Rainforest fluffballs


People, please check out these fluffy little Tribble-like dudes. The Honduran White Bat! According to Wikipedia, Honduran White Bats have snow-white fur and a yellow nose and ears. These bats are tiny, only 37-47 mm long. They live in leaf tents in the rainforest, natch. I’d never seen these creatures before alert Cuteporter Terri H. informed us.




  1. Furbies!!! I wants one….

  2. wow, they’re awesome! So cute 🙂

  3. When you nibble on their ears, do you taste lemony goodness?

  4. The elusive flying pig…

  5. they look nothing like the white bat in ace ventura!!

  6. Space Cowgirl says:

    These can’t possibly be real.

    I’ll take a dozen.

  7. OMG! They’re like cottonballs with ears!

    [They really are. 😯 And snouts! Little yellow banana pig snouts. – Ed.]

  8. can we get a zoom in on the little pig-like snout?

  9. OMG! Little furry leaf nuggets!!

  10. Christabel says:

    Like a little leaf-bat burrito. Delish.

  11. charliewabba says:

    :::looking at 3.7 cm on a ruler:::

  12. charliewabba says:

    I’m sorry – I couldn’t think straight. They’re about the size of one of those creme puffs you can buy frozen at CostCo.

  13. OMG! I can’t stand it. The cuddle up in packs?! Under leaves? With yellow ears and noses?! I think i feel faint. I’ll take a dozen to go.

  14. omg! schweet lil piggie nosicles!

  15. Bats rule.

  16. Now we need pictures of one in flight!

  17. omg little bit size fluff balls! and they have little schnozzes like piglets! i think im going to faint….

  18. balamuthia says:

    At first I was all like “Ew, bugs!!”

    Then I was all like “awwww….wittle beety batties!”

    Thanks for the emotional roller coaster!

  19. God, I loved tribbles. I wanted some in the worst way when I was a kid.

  20. Oh my! Well.. if anyone ever says “When Pigs Fly….” just direct them here! Sooo cuuuute!

  21. One Skunk Todd says:

    Just don’t feed them after midnight. 🙂

  22. Mary (the first) says:

    @Charlie, thanks, I was trying to figure out how big that would be but the “cream puffs from Costco” told me exactly! I would probably like these guys even better since I am not a fan of cream puffs. This world is just full of amazing critters, isn’t it. Thanks much to cuteporter Terri H.!

  23. Oh man! How? Why?

    *countdown till Paris Hilton adopts one… 3…. 2….*

  24. Love the noses.

    Those guys look like little cotton balls with ears.

  25. LOL @ “emotional roller coaster”,

    I want to poke at it and cuddle with it later.

  26. WOW!!! Fantastic!!! This is a whole new brand of cute… good work, all. Good work.

  27. Has anyone else noticed that their ears seem to be almost see through? I wonder why that is?

  28. Wouldn’t Brangelina be more apt to adopt one of these? After all, they are foreign and all.

  29. O.K. so,
    One on each of my ears
    One as a lapel pin.
    One on my watch .
    The rest around my pony tail or as a headband.
    Yup, I’ll need at least a dozen !
    Yer killin’ me Meg, KILLIN’ me!
    (thank you ) ;oD

  30. they looked like white fuzzy insect eggs at first.

  31. happypiano says:

    this is one of the cutest things ever. o__o i’m in total shock.

  32. Dad: I’ll buy you a new car WHEN PIGS FLY!

    Kid: Great! Let’s go to the dealership this afternoon!

    These little white fluffball flying piglet-batlets are anerable! I want to nom them!!!!
    (Really, I love bats. Lurve ’em.)

  33. harlemgrrl says:

    what kind of dipping sauces do they come with? oh, nevermind… i’ll just kiss them as is

  34. omg, they are so cute….they don’t even look real, tooooo cute!

  35. apotheosis says:

    Ze face. What a schnozz on that guy!

