Pucker up, Behbeh

I got a little somethin’ for ya. [Snorks your face with salt-shaker-esque schnozzle]


Get me my Purell STAT! Portrait of a little piglet by Mandy Verburg.



  1. thats so damn cute, love baby piglets


  3. He will be the death of us all!

    Unclean! Uncleaaaaaaaaaan!

  4. MEG! Your humour is perverse. Funny and perverse. The PC police will be after you in 3, 2, 1…….

  5. Fuzzalina says:

    Love the tribute to the swine flu with teh cutest little swine-ettes.

    ffleur – My thoughts exactly. May the nuffer’s come.

  6. Look at that little snout!

  7. I’m glad I wasn’t drinking milk when I read that roll-over! I literally snerked!

  8. I LOVE ALL THE LITTLE PIGGIES. I love them so much I had to shout.

  9. harlemgrrl says:


  10. Awwwwwww ! They’re sooooo soft & warm & snugable & & &
    WANT as well !!!!

  11. Must get swine flu!

  12. *ear noms* Don’t worry, wee piglet, I are vegetarian. No eats, just delicate noms.

  13. berthaservant says:

    Please refer to this peeg as a “Mexican,” since that’s much less offensive, apparently. (Note: the following seems like it might be an “Onion”-style parody, but it’s not).

    Meanwhile, I will kiss the peeg and go watch “Pigs in Space!”


  14. gahh, the swine flue!

  15. hon glad says:

    Gloucester Old Spot spotty McSpotterson.

  16. Baa-ram-ewe! Baa-ram-ewe! To your breed, your fleece, your clan be true! Sheep be true! Baa-ram-ewe!

    That’ll do pig. That’ll do.

  17. Starlinguk says:

    *dies laughing at the mouse-over*

  18. Pigs are just magnificent creatures. Our local farm breeds Tamworths and Gloucester Old Spots. They’re allowed to live free, with little huts to retreat to, and the owners keep a bowl of cut-up fruit and veg to feed them by their pens. They have lots of land and lots of toys…piggy football is now my favourite game. They love a scratch on the back of the head…they pile up to get one. I’ve almost never seen a living thing so happy as a pig getting a scratch.

    We don’t eat much meat in our house, but when we do (usually Christmas) it comes from that farm.

  19. miltoncat says:

    Snert snert snert. Lil’ peeegie. Nom!

  20. Von Zeppelin says:

    Gloucester Old Spots? Is that really a breed of pig? It sounds like the name of a British soccer team. “In football today, the Gloucester Old Spots defeated Hearts of Midlothian three-nil on Gloucester’s home pitch. Here’s film of Gloucester’s goalkeeper Harley Swinesworth making an outstanding save.”

  21. Kissing pigs is in somewhat poor taste right now, what with the swine flu and all.

  22. Speckled pigg-eh, awwww.

    And the hovertext…oh, the hovertext. So wrong (and so very funny!)

  23. misspiggy says:

    bahahaah its a ranga pig


  24. Ahhh, The Days of Swine and Noses.

  25. zandperl – yes, I believe that would be the entire point of this post.

    Hi, adorable piggielet. I hope I won’t offend you by admiring you from way over here and declining the kissyface part.

  26. Socalsis says:

    What a bunch of clever folkses! Von Zeppelin, love the color commentary. MORE FUTBAL! and then Pyrit made me spurt my coffee (yes, through the NOSE!) with her witty repartee. Nice way to start the day (nasal irrigation and all).

  27. Interesting…I heard on NPR yesterday that what they are calling Swine Flu is not like the 1976 Swine Flu. It actually is part Swine, Avian and human flu combined. Unique. My dad was in the Army back in ’76 and everyone had to get the Swine Flu vaccination. Made everyone REALLY sick…I think it gave it to us! Oh the miserable 3 day long memory that haunts me to this day!

  28. @kk3 – does that make it Flying Pig Flu?

  29. good old whatshername says:

    The hovertext has killed me ded. Just let me nibble on his ear while I pass.

  30. Von Zeppelin says:

    @kk3–This flu is part swine, part avian, and part human? So, if you get it, do you turn into a hideous chimera with a porcine snout, curly tail and immense condor-like wings? Also some human characteristics, I suppose–maybe a snap-brim fedora and a pair of two-tone wingtip shoes.

  31. Oh, Von Zeppelin, why do you think this chimera is hideous? It could be quite the trend in some areas. I for one don’t want the flu, but hell, if it gives me wings and a curly tail; ya know? If a pig gets it does it grow opposable thumbs? I’ll stop here,

  32. catloveschanel says:

    Hovertext is a real snort!

    I know fer sure fer sure, that you can get swine flu just by looking at those pictures.

  33. This is the first time I experienced fear visiting CO.

  34. zeldapie says:

    OH gawd, I lurve piglets. Ever since I first read Charlotte’s Web (also love spiders – tee hee). THIS is a particularly ANERABLE piggie.

    *dons surgical mask

  35. sunshine6 says:


  36. LOL at the roll over I may not recover the rest of the day Hehehehehehehehe..

  37. @Camille: Flying Pig Flu, or Swine Flew?

  38. Didn’t Gatsby call Nick Carraway “Old Spot”? Oh no, sorry, that was “old sport.”

  39. @Nekussa – I guess we’ll find out – when pigs fly!

  40. AuntieMame says:

    Whenever I hear “Gloucester Old Spot,” I come over all Wodehouse and feel like running to the pen to hang with the Empress of Blandings. 🙂

  41. Oh, yes, the Empress of Blandings, that most regal and resplendant of all porcine creatures…

  42. Tryna Merriman says:

    Awwwww, I wuv piggies!!!! ‘specially de bebeh ones!!!

  43. brinnann says:

    *sniff sniff* CO didn’t like my linky-poo to Eben & Snooch discussing Swine Flew. 😦

    [Fixt… – Ed.]

  44. sooo stinkin’ cute!!! (no bad pun intended)

  45. ariesgirl says:

    Awwww…it would almost be worth it to hug and squeeze the li’l oinklet.

  46. “He don’t need no stinkin’ Purell!” ;D

    He’s precious and I will kees his sweet face all over.

  47. ariesgirl says:

    Ok, I just read the hovertext and made a noise like Edith Prickley: “Pffft-HAH!”

  48. brinnann says:

    Tankoo T[Ed.]!

  49. Des – Lol! Me too, stat!

    Edward – I agree with you & would love some pics of that hippie pig commune.

  50. Who said: ‘you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear’ ? Well, if you could, I would expect you could do it with this little piggy; O Noooooes!! I wouldn’t want any little cute piggies to lose their ears, ever! What a dumb quote!! C’mere Liddol Piggy: I want to snorgle you wif your ears intact!!! 😆


  52. Is it wrong of me to think that this pig looks exceptionally ham-colored? I mean more so than the usual live pig…

  53. @AuntieMame: Lord Emsworth wasn’t dim, just misunderstood.

  54. Totally worth the swine flu to kiss this piggy!! I want piggy cooties!!

  55. Peeg farms are the stinky-est thangs on the planet!!

    I wish they’d re-post that one of the toddler giving that big pig a LICK on the snout! that was LOL funneh!!

    BAAACON! yum.

    [Here ya go. Hehe. – Ed.]

  56. PS is that bebeh a GINGER?? I see red fuzz.