Thanks for the bleach, my roots were horrible

Remember that insane Bichon Frisé haircut that made me pee my pantaloons? This is a sweeter, bowl-cut version of that.


“Giambi” the pup was photographed by Jo and Vincent.



  1. Von Zeppelin says:

    Is this the same Giambi that was looking so unhappy in that birthday picture a few posts ago? Or is this the new hot name for little white dogs? (Nicely trimmed mustache, but the way)

  2. Giambi again! Rocking the old Dutch-boy look!

  3. Oh, I’m a Giambi bear!
    Yes I’m a Giambi bear!
    Oh I’m a yummy jummy funny lucky Giambi bear!
    I’m a jolly bear ’cause I’m a Giambi bear!
    Oh Im a movin, grovin, jammin, singin’ Giambi bear…


  4. VonZep, and I just thought it was the old name for old juicers in gold lamé thongs!

  5. Paunchie says:

    hahahaha! what a cute doggie! He looks so jolly!



  7. Von Zeppelin says:

    Theresa, who knows why people give the names they do to their pets? This little dog doesn’t remind me much of the Oakland first-base-DH-steroids guy, but I wasn’t around when his family named him (the dog, that is, not Jason). Besides, my dog-naming imagination is so limited that my two rescue mutts are named Sam and Max.

  8. happypiano says:

    what a fabulous cut! i approve very moishe.

  9. Just look at that little pink tongue smile! That is a happy face if I ever saw one!

  10. Jimbeaux says:

    Who’s a happy puppy? Who’s a happy puppy? That’s you!

    *snorgles dog*

  11. skippymom says:

    So, Von Zeppelin, you WERE around when Jason Giambi’s family named him?

  12. holy jeez louise this is one of the cutest dogs i’ve EVER seen! i applaud the wonderful haircut! 🙂

  13. Von Zeppelin says:

    Yes, skippymom, I was. They were going to name him Smedley. Fortunately, I intervened: “Mr. and Mrs. Giambi, I insist you name him Jason, after the storied and mighty captain of the Argonauts. I foresee a great future for your son. He will be a great and powerful athlete, strong in the slugging percentages. He will fall to the temptation of performance-enhancing pharmaceuticals, and apologize handsomely for his sins. His fame will ring mightily in the halls of history. Who knows? Maybe someday he might even have a little white dog named after him.”

  14. skippymom says:

    VZ: hee hee!

  15. Paunchie says:

    beep beep

  16. AuntieMame says:

    I believe you’ve found the photo for your Approval Meter, Meg.

  17. *snerkity-snerk* all of you!

  18. dawgpup93 says:

    i shall call ’em fluffy and he shall be my fluffy puppy! lol

  19. Love the way his leetle feetsies turn out!!! Just perfect!

  20. You’ve got to be pulling my leg. That’s a stuffed dog, not a real one.


    Those adorably round cuts could only be on a stuffed animal. There’s no way such a living dog could be so amazingly, diabetically cute without collapsing the universe in on itself.



  21. Cordelia says:

    Haha! He’s so happy! With that cute grin and that pink tongue – soooo cute!!

  22. The dog in the first photo reminds me of “Fifi” from “Open Season 2.” Except without the evil eyes.

  23. Giambi looks like he’s going to sprout liddol pure white angel wings to match his pristine doggy coat: then, any minute, I expect he will just waft up gently from the floor and float to the window (which his owners better keep closed, BTW; (if the angels catch sight of his proshness, they will “Squeeee” and steal him away for their own…)

  24. O M G!
    He is a smiley!
    Coulour him yellow and you couldn’t telll the difference!

  25. I think they dyed his tongue while they were at it.

  26. I bet it goes “hehhhhhhhhhhhhhn” in a high B♭.

  27. I agree with bronze dog! No real dog could be that impossibly cute! But on the other hand, a stuffed dog doesn’t have twinkle in the eyes, so yup, I guess it is a real dog!

  28. danielie says:

    AAAAH~ *thrown into vortex of cute*

    @ Stella: A smiley he is. Pink tongue is a bonus to cute-ify the yellow. 🙂

  29. Too cuuuuuute!

  30. MEH.
    CO has been so MEH lately.

    [Oh! Did we wake you up? 😯 Sooo sorries. – Ed.]

    […pisswhip. – Ed.]

  31. ☼Rainbowstar☼ says:

    Aww. *mushes face into fluff*

    Kind of off-topic, but have the moderator-people gotten my baby sealio e-mail yet?

  32. @Patito
    WIN. WIN. WIN.

    I think we should establish a new rule of cuteness of paws in the first ballet position, that is, neatly pointing outwards.

  33. Beth (in NC) says:

    He *IS* a smiley!!!!!!! I second the use of this picture as an Approval Meter “star”.

    I had forgotten about the post with the terrible, terrible haircut… I clicked on Meg’s link and then I laughed until I almost wee-ed. Oh, he looks so mad. And why shouldn’t he be? Fro-tastic.

  34. Whoever did this cut will you apprentice me please? I can do those barrel legs and cartoon feet pretty well, but your mastery of the perfectly round head leaves me in awe. I’m feeling some serious groomer envy right now.

  35. Inspired by Darth Vader’s helmet, methinks.

  36. omg i can hear him laughing lol, so cute but i can see him rolling on the mud after the pic was taken lol

  37. berthaservant says:

    Nice story, von Zep. Though as one who predates the 150 million boys in the 1970s to be named “Jason” – I was born in 1969 tyvm – they probably should have gone with “Smedley.”

    I suppose you were also the one who talked them into naming their younger son “Jeremy” instead of “Tartuffe.”

    Um, Mandy? Any week that has the slow loris tickle vid is NOT “meh.” (Let alone this anerable pooch).

  38. kibblenibble says:

    Mandy: What Bserv said. And what about Maru and his big box? If that doesn’t relieve your boredom, well, I can’t help ya. :o)

  39. puddlepeppers says:

    I have this thing for little white dogs…Wait…make that and pommies….and corgis…
    and Boston terriers…and so on…We are the delighted owners of a bichon frise we found at a shelter…We wanted to give an older dog a home…”Tony” is now 11, and
    we’re so glad we found each other. This is his picture with the short cut he likes.
    at a shelter

  40. puddlepeppers says:

    Tony’s story should not have “at a shelter” at the end. Sometimes (or lots of times)
    I don’t type very well. The nice folks who took “Tony” as a rescue told us that
    there was abuse or neglect in this gentle dog’s background. We are very careful, and he seems comfortable and happy. Tony likes to sleep on the bed with us.

  41. LisaHoneychan says:

    I normally don’t go for little dogs, but this little guy is adorable! Talk about happy! I’d love to have him, or one like him. Don’t know what my German Shepherd would think, but who knows?? LOL

  42. Awww, he doesn’t seem so angry about his birthday anymore 🙂

  43. Kristabelle says:

    Awww, what a happy puppy!!

  44. Mary (the first) says:

    I think he should be in “matchingks” since he was clearly selected to match the decor. Or .. perhaps.. the humans decorated to match the puppeh!?

  45. So impeccably coiffed!

  46. wow. adorable puppy.

  47. 1. The Bichon Haircut that you couldn’t stand is a show cut. Nobody really likes the “mean robot eyes” effect, but it shows well in the ring.

    2. Giambi is not a Bichon.

  48. owwwww!!!he is sooooooooooooooo cute.he seems with my dog,Mischa.

  49. I think that’s a Lhasa, isn’t it? He looks like an awfully fluffy (read: not dirty) version of my pooch.