  36. Von Zeppelin says:

    Rules of the Game:
    (Field referee blows whistle) “FWEEEET!!”
    (Faces camera, clicks on beltpack for cordless mike) “Bats are not permitted to be cute. The rules clearly state that they can be interesting but creepy in a Discover-Channel-Special sort of way. No teeny, fuzzy, yellow-and-white batlings are allowed. Penalized fifteen yards for cognitive dissonance.”
    (Picks up leaf full of bats and paces off penalty)

  37. Uh, oh. Pigs do fly: photographic evidence!

  38. Love the piggy noses!!

  39. coool, looks like small piggies

  40. normally I scroll through “bats” as fast as I can, as I agree with VonZ, they freak me out. But … these little guys… can’t wrap my brain around it all. *squees quietly*

  41. WendyPinNJ says:


    They are so FREAKIN’ cute! I love, love, love bats to begin with. I can hardly handle teeny, tiny WHITE ONES!!!!

    What I need is a reference for size. Put them next to a dime. How little are they? Don’t have a millimeter ruler handy!

  42. These little guise look like the next hot item the toy manufacturers will be pushing as the most desirable new toy for next Christmas! (when the kids get tired of playing with them, they can double as tree ornaments…..!) Seriously, this is just another example of the gorgeous creatures that can be found on this earth ( besides us, hee, hee…… ) 🙄

  43. @WendyPinNJ: If I’m looking at my ruler right, 37mm is around an inch and a half. So tiny!

  44. Starlinguk says:

    I’ve never seen a Costco creampuff, but I’d say they’re about the size of a standard marshmallow.

    P.S. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Megacuteness!

    *steals Von Zeppelin’s whistle*

  45. berthaservant says:

    VonZep, lol!

    To recap:

    — Mouse-like shape w/ x-tra fuzzy fur.
    — Communal honk-shu
    — Make a tree leaf look giant
    — Lemony yellow extremities
    — Piggie schnozzle
    — Bats

    Cognitive dissonance f.t.w.

  46. berthaservant says:

    Forgot to add:

    — Nommable portions

  47. ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyy gaaaawwwwwdd!! i never knew about these guys! why didn’t i get the memo on this?? they are adoooorable!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

  48. SpunkyPopcorn says:

    My husband and I are going to Honduras in a month to visit one of my friends and now all I want to do is go find these bats and plot how to get them through customs. WANT!

  49. Sweet pom-poms on a palm frond! See? This is what happens when hamsters and lemon meringue cookies elope!

  50. Copperbat says:

    How many can I stuff in my mouf?

    ❤ ❤

  51. Okay I pulled out my ruler too and thought the size of a cherry. So SO Cute and adorable.

  52. skippymom says:

    I think these guys are actually the result of an ill-conceived children’s craft project. “Let’s see, we’ve got triple-size cotton balls, some dried-up lemon jello, and these banana skins here, and some watermelon seeds…hmm, what can we make?”

  53. I shall call them Lemony Snickets. And I think they will go very nicely with a Chardonnay.

  54. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  55. Von Zeppelin says:

    You will also need pipecleaners and some kind of stretchy yellow stuff (rubber from yellow balloons? Latex gloves?) for the wings.

  56. What?!?! How is this even possible?! **rubs eyes**

  57. skippymom says:

    Lemony Snickets! Yes!

    VonZep, your idea for the wings would definitely work better. We just kind of scrunched up banana peel for the legs folded under them. Our model doesn’t have fully operational wings. I do have plenty of pipecleaners and should be able to come up with enough yellow balloons, so next time we do this project we’ll use your method. Thanks.

  58. Von Zeppelin says:

    My slightly cryptic last post was in response to skippymom’s observation about these batties being a children’s craft project. Sorry. I’ll try to keep up.

  59. ariesgirl says:

    Batty McNuggets!

  60. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    They remind me of the little sticky pom-pom things from the ’80s with the big feet that you could stick all over stuff (like Trapper Keepers!). What were those called?

    VonZ, can I decline the penalty?

  61. skippymom says:

    Oh, and I also have that bag of various-size and -color buttons, which should do very nicely for the snouts if there are enough tiny yellow ones. Easier and less time-consuming than cutting the noses out of banana peel with the miniature biscuit cutter.

