Swine flu? Never hoid of it.

Anerable, cute-tailed piglet by danrandom.



  1. puddlepeppers says:

    Hi, cutie. Sometimes a little humor can help lighten-up worries. My doctor
    prescribes a TBSP of CO twice a day (or more often!).

  2. Kingston, is that you?

  3. apotheosis says:

    …and THIS little piggy chased parked cars.

    Where’s his snoot?

  4. kibblenibble says:

    Quick, CO experts…isn’t there a rule of cute regarding roundness of head versus tinyness of nosicle? Or has this piggeh just made me imagine that? BTW, chanpon, thank you for reminding me of Kingston. I love that lil guy.

  5. ARGH!!! Look at the cute snout! This little thing sure looks tired. And cute! And lovely. Piglets are just adorable!

    The tail is is cute too! 😀

  6. dawgpup93 says:

    OMG PIGGY!!!! :O

  7. harlemgrrl says:

    excuse me but i need to run some tests

    :: scoops up peeg ::

    don’t worry, i’m authorized

    :: runs home to kiss and dress in outfits ::

  8. I have loved piggies since reading Charlotte’s Web a lifetime ago. A lacy bonnet and into a buggy. This baby is ready to be wheeled around for walkies.

    oh and *squeal* so cute!

  9. LisaHoneychan says:

    Awww, Kingston has a little bro or sis somewhere! Why are teeny black pigs SO flipping cute??

  10. soxfan413 says:

    Is that one of those Vietnamese pot bellied pigs? Do people still keep those as housepets? It just doesn’t look like a regular ol’ pig to me…. hmm.

  11. who is Kingston please?

  12. ah, nevermind I think I remember. The tiny piggie in Australia that squealed because it couldn’t follow its human up the stairs? And who dipped his tiny trotters into the ocean? That Kingston?


  14. So damn cute, who can think of the swine flu when this little thing is so damn cute

  15. He reminds me of the plush microbes. STHO cute!!! (so deadly).

  16. berthaservant says:

    That is some contagious qte right there.

  17. Meg, you are truly hilarious, day after day. ♥ you.

  18. hon glad says:

    Looks as if he’s run into a wall.

  19. This is a perfectly perfect little piglet.

  20. Oh!, Whew! Tyank yoo! I thuohgt it was a wine flu edipemic…

  21. Yeees, I must, uh, run swine flu tests on zee piggy!
    -Steals piggy to keep and love and cuddle with-

  22. These piglet pictures have strengthened my resolve to go vegetarian!

  23. Pyrit – wine flu? Oh, horror of horrors! Next to CO, wine is my favorite thing. And, kittens and puppies, and hammies and piglets and lemurs and bunnies and birdies and…………

  24. This little piggy had no hovertext.

  25. brinnann says:

    …and the peeps when “wee wee wee” all the way home!

  26. brinnann says:

    Grrr… “went,” not “when.” I miss the preview opshun. 😦

  27. Has anyone else noticed that this cute little piggy is taking a cute little pee?

  28. zeldapie says:


  29. zeldapie says:


    *grabby hands (with surgical gloves on)

  30. wearing surgical mask & gloves to snorgle the CO today.
    It’s just not the same.

  31. good old whatshername says:

    I think little Porky McSnoutersons has been taking disapproval lessons from the bunnehs. I feel like I have been judged and found wanting.

  32. Something wrong with your elephant.

    [It’s only a halfalump! – Ed.]

  33. stubbeh little nose… stubbeh little bodeh! SO STUBBULAR

  34. This kyuoote liddol bebbeh seems to be covered wif a soft black down, making him even moar snorgable…. haow I would love to pet his soft small back and listen to his teeney oink-oinks, and perhaps tote him around the yard on a walk….. yesh, I shall dream on….. ♬♪♬

  35. Look at that handsome profile! Such classic features (talio included).

  36. that things fucking hideous.


  38. cool I want one!!!!!

  39. I think the little squealing stairs-climbing piggy was named Kingsford, like the charcoal. Kingston is Gwen Stefani’s little guy :o)

    Swine flu be darned, I’d smooch this little piggy.

  40. Poor little swines!

  41. OMG I want that little swine to kiss and hug and kiss and hug and kiss and…..well you get the picture !

  42. this is the cutest piggy i have ever seen. OMG!!!!