I know how to stop the hockey team from using my pond



Sender-Inner “Joy” writes: “This is Trevor the Toad. He is presently trying to get out of the baby pool.”



  1. TREVOR? There is no name more apt for a toad. Adorable.

  2. Hockey? Go Hawks! Go Bruins! Go Wings! (I’m an Original Six fan.)

    Trevor looks content.

  3. bahaha, i LOVE toads! i always pick them up for a quick hug and hello when my boyfriend and i find them on walks around the pond, and then he refuses to hold my hand the rest of the walk. also: he will NOT kiss me after i’ve kissed one of these guys.

    i really want to pet trevor 🙂

  4. 260Oakley says:

    Are those toad ‘tocks I see?

  5. Looks like Trevor just wants to get the puck out of there.
    (Is he looking for Neville?)

  6. CathyDee says:

    More likely that poor Neville is looking for him! I didn’t know Hogwarts had a baby pool!

  7. Von Zeppelin says:

    Lauren–So, you pick up toads and kiss them so that your boyfriend will keep his distance? As an expert in all matters of human-amphibian relations, I’d advise you to consider getting another boyfriend. Maybe one that you’d actually WANT to hold your hand and kiss you. Maybe we could fix you up with Trevor.

  8. kibblenibble says:

    I had a beau named Trevor that turned out *not* to be my prince…so I’d agree it’s a great name for the toad.

  9. He looks like a flattened gremlin (post food after midnight).

  10. Oops, bluescreen malfunction! Where’s the background overlay showing Trevor leaping over the Grand Canyon?
    Ok, or maybe a weather map? Today’s forecast is, a tad polar, with patches of frog.

    [Hmm, you know, there IS a Friday coming up… – Ed.]

  11. Wow. I am speechless.

  12. PS You’d think he’d have legs a little meatier than that. :mrgreen:

  13. Sporkles says:


  14. Oh no, Trevor! Neville Longbottom is frantic right now.

    I love those kicky legs and googly eyes. Reminds me of my pet turtle.

  15. berthaservant says:

    “Just point me towards Calaveras County!”

  16. BLORP. It’s the only possible response.

  17. von zep- i pick them up because they are oh-so-adorable and i simply cannot resist! my stinky boyfriend, on the other hand, has a different idea of cute… maybe i can just be extra sneaky and put some irresistable toadies in my pockets when he’s not looking?! with extra care of course, so as not to squish the little cuties 😛

    *kiss* for trevor toad!

  18. puddlepeppers says:

    Hovertext is toadilly…um, toadilly…well, i really like it.

  19. Oh gimme, gimme, gimme! I want my own toad or frog.

    Can’t get over those sexy gams!

  20. Von Zeppelin says:

    Lauren, if I may be your wise old uncle for a moment (chuckles kindly, strokes graying beard, adjusts rimless spectacles), maybe you should look for a NON-stinky boyfriend. I’m sure there are plenty of fine fellows out there who would be glad to keep company with a young lady who loves toads.

    Why, I remember a time when it was traditional for BOYS to be the ones who loved toads and GIRLS were afraid of them . . . (maunders on reminiscently and endlessly about the old days–this is the downside of wise old uncles)

  21. Wartle I do when you are far away and I am blue wartle I do… ribbit ribbit.

  22. Toad: I EAT THE PUCK! Then I become the– wait, NOOOO!
    Mean children: And now, YOU ARE THE PUCK!

  23. Youse guys crack me up! Now I can leave for work with a smile on my face…. wise old uncle, indeed.

  24. Hon Glad– Irving Berlin was a toad??!!

  25. hon glad says:

    Theresa- If they asked me I could write a book.

  26. Von Zeppelin says:

    Theresa and hon glad–There’s no business like toad business. . .

  27. hon glad says:

    Von Zepp- I toadaly agree.

  28. Theresa, et alia- *snerk*

    I’m still waltzing around (that is a sight for brave, burly men), singin’ The Count’s “Batty Batty Bat” song- can you give me another ear worm, please? No, not “There’s No Business Like Show Business”, I tried, it won’t override The Count.

  29. hon glad says:

    Katrina- howzabout….Ac-cen-tu-ate the positive.