  62. Mother Nature has done it again!

  63. Do I correctly see that they have widdle yellow piggy noses?

  64. No! I saw these on my local CVS Pharmacy shelves right before Easter in a Peeps box. Cuddling in a Peeps box, actually. AAAAAAAAAAAAAACK! oh, sorry, shh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! I better find some in my garden this year. Yes, in Central Connecticut.

  65. Kallisto73 says:

    Do they have green ears??? Is ded!

  66. They look like something I would have made in 3rd grade out of cotton balls and leaves!

  67. Von Zeppelin says:

    @Argyle Donkeypants–the technical term of art for those stickers is “little sticky pom-pom things from the ’80s with the big feet.”
    Penalty declined. First down! (Bats hover in defensive backfield to intercept pass)

  68. They’re SO cute!!! They look like tiny white fuzzy piggies :D!!!! <3<3

  69. How did I not know about these things??? I WANT! I MUST HAVE EET!

  70. I LOVE THESE!!!!!!!! THEY ARE SOOOO ADORABLE!!!!!!! tehe

  71. i want to snuggle up with them and go to sleep!!! do they have teeth?

  72. Bats: Batty, batty bat; batty bat; batty bat; batty bat!

    Count: One, two, three, count!

    Bats: Batty, batty bat; batty bat; batty bat; batty bat!

    Count: One, two, three, count!
    Won’t you dance with me, doing the batty bat?

  73. I think there’s still one of those little sticky pom-pom things from the 80’s with big feet still stuck to the dashboard of my 1979 cherry red Ford Pinto, …somewhere…

  74. “They cling to the roof of this tent in small colonies of up to half a dozen individuals, consisting of one male and a harem of females.”

    Batty-Dude is a PLAYA.

  75. Leslie Thomas says:

    1: VERY VERY fun images/ capshons
    2: VERY VERY FUN Comments stream
    3: I’m startled, that no one has made the Spock reference I’ll refer TO the reference, only becuz I am not an adequate Trekkie groupie & do not recall the specific terminology but here goes…”Most peculiar, Captain” …
    4: Von Zeppelin, Skippymom & Argyle …
    a) such screen names. I am befuddled
    b) YEW GUYZ R A SCREAM!!!!! (really I am thoroughly enjoying the whole crafts seminar).
    5:Charliewabba: perhaps the food reference is due to West Coast/ East Coast; I for one, had never heard of that pastry yummy produce…
    Peace, benevolence & grooviness to ALL Have a good 🙂


  76. no way! bats have chicks?

  77. we can call them “chats”!

  78. @Emily, #71: They do have tiny weensy teef, but they are fruit-eaters. So their breath will smell like bananers!

  79. WendyPinNJ says:

    @Nekussa, thank you. I really NEEDED to know. I was thinking they were smaller–so hard to tell with those giant tropical leaves!!!

    @pyrit “This is what happens when hamsters and lemon meringue cookies elope!”
    Hehehehe. Sweet, tart, lemony fluffiness!

  80. “little sticky pom-pom things from the 80’s with big feet” = Weeples

  81. Dragon Heart says:

    These guys are AWESOME!!! We are talk’in HUGH cuddle factor!!! lololol
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  82. BonzoGal says:

    Halp the little bee-bee bats: http://www.batcon.org/

    They’re getting endangered because those tent-leaf trees are being cut down!

  83. Von Zeppelin says:

    T.L.–Weeples? I thought Weeples were little round-bottomed toys that cried all the time. “Weeples–they wobble but they don’t fall down as they lament the tragedy of the human condition.”

  84. There were 20 in the banana leaf, and the little one said, “ROLL OVER! ROLL OVER!”

  85. trishtrash says:

    Ridiculously tiny white bats with bright yellow noses and lemon yellow ears that cuddle up together in a leaf in bunches of furry cuteness.

    That’s got to be a new high on the scale… it’s not just cute, it’s white bats cute.

  86. balamuthia says:

    Von Zep- I’m pretty sure the guys that never fell down were “Weebles”…

  87. Daffodil says:

    Ah, Von Zeppelin:
    WeeBLEs wobble but do not fall down.
    WeePULs are what you get when you convince your parents to buy magazines they don’t want so you can win them in middle school.

