If you turn this pic 90 degrees…

…it’s a much happier story:


Sandra from Luxembourg saw this lil’ Dude at a Zoo in Amnéville.



  1. themegster says:

    Aww… I love Prarie dogs! my favorite exhibit at the zoo. Ahn.

  2. He needs to learn jumping skills from Maru!

  3. This totally needs to be tagged as cute or sad. But I have hopes that the edge is just out of sight, and the prairie god will escape to the wild green yonder…

  4. Obviously that should say dog, but maybe it was a freudian slip…

  5. all i can say is, “ehn!”

  6. So close, yet so far. REACH little doglet, reach!

  7. I turned in 90 degrees and now he’s walking on the ceiling!

  8. ellie the one and only says:


  9. This little guy reminds me of last week at work… hope you have better luck than I, little dude.!

  10. This little guy’s all like “HALP. CAN’T REACH. EHHNNNNNN.” I want to help him.

  11. Woods Walker says:

    I think it’s sad. You can see where the animal has tried to reach up and get out of the place by the spots on the wall.-Woods Walker

  12. NO NO! If you turn it 90 degrees, the poor feller will be upside down!!!

  13. Put all the rocks on top of each other !!!

  14. duck au vin says:

    Would like to organize all the prairie dogs in this habitat to stand on each other’s shoulders…This is how we do things at CO!

  15. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    … and if you keep turning it 90 degrees over and over, it’s the “dancing on the ceiling” sequence from “Royal Wedding.”

  16. Poor little p.doggie. Freedom is so close, and yet so far. Def. cute or sad. Sad, sad, sad. Little trapped p.doggie. Keep reaching for your freedom little dude.

  17. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Kinda looks like Batprairiedog…but he forgot his youthful ward chum Raccoon the Chipmunk Wonder!

  18. winniezippitydoodippity says:

    funny, yesterday when i stared out the kitchen window there was a squirrel stretched in the same position on the fence, i don’t understand how he was able to balance his body, but oddly he looked comfortable and stayed like that for a while. atleast this buddy has all “3” paws on the ground or well in it depends how you look at it 🙂

  19. I have mixed feelings about zoos, but we have seen so much about kind care
    from Zookeepers, beautifully-designed habitats, and efforts to preserve endangered species. None of this works for our little prairie dog…heem want out!!

  20. It’s like they took a Leonard Cohen song and made it real.

  21. Li’l prairie dog… A part of me wants you to be free, but then you could be eaten by a coyote, or run over by a car, or swept away by a flood… There you’re safe, taken care of, fed regularly…

    It is sad, having to choose between safety and freedom. The choice was made for you, li’l prairie dog. But they can’t take away your dreams.

  22. berthaservant says:

    LOL @ Patito!!!! And NTMTOM, I think we might be the same person, “Royal Wedding” was the first thing I thought of.

    It is kind of cute or sad, but I’m not gonna ’nuff the zoos.

  23. temperance says:

    agreed madame x.

    and what a good civic lesson; to have complete safety in your life you gotta give up a heck of a lot of freedom. it can be hard to know just where to draw that line…

  24. Exit persued by rock.

  25. Maybe someone is dangling foodstuffs and he’s just being nosy? He looks curious, to me. *sniff sniff, WANT!*

  26. earlybird1 says:

    P. Dawg doin’ his runner’s lunge. Feel the burn, behbeh!

  27. Zoos are a shame for all of us humans, were we lock in animals for our entertainment, pretending we “love” nature when all we create there is a mere mimmick. Yes they are fed and taken care of, but would you rather live safe in a cage or run wild (and die doing so)?
    I can only see sadness in that poor little felow’s eyes. Those sho see cuteness are insentivie clods!

  28. C’mon Peeps, he’s just stretching before a run. *sheesh*

  29. D’oh! Wasted effort after pushing that boulder all the way to the wall.

  30. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Get me ooooouuuuuta here!

  31. Elisha B. says:

    And I thought “human” rock climbing was difficult!

