Maru takes box addiction to the next leva

I can’t believe DListed scooped me on this one but they did! Audience will you ever forgive moi?

Without further ado; MARU!

If you’re new to Maru, you must check out his Greatest Hits:
Please Won’t You Help This Kitteh?
Just Say Nyerhe to Boxes
Perfect 90-degree Haunch Splayage



  1. I love this. The little face over the side of the box is the best.

  2. Oh no, the best was the unexpected leap and plop OUT of the box. I laughed out loud.

  3. Jimbeaux says:

    I dub thee Jumpy McJumpersons!

    And I agree, the leap out of the box and the little head-poke-up at the end both made me giggle!

  4. This cat is MAGIC!

  5. Katfighter says:

    Maru has springs for legs.

  6. omg, 1:18 and 1:26! i haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.

    what a great cat!

  7. OMG! He is so cute and adorable and smart and … and … WANNA!!! 😉

  8. There should be a disclaimer – DO NOT DRINK BEFORE WATCHING THIS CLIP. Just a thought…and Thank you for the laugh this morning! 🙂 I ❤ Maru!!!

  9. Meg, I knew that when I saw this last night you would just have to post it! Love, love love, this kooky kitty!

  10. I would squeeze him and snorgle him so much that he wouldn’t have time to jump in or out of boxes. That’s my version of Boxhab!
    Btw, “Maru places bag on head, loves it” belongs among his Greatest Hits, don’t you think?

  11. Adrienne says:

    Agree! 1:18 was hilarious. Thanks for brightening my day. 🙂

  12. I was cheering for Maru as I was laughing. “You can do it!”

    What a big fluffy kitty; looks so huggable!

  13. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    What a smart, problem-solving kitty. What form, what grace. He sticks the exit landing!!

  14. Maru is too cute, the way he popped his head up a second time at the end.

  15. claudemarie says:

    Oh mah gahhhhh!!!!! that was so funny! I didn’t expect him to jump OUT lol, what a sweet kitty.

  16. At home all by myself LMAOOOO !!!!!!!!!!

  17. The most awesomest cat ever!

  18. EVER!

  19. birthdaygirl! says:

    oh em gee!! this is the perfect post on my birfday!!
    i had to cover my mouth so i wouldn’t literally laugh out loud since my roomie is sleeping!

    keep them coming, Maru!

  20. Maru is relentless, lmao… 1:18 (kitteh comes shooting at camera) is soooo good… I adore the minimal videographing too. Letting the genious that is Maru just speak for itself!

  21. Melissa H. says:

    I felt so sorry for him at first! His mom wasn’t helping him at all, and she put the box flaps straight up! And then hilarity ensued! I love Maru, he’s a wonderful kitty.

  22. FTW!! (For the Win!!) This kitteh is a major Star!! He looks like he’s being shot out of the box (maybe the Puffed Rice cannon is stationed inside, launching him out of there!) I checked out his greatest hits videos: he employs the ‘butt wiggle of doom’ very effectively… 😆

  23. At some point, I swear it looked like Maru leaped and kind of fell into the box (clearly unhurt though). Despite his rotund-ness, his leaping skills are quite marvelous to behold. I love you Maruuuuuuuu!!!

  24. It’s amazing how he can jump virtually straight up out of the box!!! It’s like… well I’m not really sure which super hero, but a really really amazing one!!!

  25. I love how it looks like he was thrown OUT of the box by someone hiding inside. XD He can jump really well for such a tubby guy!

  26. googlie eyes says:

    Now THAT’S a cat! Love it! That is one box-focused feline.

  27. I have watched this over and over and I’m hysterical every time.

  28. Desdemona says:

    Wow what a smart kitty — I was expecting him at 0:47 or so, to get down from that perch and go push the box closer. But no — he opted for the athletic solution. I think if Maru keeps jumping like that he will slim down a bit.

  29. I think this puts the marmalade kitty-flying kerfuffle (of last week) to rest.

  30. Maru: “They tried to make me go to BoxHab, but I said NO! NO! NO!”


  31. kibblenibble says:

    The Maru vidoes have won a U-Tube award, and deservedly so. This video made me squeal and laugh and cheer for this fabulous cat. Yet, there is something so poetic about the video, as gryt says, there is the minimalism, but also the editing, and the silent TV in the background with its flickering colors, and the hilarity and excitement of Maru’s antics, and the beautiful face peeping up at the end, and…and…I’m sorry, I just loved it.