  88. You know you’re small when you live in a leaf.

  89. (Falls over in coma from the cuteness!!!)
    LOL hamsters and lemon meringue cookies eloping!
    These guys are too cute for this world; fuzzy whiteness and lemony pig nosicles all in a monchable-size package…. can I keep one beside my work station to cheer me up when grumpy people bum me out?

  90. skippymom says:

    WEEPles! Lamenting the human condition! Got it!

  91. OMG! They’re like mircro-sized piglets!!! SQUEEEEE!

  92. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    @T.L. Weeples! Thank you! Now all I need is some jelly shoes and a side ponytail and I’m good to go.

    What were we talking about again?

  93. catloveschanel says:

    Tribbles and bits! Tribbles and bats! I’m gonna get me some tribbles and bats.

    PS. I finangled an invite to the Star Trek Preview Thursday. I love tribbles.

  94. why did nobody tell me about these before I went there… if only I had known…

  95. GingerBean says:

    I thought they were bugs at first…or like that white stuff that gets on some plant leaves that kills them…but no. No, they’re miniscule aminals. That’s just ridiculous…I mean redonkulous!
    Srsly. Redonk.

  96. Here’s a photo of someone holding one. Their snouts have little horns on top (i wonder what happened to the horn on the piggy one in the bottom photo?).

  97. This post gave me a heartattack. I want to hold a handful of about twenty of them and nuzzle nonstop. For houuurssssss

  98. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @Gingerbean: BATS AREN’T BUGS!!! 🙂

  99. These fruit eating bats are white for camoflage! When the sun shines through the green leaf, they look green and are hiden from predators! The “tent” lasts about 2 weeks 🙂
    Love ’em

  100. BrinyDeep says:

    A similar species lives in Peru, but they’re dove grey. The ears are almost-see through because they’re very thin… anything thick and heavy is a weight issue when flying. The wings are yellow and pinkish. And they make the tents themselves…. they chew down the ribs of the leaves to make them droop.

    Most bats are anerable. There are a few species with some faces only a mother could love, but they’re generally so cute it hurts. Spix’s disk-winged bat and the spotted bat are particularly prosh.

    >and yes, I’m a bat researcher<

  101. skippymom says:

    Oh, I miss Calvin and Hobbes!

  102. ommfg there soooo cute can i like i dont no liek have one please ??? i luv luv luv them and there little noses :O cant i have one please ?? :T 🙂

  103. They remind me of powdered sugar Munchkins from Dunkin Donuts. I will take a dozen in a Munchkin box to go please. And I shall carry them around in that box all day long.

  104. @ saffie… I wonder of the little horns are self- defence–to keep them from being snorffed right up one’s nose while snorgling. Gosh, they’re cute!

  105. OMG! **DED** Leetle PEEG NOSICLES! I can’t handle eet.

  106. OMG!!!!!! even those crazy japanimation folks couldn’t come up with something THIS cute!!!!!

  107. I would like to snorgle a leaf-full of fluffies, please!

  108. Glenna M says:

    And for those of us who just had to google “Honduran White Bat” to see more: […photo link! – Ed.]

  109. There is no way thoes things r that tiny!!! But they r just so dang cute !

  110. If Bruce Wayne had grown up in Honduras the world of comic books would have been very, very different.
    But more adorable.

  111. BrinyDeep First, I must register my envy of you getting to play with bats. Secondly, if you are a bat researcher why does your handle reference the ocean?

    ARE THERE MARINE BATS?! I bet they would be cute.

  112. I neeeed a COXCU of the yellow nose!

  113. This is the best picture and thread ever! This goes to UCONN!

  114. meoowmom =^..^= says:

    cannot believe it, a wittle white bat with an adorable lil
    banana yellow pig nose? how? how? oh why
    can’t we have some?
    I want!

  115. Am I the only one who can’t find their wings?! Do they fly? Or just bounce 😉

  116. Popples is reeeeeeal! [glitter spurts out of my eyes]

  117. skippymom says:

    Satch: the thing I most look forward to when I get home at night (after seeing my kitties, of course!) is reading Get Fuzzy. It’s so wonderfully twisted.