  32. balamuthia says:

    This is totally ‘shopped, I can tell from the pixels.

    Tell ya what, V-turn, we’ll take allllllthe creatures who have no habitat left to “run free” in and just let them loose. I’m sure their quality of life would be *much* better. [/sarcasm]

  33. CoffeeCup says:

    *Cue Lionel Richie’s “Dancing on the Ceiling”*

    For your enjoyment: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OdQDXs75Ulo Now listen to that while looking at this photo flipped 90 degrees.

  34. Another prairie dog is just getting ready to throw down a rope; then this llittle p.d. will rappel his way to the top; they will both escape and go torment the tigers by chattering at them in their cage……. Mayhem will ensue, until the zoo-keepers come and restore order…. 😆

  35. V-turn: Keep on projecting, my man! Live that life!

  36. I suspect that V-turn’s use of the old “insensitive clod” bit might be a clue that he’s not 100% in earnest, y’all.
    [single raised eyebrow]

  37. Von Zeppelin says:

    Actually, this Prairie Dog Commando has just rappelled DOWN the wall and sent the rope back up to the next member of the team. They’re breaking in to the zoo to free ALL the animals, V-Turn!

  38. Listen, these guys are the masters at escaping. At the Deer Farm in Sevierville, TN a few years back, the keepers warned everyone to be on the lookout for prairie dogs because they found a way to escape their pen and get into the other animals’…or outside completely. They had even put an additional fence around their enclosure, but that didn’t do much. You’d see them scampering around in every other exhibit. It was awesome. 🙂

  39. I HATE ZOOS!!!

  40. guys, i can’t believe it, i actually used to live in amneville until last year. it is one of the most famous zoos in europe, with an incredible rate of reproduction, it is mainly in the woods, and of course, some predators cannot roam freely, but they live in huge cages with trees, grass, each natural inhabitat is respected. and there is a savanah where giraffs, elephants, antilops roam freely. you can feed the ever pregnant goats, all the money is invested in the welfare of the animals, in educational posts to put a stress on the respect of nature, and starting noon, the exhibits start (parrots, bear, penguins feeding time, etc) just check it out on the internet. and where else could you hear the roar of a lion from your living room? lol
    and i just loved loved loved the prairie dogs

  41. zoo is passé says:

    SAD SAD SAD very SAD

  42. zoo is passé says:

    extremely SAD!

  43. What’s your point?

  44. “I want to.get.out.”
    “Argh. I.want.to.get.out.”

    This little guy is just cute. Though some might be sad cos this little fella is in the zoo. But i guess this is the only way to keep him safe and protected. 🙂 It’s still better than being in the wild, living as prey for the others.

  45. Elisha B. says:

    Zoos are meant to education children and adults about the world outside their own. You can see pictures and videos of wild animals but until you see them in person you have no ideas what they are like. Do I agree with some of the conditions or treatment of these creatures, no of course not, but do NOT discount those humans who put their heart and soul into caring for and helping the wild animal population. In NC we have an awesome zoo in Asheboro with lots of caring staff and wonderful animals from all the world. Not all zoos are created equal, I’ve been to several across the country and would say that not all were good.

    You have to realize that kids (and some adults too) have never seen a live chicken much less an ostrich or don’t know that pigs have cousins in the wild. Zoos are meant to open peoples eyes and bring a world they might never see to their community.

    So…give zoos a break, do a little research before you start hating all zoos. Some zoos have great programs for rescuing and rehabilitating wild animals to go back in the wild (San Diego, Sea World etc).

    Okay, enough on the nuffers, still think this guy is way cute!

