than morbid. This is, after all, a place to make comments, and I have yet to see a rule stipulating that all comments be supportive of the post. Yet some presume to demand that people self-censor by insisting that critical comments be left out – that if you can’t say something nice you shouldn’t say it at all. Ironically, if that last maxim were put into practice by these same critics, they would keep their comments to themselves.

    As for me, I will keep visiting, enjoying, and occasionally commenting. Most of the comments will be supportive, but some could be negative. If you don’t like them, feel free to comment! 🙂 That’s the beauty of free speech.

  188. I think that it is terribly sad to lose a pet and if your way of coping is to photograph such an incredibly important event at the end of the life of a pet that you have photographed continuously (as the owner has *see flickr*) then it all makes perfect sense.

    Losing someone is a terribly hard part of life but as studies have shown in all scenarios of loss, the ability to laugh and use humour in an upsetting situation often helps the victim/mourners cope far better and eventually recover from their loss. Dwelling on things in a sombre and negative fashion is destructive and damaging for the soul, and no matter how much heartache has been caused, being able to pick yourself up and smile about all the good times is what counts.

    I think its lovely that this little montage of photos have been posted on CO. It is a private blog which has featured this little cute creature many-a-time and I think its an incredible sign of respect and honour that the Ed decided to post such moving and touching photos. Anyone who has followed these daily doses of adorable fluffball-related fun must see how recognising the contributions of the many pets and their owners should be commemorated when those pets are alas no longer with us.

    [I know this is splitting hairs, kinda, but “Ed.” means Editor, i.e. me, Theo; Meg was the post author, and Pyza was the photographer/submitter/bereaved of yet another hamster. – Ed.]

    Please calm down. Please respect the meaningfulness of this post and please just stop being so angry at each other. Cute Overload might not always be filled with fluff because, well….life isn’t always that way. Showing all the different shades and depths of the lives of humans and their pets isn’t a traditional concept of “cute” but heck, its far more meaningful and poignant than a cat in a costume (per example, no offence to any costumed cats!) that no-one knows as opposed to someone’s dear and treasured pet who was ill for so long and who is finally at peace.

    Love and respect each other and creatures. Life is happier that way.

  189. Hugging my warm furry pups extra hard today.

    May all of us be comforted until we meet our loving furbabies on the other side of the rainbow bridge.

    To all who think it’s in “poor taste” or otherwise not up to your exacting standards of “cute”, no one forces you to read this site. You read the title of the post, didn’t you? There is nothing keeping you here against your will, so why be nasty and negative? As my daddy always said, if you can’t say something nice, say nothing at all. Okay? Peace.

  190. Sincere condolences on the loss of your little Bu. She was very clearly a greatly loved ham and you two are so fortunate to have shared your lives with one another.

    As my vet said when our first cat died and I took it incredibly hard, ‘If you agree to love, you agree to grieve.’ It seems like such a harsh bargain, but it’s the truth and would any of us trade our time with departed loved ones to avoid grief? Grief is part of the story of life and love. It’s not the prettiest, easiest, most fun part. Perhaps grief, though hard on the griever, is in itself a tribute to the deceased.

    Thank you, Pyza and CO, for sharing this part of Bu’s life with us.

  191. Redbone says:

    It’s so sad to lose a beloved pet. Poor old girl, but when it’s time, it’s just time. Such nice photos. I know the little girl had a good last day with her human. Reminds me of the old song, “Vorrei Morire.”

  192. I think the first photos were incredibly sweet, and I love that she gave her pet one last good day. It was obvious that this hamster was well loved and well cared for and I think those photos really showed that.

    However, I think the last two pictures should have just been linked to or at least posted with some kind of warning between the first set and those. I’m not saying they are gross or yucky or even disrespectful, but I think they might be triggering or upsetting for someone who has recently lost a pet.

  193. Animal Lover says:

    @David Spor: You are totally correct sir! Free speech is great…that’s why we can have this ‘debate.’ I agree, comments do not have to be positive all the time, but the injustice here really is that people are more or less attacking the poster/site, and that is unneccessary.
    And my comment wasn’t ‘not nice’ by any means, just my musings on the situation.

  194. dylanimore says:

    My hamster *pokes icon* might have a tumor, so now I’m really sad. Those last two pictures horrified me 😦 Tangelina’s only 9 months old, and this hamster…. looks like her.

  195. dylanimore says:

    And I’m very sorry that you lost your pet. Its very hard, but there’s always a warm and fuzzy place for you in Bul’s heart, and to you for her, too. Feel better.

  196. Kallisto73 says:

    Thanks for this. My thoughts go out to Pyza.
    There is nothing wrong with this post. I’m sad about the fact that the hammie is dead.
    Here in Ireland, we have open caskets, and we do take pictures of dead people. Maybe it is just a cultural thing.

  197. Lauren H. says:

    I kind of wish I hadn’t seen the pictures of the dead hamster. Not saying it’s not a sweet story, but I look at CO to give myself a few minutes’ respite from a very stressful job. Judging by the number of comments, I’m sure there is a flamewar going on right now (I didn’t read all 197 comments) but my personal preference is to not see anything quite so sad. A puppy in a cast is one thing, but an animal that’s died? It may be reflective of real life, but I work in a burn unit. Please let me have this corner of light to retreat to.

  198. Aw, sniff :’-(

  199. Rachel V. says:

    This is lovely. Once when I was at the beach, I saw an old lady being carried down to put her toes in the ocean one last time. We should all be as lucky as that lady and this hamster.

  200. RIP, sweetheart. My kitty Mattie went to Kitty Heaven almost 4 weeks ago. The vet let me take her home for just a little while. When we stepped out of the vet’s office, she inhaled deeply and seemed painfree for the first time in a week. I hope little hammie felt the same feeling. Pyza, I wish you better times ahead.

  201. eastlakecounty says:

    I’ve never visited this blog before, but based on the majority of comments here, what a lovely place.

    To be allowed to grieve in your own style shouldn’t be a luxury…it should just be accepted. It’s not like anything awful happened here. A beloved pet was taken into the sun for a measure of joy before parting, and it was documented because someone loved her. Then it was shared because it’s moving.

    Condolences to the owner and thanks, Meg, for a sweet blog. Yes, I said sweet, and I’m including the pictures of the dead hamster in that description.

    [Odd point to come in on, but welcome nonetheless. – Ed.]

  202. A note to Michelle, if she is still reading this thread – when I said “pasickie” I wasn’t making a comparison between the two posts. I agree, the issues are totally different. I was trying to use the word as it has occasionally been used since the original pasickie post: Hey folks, peace! Let’s all think of something that makes us incredibly happy, and smile!

  203. David Spor says:

    @Animal Lover: I’m glad we agree on the value of free speech, but I don’t believe that the critical comments are necessarily “attacks” on either the poster or the site. With the exception of the truly nasty posts, most of them are, if anything, polite, pointed criticisms of of this particular post.

    As for your comment, by good, old-fashioned standards of etiquette it was “nice”, which I appreciate. However, some people seem to implicitly define “not nice” as “anything critical or negative” rather than simply “mean.” It’s perfectly right to advise people to say nothing instead of being mean, especially on a website called “Cute Overload,” but we cannot advise people to never say anything critical or negative on pain of self-contradiction.

  204. Marcie says:

    To Pyza, what a beautiful way to process your grief! As someone who has lost many pets and many others to death, this is a lovely way to remember your little loved one.

    As for the haters, death is a part of life, gotta learn someday. *shrugs*

  205. My condolences to the family. She was obviously very loved.

    I must weigh in here and say I really wish the last two had not been posted, or had been under a link. Very upsetting to come here for a little dose of “cute” and instead get sad reminders of ailing or gone friends.

  206. Elizabeth says:

    AWWW! I’m so sorry!

  207. Significant says:

    I’m pretty surprised that there are people here who want to judge this person in a negative way. It’s a bit immature if you ask me. You have to be quite close-minded to not understand how celebrating a loved one’s passing can be done in numerous ways. I find it quite beautiful that the owner went through all of that to make the passing special to her. I suppose when the people who are chiding the owner pass away, they won’t mind if they’re dumped in their local dump to rot with the rest of the garbage.

    To the owner of the hamster: you have a good heart and that’s EXTREMELY hard to come by in this day and age. *hugs*

  208. Bye bye Bułeczka! You led a lovely pampered life and we got to see a lot of it through your mama’s flickr stream.

  209. Oh my~ The poor girl looked really tired. Nevertheless, it’s one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen. Cried a load in this rainy weekend afternoon… RIP, precious princess. Big hugz to the loving owner. Baroooo!