  32. Excellent sproingage; agree after 1:18 I expected there to be a Pythonesque Tiddles-flinger in the bottom of the box, but all Maru, baby!

  33. omg….laughing so hard my stomach hurts…what a beautiful and extremely funny kitteh!!!

  34. berthaservant says:

    This is the hardest I have laughed in a month at least (and I laugh A LOT people). Boxhab AND lurkensproingen AND Maru??????? Too, too moishe.

    And I agree w/ kibblenibble, what is great about this is the care that Maru’s friend has taken to compose and assemble this material. What’s amazing is that this looks like a fairly middle-class/anonymous apartment, with someone of relatively modest means living there (I can’t say for sure, of course, not knowing Japanese culture very well). The contrast between that setting and the owner’s obvious joy and delight in the friendship w/ Maru (who is obviously a VERY loved cat) is so delicate and moving.

    The look at the end is just priceless.

  35. What kind of kitteh is Maru? He/she is pretty boxy/blocky and seems to be very calm and gentle. Shorthair?

  36. I love this cat. Maru popping out of the box made me laugh uncontrollably. (psst…knock the box over).

    marthava, I believe he’s a Scottish fold, without the folded-ear gene.

  37. that’s the best Maru yet. wow, what a unique lil critter!

  38. Is his size normal for a Scottish fold? I love his tail. It’s soooo cute. I could watch Maru all day.

  39. @marthava: Maru looks like a straight-eared Scottish Fold kitty. They have small, stout bodies with stubby legs and head-to-tail roundness.

  40. Probably not Scottish fold, probably a British Shorthair tabby. They’re shaped like that.

  41. Joysha, I don’t think he’s not a Scottish Fold, look at his ears, which are upright. His stocky build suggests British Shorthair. Maru is beautiful, funny and clever — what more could one want!

  42. Ooops – that should be “I don’t think he’s a Scottish Fold …” Bad proofreading!

  43. BEST VIDEO EVER. Clone Maru so I can have one of him too. Okay?

  44. Oh my gosh, this kitty is smart. That abstract planning, pushing the box so it was across from the footrest? I have never seen a cat think of something like that. Also, did anyone else think that Maru’s jumping was very much like how foxes jump when they are hunting? This may be an interesting new stage in kitty evolution.

  45. I ❤ the ninjakitty action!!!

  46. Great jumper!, especially for being a little bit of a chubbers ❤ The Japanese title is also very cute. It basically translates as Big Box + Cat. I love that different animals have different hobbies, interests, and quirks, and are just as individual in their likes and dislikes as people. My chihuahua loves being rubbed, while being held upside down for some mysterious reason. XD

  47. Maru’s youtube profile says he’s a Scottish Fold. They don’t all have curled ears.
    Meanwhile, the ICHC cat is a British Shorthair. Fascinating stuff.

  48. Yay 😀 CO could always use more Maru!

  49. Von Zeppelin says:

    “So, Mr. Box, we meet at last. We are not so different, you and I. In a different world, we might have been friends. But now. . . the hunter becomes THE HUNTED!!” (sproing)

  50. “Do you expect me to talk?”
    “No, Mr. Box, I expect you to CATCH ME!!!!!!! YEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!”

  51. BOING!!!!

  52. I can’t get enough of Maru. He’s such an oddball. Like the time he walked around with a paper bag on his head.

  53. I’ve been a dog person all my life, but this cat is converting me.
    I LOVE Maru!!

  54. Nothing better than the four-paw landing! and what a great shape Maru has! I laughed out loud when he just sort of appeared in mid-air out of the box.

  55. laughed until I cried and then watched it all over again…

  56. Copperbat says:

    Scottish folds are British Shorthairs, originally. Outcrossing to Shorthairs is also allowed in the breed and is common, mainly since two folded folds should never be bred to each other.

  57. Maru! I want to have your babies! Your big chubbtastic sproingy boingy babies!

  58. OK people we need to hook these people up with a refrigerator box…. just imagine!

  59. Utterly pure in the simplicity and the highlighting of the genius of this cat. I laughed, out loud and cheered! Maru is such a winner!

