“I’m—I’m IN A BOX!” [mime movements]

And for my next trick;

“Look at me! I’m WALKING against the AIR!”


Tara W., 3 months in Boxhab should cure Pickles.



  1. Should there be a picture?

  2. cobratoes says:

    lol Piccie, please?

  3. ashagato says:


  4. Creepy Sheep says:

    Invisible mime? How Zen.

  5. PICTURE!!! :whines: PICTURE!!

  6. omg, invisible box and invisible kitteh?!?!

  7. The picture is here:


    The HTML ‘img’ tag is a little off. I’l sure they’ll fix it right soon!

  8. Thanks, Fox! Now we can rest (and coo) easy. 🙂

    Hey, that looks like a FedEx box, we get lots of those around here.

  9. Darling Creature says:

    Fox, many thanks for the link! What a great picture! I know my kitty needs Box Hab.

  10. Marmie in a box! This is SO my wallpaper!

  11. Meg? Whar he at?

  12. Kitty? Here, kitty, kitty….

  13. Nice! Marmies are now available packaged and ready to go! I’ll take a half dozen.

  14. hon glad says:

    Do you ever feel the walls are closing in?

  15. Cheshire kit n kaboodle

  16. BeckyMonster says:

    I have a Pickle kitty too, but you can see her!!!!

  17. Starlinguk says:

    Shut down trash compactor 3263827!

    (well, somebody had to say it)

  18. SO CUTE!

  19. Starlinguk says:

    Or was that garbage compactor, not trash compactor?

    Ah, another excuse to watch Star Wars again.


  21. Meg, where is?

  22. duck au vin says:

    I need to watch carefully for our delivery package of marmies…don’t want it to sit
    on the front porch in the heat. As the walls continue to close in…

  23. claudemarie says:

    awww lol cat is all “Oh. you found me”

  24. finaleeezzz:-)

  25. oooh, I do love those cute little white socks and mittens.

  26. skippymom says:

    “First there is a kitteh, then there is no kitteh, then there is….”

  27. skippymom says:

    I spend many long hours in heated debate with myself as to which part of a cat is the most endearingly attractive: the paws or the muzzle. This little guy renders the question moot–he (or she) is rockin’ it ALL!

  28. catloveschanel says:

    They tried a send a marmie to rehab
    and she said “NO, no, no”

    I actually heard that song on the smooth jazz channel as an instrumental. That was frightening.

    Her ears are boxed.

  29. CatLC — you’re picking up what we’re laying down; Amy Winehouse & “Rehab” are where we got the whole “boxhab” thing. But ya gotta make the meter work, nowumsayin?

    They tried to make me go to rehab,
    But I said “Mew, mew, mew.”
    Paws off my box, or I piss in your socks
    And poo, yo’, shoe.

  30. Well that’s just right. A purrrfect pre lunch snack. I have to ask though. Is Pickle’s owner by any chance a reader of The Little Kitten?

  31. FACT: cats make poor mimes.

    It’s the ears – their berets keep falling off.

  32. Okay I know this is bad.. really bad but all I keep hearing is that stupid song you know the one.. Okay I changed the words.

    I got my “Cat” in a box….

    Ducks Flung Puddings

  33. I’m in a box! I’m in a box!… best believe me mother/father, I’m in a box!…

  34. Socksies are so cute. I want to cuddle the kitteh!

  35. Kristabelle says:

    I love these kitties precisely BECAUSE they have such a nose/muzzle/mouth combination. No smushy faced kitties for me! (Well, actually, no kitties for me at all, but IF I could have one, I’d have one of these!!!)

  36. KittehMama x 3 says:

    I’m livin’ in a box, I’m livin’ in a cardboard box….

    I love how they get in first and worry about turning around and getting out later…Why sweat the small stuff???

  37. catloveschanel says:


    Caught your vibe, my meter was off
    but a verse of Amy Winehouse,

    The man said ‘why do you think you here’
    I said ‘I got no idea’
    He wanted me to talk
    but I just played the mime
    besides, I can quit anytime

    They tried to make me go to rehab,
    But I said “Mew, mew, mew.”

  38. Now you’re on it!
    [picks up snare brush, starts bobbing head]

  39. @jayjay: You rang?

  40. skippymom says:

    (anybody get my Donovan quote?)

  41. berthaservant says:

    I did skippymom!!! Sorry I’m late to the party…(and if you’re into the jam bandy thing, the Allman’s always did a searing instrumental of that song)…..

    In other news, OMG MARMIESSS!!!eleven!!!!

  42. Pickles looks all dejected, ruminating over the tight spaces that her Obsessive Curiosity has gotten her into this time. She sadly remembers her New Year’s resolution to stay away from boxes; but that promise was made under the extreme influence of a Nip overdose during a party. All she can hope for now is that her squooshed ear will eventually straighten out when she is finally rescued…. 🙄


    (is exactly what I used to yell ebberytime my kitteh did it)

  44. skippymom says:

    Thanks, bserv! Should have known I could count on you!

  45. There should be more kittehs in the world named Pickles… Great pic, cute kitty!

  46. What comes first… the kitten or the box?

    Speaking of marmie kittens, have you read the book “The Little Kitten”? The little marmie is also named Pickles. http://www.amazon.com/Little-Kitten-Pictureback-R/dp/0394858182

  47. “Caterpillar sheds it’s skin to find a little cat within?” That Donovan quote? No, I didn’t catch that one, sorry.

  48. skippymom says:

    Does anybody remember the Beatrix Potter book “The Tale Of Ginger And Pickles”? It’s about a yellow tom-cat named Ginger and a terrier named Pickles who run a shop. It was my absolute favorite for years when I was little. I’m looking at a (library) copy of it right now. Sigh…my B.P. books sadly fall into the category of Don’t-Know-What-Happened-To-Them.

  49. berthaservant says:

    “Look up on my wristwatch, a snail that’s what it is…”


  50. skippymom says:

    Katrina, sorry it was a little out there. I was playing on the lyrics to his song “There Is A Mountain”. (comment 27) It was supposed to refer to how we were having trouble seeing the picture on this post at bliggitybleen.

  51. Ohhh I remember that story. IT was one of my favorites as a kid too.
    that one and the color kittens… I think I read the color kittens every day for a while when I was about 7 or 8.

    Did you ever read the one about pickles the fire house cat.. they used to read it on captain kangaroo.

  52. skippymom says:

    Kittyadventures: The Fire Cat, yes. But I couldn’t have told you they read it on Captain Kangaroo although I watched faithfully. Good memory! I don’t think I ever knew Color Kittens and my library doesn’t have it; had to look it up on Amazon.

    Berthaservant: the snail=pure genius.

  53. 😈

  54. Pickles the fire cat.

    HEre is the Coor kittens book I had as a kid

    And from the guttenburg project
    the beatrix potter story as a free download

  55. blackkittiesaremyfriends says:

    awwwwwww adorable!

  56. @skippymom: YESH, I luv the Beatrix Potter books; Ginger and Pickles was a classic; those books and the Alys in Wunnerland books are still my favorites; when will I ever grow up? Nebber, nebber, nebber, I fear!!

  57. So this is what it feels like to be in a roach motel.

  58. duck au vin says:

    chanpon–out of so many great comments, yours is awesome! (roach motel)
    For some reason marmie-in-the box reminds me of Alice in Wonderland, where cat
    ate the cookie that made him keep on growing. The picture is fantastic.

  59. It is just amazing how kitties seem to love getting inside boxes 🙂 AWW 🙂 This little love is SO adorable that I want to pick the baby up and cuddle it 🙂

  60. Is ktteh called Picles because he’s always getting himself into one? Cause the expression on the face says to me “Oh, my, I seem to be in a bit of a pickle, here… help a chap, out; there’s a good fellow”

  61. Yeah, kittyadventures, I got it! That’s why I paraphrased the next line….sorry to cofusiticate the sitiation. Oh, Juanita, Oh Juanita…..

  62. charliewabba says:

    skippymom – I got it too, just getting here late. The first album I ever bought myself was “Donovan’s Greatest Hits”

  63. Lerrinus says:

    My what beautiful eyes you have, kitteh! 🙂

  64. 3PO! Shut down all the garbage mashers on level 5!

  65. It’s my kit in a box!
    It’s my kit in a box girl…

  66. I canNOT get over the ears! I especially like the one on the right that’s bending a little because it’s smooshed, eee ^.^

  67. aaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! so cuuuuuttttteeeee