    LOL@Sarah-Jane, I feel like being troubled by multiple personalities.

  210. Deanna says:

    I am so sorry. I flashed back to when I lost mine. It looked like you gave her a good life. *big hug*

  211. IFNROCK says:

    That was disturbing to say the least. Why did you have to include the pictures of the funeral. I was momentarily without words. Seriously.
    I’ve never liked hamsters all that much, but if I did, I would be even more upset than I already am…


  212. Pyza has so much love for her sweet little hammies and piggy. What a lovely way for little Bu to spend her last day, out in the sun. And the final resting photos are so beautiful and touching. Yes, it’s sad, but what a wonderful way to celebrate the life of her sweet little companion.

  213. One thing I should have said, is too bad for the loss of your little friend. They’re not people, and it’s dismaying to lose one after too short a time of enjoying their company. That’s part of life. I know my cats are going to go sometime, but feel it’s important to appreciate them while they’re still here. And not to worry about them dying, or be too sad when they go. We all go, eventually.

  214. What!? Nobody has mentioned this hamster was a Nazi yet? YOU CALL YOURSELVES COMMENTERS!?

  215. Wynken says:

    That is so sad! Reminds me of when my Didi and Kiki passed away and we had funerals for them. My condolences to Pyza

  216. PunditPawn says:

    I kept going down the page thinking it was going to have a happy ending. Then it ripped my heart out reminding me of when I lost my schnauzer.

    Sorry for your loss.

  217. Rest comfortably, little guy.

    As an aside, I agree with many other commenters that a few of these shots might have been a bit distasteful to post. As a frequent and longtime hamster owner, it was like getting hit in the stomach to see those last two pictures. (In comparison, how many deceased Golden Retrievers or Siamese cats have you seen here?) Perhaps a “Best Of Bułeczka” — a compilation post of some of his good times, celebrating the cute little hammie’s life — may have been more fitting?

  218. Jezebel says:

    Distasteful? I licked the screen and it tasted just fine to me.

  219. Jezebel says:

    PS I know where you can find the truly distasteful: For reals.

  220. I am sorry for your loss Pyza – everyone can see that you loved little Bu very much.

    In my experience, sick or old and ailing animals are best kept comfortable and warm, making sure that they have a peaceful last day. Taking an animal out of the environment they feel ‘safe’ in can put unnecessary stress on them – i hope this was not the case here. Bu looks very tired and weak in her last pictures, which upsets me more than seeing the photos of her funeral.

  221. Shadowtiger says:

    I realize it’s probably too far down to do much good, but @Kish: when their quality of life has decreased to where they don’t have much of a life any more, that’s when you need to think of other options. We all would rather our pets died quietly, in their sleep, with no suffering at all but unfortunately life has a way of not going so smoothly. That’s when the awful, awful responsibility that comes with pet ownership has to come into play–you owe them love, you owe them all the time that you can give them, and you owe them when their life is nothing but suffering to remove that suffering. It isn’t easy, but sometimes there is no other way.

    Recently, my wife and I went through a period where we lost eleven of our rats (out of a total population of 30) to viral pneumonia in a month. Some we found dead, some we rushed to the pet ER for treatment or euthanasia. A few spent days in oxygen tents with nebulized medication and pulled through, but eleven didn’t make it. That same viral cocktail is still jumping from rat to rat in our colony, occasionally taking another of our babies–two weeks ago, my favorite little boy, Jinx, died in the hospital after fighting longer and harder for life than anyone could have hoped. In the end, his lungs were so full of fluid that he essentially had no lungs left, and he still refused to give up. When his time was near, the pet hospital let me see him and scritch his favorite spot and kiss his nose one last time…and when he was in my hands he didn’t recognize me because Jinx wasn’t in there anymore, just a little ball of survival instinct–and I knew that it was his time. Sad though it was, I got to say goodbye and tell him that he was a good boy one last time…a rare event given the suddenness with which death can swoop down and take a loved one away. Those who can’t understand why people would spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars trying to save a $4 rat are those who have never been loved with the kind of ferocious devotion that some rodents are capable of.

    This post brings a lot of that back, but I can’t deny that it was sweet even if it was sad. A fitting tribute to a loyal and loved pocket pet.

  222. That just tore my heart out/stomped on it. 😦

  223. Animal Lover says:

    I read here a comment on (I think it was “Cute and Funny @” ‘s comment )re “dead animals not being cute” and they disagreed- the definition of “Cute” going by the dictionary is “appealing or attactive”. Does anyone here really call something dead “appealing or attactive”? Maybe a steak on the dinner plate!Personally it really upset me having lost adored pets myself!
    I’m sorry if I’m in the minority but I don’t think those photos should have been posted on this website as it the website we come for to see “cute” things- I’m sorry if this offends anyone with me putting in my point of view as it appears a lot of people are offended at some of the many comments that aren’t happy with the content this time! I actually thought it was a free country for people to voice their opinions but it would appear that it is not!

  224. Cuddleslover says:

    There is no other community like cute overload; what a wonderful place where you can share your pets good days, bad days, and last days.

  225. apotheosis says:

    I grew up with hamsters. (Many more of them than I actually expected to, thanks to some gender confusion on the part of the pet store owner.) They weren’t “only” pets at any time.

    This is a wonderful last tribute to the little guy. F the nuffers.

    And Elise, “Hrothgar” is about the coolest hammy name ever. 😀

  226. Michelle says:

    Thank you David Spor for your inciteful post. I too am very dismayed to read so many comments here asking those with negative criticism to just leave and to not verbalize their criticism. I am just as entitled to express my dislike for the photos as others are entitled to express their like for them. And, I’m not sure if it was directed at me or not, but expressing my opinion that the post was in poor taste is not exactly “attacking” the poster or the site.

  227. Teresa says:

    I am so sorry to hear about your loss, Pyza 😦 I did not know Bułeczka, but please accept my condolences 😦

  228. KatieKat says:

    I’m so sad that some people dislike this post… I don’t comment often, but I visit CO every day and enjoy reading the regular posters’ comments and seeing certain ani-pals’ stories continued.
    Pyza is a fantastic documenter of her pets, and I think these photos fit in perfectly with how she loves and honors them: by photographing EVERY aspect of their lives. Those of us who deeply love animals know all too well that most of them need to leave us long before we’re ready to let them go. This was a beautiful tribute to Buleczka, who I like to think is happily frolicking with Chmurka in hammy heaven. I hope they meet my departed darling special-needs puppy there, and will all play in a celestial park together.

  229. Michael Corbel says:

    Oh brother. Get a grip nuffers. It’s not like we are being treated to graphic footage of an animal strangling in their last death throes.

    This was soooo cute, even if it did have a sad ending for little Bułeczka. It’s a sweet, moving tribute that even choked ME up which is not easy to do! Little tired hammy spent her last moments doing the things she loved! There’s nothing negative about that! It’s all very dignified and tasteful. This is coming from a guy who, as a kid living out in the country, had to take his pet dogs and shoot them when they needed to be put down, so it could be worse people!

    Piggy Balbinka paying respects to her little friend is also majorly cute as well. SAD yes, but cute. She needs snorgles of comfort!

    As for Megs captions – ‘earf’ and ‘rest in peas’ were totally appropriate and respectful. Cute language for a cute hammy! 🙂

    And as for potty-mouth hater, stuff it. Just goes to show that there are people in this world who make me appreciate even more the company of animals over some human beings-IF you get my drift!

  230. hamish says:

    Okay, that just made me get all teary. 😦

  231. I think, what we sometimes forget, is that an animal is not supposed to be an extension of our personality, but a creature in its own right. Perhaps the hammie wanted to spend a day in the park before it died, but that doesn’t really make a great deal of sense to people who work with rodents. So the line is fuzzy – when does an adorable art project start to overtake the needs of the animals involved?

    As to if death is cute – I don’t think so, but it someone else does, then who am I to judge them?

  232. How did the owner know it was the pet’s last day? Was it put down the following day? I must have missed all of that. And personally, I wouldn’t post photos of my dead, dearly departed pet. Bad taste all around.

  233. ok, first off, lay off Pyza, she means well.