  118. Srsly folks, go to the Center for Biological Diversity website, there’s an alert about a disease that’s wiping out bats in the Eastern US, they’re afraid it could become a Batdemic… I sent along my message as requested, but then the very thought that some day THESE LI’L DEWDS could be affected… mon dieu!

  119. @Argyle, the 80s was my decade. I had platinum blond hair with black roots. I saw Madonna before she was “Madonna” at (I think) Danceteria, and said to myself “That is the single most untalented humanoid I have ever seen presented to the public.” One July 4th, I was on the way to the fireworks in a tie-dyed t and a white mini skirt, and a ranter on the subway vilified me for being a scarlet woman exposing my thighs. I have lived, let me tell you.

  120. they are so weird that they are cute lol, they look more like little pigs with yellow skin i could like to see one with the wings to believe that they are bats lol

  121. I saw these on a trip to Belize years ago. Or a very similar species, our rainforest guide just very gently kept turning the leaves over until we found some. I think ours was a group of 4. Sadly this was pre-digital camera (er, at least *I* was) and my photo came out so blurry it looked like a white sunspot on a leaf and NO-ONE believed me that there were these tiny, tiny, white bats who hang out in the under-veins of leaves.

    Oddly, I was just mentioning these to a coworker in the last week — a coworker who didn’t believe me, by the way — and here they are!

  122. temperance says:

    you know, hello kitty is also white with a yellow nose. it really is a cutie combination!

  123. I saw these little guys and promptly decided that they were pretty much the cutest things ever. Snuggling cotton balls with lemon ears??? Then I looked at my floor and my kitten was walking over to me carrying a teddy bear half her size. I just officially died of CuteOverload.

  124. I’ve always loved those! they’re too adorable! when i was in the area, i looked for them, but i couldnt find any…they’re very elusive pom poms.

  125. BATS! BATS! BATS! Bats rock!

  126. How come in some pictures those guys have a weird horn thing coming off of their pig nosicles and in some they don’t? The horn kinda detracts from the cuteness for me cuz it looks a little scary.

    Also, I’m posting this from an airplane in flight–Virgin Airlines rules!

  127. These are the most amazing and singularly cute creatures ever. Traveling to remote rainforest immediately. Must nuzzle tiny white bat.

  128. mom2twinzz says:

    @Argyle Donkeypants They were warm fuzzies. As opposed to cold pricklies. There is supposed to be a whole story that goes with the pom-pom thing.

  129. Cotton-balls with ears and pig-noses FTW!

  130. OK, this little creature has done the impossible: made me deem a BAT cute! I normally shudder at the mere mention of a bat, let alone a picture. I have this irrational fear (or IS it??) that they’ll fly at my head and get tangled up in my hair, whereupon I would crap my pants and then promptly die.

    But these little guys, with their yellow – YELLOW, people!!!! – feets, ears, wings, and pig nosicles, have won me over. I bow to your cuti-tude, li’l pom-pom bats!

  131. I love that their ears and their Delicate Nose Plumage look like leaves–who says camouflage can’t be pretty?! These are perfect little creatures. It’s true that their habitats are disappearing. SAVE THE BATS!

    And VonZep, you are on a ROLL today!

  132. So know the world knows what the genetic combination of a bat, a hamster, a pig, and a lemon meringue pie looks like.

  133. They look like tiny fluffy white piggies! I want one!

  134. kibblenibble says:

    Lizzums: Bwa ha ha!

  135. kiki willow says:


  136. JohnnieCanuck says:

    Actually, the nose and ear shapes don’t have much to do with camouflage. Evolution has resulted in structures that improve the bats’ echo location abilities.

    Since these little guys eat figs, their sonar is as much for navigation in a cluttered environment as for finding food.

    Seriously cute every which way.

  137. The little guy on the left in the last picture made me think of this:

    [ 😆 – Ed.]

