Deeeleeeschous feeengares

Yannng, Yannng Yannng


Those eyes look like Shark Week, Lea R.



  1. Paunchie says:

    LOL all blissed out. Like somebody eating chocolate…..

  2. Is this a case where “smell my finger” was not a good choice?

  3. Janice of the Nine says:

    Blissed out is *exactly* what I thought. That is one happy marmie kitteh! If need be, I would be happy to offer a finger for nomming. It’s in such a good cause!

  4. Juniper Jupiter says:

    …either that or someone forgot to wash their hands after going to the baffroom, and now the kitteh is knocked out! 😀

  5. Whoa… that’s some serious psychedelic fingers right there

  6. zeldapie says:



  8. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Are those eyes pointing in completely different directions?!

  9. Far out, man!

  10. ellie007 says:

    Woah creepy eyes!!

  11. Them’s just the nictitating membranes.

  12. Von Zeppelin says:

    Nick Titating–wasn’t he a private eye in some old Raymond Chandler stories?

  13. Failboat 9000 says:

    Oddly enough, that reminds me of a vampire quote from BTVS –
    “I was actually at Woodstock. That was a weird gig. I fed off a flower person and I spent the next six hours watching my hand move.”

    Aaallways ‘member lil kitty, wash your victims before u nom their bluds!
    Safty foist! >:3

  14. Was that a Spike quote?

  15. Lol, am I the only one who’s thinking Zombie!Kitteh?

  16. NurseNoir says:

    Awwwwwww-yowch! RedKitty needs those scimitar-toes trimmed!

  17. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    So delish I must close my eyes in ecstasy!

  18. berthaservant says:

    Looks like Homer Simpson in his “drool” mode….

    ….human fingers….aaaalllllggggghhhhhh……

    I again beseech the keepers of the flame to create a “nom” tag.

    And, of course, oh my god, marmies.

  19. fish eye no miko says:

    Hmm, delicious noms!
    Awww… so cute!

  20. Oh God. Zombie kittens will destroy us all, from the fingertips up.
    We will, however, not mind as they are darling.

  21. kibblenibble says:

    Love how he is holding on as he noms…those are the palest toe beans I’ve ever seen!

  22. Fish fingers or opiate fingers?

  23. Tractatus Blorpico-Philosophicus says:

    Looking at 3rd, throwing to 1st?
    (while other cat steals home 😦 )

  24. I agree…zombie kitten. At least he only appears to want to eat fingers instead of brains.

  25. Tractatus Blorpico-Philosophicus says:

    PS. Everyone ignored the TrapperKeeper mention (in white-bat thread). TrapperKeeper!

  26. Theo, that WAS a Spike quote.

  27. thedistractor says:

    My kitteh Harper acts just likes this when I let her gently nom my fingers. It’s a bad habit I let her develop when she was teething. My fingers were the best teething toy she could find.

    Blissed-out really is the best description for that look.

  28. Seeeeeennnd moooooorrre fiiiiiiiiiingers !

    Oh ! & hold the dipping sauce !

  29. AWW 🙂 Kitty looks like it is in kitty heaven 🙂

  30. Look at the little vanilla toe beans! They are practically transparent. And Theo, thanks so much for the factoid on “nictitating membranes”. Kitty Bliss, Toe Beans and Education all in one cute tidy package!

  31. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    And, you know, the thing about a kitten… he’s got lifeless eyes. Black eyes. Like a doll’s eyes. When he comes at ya, doesn’t seem to be living… until he bites ya, and those black eyes roll over white and then… ah then you hear that terrible high-pitched meowin’.

  32. hon glad says:

    The blood is the life Mr Renfield.

  33. alwayscataddict says:

    My Munchkin kitteh – even at 3 yrs old, loves nomming my fingers. And, of course, I love letting him……

  34. Rachel says:

    And did you notice the tiniest of needle-sharp clawses?

  35. socalsis says:

    @Rachel of Cyberia— that is too too funny! Kittens and sharks have so much in common, don’t they?? Specially when they’re sneaking up on you. BA-bom….. BA-bom….. BA-bom BA-bom BA-bom BA-bom BA-bom ATTACK!

  36. brinnann says:

    berthaservant, I agree that we need a “nom” tag.

  37. num-num-nummy!

  38. charliewabba says:

    and when you are finished, kitty, I will nom your little toe beans.

  39. Kristabelle says:

    Yummo! 😛

  40. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Is this the first time we’ve ever had a “gnawm gnawm gnawm” on the site?

  41. Jumps on the Nom tag bandwagon Late.
    Nom delicious!

  42. mos def some of the cleanest little paw pads i’ve seen, too!

  43. Orange kitteh + NOMNOMNOM = I must go hug my giant orange furball now. o_o

  44. Pull my finge– YYEOOOWWW!! 😥 Kitteh bit me!