    I don’t think i’d be showing pictures of my dead pets, especially not on a “Cute” site…(i don’t think i’d photograph them in the first place), but come on you inconsiderate jerks! it’s her way of dealing with grief. For those of you who are ever so “offended” to see a dead animal, how many gruesome movies do you enjoy seeing? Or how many shooter games do you like to play or how much “angry” music do you listen to? Road rage? Double standards.
    If something this small ruins your day….you should reconsider what happiness really is.

    This is just another random post that you chose to take as offensive just so you can blow off some steam. You CHOSE to click the link.Take responsibility for your own actions and stop blaming it on other people. Blaming other people for ruining your good day is BS.

  234. Michael Corbel says:

    Well said J. People are losing perspective all over the place.

    It’s obvious that Pyza loved her pet and took the utmost care to see that sick little Bułeczka spent her last days as comfortable and cared for as possible. I, for one, am happy she shared these final touching moments with us.

  235. Ummm…Animal Lover, for the record, CuteOverload is NOT a country, free or otherwise. Folks need to stop confusing a blog in cyberspace with a democratic country.

  236. But…but…but….Vampy….this isn’t a country? Don’t we have a national anthem and all? (yes, it’s the “I et too moishe” one that Meg has recorded, back around Thanksgiving 2007…my husband and I still sing eet!) And a flag? And a secret handshake?

    [Dunno ’bout no handshakes, but we got us a secret milkshake all right. – Ed.]

    [Butterscotch. Shhhh! 😉 – Ed.]

  237. Our little Maggie (dwarfie, born June 2007, rescued from an NYC Petco) passed on today too. She’ll play along with Bułeczka in Hamster Heaven, where there are fields full of snacks, great big wheels to run in, and endless paper tubes to destroy.

  238. De-lurking to say that this is one my favorite posts ever. I absolutely teared up when I read it, and again when I described it my husband. So sweet and sad. Poor little thing. 😦

  239. I have to comment. I just have to…..

    It isn’t distasteful for this website. I am glad I saw this event unfold on this site. To prove how precious and wonderful life is and that we need to take each and every day into our hearts and live it with the best intentions. Even small pets such as a hamster deserve a final day in the sun. Those last pictures are NOT distasteful. The hamster looks like its sleeping… in its final resting state that all of us will be one day. Let us not forget this *ever*. Love your children, talk to them about them in a calm and peaceful way that this is life. This is the right of passage in life.

    This isn’t gross, this is life to all beings on this earth – great or small.

    [FYI, the comment you’re responding to was a troll & has been removed – Ed.]

    Bless you little ham and gosh I hope you had a wonderful time on this earth. Rest in peace little one….

  240. I’m not a Flickr member so I can’t leave a comment
    for Pyza. But I can here, maybe – her thoughts and feelings on Bu’s passing were so heartfelt and spoke so well of the pain of missing little things. My heart is full for her and the loss of her lovely little one.

  241. missiangel55 says:

    that was so saaaaaaaaaaaad atleast that hamster will have a secend great life in hamster heaven.

  242. Buff McMenis says:

    My first ever post and I have to pick a sad one … (sniffle) But then again, death is the part of life we all come to and that little fellow looked so peaceful it obviously had a loved life. What more could any crittur want?

  243. I have to make one last comment on those last couple of pictures….

    the picture of the ham in his final sleep, is just that… his final sleep. He looks peaceful and finally resting from what I read in the flicker website was him battling cancer.

    I attribute this same to my personal experience of my mom battling cancer, suffering for many years and then finally seeing her in her final sleep.

    One comment my uncle told me while seeing her for a last time – she finally looks like she’s at peace….and it was so true.

    Thanks CO & the ham’s owner for posting this. Reminder to all to not take all cute things for granted and enjoy them all to the fullest each and every day.

  244. sillypucci says:

    This post did not bother me one iota. What does bother me about animals is seeing them dead on a highway one day, and being unable to pull over, seeing them squashed the next. You can’t censor kids from stuff like that, I think kids should see this sort of thing instead. Respectful and dignified, it shows animals are worth proper love.

  245. I cried a little bit when looking at Pyza’s flickr. It was totally unexpected. It reminded me of my hamsters. My favorite little guy passed away when I wasn’t home. It was my first year in college. I couldn’t bring him with me. He died for a few weeks before my mom got the courage to tell me about it. It was so hard to hear that she hid the truth from me. Poor little dude, I never got to say good bye. Hamsters are small, but they’re incredibly sweet. R.I.P. Bu.

  246. wahhhhhhhhhhh

  247. Xenicore says:

    Touching. Hamster lovers are good people.

  248. berthaservant says:

    It’s so difficult to come back to this thread to keep reading but I’m very fascinated and touched by people’s reactions….so many of us have gone through this, some very recently or possibly in the near future, and I think it’s great that for the most part we want to come together and try to be positive about it.

    But I’m only commenting again because I have to point to Meg’s post (#216). Meg, I have said this before, and I know your taken and all, but I love you and I would marry you in a heartbeat. You are one of the coolest and funniest people I don’t really know but pretend to know because I post on your blog. This space has become so amazing and then you make your comment and it’s just like getting a custard pie in the face. (I mean that in a good way). Thank you thank you thank you for who you are. (Teho and NTMTOM are great too).

  249. i am so very sorry for your loss. a pet’s passing is a difficult ordeal to go through. the day before pictures are very touching, thank you for sharing.

    please do not take this the wrong way, when i go to this site, i am wanting to see cute things, not cute things that have passed away. personally, it is hard enough to see the day before pics than i have to see the day of pics. i come to this site to be uplifted, it has become my happy place when i am down. that pic totally made me sad 😦

  250. the last two images might make more sense if you HOVER YOUR MOUSE OVER
    THE PICTURES. the captions really did it for me though. it helps reminds me to enjoy the company of people and animals while they’re still around. might as well make it a good one.

  251. Saint Stryfe says:

    eh, I coulda REALLY done without the last two pictures. The ones above it are a loving tribute.. the last two are sad and the hovertext, I’m sorry, aren’t very funny.

    Not hating here, just saying in the future, less of this.

    /big strong guy, but isn’t crying
    //allergies is all

  252. the only ‘uncute’ thing about this entire subject has been the judgmental reactions from all these people shaking their fingers. if your kid comes here, you shouldn’t be upset ‘with the website’ that your child is ‘distraught’ over this, you should be viewing ALL content and then deciding if it’s suitable for a child to view, that’s honestly your problem. perhaps you should spend less time posting about how upset your child is, and *gasp* check the pages they are viewing before allowing them that privilege. i would absolutely monitor what my children were viewing, rather than blame a website’s content. unbelievable.

  253. Raemie L. says:

    Note: I’ve only skimmed through the comments.
    I enjoyed the photos and the sweet and somewhat cheeky-in-an-endearing-way caps ‘n hovers. I hope Pyza finds closure, and for Buleczka, rest in peace.

  254. Starlinguk says:

    My word, Ed (*snigger*) has been busy.

    *does the pa-sickie dance*

  255. I think this was touching. It’s sad to see the last two pictures but many of us have seen the beginnng and the ending of Bu’s and the rest of the hammie’s stories and I think it’s like seeing a funeral and paying respects. I know this isn’t something that’s “cute” but who gives a damn? The owner of the site can do anything they please and you’re not paying for what they provide so you people who are complaining, you have no basis or need to complain. If you’re upset, move on, and quit making people more upset than they already are.

  256. Please. Won’t anyone think of the guinea pig? There’s a perfectly cute peeg in them thar pictures and I don’t think his little feets are being given enough squeeing attention 😉

    Very sad about Bu… 😦

  257. Bobbie says:

    Sorry, but I have never owned a Hammie….how do you know when it’s the last day?

    I do think this picture essay is very sad.

  258. lefty1019 says:

    i wish i had one of those hamstersbut istill don’t get when do you know when is there last day

  259. sillypucci says:

    Bobbie I think others have said the hammie probably had a vet appointment after a long illness.

  260. Bobbie says:


    Oh. You know I couldn’t own one because they don’t live too long, do they?

  261. Go with God dear little Bu. Romp in the sun and dandelions and be with all your friends. We all love you.

  262. I never liked hams, till I met Bu. I truly cried over this story.

  263. bookmonstercats says:

    We’ve had lots of hams. If you’re lucky (and we mostly were) they will live until just beyond two years old. They usually look permanently dishevilled when they get to that age. We popped them over to the vets every now and then, to make sure they had quality of life. When the time came, we gave them love and wished them God-speed on their journey to wherever hams go.

