Sundeh Bunneh…


You need this as the background of your computer… STAT! Simply click on the imahe for the large size. Right-click on that image and make it your bunneh background! It’s 1024 pixels wide.


No disapproval here, Tanya P.!



  1. I’m breathelss with anticipation!

  2. Shoe buffer bun is one of my fayv-ohr-eets!!!

  3. Love the shaggy eared bun… quite the cleavage, too!

  4. gooeyctr says:

    Oh, lovely! Just the thing to reward myself with after a weekend of spring cleaning; thank you!

  5. hon glad says:

    Here a bun there a bun, everywhere a bun bun.

  6. puddlepeppers says:

    hon glad-you’re awesome.

  7. earlybird1 says:

    SQUEEEEEEEEEEE! Look at bun #3! “Now I lay me down to sleep…” Ahhnnnn.

  8. FABU background!!!

  9. Love the bun stealing the cookie.

  10. Oh, good gravy, who couldn’t love this? Nobody, that is who, nobody.

  11. Beth (in NC) says:

    Done, and done! Danke! Yay background.

  12. janet2buns says:

    A virtual snorgle buffet! Break out the SnorgleSnorkle, I’m going in!!

  13. And how does this rate on the disapprov-o-meter?

  14. Leslie Thomas says:

    I’m a die-hard CAT PERSON (mind you, I’ve never owned 200 of them at the time ..altho I admit if managed hygenically & with time/ adequate space/ food/attention avail to spend each of them; I could be tempted…)

    but ….even so….OHMIGOD!!!! love the editing of alltogether & most particularly want the little curled-up cinnamon baby one (yes, I’m also a devoted fan of Marmalade feline quadrupeds, so “a cinnamon bun” is not a far jump..)
    Yet again — thanks thanks thanks thanks to the powers that be.

  15. Lerrinus says:

    That bunny loaf in the top left just keeled me! 😀

  16. Bunnies approve of this bun-tastic wallpaper.

  17. Done! it’s stretched too. now I can’t figure out any of my links. This wall paper really encourages storing documents in a folder on the network!

  18. Unfortunately, the resolution of this image is not great. When I set it up for my desktop background (15 inch monitor), it’s pixellated. Can we get a high-res one, please?

  19. @janet2buns — “SnorgleSnorkle” … Love eet! Wish I had one!!!

  20. Stretching bun and bun with sweater are both keelink meh 🙂

  21. Bunday, Bunday
    (Ba dahh, ba dah dah)
    So good to me
    (Ba dahh, ba dah dah)
    Bunday mornin’
    (Ba dahh, ba dah dah)
    It was all I hoped it would be…

  22. Elisha B. says:

    puddles……on floor……melted because of the BUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. brinnann says:

    Gah! Ded, I tell you. DED!!!

    If I didn’t love my current background, I’d change eet.

  24. Here a bun, there a bun, everywhere a bun-bun……. ( join hands and reverse the circle dance; then bow to your partner, and reverse again….. Allemande left or something like that)…. 🙄

  25. Cookie stealing bunneh is my favorite bunneh of all time!!! He looks like a sock puppet!

  26. OMG! OMG! OMG! *thud*

  27. ariesgirl says:

    Bunnies, bunnies, bunnies, bunnies everywhere…

  28. ellie the one and only says:


  29. Estlin — try clicking on it.

  30. *explodes into a giant cloud of pink glitter*

  31. ellie the one and only says:

    heres a bun theres a bun everywere a bun bun, old Mc bun bun had some rlly cute bunnie wallpaper e i e i oooooooooooooo

  32. Looking at it again, I think this is the definition of a total cuteness overload.

  33. The bun caught mid-hop on the ‘green green’ grass just cries “JOY” to my heart.

  34. janet2buns says:

    @Ladybug: Have to admit I stole SnorgleSnorkel from another blog….thought it was teh kyoot!!

    [Couldn’t possibly be this blog, hmm? – Ed.]

  35. @janet2buns: That ar OK: I doan think they use the SnorgleSnorkel too much any more over there, so they won’t rlly miss it: you can has it naow!! 😉

  36. Thanks for the tip- I needed a new desktop!

  37. thanks for the bun-montage!

  38. berthaservant says:

    And the soft, downyfurryball
    And their gruff, disapproving
    ‘Ol powsche…..

    (Stephen Bun-dheim? Anyone? Since I already did the Velveteen Underground’s “Bunday Morning” in a previous post?)

  39. Bundrops keep fallin’ on my head…

  40. ☼Rainbowstar☼ says:

    I love:
    • The sleeping tan bunny on the left, with paws tucked away and ears flattened back so it looks just like a loaf of bread
    • The peach-colored bunny in the grass, with a sunray lighting up its fluff
    • The fluffy white bunny on the right, next to the Easter basket
    • The stubbular fluffy grey bunny at the top
    • The even more stubbular peach-colored bunny at the bottom

    Optical illusion:
    Locate the curled-up tan bunny near the left, against a pink background. Turn your head sideways, so the top of your head points left. What does it look like now?

    So … yeah. Cute and fluffy. Like my sub-mee-shoned sealio picture *coughcough*

  41. Christine H says:

    I second the request for a higher resolution, since the images are blurry on my 13.3″ MacBook, but the bunnies are very cute!

  42. Bunniful Bountiful!

  43. Rapwnzel says:

    Doctor, we need more of these adorable background confabulashuns STAT!
    (I second a higher resolution as well)

  44. Rapwnzel says:

    or third it.

    [Seriously, just click on the photo, the full-size version is right there… – Ed.]

  45. Can you make us a kitty background?

  46. AWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! Made it my desktop as soon as I saw it. I ❤ CO backgrounds!

  47. how about the same thing, but with little kittens? I think I’d combust from cuteness overlaod!

  48. This is now at least one UCONN sophomore’s background!

  49. How adorable! Also, if you click on it the full version is 2667px × 2000px.

  50. OMG omgOMGomgOMGomgOMGomgOMGomgOMGomgOMG

  51. I NEED a kitteh background! STAT

  52. It’s a Bunny Bonanza of cuteness!!! 😀

  53. earlybird1 says:

    Even better – if you enlarge the pic and zoom in on the bunny in the cage – right above “lime Coke bunny” – you can see his teeny pink tongue pokin’ out! *splode!*