  138. I loves them!

  139. @Lisa, I can assure you that they won’t bother you unless you are playing the first clarinet part of Schubert’s Unfinished Symphony outdoors. I know whereof I speak.

  140. AWW 🙂 Those little bats are SO CUTE 🙂 I really really hope that the Honduran White Bats will be saved 🙂 They are a VERY IMPORTANT creature in the rainforest as well as the world 🙂 We NEED bats 🙂

  141. OMG……I am stunned by the white teeny cutitude!

  142. How??

    This is how…

    On the 7th day, God (as an after-thought) made Honduran White Bats, and they were very cute. Snickering He said, “Let’s see how long it takes ’em to find these.”

    Then, He went back to resting.

  143. Cute little things! XD

    But they don’t look very cute when they go into adult hood. @.@

    http://www.animalpicturesarchive.com/ArchOLD-4/1128065879.jpg — picture of an adult bat.

  144. They’re like little weird floofy white batty piglets! *faints*

  145. Those are SO, SO CUTE!

  146. Officially the cutest thing I have ever seen! I want two, no four, no twelve….A WHOLE BUNCH!!!

  147. BrinyDeep says:

    If you join Bat Conservation International, and get all sorts of vaccinations, and go on one of their trips, YOU TOO can handle batties. Good times.

    And the name references the ocean because I used to date a sailor. I was the mermaid from the briny deep. I’d like to think I was an octopus mermaid. They seem so grabtacular.

    Most bats can swim to a certain extent. They can’t crawl out of water tanks in cattle country, and drown. If you know anyone with water tanks for livestock, ask them to install little ramps along the edge, so batties who come in for a sip of water and crash can get out!

  148. puddlepeppers says:

    They look like a twig of pussywillow…
    (“Can you believe puddlepeppers said that?”)
    (“You just never know…”)

  149. OMG these are so adorable it nearly killed me on first sight!

  150. Be careful what you pick up in a Honduran bathroom 🙂

  151. stayoutoftrouble says:

    They’re REAL!!! ^^
    So beautiful!

  152. You realise, this is mammals we’re speaking of?
    So no eggs, they will just plop out even smaller fluffballs from them!

    1.Are they born with or whitout fur?
    2. Can you see them with your naked eye when they’re newborn or do you need a microscope?
    3. Is this nectar or insects eating bats?

  153. I tolf my husband about them and he just solemly said “I know”
    And he haven’t told me!
    Evil EVIL husband!

  154. This is the best picture and thread ever. If everybody sent this to friends I think we would have whirled peas. They look like tiny bits of heaven in a leaf. So, they get a horny proboscis when they mature- they are entitled. Yes, what do they eat? As long as they don’t eat Corgis, I’m fine!

  155. eternalcanadian says:

    Omg! Tribbles! Where’s Captain Kirk when you need him?

    Yegads, I’ve never seen such bats and I like bats! Those look like the most adorable and fluffy bats in the world!

  156. chelonianmobile says:

    To bat-phobes out there: Bats are quite capable of not getting caught in people’s hair. They can fly across a pitch-dark room crisscrossed with wires and not hit a single wire – useful thing, echolocation – so staying clear of people is easy, and they have no reason whatever to do it deliberately. So don’t worry, sit back and enjoy the fuzzywuzzies.

    @Stella; I’m pretty sure they’re fruitbats. Apparently they belong to the group known scientifically as “megabats” (yes, even though they’re only an inch long) which are fruitbats. Everything else – bug-eating, blood-drinking, fish-eating, etc – belongs to the “microbats” group. Don’t quite remember what the other criteria for categorisation are, it’s something to do with ear shape and such. As for the babies, they’re most likely born without fur and have it grow in later, but I’m not an expert on bat reproduction so you might have to look that up.

  157. Subhangi says:


    Ma Nature comes up with the most redonkulous things!

  158. aww! look at it’s yellow pig-nose! i want a village of white rainforest bats to set up camp near me.

  159. bunnywabbit225 says:

    Ewwww! Is that a pig nose?

