This Just In: Baby Gorilla Rescue

Now, why'd dem bad men wanna twaffic widdew ol' me?A baby gorilla has been seized from animal traffickers by The Congolese Wildlife Authority following a 3-month undercover investigation to bust an international wildlife smuggling ring.

The young female was injured during her ordeal, but is said to be responding well to treatment.

More details here.



  1. Beth (in NC) says:

    She’s so sweet looking… I hope she is ok and has a wonderful and nurturing life. Poor baby. 😦

  2. She makes me nervous, I think she may be as intelligent as any human. Why people would take this sweet creature is beyond me. Good luck little girl!

  3. Can we see the video, too, sometime, or get the link? Thank you!

  4. Von Zeppelin says:

    Nothing funny or snarky to say about this. God bless the Congolese Wildlife Authority. May this little girl live a long and happy life with her own kind, watched over by caring humans.

  5. Noelle (the First) says:

    OMG….Squeeeeee! I…she is just…..OMG!

    Thank GOD for rescuers!!!!!

  6. hon glad says:

    Lets hope she can now live a normal life.

  7. Katiedid says:

    Get better you hairy little ape you!! 😀

  8. mypetfisheric says:

    Come on…she was under clothes at the bottom of a bag? I swear I hate people (ceptin’ you guys o’course)…why would anyone do that?

    Heal quickly, little girl-illa.

  9. Such a coy expression!

  10. Thank the universe she was rescued. Now if only a complete stop can be put to this horrible, horrible practice. When will the world realize to hurt our kin in the animal kingdom is to hurt ourselves?

  11. MiloBijou says:

    Awwww…what a sweetie. Glad she is in safe hands now. Way to go C.W.A.!

  12. what beautiful, saucy brown eyes!

  13. Didn’t really think the hover text was great.

  14. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Here’s a video of the rescue. It focuses more on the arrest and rescue operation, but there are a few shots of the little baby now and then:

    [We can embed YouTube video in comments now?? 😀 – Ed.]
    [Theo: I was trying to just post a link, but WordPress made it an embed instead. Perhaps WordPress gives me special abilities because I’m the author of the post – Mike]
    [Like this spiffing powder-blue background? 😉 – Ed.]

  15. balamuthia says:

    I’m so glad she was rescued and is in good hands now, the C.W.A. has been kicking major butt! I saw a special on them not too long ago. *high five*

    @January- yes, nuffing the hovertext was SO appropriate. [/sarcasm]

  16. Dawww, her sweet Princess Di eyes have melted me into a puddle of goo.
    Now how am I supposed to get any work done?

  17. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    I hope that little girl gets better fast. I’m always happy to see another entry under ResQte. (But I wish it weren’t necessary so often. Wah.)

  18. Oh that video is so heartbreaking. Poor little baby gorilla, and probably the other gorillas who were killed just to get her 😦
    I’m glad the little one is ok at least.
    I just don’t understand people who could do something like that. OR people who would buy them knowing what more than likely happens to the momma gorilla and any others that are around.
    Makes me sick to my stomach.

  19. An awesome rescute. Go, baby, go.

  20. Birdcage says:

    The video brought tears to my eyes. Poor little girl, all dehydrated and hidden in the bottom of a bag. I can not imagine the terror it felt. Will we ever evolve as a collective humanity beyond these unspeakable acts of cruelty?

  21. Aww the poor little gorilla… so hot in that bag. I am glad they rescued it. Thanks for posting the video Nomtom

  22. temperance says:

    ‘If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.’ – St. Francis of Assisi

    hooray for the rescute of a sweet little baby gorilla girl!

  23. i think as punishment those traffickers should be stuffed at the bottom of a giant bag. see how they like it.

  24. Yay! Glad at least this baby is safe. Just wish all could be safe.

  25. temperance, that was just beautiful. Boy, my hat is off to the soldiers who didn’t just shoot the bastard! They did what they were told. I don’t know if I would have had that kind of self control. I guess that is whay I don’t rescue animals for a living.

  26. I’m working up the courage to watch the video-so glad she was rescued. I used to work with primates at the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans, the gorillas were my very favorite. There was a three-year-old there at the time, he used to do a happy dance and had a little breathy laugh. Those rescuers are real heroes.
    It’s always a pleasure to read the comments on this site, so many people who love our planet and every creature on it.