  60. You really need to make a “Boxhab” tag.

  61. I can’t believe how much personality this cat has. If he was mine, I would never leave the house. Not even for work or anything. I would just sit and watch him all day. I bet he even sleeps funny.

  62. Katiedid says:

    lol him getting out of the box was funnier then him getting into it lol.. super cat!!!

  63. Maru is my all time favorite. As cute as Winston is, it’s Maru…hands (or should I say box lids?) down!

  64. I’ll totally forgive if you promise to give us a little Winston-san soon. I’m missing that weird love story.

  65. Pretty soon I’m gonna have to check myself into Maru-hab! He is just too moishe!

  66. And someone said cats can’t jump that high without being thrown, Maru is an awesome

  67. You really need a “Maru” tag – have you seen how many videos he’s got?

  68. AlbertaGirl says:

    Maru’s box addiction is beyond help, and we are all enablers. And I wouldn’t change a thing.

  69. HAHAHAHA I almost died when he started jumping out! Too funny!

  70. Maru, you are a star. You are a wonderful sunshine kitty and the fact that you exist on this planet somewhere, right now, fills me with unbelievable joy.

  71. Bunnyfluffs says:

    I’ve been a big fan of Maru for some time now, and I swear, this cat is brilliant. I’m convinced he creates games for himself in most of these situations. For instance, I’m pretty sure he’s deliberately trying not to touch any box flappage whilst jumping out of the box. Box flappage touch = fail, in Maru brain. Who knows. All I know is that I’m absolutely in love with Maru, and I adore his Mum for recognizing his awesomeness and sharing him with us!

  72. check out how at the beginning, Maru pushes the box away.
    Later, he is smart enough to get a height advantage on the box, but cant
    remember that he is also able to push it back closer to the table to avoid
    the epic fail of his not-far-enough jump.

  73. KatieZientek says:

    I laughed every time he went *boing!* out of the box. XD

  74. One thing about Maru, is just when you think he can’t take it to the next level, he does.

  75. BunnyFluffs, thanks for saying it. I too believe Maru is avoiding the box flaps 🙂

  76. Starlinguk says:

    A “straight-eared Scottish fold”? That’s a joke, right? *g* He’s just an ordinary tubby shorthair, like my lovely old Sprot who always got teased about his short little leggies.

  77. Hon Glad says:

    Do you mind, have a care. I’m British and short haired and I’m just big boned I tell you, big boned. Hmmph.

  78. haha, this is awesome. It should have some Eye of the Tiger music to it or something.

  79. Oh, my freakin’ dorable! The first time Maru jumped OUT of the box, it looked like a toy! I love this vid.

  80. Maru is simply the greatest cat that ever there was. I could watch him all day. I wonder, do you think Maru’s people need a Canadian live-in nanny to, uh, teach him Canadian and stuff?

  81. gatitia bonita says:

    Nailed the dismount! A perfect 10!!!

  82. Starlinguk, it’s not a joke. Maru being a straight-eared Scottish Fold is similar to an African American albino. Genetics is funny stuff, it’ll pull a switcheroo on you when you’re not looking.

  83. @ Hon Glad: You can has cheezburger.

  84. I don’t think he’s a fold. He could have fold IN him (facial shape is similar), but he appears to be a Classic (blotched) American Tabby:

    I have a cat that is identical to Maru except with less of a circular face. Maru’s facial shape is what makes me think he might have fold in him, but it might also be the fact that he’s a bigger male than my cat:

  85. I cannot even believe what I saw saw. Maru McJumpersons. What a jumping blob of fur.

  86. gravyboat says:

    Maru is even better than Winston, methinks.

  87. My boyfriend actually saw this video before me, and he says, “Before you watch it, I have to tell you one thing: Moon shoes.” I think that’s a pretty accurate description.

  88. Maru is one of my favorites!! That cat does the funniest things!! Please put the links back to email these! I love sending Maru to my friends!

  89. I LOVE how much thought and attention he puts into getting into (and out of) this huge box!

  90. I am moving right now and my cat has been trying to figure out how to get into the giant box. Oddly enough, as I was reading the comments here just now SHE DID IT. but not like Maru, she did some sort of elaborated climbing around on top of things until she could just jump down into it. Maru is the Ninjitsu Box Master. Bow to your sensei!