  264. I know how it feels when ur hammy dies. Been there

  265. vikki marie says:

    awww….so sad. goodbye sweet little hampsty

  266. Wow! A real life internet argument!

  267. @Brandi: “The owner of the site can do anything they please and you’re not paying for what they provide so you people who are complaining, you have no basis or need to complain. If you’re upset, move on….”

    Amen, sister. I was thinking more about this post and blogs in general and I still don’t see how people feel they can expect certain kinds of posts from the blogger. Sure, a reader can opine, “I didn’t really find that cute, but I guess you and others do” or something like that and then, as you suggest, move on. But to say things like, “I come here for fun/cute/an escape from my uncute job/etc., not to see [whatever was just posted]”, that I don’t get. It’s Meg’s blog. You don’t like something? Fine, say so (if you must) and move on, but no one has any right to have expectations of someone else’s blog.

    As for kids seeing a hamster funeral: pet deaths are a perfect opportunity to introduce the idea of death to kids. As for kids seeing/hearing things you’d rather they not see/hear: you could use the experience as best you can according to their age; talk about what they saw/heard; ask them what they think about it; share why you don’t approve or explain why you would’ve done/said something different.

  268. springheeled says:

    My heart breaks every time a beloved furry friend passes on; whether he/she was part of my life or not.
    Having raised (rescued) and lost nearly 30 ferrets, as well as my dear dwarf hamster, the life and loss of Bułeczka touched me.
    Thank you for sharing such wonderful photos (Flickr) of such a beautiful life.

    Blessings to you and your loss, Pyza. Beautiful Bułeczka waits on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge, eager for your embrace.

  269. What I like to do is to go into someone’s house, and then criticize their choice of art on their walls. If it’s a picture I don’t particularly like, I make sure to point out that I find it distasteful. If it makes me sad, then I say something like, “Wow, that really depresses me… Thanks a lot buddy!” I then ask that they not have similar pictures on the walls the next time I choose to visit their house. I have come to expect my friends to only put up pictures that please me, and I think that is quite reasonable. I mean, I go to their house expecting to have fun, so why shouldn’t I complain! And if I bring my kids, and I don’t like something I see, I make sure to berate my friends because it is their responsibility to make sure that my kids don’t see anything I don’t want them to. Strangely enough, I haven’t been invited back to many houses….

  270. Maw, I think I need to take that photo to the local printshop, get it enlarged to poster size, and hang it on my office wall. 😆

  271. dragondreamz says:

    So sorry to hear of your loss. May her tiny spirit bring smiles into your dreams forever!

  272. Katfighter says:

    I can’t keep away from this debate.

    @Ariel – your analogy is EXACTLY what I would have said if I was that smart! 🙂 The depth of some people’s self-centeredness never ceases to amaze me.

    I still think this is one of the sweetest, most touching posts ever on CO.

  273. Melissa says:

    Can someone PLEASE tell me how you know it’s their ‘last day’? Do you take it to the vet just like a cat or dog and ‘put it down’?

  274. Maybe you’ve had hamsters before. Maybe you’ve had LOTS of hamsters before.

  275. Sgt Friday says:

    Oh, I’m sorry, little hammie.

    RIP. 😦

  276. serafemme says:

    “I think we’d do best to let us express how we feel without trying to “mix it up” or convince each other that one side is “right.” The facts are that this IS a private blog space, it is has REPEATEDLY presented itself as “PG-13″ in terms of some subject matter or occasional saucy language, and that we are allowed to post here not because it is our right to free speech but because Meg let’s us. I’m not the type to criticize a host for what she chooses to serve her guests; I will respectfully pass on things I don’t enjoy, or confess that something isn’t to my taste, but I don’t tell the host that she’s wrong for serving something I don’t like or demand that she cater to my taste and mine only even though there are many other people besides me to entertain.”

    a big ol’ “brava” to you, berthaservant.

  277. serafemme says:

    @ ariel: lmao. perfect!

  278. I think in the way that she described Bu on her last couple of day was indicative of Bu’s last day. You can just tell physically; the way they respond to things, how they’re not as eager to do their favorite activities but to just sleep. She said Bu fell asleep in the dandelions and I wouldn’t find that normal for hamster that’s hanging out outside.

    Plus I believe the vet gave her a window in which she thought Bu would pass.

    I know that I had a family emergency one day and when I left I made sure everything was in line for my hamster to be left alone.
    As I was coming home I had the sense that something terrible had happened to him (he was old). And sure enough, he passed in his sleep. So it’s a weird thing. You either know by the things you’re told or see, or you can just sense it.

  279. Maiglöckchen says:

    My little hamster (the fluffiest thing ever) died years ago and I wish I had done something so beautiful for her! I cannot understand why people react so nastily. Maybe you are not aware of how narrow-minded you appear (“ruining my day”???) but you should accept and respect death because only then you know how to cherish life! In my humble opinion these pictures are neither tacky nor crude, but full of emotions. So if you leave your cotton castle to broaden your horizon you will see that life has much more to offer than just little dogs in frog costumes.
    Best regards.

  280. googlie eyes says:

    To those who for some odd reason feel the need to know how Pyza decided this was the last day, did you ever consider that she didn’t know it was the last day until she titled her photos?
    [You know, I feel kinda dumb now, but I didn’t think of that either… – Ed.]

    Maybe she was trying to do these things for her pet because it looked liked they didn’t have much time left, and it turned out to be the last day. Is it really that important? Are we all self-appointed fact-checkers, or is it okay to trust a little and just accept that it happened the way she said it did?

    I’m tempted to use the expression “Who gives a rat’s . . .” but as we all know, rats are very much worth caring about, behind and all.

  281. Paunchie says:

    I lerve mr. guinea peeg paying his respects. I wonder if that other hammie came by with his trumpet to play taps?

  282. I am so sorry for your loss. =(

  283. Omg, I’ve totally blubbed over this. So sad 😥

  284. Peekyweeky says:

    Oh… That’s really sad. I’m sure she lived a great life and is happy now that she is in heaven.

  285. I am so sorry for your loss. Despite all the negative comments I think this was a great post. All my cats over the last 40 years lived to over 20 years each. One even lived to the ripe old age of 25 1/2. Saying goodbye to her was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. She was a family member.

  286. ScarletSeraph says:

    I don’t know if Pyza will see this here, but I also can’t leave a comment due to not being a Flickr member, so…

    Pyza, my mom, who comes in every day to look at various cute-animal websites with me, would like me to tell you that she thinks (as do I) what you did for your hammie was very sweet, funeral and all, and even though we understand why it may have upset some people to see those last pictures, she and I both hope *you* haven’t been upset by the reactions. You have enough to get through already.

  287. Hey Meg,

    I have to admit, as a long time reader of the joy that is CO, I was bummed to see the last two pictures. (I actually scroll down the page really fast now just so I don’t have to see them) That said, I know from wrecky experience that there are those who will always find fault in what you post and it is your right as a blogger to post whatever your heart desires.

    So, though I look forward to the day when these pictures are on page 2, I am and will always be, a fan of the Cute. Keep up the cute work.


  288. Linda H. says:

    So sad. * sniff *

  289. you know, i come to this site to be made happy when im feeling down. when i see things like this, neccessary as they may be, i cant come back for a few days. actually made me cry. poor little ham. rest in peace.

  290. Katrina says:

    290 comments and they are still nuffing on about their own days.

    Sean, I really, without any sarcasm or anything snarky, really hope that tomorrow is a good day for you. You area tender soul, as is the young lady who originally posted this. You won’t be reading this, I guess, but I thought I’d try to help you feel loved. You are.

  291. Life and death comes to us all. I am a newbie to this blog (but not CO & the calenders-which i bought 30 odd and all my friends and family in the UK turn the page with relish and chastise each other when they sneak a look at the following page) I digress ha ha… in my opinion, everyone has the right to post what they wish… at least the poor ham went with dignaty and was sent off with friends and family!! I really hate to bring this up… but as most of you here are from the US and A… I would just like to bring to you the attention of road-kill… who mourns their loss? Racoons?, they are cute, but you would poison them too eh? Rats? well, they are a worldwide epidemic… they were the cause of the plague in the uk (take note of history in class) If a lovely lady decides to take her little baby out for the day and take a few snaps, whether its her last day or not, its not like she is showing a really bad photo. You lot know the internet… work it out and think of somthing than a little ham would not make you sleep at night. I could think of a lot lot lot worse things!

  292. Cheryl says:

    yeah, make me ball my eyes out.