  160. OMG. How cute are they? I have never heard of these before. Learn something new everyday.

  161. They are like half Pokemon, half powdered doughnut. A seriously lethal and adorable combination.

  162. Theresa, I think I want to hang out with you. Oh, and can you imagine how miniscule the baby bats must be? Like the size of a pea!

  163. I am in love.

  164. Kristabelle says:

    OMG, Pounce (comment 73). I LOVE the Count and his songs! Whenever someone is counting something, I have to insert “HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!” after it. Can’t help myself.

    Are we SURE this isn’t a craft project??? 😉

  165. I just said “Oh how prosh” outloud. At work. To my manly-man co-worker. Fortunantly, when he saw the picture, and heard the definition of “Prosh”, he agreed with me. 🙂

  166. Want them soo much!

  167. OMG! they are so cute! where did you take this picture? it’s so cute!

  168. they look like little cute white baby pigs!

  169. Noelle (the First) says:

    I love you people! This was a great thread.

    This proves the old saying “Good things come in small packages.” Or should I say “Cute things come in small packages!” 😉

  170. Blog Princess G says:

    no way…. i don’t believe these are real!

  171. Heck, even THEY don’t believe they’re real.

  172. Doing the Battty Bat! This is my earworm for eternity. Ah, it could be worse, but so far nothing overwrites it in my brain. Thank you Kristabelle, danke, bitte.

    These tiny white balls of heaven are just the thing to remove all strife from the world, them and the The Count. One two three spread out your cape….

  173. hon glad says:

    How refreshing a mega post and nery a nuff.

  174. hon glad says:

    Erm, nary a nuff.

  175. OY, such wee qteness!!

  176. What the WHAT?!? You haff to be keeding moi.

    This would, however, explain how the swine flu.

    [*SNERK* – Ed.]

  177. Remember those shirt we’d buy in Elementary school that saved several hundreds of acres of Rainforest? O_o

  178. I kinda went “ew gross”! when I first saw this, cos I thought they looked like fuzzy insect eggs too!

    I would love to see them flying around.

    And how come Bradgelina’s clan doesn’t have one person from the whole of Latin America? Boo.

    Anyway, hooray for flying peegs!

  179. GloomCookie says:

    Awww they look like piggies =D
    i want one

  180. You know, they’re totally safe, because they’re white and everybody will say, nyahhh, what flavor is that?

  181. Paunchie says:


  182. BostonBunny says:

    Did anyone notice how the bats’ faces in the Count video above look exactly like the Tickle Me Slow Loris posted earlier?

  183. xXblahXx says:

    i wonder what they would look like when they flew…

    -thinks for a moment-


  184. These guys are seriously cool. I love them!

  185. Batty pegasus.
    Also much like Bartok.

  186. wow there like soo little its surreal man

  187. Frank the Eagle says:

    These are great!! I am in the process of starting a development and education Foundation in Ecuador. I have access to over 30 hectares of Jungle property on the Western Slope of the Andes 100 mileds from Quito. One project I am working on is the introduction of bats tot eh area. I know the cattle people around me are going to ut up a fight but the advantage of mosquito control, I hope, should ease the pain of introduction. Are these transportable to Ecuador? At what altitude do they thrive?

    We have bamboo growing wild and hope to cultivate it for hand constructs up through multistory buildings. Bat houses are on the short list.

    Thanks for posting he introduction.


  188. BostonBunny says:

    Are these supposed to be the adults? If so, do the babies look like Q-tips?

  189. Why does cute translate into speak like a drooling idiot for so many people? News flash, you can be cute AND articulate at the same time.

    [Shame we can’t say the same about you, then. – Ed.]

  190. I love eet that their trimmingks are all yellow! Especially the snouts.

  191. TrueMirage says:
  192. They are so cute! I think their little noses look kind of like banana slices. I have a nice plant here that they could snuggle in!

  193. little tart says:

    Some of my ALL TIME fav animals! My bat-phobic friend wou;dn’t even look at these cuties.

  194. Can I take them home pleeeeeeese?????????????

  195. Katrina says:

    spb go to Rabinnical school, you have a gift. I totally believe you. You are absolutely correct.