  91. I love this cat.

  92. I am so glad I saved this for the end of what has been a very long and exhausting and exasperating day. SPROING SPROING SPROING! OMG I lurved it so much! Now that some of the tension has been released maybe there’ll be peace in the hosue tonight. 😀 Thanks Maru!!!

  93. OMG I laughed so hard I almost .. well you know. I love Maru.. but this this was the piece de resistance. Hugs Metz I hope tomorrow is a better day!

  94. A magicially appearing kitty! Who knew?

  95. How come no kitty ever jumps out of a box in my house. Sigh. Having a husband eith allergies sucks sometimes.

  96. What if we got Winston and Maru together and made babies….they could be cranky jumpy slidey box sushi loving babies!

    P.S. I laughed until I peed at this video!


  98. I had to laugh at how many times Maru jumped in and out those boxes 🙂 He can jump very high for such a BIG boy 🙂

  99. Felicityanne says:

    LOVE Maru…and what is that cage in two of the shots? Does Maru’s human have CHINCHILLAS too?

  100. Felicityanne says:

    Also…did anybody notice that TIME GOES BACKWARDS when you’re watching Maru? This is obviously the REASON for the jumping…it causes a shift in the time-space continuum…Maru is even more intelligent than hitherto suspected…

  101. Mary (the first) says:

    Ok at the end, when she peeks over the edge, I think she’s looking at the cameraperson saying “did you get that shot? you got that, didn’t you? that was a good one!” and then one more peek out, ” want me to do it again?”. I love this kitty and what wonderful markings she has. This cat is truly a goofball but a very smart one, too.

  102. Oh Maru. Such an amazing inate talent.

  103. OMG. *wipes tears from eyes from laughter*

    Maru, you´re the funniest, cutest EVAH. Winston has nothing on you. Sorry Winstonnnn! 😉

  104. cheesybird says:

    Maru wins teh interwebs!

  105. Truly intelligent cats are never bored.

  106. Space Cowgirl says:

    This would make a great motivational video. Go Maru! You can do eet!

  107. Flavia A. says:

    Maru’s a great jumper.

  108. Maru is so much more than a cat.

  109. Linda H. says:

    Pop!! goes the weasel!!

  110. metsakins says:

    I have to say that Miss Huggums knew to use other furniture to get into boxes, however, she never sprionged like that. (Miss Huggums passed away yesterday after seventeen years of fitting into all size boxes, with a nice, snuggly shoe box her favorite.)

  111. I follow Maru daily on his website. He is very photogenic and quite humorous. And, he does make up his own games. On one video, mom explains that she was in the kitchen where Maru is not allowed and left the camera going on him in the other room. For 5 or so minutes, he just played and romped and had so much fun. This cat is brilliant!

    She has noted on his page that he is, in fact, a Scottish Fold without folded ears. The cage does not house anything – Maru just likes playing with it. There’s a link on his website to his former site that also includes, get this, KITTEN pictures of this adorable guy. There are tons and tons more awesome videos and pictures of him.

    And, regarding Maru vs. Winston, I can’t do it. I love them both in different ways. But, Maru has daily postings. It just makes Winston’s postings more enjoyable when you have to wait a month or more for the next. They are unique and awesome in their own ways. It’s like trying to compare your favorite car with your favorite type of chocolate. Sure you can compare them in some strange way, but it just doesn’t make sense.

  112. Your cat is VERY entertaining!! LOVED IT!!!!

  113. Winni-Pig says:

    Yay kitteh!

  114. marthava says:

    I’m with Mandy. I love Winston AND Maru. And thanks All for responses/comments about the breed. 🙂

  115. The Dutchess of Cupcake says:

    Uncontrollable giggling ensued upon watching this. Oh Maru, how I love you!

  116. I love the way he gets up on the cabinet and eyes the box like, “Can I jump into it from this distance?” He’s got one paw poised, just ready to take off if he decides he can do it. That’s one SCAAAAAAAARY smart kitteh!

  117. Hugs Metsakins… so sorry for your loss of miss huggums

  118. Hon Glad says:

    Metsakins-sorry to hear about Miss Huggums, it takes a long time to get over the loss.