  293. Shadowtiger says:

    @Nina: Not to be overly pedantic, but… *puts on his college professor hat*

    The Black Plague was spread by fleas who hitched rides on the backs of rattus rattus, the black rat or roof rat. The rats themselves were also brutalized by the plague, and weren’t malicious in the spreading of the plague–they were victims too.

    Modern pet rats, however, are descended from rattus norvegicus, the norway rat or wharf rat. Larger, stronger, smarter, and healthier than their black rat cousins, the norway rat has become the “poster child” of wild rats everywhere–if you see rats in a movie, they’re probably wharf rats or their descendants, the American or European Fancy Rat. Bred for temperment and looks, fancy rats are to norway rats as a golden retriever is to a wolf.

    *removes the professor hat*

    Sorry…as a rodent enthusiast and rat activist, I always feel a need to hop in whenever people bring up the plague.

  294. Hey now. . .

    I personally go out with a shovel and bury roadkill if the ‘yotes/ravens do not eat the carcass for whatever reason. And I am not the only person who stops at every dog or cat on the side of the road to make 100% certain there is no tag with ID and the animal is completely dead.

    And Norway rats were not responsible for the Black Plague – that was the much rarer Black Rat (Rattus rattus) – Black Rats are actually endangered in some parts of the world (but not in my office – there is one slurping down orange slices as I type. . .) Besides, if you really want to be technical, the fleas were responsible, not the rats.

    If someone is poisoning racoons, would rather not know about that.

    ’nuff said.

  295. My goodness, the above is pretty funny – DO NOT DISS THE RATS!!!

  296. googlie eyes says:

    Have you read The Great Mortality? I am an aspiring medievalist and I got so into my research on the Black Plague that I did a bunch of side reading on my own. I really enjoyed that book. Not that you necessarily want to read about poor ratties (and other rodents) getting ravaged by disease, but it’s a good read.

  297. Jessica says:

    I thought I must be a nut case about tearing up until I read the comments. The second to last one just about killed me 😦 Losing pets is so hard!

  298. Heather Sherman says:

    This is heartbreaking. But I’m sure the cute little sweetheart is in a better place now.

    My sincere condolences. ❤

  299. Lesleigh says:

    What a beautiful last day for a beautiful friend.
    I lost my guinea pig Wilbur in Oct. 2008, he died in my arms after being ill from cedar chips a pet store told me was safe to use in his cage. I can certainly sympathize with you and I’m so happy to see your little one had such a wonderful last day with you and that she died peacefully.

    It’s a sad moment when a pet dies, but let us all remember that we see them all again at Rainbow Bridge, where they wait for us to return to them. It seems like forever to us, but it really is such a short while and us owners can be content knowing that our beloved little ones are perfectly safe and happy. We have no reason to worry about them, because they’re in our hearts.

    Bless you.

  300. Joanna says:

    I have a ham that looks just like Bu…I try to give her as much love as I can because I know she won’t be with me for as long as a dog or a cat would be. You have to make the most out of your time with your pocket pals!

    I hope when it comes time I will be reminded to do such a wonderful thing for my hamster. I’m sure Bu had a wonderful life, that’s all that matters in the end!

  301. There is something very seriously wrong with the people attacking this post. If putting the hamster under a little blanket and taking pictures is how this woman chooses to give her pet one last dose of love then so be it, if you dont like that either shut up or take your callousness and shove it. It’s not about you, it’s about this woman and her pet – have some compassion you jerks. I hope Pyza isnt reading these comments – someone who has just lost a pet doesn’t need to hear all this garbage – did any of you even think about that, or do only your feelings count?

  302. sillypucci says:

    She is reading these comments, she’s linked to the them from her flickr page. She has a lot of support (in good and bad times) over there, which is why she felt it appropriate to share these final moments with people all over the world who had enjoyed keeping up with what her hammie was doing.

  303. I feel quite touched by this post, actually. It is bringing back memories of a rat I barely knew. He got very very ill, very very quickly on a Sunday when we couldn’t get him to a vet clinic. I held him in my hands for nearly four hours, carrying him out in the sun, stroking his fur, crying. I was holding him when he died. Even if you cannot do anything to keep them in this world, you at least try to comfort the creatures in your care in their last hours. It’s one of the better things in our nature, I think. One of my dormies even made him a shroud by cutting up one of his favorite t-shirts to wrap the rat’s body in.

  304. Ashley says:

    This was just touching and made me want to cry. I think everyone can relate to it, but having people say stuff like this doesn’t belong on cuteoverload, or that a ham that’s been on here before can’t have a memorial on here is sad (I know it’s been said alreay, I apologize). And I can’t believe anyone would say anything horrible about a memorial this nice. I know I wanted to cry when a close friend of mine told me it was disgusting I buried my two dogs (who were the best dogs to ever live) in the backyard and put flowerbeds over them as a memorial. People grieve in their own way and to have a ham memorialized this way- to the end of the internet- is one of the best ways I can think of. Thanks for sharing this sad and touching tribute.

  305. It is the simple things in life–so sweet, I am weeping so hard right now, baarrrooooo.

  306. Long time reader and first time post. What a well done tribute and so very touching. My sincere condolences. *weeps*

  307. Long time lurker, first time poster.
    I think this was one of the sweetest post I have seen on CO.
    No matter how big or small our furry babies are, they bring us great joy while we have the chance of having their companionship on earth.
    It is only fitting and befitting to remember them when they do pass.
    I have lost 2 very dear guinea pigs to old age and cancer, they were all essential parts of my life and I shared my grief among friends who loved them as their own.
    This is a private blog that opens to comments, I have always enjoyed looking here.
    My condolences to Pyza , Bułeczka was loved and will be sorely missed.

  308. What beautiful, moving tribute to a friend. It makes me wish I’d taken more pictures of my previous animal friends. RIP Bu. I’m sure he’s crossed over the rainbow bridge, and is eating, running and playing happily!

  309. The (negative) comments on this post remind me of my “friends” who refused to come see my husband in the last hours of his life in the ICU “because of all the tubes and stuff”. You know what? It didn’t matter to me about the tubes and stuff. He was still as beautiful and wonderful as he ever was before. My condolences to this sweet hammies owner. *hugs*

  310. Bears repeatinks: “We who choose to surround ourselves with lives even more temporary than our own, live within a fragile circle, easily and often breached.”

  311. I have kept hamsters for twenty years, and if they have one fault it is that they don’t live long enough. Hamsters are wonderful pets, so I just have to remind myself that the years of having them around is worth the grief suffered when they go.

    I’m surprised how many people here regard CO as “their” space and jump on anyone who disagrees with their opinion. This is hardly a “private” blog seeing as it is open to anyone and everyone to see, but it does belong to Meg. If you don’t agree with someone, fine, but let’s not start getting nasty and insulting. No-one has any more or less right to be here than anyone else.

  312. zeldapie says:

    Pyza dear, I am so very sorry for your loss. Bułeczka was such a little beauty. I have a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. I’m very sad for you and yours.

  313. iwork4pugs says:

    Aw, what a sweet and loving tribute to a special friend. That said…

    What’s with the snarkers? Death is part of pet ownership and something that must be faced. If Pyza is comfortable with the post and it helps her w/ her grieving process, I think others should keep their insensitive comments to themselves.

    My two bits…only a small ripple in the pond, but hey.

  314. Sorry, I’m with Jenni. this was no warm fuzzy this morning.

  315. cheesybird says:

    *jumping in very late here*

    Pyza, you and your sweet furry babies bring a lot of joy to a lot of people around the world. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures of their lives (and yes, their deaths) with the world. They are clearly very loved. I’m very very sorry for your loss.

  316. kodalai says:

    For the most part I am going to let the negative posts go and just comment on how touched I am, not just by the original photos but by the stories and replies of the sympathetic people here. All of you, your replies were very beautiful and I am glad that I read them.

    For the most part I say, because there is one thing that I really feel does need saying.

    You’ve had a bad day. You have a very stressful job. Your cat just died. Your mother is ill. You rely on this comm to make you feel better and when you come here you expect to see cute, fluffy, funny things.

    I am sorry that you had a bad day or a tough job but the fact is, the world is not going to stop for you. This is Meg’s blog and that doesn’t only mean that she pays for the hosting, that she is the arbiter of content, and that she can censor comments if she chooses — it means that this post is about her life. Not about yours. If this made your day worse I am sorry and I’m sure that she is too, but when you come out into the world you have got to expect that it is not going to detect your personal circumstances and modify itself to suit them.