  30. How cute. I ❤ toads, and used to raise them when I was a little girl. They all had similarly amusing names: I remember my two favorites were females named Chubbette and Gertrude.

  31. Kristabelle says:

    Katrina – I’m partial to Bert & Ernie’s (well, just Ernie really) “Dance Myself to Sleep (and thank you lambies)”. I won’t put the link here, because you know, lambies are featured in it, not toads… I won’t cross the frog/toad line by posting It’s Not Easy Being Green. 🙂

  32. I just want to point out that the URL for this Cute Overload page is http://cuteoverload.com/2009/04/29/wtp/. If “wtp” stands for what I think it stands, then that’s dang funny!

    [Thank you, thank you… 😉 – Ed.]

  33. The town in which I grew up was once upon a time known as Toadsuck. It has since changed its name.

  34. /me stops kissing the bats just long enough to help trevor out of the pool.

  35. @Noelegy, seriously– Toadsuck, Arkansas?

  36. That’s nothing. I grew up in Cornfart, OH. Only now we’re supposed to call it “Dayton”.

    (OK, part of that I made up.)

    (Sort of.)

  37. Von Zeppelin says:

    There’s apparently a Toadsuck, Texas as well. Thanks be to Zeus that my state of Oklahoma remains an island of refinement and culture between these two swamps of yahooism.

  38. Of course Von Zeppelin, because Hooker, Bowlegs, and Olustee are much more sophisticated names 🙂 (I’m an Okie myself)

  39. Von Zeppelin says:

    Sheltie Girl, it’s not the names of the towns, it’s the urbanity and polish that we Okies all reflect so gloriously. The last time I was in Bowlegs, the gentlemen all looked like C. Aubrey Smith and the ladies like Margaret Dumont. I believe they were promenading to a concert by the Greater Bowlegs Philharmonic. It was in Symphony Hall, over by the cattle tank out behind the Sonic Drive-In. You won’t find this level of cultivation in Toadsuck.

  40. Lol, true, very true. I personally have never been to the illustrious Symphony Hall in Bowlegs, but I can quite image how glorious it is.

  41. VonZep, that is the field description of what my musician friends call “the Great Bluehaired Glitterbosom”!!

  42. zeldapie says:

    Wait a min…Toesuck? I didn’t realize those Texans were so wild ‘n nasty!

    BTW… I TEWTALLY HEART TOADS! I like to hold them in my hand and then let them go (usually after they pee on my palm). They are so sweet and chubby and kind of sad.

    Trevor is a great name. Full name could be Trevor Cuthbert Dalyrimple III.

  43. I have never been more proud! *sigh

  44. Katrina says:

    What the hell do I say after all of that? Go CO! “Swamps of yahooism”, oh, *snerkity-snerkity-snerty*, it feeds right into my feelings of regionalism entitlement -you know, the Northeast. What is it that Gene Wilder says to Cleavon Little in Blazing Saddles? What is a……….

  45. HI Joy congrats on getting a submish on CO and BTW what a cute toad.. and is he still happily in hanging out in the kiddy pool?

  46. “Trevor” is a great name for a toad gentleman. I totally dig it. 🙂 He reminds me of those old men with skinny legs and a giant gut. 🙂

  47. These guys live in my barn, and in the cool, moist cracks and crevices beside my front stoop. Love them, and all their amphibian cousins.

  48. Hey KittyAd! THANKS!!! Sadly, Trevor has gone on to Toady Heaven… RIP. However, we now have T2 and T3. Trevor Junior was a rescue from a playground. He has a broken front arm. We also have Kermit, a smaller and redder version that we found in the front yard. My children are all animal caretakers. T2 and T3 went to school with my youngest today. They are learning about toad/frog habitats.

  49. anonomous says:

    That toad looks a lot like a cane toad. Kissing it probably wouldn’t be the best idea; they produce a hallucinogen that can cause many heart and neurological problems. Also, the movie “Cane Toads: an unnatural history” is possibly one of the greatest movies ever made.

  50. Anon — nahh. Not a cane toad. No worries.

  51. Methinks he is a Leopard toad. We now have another one. So there is TJ, Kermit, and Sparks.

  52. CORRECTION: I think it is a Fowler’s Toad.