  46. Spider-squirrel!!!

  47. @ducan that video was soo cute

  48. @Elisha B.
    I wonder how you would feel if say, some extra-terrestrials came to Earth, capture you and bring you home for their sibblings to see real humans and open their eyes.
    What makes you think human is superior and that we have the right to emprison a living creature for our own “education”?… That’s anthropocentrism as its best (or worst)…

  49. Elisha B. says:

    I never said it was perfect, but mankind was put “in charge” of the animal kingdom. And humans ARE superior to everything else. We are given a huge responsibility but again humans are not perfect. How many zoos now adays go out and “capture” animals to place in the zoos? I don’t know, but my OPINION is that human beings have a responsibility to care for the planet and all the creatures on it. If that means having zoos to educate people (and protect the animals), so be it. It is the people who don’t know or care about the animals who abuse or destroy habitats. If you want to be upset with people, just check out the global corporations that go into the rainforest or other vitale areas of the planet and strip all life from the land to further their bottom lines. And don’t forget the countries around the world who destory their own natural resources and wildlife to continue their commerical growth in the global marketplace.

    So…. the world is not a perfect place nor are human beings. We all have a right to our opinions and speak our minds. I personally am grateful for people who spend their lives caring for animal whether it be in a vets office or a wildlife expert in a zoo. We need more people to take responsibility for their actions and the planet we all live on!!!!!!!

  50. @Elisha B.
    I wish there would be many other people like you on this Earth, it sure would be a better place. I completely agree that zoos are not the worts in the list to blame, and that far before them we should put all corporations that destroy or abuse natural resources for profit. Very few of us are actually responsible for taking care of our host planet, and that’s the point that upsets me in such discussions.

    My opinion does differ from yours on the superiority of human over other species. I am not sure what you mean by superiority, but it is hard for me to accept that an animal life could be less valuable than a human’s life. Even if practically it seems quite natural, morally this seems plain wrong.

    As a matter of fact, what give us power over the other species today are all the technologies that have been developped by our ancestors and allow us to live comfortably and protect ourselves from those other species (or destroy them). Without those technologies (which 99.99% of us never even remotely contributed to), we would be no less advanced than cavemen and have very little power advantage on the animal kingdom. Today most of us consider this comfort as a due thing : eating pretty much anything any season, driving around in a car with air conditionning, taking airplanes to the other side of Earth to relax for a few weeks, buying unnecessary “stuff” (furniture, clothing, electronics, etc.) without considering the impact any of this has on the environment. The thing is, very few of us are actually willing to sacrifice any of this comfort to honor our responsibilites over the other living creatures. Unless one is able to make even a little step in that direction, they can’t honestly say they give a damn about the environment. They’re just being “green” because animals are cute (and I think that what most visitors on this board are based on the comments I read) or they follow this trend (until then next one).

    There’s an interesting article on anthropocentrism on Wikipedia. Worth a bit of your time and reflection.



  51. V – Turn and Elisha have to agree!

    and @ducan that video was way sooo cute:D

  52. FanGirl says:

    The last time I went to the MN Zoo the prairie dogs were trying to get out of their pen there too. I shot a video of it. If you want to check it out…

  53. Elisha B. says:

    @ V-Turn
    Thank you for sharing your insights with me and the rest of this community. I would like to have a lengther dicussion with you, but I don’t think my boss would allow me to type on CO all day. We do disagree on the superiority of humans because I do not equate value with being superior. I won’t get into “God gave us the responsibility of the planet and animals” thing because I don’t believe we could see eye to eye on that.

    As to “people being green just because animals are cute”, I don’t really agree with you to an extent. Yes, some people out there think this “green” movement is just a trend or something hip to do. But lots of people out there (and in here with CO) DO care because it is the right thing to do. I know that my small part in helping the environment is simply recycling at work and at home. I am not a fanatic about it like many are, but I now am very aware of what type of food containers I buy, how much paper I use and not buying bottled water and using my own bottle at work and home. Plus I am in love with this website and all the happiness it brings me and fellow fans. I think I would love this page even if I wasn’t aware of all the “yucky” realities of our modern world and treatment of it.

    I only hope by the discussion we have shared that everyone’s eyes will be opened a little wider and some insights gained. There is good in the world and bad in the world and we must all work to keep the message of good and cute in the forefront! 🙂

    Thanks! E-

    [Well said. 8) – Ed.]

  54. Aww……… Sooo cute! A Cutie Patotie

  55. Very cruel