  196. they look like small sweins

  197. foxflur says:

    at first I was very confused, lol. but on a closer look I shouted, “OMG HOW CUTE!” so, where is this list o sign up for one? lol

  198. I myself have never seen a thing like that, they look awesome…

  199. pupiognjlskmfo says:

    OMG they are SOOOO cute! IM BLINDED BY THE CUTENESS! AHHHH I CANT SEE! bam, im just cool like that

  200. pbunny says:

    sooooooooooooooooooooo cute

  201. these are so cute im todally blided by how cute they are omg

  202. pbunny says:

    i like them and hey pup

  203. OMG!! How super cuteeeeeeee!!!
    I’ll tale them all, please!

  204. Cutest bats ever! No two ways about it.

  205. Cheen cheen!

    Warmf in numbers!

  206. Mackenzie C says:

    Oh my, I remember these! I did a research project on them last year, I nearly died from all the cuteness!!

  207. Do they even have wings? The look really weird…

  208. Bats were already my favv animals… and this is why!! =]]

  209. haha they r sooo cute they look like little fluff balls grabing onto a bush

  210. to cute for words:)

  211. Can you feed them after midnight? Too cute!

  212. Toooooooooo cute!!!!!

    ♥ luv ’em!!!!

    Can I take them home????????

  213. Lindel says:

    who ever can write a children’s story about a family of honduran fluff bats and their adventures in the rain forest, then sell disney/pixar on making an animated cartoon movie out of the story and sell a million beany babie fluff bats will be a millionaire,

  214. Like… When I see these fluffy cute white hairballs, it makes me think how wondereful and smooth it would be to wipe my buttocks using one of those. Indeed, they really look like toilet paper ads animals such as bunnies and teddy bears.

  215. Meek-Mook says:

    I love this fuzzy baby. It reminds me of my baby bear.

  216. They are sensitive to bright lights, and don’t let them get near water, but the most important thing, whatever you do, never, ever, feed them after midnight.

  217. pesto-nightmare says:

    haha those are so adorable.
    but my girlfriend said i can’t have any.

  218. mervtheflamingo says:

    I’ll take H1N1 from these little piggys….(I know, I know, you don’t get it from pigs). But still, I’d take a little snorgle with each one.

  219. xxfaithxx says:

    are they available online? haha

  220. OMG! i’ll take a dozen little puffies! no? they’re not puffies? they’re furbies? AWWWWW THEY’RE SO CUTE!!!!!! i won’t take a dozen—-i’ll take a million!


  222. Awwwz!!! They’re So cuuutteee with their little fury roundnessness and yellowynessness >.< xxxxxxxxx

  223. And WHAT do these lovely creatures EAT, pray tell? Hmmmmmm¿

  224. So they eat fruit, eh…. LOVELY! Bats are really kewl animals…

  225. they look FAKE

  226. SAMANTHA says:

    They are cute

  227. Seamus says:

    they are so cute! I wish I had one!!!!!!! they would eat my hamnster though…

  228. omg so adorable!!!!! i wish i had 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s. my dog would eat it

  229. Jackie says:

    I know I’ve seen a cartoon character somewhere, that looks like those.

  230. Jackie says:

    Just remembered, Mankey from Pokemon.

  231. OMG!!!! That is soo cute! 😛 haha

  232. ???????????????

    cotton balls?
    little tiny yetis?
    some sort of weird mixture of the 3?

  233. Peeps! Nummy goodness!

  234. Carnivorous M. says:


    I think I’ll need one of those; I just peed myself laughing. XD

  235. They are way too fluffycute!! I like bats, and have never seen a *cute* bat until now.

  236. cute as hell, but aren’t bats supposed to have wings?

  237. Ashleigh says:

    Awh… They’re so cute X3 Fly lil’ yellow piggys x)

  238. AWW, They look like furbies 😀
    Gaaah, i cant look away (:

  239. I think Dr. Seuss sprinkled these all over his books–little fluffy, puffy thingamajiggers….!!!

  240. Everbound Venvel says:

    Teeny Tiny Flying Piglets! 😀

  241. cute cute cute cute cute and cute 🙂 🙂 🙂