  119. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Metsakins ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  120. duck au vin says:

    Metsakins–For Miss Huggums, may this video offer a little laughter, some special
    memories of a precious shoebox kitty. So sorry for your loss.

  121. Metaskins- I am so sorry for our loss of Miss Huggums? “our”? Yes, we are Peeps, and we are all diminished. Grab an iced tea or whatever you are drinking next,my Peeps, and raise it in memory of Miss Huggums, and I will remember her when I next use a shoe box. We are here, Metaskins, thanks for letting us be a support to you. Hang in there. Stay here, too.

  122. duck au vin says:

    Cheesybird…Love the sandwich avatar. m-m-m-m…comfort food.

  123. Mandy — post the link to the kitten Maru pics STAT!

  124. John N., if you go to Maru’s blog ( and then scroll down to the 4th box on the left, (you’ll see this Japanese text below) and then click around in there–those seem to be the archives of this spectacular kitty.


    (旧ブログ)私信 まるです

  125. DaytimeDeb says:

    I feel like such an enabler, because I really don’t want Maru to go to boxhab! Keep these videos coming!

    Ah, and my brother and his wife have what I call a “Scottish Unfold.” McKirby was part of a litter from purebred SF parents, but he was mutant (not my word). And yes, he is portly like Maru — where do you think he got the name Kirby? Orrick, Bissel and Hoover didn’t sound Scottish enough.

  126. 😀 thanks for the link Mandy

    Always wondered what Maru looked like when he was younger

    Not surprisingly, Maru’s as cute as ever 😛

  127. okaasan59 says:

    Yay, another Maru video!!! Maru is my favorite internet kitty. ^_^

  128. Ha! The bit right at the end finally got me to laugh, with that little peek at the camera, then one more, just to see if the coast was clear yet. XD

  129. Maru is becoming one of my favorites! It’s those big pupils I think.

  130. I was already laughing at Maru’s attempts to get into the box. Then, when he suddenly SPOINGED OUT of the box…I was emitting a high-pitched screeching-laughing-dying sound. Scared the crap out of my husband…TOTALLY WORTH IT.

  131. And I just laughed…why do we think that cats jumping out of boxes are so funny? This was great.

  132. hugs for you metsakins!

  133. Kristabelle says:

    ((((HUGS)))) Metaskins.

    As one other poster mentioned, I am a DOG person, but this cat makes me laugh every time! I LOVED his bag on his head video and this one made me laugh out loud!

  134. AuntieMame says:


    I agree with Katrina. I feel sad everytime someone announces they’ve just lost a beloved pet, because we’re family here, and your losses are all of our losses.

    And I adore Maru, too. Usually I just sit and snicker quietly as I watch the videos, but this time I was cheering out loud. Go, Maru, go! You can do it! Juuuuuump!

  135. here’s cat in a very small box:

  136. More (((((virtual hugs))))) to Metaskins… we are catless for the first time in 30 years, Maru reminds me of our beloved Cleo (same markings, polydactyl, A Pretty Face With Naught Behind It); he gave me a great Kitty Fix when I needed one! There will be Boxes A’Plenty for our next kitty, in hopes that they might achieve such brilliance.

  137. metsakins says:

    I find volunteering at the pound near me gives me great pleasure and distracts me from those I have lost.

  138. BOING!!!

  139. I wonder if the name “Maru” has a meaning, and what that meaning might be?

    Maru as a kitten = Beyond cute.

  140. Miss Hallelujah says:

    @Noelegy “Maru” means “circle” in Japanese. It’s what they use in place of a tick to indicate that something is correct…

  141. Jyllibean says:

    I am going to install hardwood floors and get myself a Maru. He needs paperbag-Hab, too. “Maru places bag on head, loves it”, is still the bestest Maru.

  142. Driver B says:

    Love and adore Maru. . .so much that I subscribe to his blog. And have looked through all the archives. I love seeing a new post of him after a hard day.

    And yes, Maru does mean ‘circle’ – or round thing, etc. It’s perfect for him. 🙂

  143. eternalcanadian says:

    rofl! cat-watching is way better than telly-watching! 😀

  144. check out this parody of the Maru vs. Big Box video…some guy does all of the same things that Maru does: