Question for you

“Have you VOTED for Cute Overload for the People Choice Webby yet?”

[Head turns to 90-degree right angle] “BAROOOOOOO?”






  1. That is one hell of a baroo. Why are squished-faced dogs so much better at barooing? Pugs, Bostons…

    [ahem — that’s a Canine Head Tilt. Check it: Baroo? :mrgreen: – Ed.]

  2. I voted!!! W00t Did You?

  3. OMG dat dog is ssssoooo cute look at his cute little eyes

  4. Bahstn terriah heah. C’mon, vote, then catch the T to see the Sawx.

  5. CoffeeCup says:

    If you don’t look too closely at the nozzicle of the dog, scroll up until you just get the ears and the eye…doesn’t it look a little like a bunny looking sideways?

  6. Katiedid says:

    I voted!!!!! and im going to find out where that puppeh lives and steal him Muahahahahahhahahaha

  7. BostonBunny says:

    Coffee – Good one!

  8. BostonBunny says:

    I voted for baroo know who!

  9. Vote vote vote and then go have a dish of ice cream!

    […with a stoat. – Ed.]
    […or a goat. – Ed.]
    […on a boat? – Ed.]

  10. just don’t eat it in the moat!

    [No doubt. It’d bloat. – Ed.]

  11. On your bark, …get ready, ….vote!

  12. Would you could you in a boat? Would you could you with a stoat? I do like CO here and there. I like CO everywhere!

    [ 😀 OK, you’ve earned this… – Ed.]

  13. Mary (the first) says:

    That really is an adorable dog. Truly!

  14. I refuse to vote until my submayshays is on this blog. My dog is a STAR and he will TAKE THE INTERWEBS BY STORM!


    (I’m kidding btw, in case that isn’t clear.)

  15. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Re: Moonlighting link. If I ever had a fancy enough party to require a doorman, I would want THAT doorman. And the glasses. He has to bring the glasses.

    Til then, I’ll just keep drinking boxed wine out of a coffee mug.

  16. I stand corrected! I have always equated the CHT with the baroo, as I have so very rarely seen one without the other in the dogs in my life. Maybe this is because I have talkative dogs, though! It’s so hard to see a dog turn his head up at ninety degrees and not say “barooooo?” to yourself.

    You know that pic, it’s on here somewhere, of the owl rockin’ the wicked Canine Avian Head Tilt? Even that owl is thinking, “barooo?”

    No forgiveness. I will examine the glossary carefully, and write out fifty repetitions.

    That said: I imagine a pug actually barooing would be more like a pug… basnorting. Or something. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a pug make a sound that could be anything other than some sort of snort or other. Even their little barks are just loud snorts.

  17. dylanimore says:

    I want to vote, but I don’t have a Webby account and don’t plan to make one, so, yah. Its frustrating that I can’t support my favorite ahhhhn-creating site because of this. 😦 Oh well.

  18. Yes, I voted. 😀 Go, CO!

  19. berthaservant says:

    dylanimore — it’s not that complicated, and it’s not like they bombard you with spam (i haven’t gotten any that i recall)….

    peer pressure
    peer pressure

    i mean, LOOK AT ZEE PUG’S FACE! Really LOOK AT EET!

    you’re gonna say “oh, i don’t haz 37 seconds to register to vote?” to that face?

    VOTE VOTE VOTE, people!

    (ps anyone who votes pls report back on the totals!)

  20. Yeah what Berthservant said
    Vote vote vote.. I haven’t gotten any junk mail from them either so vote away peeps!

  21. 13bodies says:

    I voted again and failblog is in the lead–oh nooooOOOOooooOOOO (although CO is kicking tail with # of comments). VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!

  22. So uh…what happened to the catagories?

    [They be TAGS now!! – Ed., who happens to be very happy about this development]

  23. I voted, I voted………

    Are we supposed to vote like the old days in Chicago… early and vote often???

  24. cute

  25. This bebeh is barooing so hard. And, yes, puppeh, I voted for CO.

  26. 🙂

  27. temperance says:

    i was inspired by that little baroo to finally register so i could vote.

    that’s right- i voted b***ches!

  28. okay I looked at numbers it was 34% CO to 54% Fail blog. I am not sure if that is the current count.

  29. If you want to chek them there is a place you rollover on the right hand side of your screen

  30. voted and stoated.

  31. duck au vin says:

    I voted–CO has been promoted.

  32. I juz voted! cheers 🙂
    it’s in the 2nd place currently. Hurry vote~

  33. ellie the one and only says:


  34. I hadn’t voted yet, but now I must. What a great way to make peeps feel guilty, Meg! Baroo! Off to vote!

  35. O Noooooes!! Nawt Failblog! They can’t be ahead: Arrrrrrrrrggggggghhh!! 😥

  36. Hon Glad says:

    Will you please note
    I cast my vote
    Thus to promote CO

  37. Raydiofree says:

    I VOTED!
    Then I pressured every single one of my friends to do so.

  38. victoreia says:

    Just checked the stats (mid-afternoon on Saturday, Hawaii time): CO-32%, them-55%

    Wish we could vote Chicago-style; I’d be voting every ten minutes! (Assuming, of course, that I could log in…..for some reason it makes me request a new password every time, dangit!)

  39. Argh- now, howerwedoin’?

  40. harlemgrrl says:

    yes, yes i have

  41. I TRIED to vote, but they said they had no record of my e-mail address; which is impossible, as they used it to send me a note to tell me to vote! So I e-mailed them back and explained my dilemma, and have heard naught. It’s not my fault!!!

  42. Amanda Coats says:

    I sent that pic in, YAY! That’s my mom’s baby girl, Sophie. Isn’t she sweet!