  27. skippymom says:

    This is one of those stories/pictures that casts me into an emotional and moral tailspin. I look at that face and those eyes, and think this is our cousin! How can anyone be cruel to this creature? Then I have to remind myself that humans are cruel and abusive to other humans as well, so aren’t I being rather naive to be shocked? Next comes the dilemma: I believe I truly am more upset by cruelty to non-human animals than by cruelty to humans, does this make me a bad person?

  28. temperance says:


  29. I love that shot of her leaning against her friends legs. With her arms folded behind her head just taking it easy because she’s so-o-o-o at ease with him.

  30. It’s really incredible what people will do for money; we are all fellow-creatures in this world; until people figure that out and at least attempt to live in some kind of peace, there will always be turnmoil on this planet……. 😥 Best of wishes to the little gorilla girl, and hopes for her to have a happy life surrounded by loved ones….

  31. mypetfisheric says:

    Skippymom, i feel exactly the same. I think it mostly comes from a sense of moral outrage in that these magnificent creatures cannot fight back the way that we can. The momma gorilla couldnt have pulled a gun out on the creeps who just stole her precious infant. I always get really emotional about stuff like this. Recently in a town near where I live someone put 1 week old kittens in a desk drawer and stuffed the drawer with burning paper and left them to die. What kind of depravity does that? on the other hand, the little behbeh’s foster people are doing such a good job bottle feeding and loving them. The world mostly balances itself out, i think. True, there need to be more of us and less of “them”.

  32. skippymom says:

    Oh, mypetfisheric, I’m going to be thinking about those kittens the rest of the day. (I’m not saying I wish you hadn’t told us–well maybe I am, but not in a mean way.) That’s the kind of story that hurts as much to think about even if you heard about it years ago. Impossible to get one’s mind around the idea that people do such things. I think evil is a pretty accurate word for this.
    I admire you for believing that the world mostly balances itself out. I want to think this, but it can be a struggle.
    Yes, it is wonderful that there are people who make the effort to care for this little gorilla girl and all the other creatures who get good help when they need it.

  33. I belong to the best organization and encourage others to support The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International (dedicated to the memory of Digit, a mountain gorilla slaughtered by poachers while protecting his gorilla group). It helps protect mountain gorillas (although I believe the little one here is a lowland gorilla) through outreach, teaching, and tracking.

  34. Sarah Louise says:

    She looks like Princess Di!

  35. berthaservant says:

    I’m not saying this to be funny, but I can’t help crying out on the ape’s behalf, GET YOUR HANDS OFF HER YOU DAMN DIRTY HUMANS!!! (Not the rescuers, obviously).

    Truly, sometimes, we are the savages. Kudos to those who fight this.

  36. mypetfisheric says:

    Skippymom, just to clarify – the little kittens are fine! They huddled together and someone in the apartment building smelled smoke and called 911. The firemen were there in a flash and saved all four of the little behbehs. The love that immediately surrounded these little darlings was really touching. Thus, balance. At least thats how I have to paint that picture to be in the world everyday.

  37. skippymom says:

    Oh, thank you for telling us the kittens are okay!

  38. fluffernugget says:

    What beautiful and amazing animals. The video brought tears to my eyes. I know how long they stay with their mommas so she must be scared to death.

    Be well little one.

  39. I was just horrified when I saw the news report on this yesterday! I’m so glad she was rescued and recovering from her ordeal!

  40. Hate to break it to everyone but the addults were probably sold bush meat.

  41. Ohh, look at that mischievous look on her face. So precious.

  42. meoowmom =^..^= says:

    A great big hug and Thank You to the CWA!!!

    This prosh lil girl deserves a nice sweet safe life.
    Her eyes are incredible, may she find peace
    and be able to live free without fear!
    At least the CWA will restore her faith in humanes.

  43. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Heartbreaking story. Like the ele orphans at Daphne Sheldrick’s Trust in Kenya, this sweet girl will never know the love and company of her family. She will be taken very good care of, just as Daphne’s eles are, but it shouldn’t be this way. We are a horrid species aren’t we? Thanks for sharing this story, as upsetting as it is.

  44. Haha…I thought the baby was doing Princess Di eyes too.

  45. gravyboat says:

    Gorillas up, humans down!

  46. @ 37 mypetfisheric: oh whew, thank goodness for clearing that up! I was getting very D: D: D: faced.

  47. Yeah, I’m afraid that despite my non-violence commitments, you really couldn’t responsibly give me a gun in a situation like that. There’s just not enough training in the world to keep me from whiting out and kneecapping the guy after I got that first look at her in the bag almost dead from dehydration.

  48. I used to feel bad when I heard about animals being abused but since we adopted two abused cats (both are healthy and happy now!) I find these stories physically painful. I wish I knew how to stop this horrible abuse. I hope this sweet baby is o.k.

  49. super cute! Very coquette!

  50. puddlepeppers says:

    That’s a come-hither look…so prosh little gorilla…may you be surrounded by
    loving care, protection…from those who are concerned with your wellbeing.

  51. puddlepeppers says:

    I guess it’s “loving care, protection…BY those who are concerned with your
    wellbeing…” (“I’d give this a 7.”)

  52. On one hand you have a country notoroius for their slaughter of many magnificent wildlife creatures; on the other hand you have a country that displays a vigorous desire to protect and free animals from man’s grasp. This is a lovely rescue and story. Bless these workers!

  53. Subhangi says:

    Look at those beautiful, expressive eyes! Hurting animals is bad enough, but it’s even creepier when they look so much like people 😦

    Glad she’s ok. Go, gorilla girl!

  54. I can’t bring myself to watch the video, but what a wonderful picture of a beautiful baby. How can anyone look into those eyes and deny that animals have emotions?

  55. Kristabelle says:

    Skippymom and brwngirl – these types of things do give me physical pain, and I often feel that I hate people! (well, MOST people – CO lovers and posters, excluded). I can not FATHOM how people can hurt other creatures, human or animal. If you believe in karma, though, at least you can feel safe in the knowledge that their actions will come back to bite them in the ass, through no intercession of ours.
    My husband and I can not watch the animal rescue shows on tv and he often remarks that he could never do that job, mostly because he’d be in jail for maiming the perpetrators.

  56. lucky girl! I hope she has a beautiful life

  57. Noelle (the First) says:

    This is a classic example of good vs evil. The poachers are evil, there is just no other word that conveys the tragedy of what they do. The rescuers represent the forces of good, snatching the innocent from evil’s foul grasp. Kudos to the rescuers and best wishes to the little lady gorilla.

    I so often feel helpless at these times, like most of us, but I remember that I am only one person and can only do what I can. I give my support to shelters and rescue centers that help the abused animals in our mists. All of my dogs have been mutts obtained from people who couldn’t keep the puppies. I do my best to help the strays that inhabit my back yard. So, as much as these stories sadden me, at least I can say I do what I can.

    Always remember the only thing needed for evil to triumph is for good men/women to do nothing!

  58. who is buying gorillas?

    terrible. horrible.

    poor little girl.

  59. Well, that video made me cry. I’m so glad they caught the bastard. It seemed like the undercover guy was getting a bit choked up there as well.

  60. Martha in Washington says:

    “Why do we treat animals like animals?”-Dr. Doolittle

    I haven’t the courage to watch the video yet either. I’m so glad to hear she is doing well. And yeah, sickness to my stomach is always my first reaction.

  61. platedlizard says:

    The reason why people do this is because they are very poor, and a baby gorilla is worth a lot of money on the black market. They kill the mother (and probably the rest of the family) for the bush meat trade, which is a delicacy over there as well. Its very sad, but the people who do this aren’t evil, just very poor with little other options for earning enough money to send their kids to school to have a better life. This is why conservation efforts in in that region have to be not just about protecting wildlife, it has to be about improving people’s lives and educating them about their wildlife so they’ll want to protect them rather then keep them as pets or eat them. Simply labeling the people who do this as evil will not help the gorillas and other wildlife who fall victim to the bushmeat trade.

    Congo is very poor and has undergone many, many years of civil war and terrible conflict. I won’t go into the details, you can find out by googling, but what has happened there to the people is truly terrible. I’m glad that they are now able to devote resources to protecting their wildlife, hopefully they are also devoting a lot of resources to improving their people’s lives so that they will not be driven to do this sort of thing.

  62. Katrina says:

    Gotta give you a counter argument there, platedlizard, with all due respect. Some of the people involved in this are greedy out-of-towners who can’t stop beating down the environment because They FEEL poor. Somebody fuels this. Locals are being told that bush meat is dangerous and illegal, yes, but the money comes from out of town sources, too. Those exploiters are the people I vilify, not the poor souls who are just trying to survive. But I bet you knew that. Still loveya, platedlizard, just sayin’.