  317. Aww, RIP little hamster. You were loved!

  318. We used to be able to celebrate life and death with our relatives by touching them, holding them, and taking pictures of them (after the invention of the camera) until we became a freakish country that medicalizes death and treats it as something strange and unusual. I find that holding a pet and taking some pictures helps me to get used to the idea that my beloved pet is dead and is a pleasant way to say goodbye…

    Death is normal, folks.

  319. I think this is wonderful and moving. C’mon, there has always been a “cute or sad?” tag on CO. So much cute has come from sad… Resqte animals had to be rescued from a neglectful momma or a storm…. I believe it was posted here (as elsewhere) when the otter “hand holder” died…

    I love Cute Overload. I feel for Pyza and her hammie. I think everyone here can feel the pain of losing a pet=member of the family. If you don’t agree with the pictures, fine, but it is not your blog.

    Poor adorable guinea pig friend!

  320. VanessaH says:

    On my second visit to CO (3 years ago?), I bawled. Everything was so cute, it hurt. This post affects me the same way. Thanks for posting it and all the monitoring you have had to do on this thread.

    Oh, and the nuffers are just like the nazis….

  321. When someone leaves us, the best we can do is to make sure they will not be forgotten. This entry is a great memorial to a great little hamster …. it shows us that every day is precious and we should enjoy every day the best that we can, and make it the best we can for those that we love.

  322. *tiny wolf hows in backround* uggghhhhhhhh! how cute…and…tiny…….and………………(longest pause ever)………………………………………… ……………………………………………………. ………………………….. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
    …………………………………………DEAD!!!!!!! BAROOO! *cries out heart*

  323. tender hearted says:

    I know, I know, death is a part of life and all that jazz…..
    Bring back the cute!

  324. possumpirate says:

    oh, the irony of the above post.

    Rest peacefully, Bu. I hope you are doing better today, Pyza. Take comfort in your little family.

  325. Shadowtiger says:

    Tallulah Bankhead, a film star probably before the time of most of us here, once said of pets: “Damn them for dying so young.” Inverse-perverse, but so true.

    Consider: you might, if lucky, spend a quarter of your life with a dog or a cat, and it is still far too short a time; some birds and reptiles have a lifespan of decades, and you leave them to your kids in your will; but your average pocket pet lasts only two to five years, barring illness or accident (I once knew a neutered male black-hooded fancy rat that hit his seventh birthday, but that’s the equivalent of a human living to 140 or more). Giving your heart to a pocket pet is a serious investment and one that should not be taken lightly–they WILL break your heart, and if you’re not prepared for that it can be a nasty, nasty shock. That said, they make it worth your while–the candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long, but oh, the light it sheds….

  326. @ Alice:

    I thought I had forsaken this pudding-pool for good, but I had to jump back in when I read your comment. It touched me in a way I can’t tell you. I am so, so sorry for your loss; I couldn’t imagine losing my partner. You are a strong woman.

  327. Celeste says:

    This is neither cute nor funny. Bułeczka, when alive, is clearly ill, which isn’t cute. And dead? Certainly not cute, and the “cutesy” baby talk is completely inappropriate and disrespectful. I lost a hamster myself just a couple months ago, and there’s nothing cute or funny about it.

    I understand not everyone thinks it’s inappropriate, but when so many people do (including several people I’ve heard specifically say they are not coming back to CO because of this) I think it’s worth respecting. At the very least, put it behind a cut with a clear warning.

    I come to CO to see cute pictures of happy animals. Not dead ones.

  328. re: “(including several people I’ve heard specifically say they are not coming back to CO because of this)” — their choice. What’s yours?

  329. Well it is obvious what my choice is – I am coming back to this blog and to this thread in particular. I am glad Meg posted this. Many of the comments have been very thoughtful and certainly some made me think. May I suggest a compromise which will honor deceased pets AND give people cheerful snogable pictures – what about a montage of the cutest pictures of pets that have died – a cute tribute if you will. I am sure many posters have super photos they could submit.

  330. Dead hamsters are not happy or cute…

    lie to me and tell me he’s taking a nap.

  331. Raemie L says:

    @ kodalai ( comment #317): If you come back to read more comments and spot this…
    I thought your comment had a good balance of sympathy and firmness. I hope to hear you say something in a similar vein or copy and paste the last two paragraphs you’ve written in future controversial posts.

  332. Aww so sad and bittersweet. Its sweet she took him out for a nice little day outside on his last day. How absolutely precious. Poor little guy. Rest in peace ❤

  333. Ellabella says:

    i think this post was adorable, and very sad too.
    i love the idea of the hammy getting outside…i feel inspired to take my two babies (chinese dwarf hammies) for a well-supervised stroll!

  334. Elanor says:

    I’ve been there. My condolences, Pyza. We’ll see them again someday, don’t be sad.

  335. @Celeste (just the latest of this ilk) — IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU! Pyza is sharing with others her love for her beloved Bu, which obviously transcends passing over that threshhold called death. If you don’t want to share in that, or don’t get it, shake your head and move on. Those of us happy she shared these pics seem to have appreciated that Meg posted this. Nuffing the post because it didn’t meet your expectations or make YOU “happy” seems to me the height of selfishness. Repeat: it’s not about you.

    Saying goodbye to pet or person is never easy. Whatever helps someone do that is OK with me. Condolances Pyza, and thanks CO for giving us the opportunity to share. Any expression of love enriches us all.

    Movin’ on…..

  336. Theo – on People’s Choice.

    They’ll be back…. they’ll realize that their quick judgement, is just that – judgemental. They’ll be back.

    I know I will, but I’ve already commented and thanked CO for posting this =)

    I actually think its cute that the owner did this for her pet.

    Definition from

    cute   /kyut/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [kyoot] Show IPA adjective, cut⋅er, cut⋅est, adverb, noun
    –adjective 1. attractive, esp. in a dainty way; pleasingly pretty: a cute child; a cute little apartment.
    2. affectedly or mincingly pretty or clever; precious: The child has acquired some intolerably cute mannerisms.
    3. mentally keen; clever; shrewd.

    This post relates more to #3, some folks might just throw away a pet hamster, or just bury it. She actually had a funeral for her little one with her little animal friends.

    Come on. That’s cute. (#3 cute)

  337. Dickie Twinkles says:

    I haven’t commented on this site for over a year but this entry moved me to do so.

    I think all of these pictures are beautiful and touching. It’s bitter-sweet but I’m happy knowing the hammie had such a great last day and seeing him tucked up with such care after he passed away is incredibly cute in an unusual way. I know people who have discarded dead small pets in the trash and so it’s really nice to see one cared for after death like this one.
    I have openly cradled my pets when they’ve passed away from up to an hour or two before burial, I don’t find it at all strange or odd for a photograph to be taken of a departed loved one.

  338. Bułeczka was not just a dead animal in those funeral photos – she was still a loved pet even though her body had stopped working.
    The photos might not be happy ones, but they’re a show of the love we can have for little creatures that aren’t human and aren’t even ‘useful’ to us. We keep pets simply for the love we share with them and that IS cute.

  339. Hello, I am Bułeczka’s owner. I just wanted to say a few things..

    First of all, *thank you* so very much for all the condolences and the positive comments, they are so wonderful, so much more than I could expect.
    Actually, I expected nothing, because I didn’t send those photos to Cute Overload ~ C.O. chose them themselves, so I was very, very surprised when I saw this tribute to Bu here..
    Again, thank you for all the good words that followed 🙂

    And now ~ Bułeczka was not old, as some of you thought.
    She was merely 14 months old. She had cancer, she fought heroically.
    I knew it was her Last Day Out, because I watched her get rapidly weaker and weaker with each day, ruined by incurable cancer. In reality, she passed away 2 days later (the last 2 ‘funeral’ pics).

    I never thought those last 2 photos could be so controversial, after all they are just pictures of Bułeczka resting in bed, still looking sweet..
    Besides, many of my hamster-owning friends in Flickr (from all over the world) upload photos of their deceased hamsters, and no-one finds it shocking.
    I uploaded those pictures on my Flickr site not to share a private matter with the rest of the world, for some odd reason.. but I did it for people who knew Bu, for her fans, so that they could say goodbye to her.

    Thanks again, really, for all the support 🙂

  340. I’m not actually a big giver of hugs, Pyza, but if I were, I’d hug ya. 🙂

  341. Celeste says:

    @ Sher: When did I ever say it was about me? If I thought I were the only one who had a negative reaction to this post, I wouldn’t have said anything, but when so many obviously do I think it’s worth the blog owner’s time to at least consider these people’s feelings. Yes, it’s a “private” blog; yes, they can post whatever they want. But the fact is, people who come here have a certain expectation of what they’ll see. It’s the entire reason people come here. I’m assistant editor of a blog and while I don’t think anyone else has the right to tell me what I can and can’t post (which, btw, I never did regarding CO), if enough people were clearly offended by something I posted, I would certainly think about being more sensitive, instead of responding in a defensively immature way (“It’s my blog and I’ll do what I want, and if you don’t like it you can suck it!”).

    Of course it’s their choice whether or not to amend the way they post sensitive things like this.. but to insult those who did comment with our concerns? That’s just bad form. And not cute.

  342. steppy says:

    It is both sad and cute. such a beautiful ittle creature enjoying his favorite things, then peacefully resting. Nothing distasteful or controversial about it. A very loving tribute to a well loved family member.

  343. @Celeste: good on you and I fully back you. It would appear we are not supposed to express our opinions. if you read back further someone call those who express their distaste over the posting were called “Nazis”!! How offensive is that? I find that totally deplorable and very very offensive! How about those people have some respect for other persons comments and don’t degrade them in such a manner.
    Yes we are all sorry for the loss of the little hamster but we are entitled to express an opinion over the posting if the manner we’ve done it is polite and i personally feel the labelling of some of the commentators as Nazi’s should have been immediately removed but it appears that is o.k!

    [I will usually unpublish comments that are patently stupid. I’m going to leave this one as an example, though. – Ed.]

  344. @Celeste — when you said what YOU come to CO for, I interpreted that as being more about what you want than what’s going on with someone else. Also the sweeping judgemental words, “not cute,” “inappropriate,” “disrespectful.” All that is what backs up my “It’s not about you” comment.

    And Jan? I don’t think folks get unhappy when others express opinion(s), but the WAY some people do that shows a bit less than the compassion I think we’d all like to see. Makes me think of the advice to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes before passing judgment. Good advice, which often results in not saying anything at all. Hmmmmm….

  345. Dorothy says:

    Anybody heard the term “catharsis”? It means getting rid of some of the painful emotional stuff in your own life by experiencing someone else’s pain. Very popular in Greek drama. That’s what I got from this post — after I cried my eyes out, I felt a little better about things — like my healthy cat and the pansies in the back yard and the spring that actually looks like it’s coming. What I hear from the “nuffers” is fear of death and unwillingness to open themselves up to pain — which means it will stick around for a long, long time. I come to Cute Overload for escape — and catharsis is good a vehicle as any.

    And Maw — LOOOOOOVE the pic!

  346. I thought this post was thought-provoking compared to most and a good reminder that life is very short. You can’t insulate yourself from any and every painful thought. Treasure special moments and live in the present while you can, instead of living on auto-pilot and waking up “some day” to realize that it’s over when it’s too late.

  347. I don’t post often, but felt I should post on this one. First of all, and most importantly, condolences to Pyza, I am SO sorry for your loss.

    Second, everyone has a right to their opinion. However, that doesn’t change the fact that this is Meg’s blog and she gets to choose what is posted. I personally thought it was touching and tasteful. I understand those who don’t feel that way and appreciate the tasteful ’nuffing.

    All that being said, if you feel ENTITLED to tell Meg what to post and what not to post, you have NO place here and should quickly go away for everyone’s benefit. This isn’t your blog. If you don’t like this and want only syrupy-sweet pictures, maybe you should start you own blog and leave the rest of us alone to help Pyza grieve over the loss of the sweet hammie.

  348. Aww…thank you so much for letting everyone help you say goodbye.
    My own little ham Katchoo and I send our condolences

  349. Pyza, thank you for your thoughtful and gracious response to all of the comments. I believe that everyone felt your loss despite certain opinions about the last two photos. But it was Meg’s decision to post them, and I appreciate you letting us know that and what your original intentions were. It makes total sense and I’m glad to know that so many people knew little Bułeczka and cared for her (him?). I’m going to have to visit your site and get to know all of your loved ones.

    Take care.

    (p.s. I’ve lost two rats and a hamster in the last few weeks. Fortunately for these three, it was due to old age. But I’ve lost others to disease, and it’s so much sadder when that happens.)

  350. I so wish Hammies would live more than 2-3 years! Barroooo! I am considering raising and adopting a chipmunk. Anyone have any thoughts?

  351. This site is called Cute Overload. My pet-loving brain is having difficulty categorizing the post-mortem photos of the late “Bułeczka” as cute. Alive is cute. Dead is dead.

    My 2 cents.

  352. little love, I lost little ratty yesterday, pass the tissues AGAIN. What a lovely idea to let your baby to have a last wonderful time xxx

  353. That is so adorable!!!!
    i am so sorry for you loss! hang in there.

  354. The Crapture says:

    As a hard-bitten and mean old b***t**d, this post brought me to the edge of tears having lost the oldest of my cats, Shadow, a couple of months ago. If anything, it made me wish i could have pampered her on what turned out to be her last day with me the way Pyza did with her pet…it may not be “cute” per se, but i found it to be both sweet and touching

    [Aside… was that “blastard”? 😕 – Ed.]

  355. thelibrarianne says:

    Sometimes, I love the internet, like the fateful day I stumbled upon this website.

    Sometimes, I hate the internet, like the days when comment threads turn ugly.

    Woo boy! I feel like we should give Mr. Ed. a virtual round of applause. You’ve had your work cut out for you!

    [All of a sudden I’m hearing “A horse is a horse, of course, of course…” – Ed.]

  356. Brooke says:

    That is so sad! That hamster is so cute too. I hav i hamster and i luv her so much! They r so luvin!

  357. My hamster just died today and im very sad

  358. u make me cry.
    u make me cry.

  359. I am so sorry for your loss, I lost a hammie a short time ago and i really still miss her, there are many who say anmials are just animals not true, they are a part of us, expecially for those of us that have no children, i still have my assortment of furry babies, but each one is getting older, love them while you have them, I am glad you posted here about hammie last day, someone said how did you know it was the last day, when you have an animal for a long time, you know what they are like at what times, just like a child, i am sure that little hammie loved what his human mom did for him by taking him to his favorite spots

  360. Yvonne says:

    I personally love these photos as much as the rest of the Buleczka pictures that Pyza has taken. She is a wonderful photographer and a very dedicated hamster lover. Rest in Peace little Buleczka

  361. melanie says:

    that was a very touching story. sad ending for a cute animal.

  362. she’s in animal heaven now.
    that was a good way to send her to the afterlife 🙂

  363. So very sad – sniff

  364. Why oh why would you do this to people?! It is incredibly distasteful and horrible that you would post this! My kid was freaked out for days…..never again will we come to this website!

    [Bye, then – Ed.]

  365. Mackenzie says:

    AWW! thats so sad! 😦

  366. Just me says:

    it made me tear up! poor ham. he was really cute! he looks like my cat b4 we had 2 put him 2 sleep.

  367. on the surface, a corpse isn’t “cute” in the typical sense, like You (the living) look so “cute” I could cuddle you (…to death?)
    but consider the person-animal intimacy thingie. they have bonded, hamster wasn’t just a cute thing
    to gawk at in the photo. they had some relationship that is being honored to the final moments
    it was possible for them to be together. when hamster dies, the love & other associated feelings
    don’t just go away suddenly, poof. those feelings may include “cute”. if a beloved human being
    dies, would you look at their lifeless body and say “he doesn’t mean the same to me as before, cos
    death takes away “cute” – or whatever you loved ‘im for”?

    the cuteness stays, and even grows more profound – laced by sadness, maybe some guilt,
    longing, regret, but still loving. and cuteness is in the eye of the beholder, the lover. isn’t it?

    i found these pix very loving, very respectful. it’s a good idea for others.

  368. RIP little girl, dream of hamster wheels made of cheese, lots of snorgling and fresh air and sunshine. God Bless You xoxoxoxo

  369. My heart goes out to you for your loss Pyza and I commend Meg for sharing Bu’s pictures with us.
    To those who are offended by this, I’m sorry you view death differently then others. We are indeed all entitled to our own opinions but… this is a tribute to a beloved pet and the pictures show Bu’s last moments with her Mom and were to be shared with her flickster friends to celebrate those last moments they had together…
    As a Mom of 2 dogs, 1 cat, 2 hammies, 1 degus, many many fishies and who fosters for the local animal shelter, I can relate to how empty we feel when we lose a pet. They are part of our lives for however long God (or whoever/whatever you believe in) grants them, whether it be a short or very long time. If we, as a family, have the knowledge that our little ones will soon be leaving us, we take turns cuddling, singing, comforting them as best we can, feeding them their favourite foods if they still have the appetite and strength to eat. We take them to their favourite places, making sure they spend time with other furry buddies and especially tell them how much we love them dearly… and wish our time together wouldn’t have to end so soon…
    This is what I got from those pictures. Bu is loved and will be missed….
    All the best, everyone… (TGIF!)

  370. zeldapie says:

    Pyza is one of the most loving, compassionate moms in the world to her hammies and piggies. These pictures are a loving tribute to her Bu, and I’m glad they were posted.

  371. Dave T says:

    I loved these pix. Pets (and people) can leave us rather suddenly. Don’t put off that day in the sun until it’s too late.

  372. I really thought it was beautiful and sweet as a tribute to a loved pet…. until I saw the photos of the “funeral”…. that’s where it got tacky. Not sad, because the first pictures are beautiful yet sad… just cheesy and unfortunate that a pet’s death was used as chance at comic relief.

  373. Don’t get me wrong…. I think the beginning pictures of the time at the park are very beautiful. I found myself moved in a sad but touched way, similar to the way I felt after reading “Old Dogs”… I just thought the pictures at the end were unnecessary. Having recently lost two of my hamsters I can certainly appreciate wanting to capture those last moments with a loved little critter, and I feel for the owner….

  374. Anybody who thinks the last two photos are somehow ‘tacky’ or ‘exploitative’ are missing the point, there is nothing but heartfelt love in those photos. I am really stumped at the venom directed at poor Pyza. Death is a part of life, and there’s nothing wrong with saying goodbye to a beloved pet, we all do it. If you don’t like it, visit another private blog and get over yourselves. Thank you, Pyza, for such a dear tribute. – mh

  375. I absolutely loved these photos! What a wonderful and beautiful tribute! Who on earth could call this tacky? And why would your kids have nightmares over this soft and gentle photo shoot? What did YOU say to them to cause their upset? Get over yourselves for crying out loud. This was pure love and a beautiful beautiful tribute!. Just about the sweetest thing I have ever seen. I am so happy to know that there are people out there who view their pets as gentle loving creatures, no different than ourselves.

    ((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))) to her owner.

  376. OMG….SOOOOOO sad!!! 😦

  377. temperance says:

    well, i must say this is one of the most interesting threads i’ve read on C.O. and i’m glad it’s still open for comments. (who knew a simple animal funeral would unleash so many feelings in people?) and, after reading every single one of them, i still think it’s a perfectly beautiful and loving photo essay that is more than worthy of being on this blog.

    here’s one of my favorite quotes, i believe it is attributed to ‘Anonymous’:
    “It is a fearful thing to love what Death can touch.”

  378. I was moved by this amazing post. The photos are incredible and tell the story. Our little furry friends deserve a wonderful final day and a funeral to say goodbye. You did it all for this sweet little hamster. Thank you for sharing this story… all my best, Pam

  379. Melissa says:

    My condolences. It’s always so sad to have one of our beloved furry friends leave us in this world. The little hammie was obviously very much loved. I for one consider this post to still be *cute* and perfectly fine to be shown on CO. It shows the little ham having fun and doing what he always loved to do on his last day of life. And how cute, to show him passed on, while he was all curled up and cozy in his little bed with his buddy the guinea pig there with him. That, is freaking ADORABLE and I don’t care what anyone else says or thinks.

    To all the nay-sayers: “Cute” is all personal opinion, folks. One person’s version of cute can differ VERY greatly from another. I, for example, think there is absolutely nothing… nothing!!… that makes a teacup chihuahua cute. At all. Yet they seem to show up a lot on CO. But, I am not going to go posting how a picture of one should not have been posted because *I* don’t find it appealing. I come to CO to look at cute things, not little inbred, punt-able, perpetually shaky ankle-biters that are just expensive snake food. 😉

    See? Opinions differ. If you don’t like it, just skim over it and don’t even have a second look.

  380. justinketterer says:

    Mmm. Bite size.

  381. asenet says:

    hi, i love a lot animals, cat is my favorite, is a real misterius animal, dont you believe it?

  382. puddlepeppers says:

    This is a very touching post. I’m sorry I was out of town when it first appeared.
    So glad the two of you shared special moments on that last day. You need
    to say good-bye in your own way. I once had an angel fish that had died–I put the
    fish in a match box and took her to Lake Michigan to float away.

  383. beccashine says:

    You have no idea how much this touches me. It reminds me of when my first hammie died – she even looked a bit like Bułeczka – and I have to say that there is no way I can call these pictures either cute or not… they are too precious to shunt into one of two categories. I wish you strength in your time of healing, because I know how hard it can be, even when there are other pets still around. I’m sure that Bułeczka knows you loved her, and still do… be strong and dwell on the happy memories.

  384. I think Matt H (#376) said it best –
    “Anybody who thinks the last two photos are somehow ‘tacky’ or ‘exploitative’ are missing the point, there is nothing but heartfelt love in those photos.”

    This sort of thing reminds me of how often a person’s reactions say just as much (or more) about the person as they do the thing the person is commenting on. If you see something disturbing in this post, it is most likely because you have something in yourself that might need some tending to- not because there is anything wrong with the post. It is beautiful; a loving tribute.

  385. 😥 poor hammy… R.I.P. I wish I could’ve done this for my hamster Dora before she passed away a few years ago… me and my mum, dad and brother were camping and my nanny was looking after Dora (who was white with a dark brown head and small dark brown splodges down her back) at her house while we were away… about 2 days before we got back from camping, my nanny phoned up my mum on her mobile and said Dora had passed away… ;-;

    R.I.P my sweet hammy. ❤

    I wish I could get another hamster as they’re such lovely little darlings, but I can’t at the moment because of a *cough* certain cat… who tends to leave dead rodents on our doorstep weekly :S I don’t even want to think what he’d do to torment any PET rodents that I might get… D;

  386. That is so Sad 😦

  387. Lisa Lisa says:

    Ah this makes me want to cry. My guinea pig just died the other day. When I took him to the vet they said 50/50 chance – I was still hoping they could work a miracle. The hospital called several hours later though and said he had passed. *tear* he was the sweetest thing ever.

  388. ☼Rainbowstar☼ says:

    The “to her favorite park” one is so sad. She looks all old and frail. 😥

    But it was a very kind thing to do!

    It would be nice if there was a hamster afterlife with lots of nommable treats and places to crawl around.

  389. awww i feel like i could cry !Thats so sad i am going to spend alll the time i can with my gueni pigs now an my cats dogs an birds !i miss my hamster too poor little thing r.i.p with lots of food !;(

  390. “If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane, I’d walk right up to Heaven and bring you home again. no farewell words were spoken, no note to say goodbye, you were gone before I knew it and only god knows why. Those we’ve lost never go away, they walk beside us everyday. I miss you, I still wish you were mine- forever in my heart.♥”

    if you have ever lost an pet/ animal/close one that you loved. ♥ R.I.P. to those

  391. Jennifer Sanchez says:

    Aww, I started to tear up!!! At least he or she spent their last day enjoying it.

  392. i’m not lying when i say that got a lump in my throat

  393. Megan F says:

    I think there is an important distinction that has been lost here – no one is attacking Pyza for taking these photos or for posting them on flickr. (Well, at least I wasn’t.) If I were one of her regular readers and I had been following Bu’s story and knew she was ill, I’m sure I’d take this post only as the wonderful, loving tribute that Pyza meant it to be.
    However, the context is not quite the same when her flickr posts are later published on CO. Without any background, knowledge of Bu, knowledge of Pyza, or any of the surrounding circumstances, I think the post has a totally different effect. I am not in denial that loving our pets often means losing them, I respect the reality of death, etc., etc. I also acknowledge that this isn’t my website and I have no editorial control. I really have no ability to influence what happens here at all, but since Meg has provided a comment function, I left my comment that I was not in favor of this particular post on CO. I stand by that opinion, but wanted to make sure that it’s clear that I’m not criticizing Pyza for documenting Bu’s passing or for sharing it with the world. I think she’s obviously a very loving and dedicated pet owner and I am sorry for her loss.