Slow Loris of the World UNITE

In a Tongue-Sticking-Out Camaraderie!

Grab those branches!

Wear those faux hawks! UNITE! UNITE!

slow loris tongue

This Slow Loris is from Qatar. XTREME QATAR WILDLIFE CLOSE-UP (XQWCU):


Slow Loris by ‏الـوعب – Alwab‎!



  1. so cute and funny!

  2. berthaservant says:

    It’s like one of those motivational posters! I believe the Arabic translated says “Proshness.”

  3. OMG, STOP IT, Slow Loris! Just STOP EET

    You are too moshe. Even half way around the world.

  4. ThirdShift says:

    Ahem. Don’t know if you noticed, but CuteOverload got a shoutout from Rachel Maddow tonight. That is all.

  5. Oh gosh all this loris stuff TOTALLY reminds me of I KNOW it isnt a Loris, but still its the eyes haha

  6. @ThirdShift:


  7. I feel shockingly clueless… I had to Google Rachel Maddow. 😦

  8. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @ThirdShift: Was it on today’s program (4/23)? Do you recall in what segment of the show you heard it?

  9. Enhance shows poor little dude’s got someptin in his eye.

  10. I still love the armpit scratch video the best. 😀

  11. Loris- I speak in tongues.

  12. Von Zeppelin says:

    This is a candid photo taken of the Prime Minister of the Planet of the Lorises, shortly after the passage of the all-important Big Stary Eyes Enabling Law in the Loris Parliament. He had just been asked if he had anything to to say to the Leader of the Loris Opposition.

  13. What a prosh leetle face and ears and tongue and…

  14. CO got a shotout from Rachel Maddow last night, on the cocktail moment part of the program. 🙂

    I always knew Rachel had a soft spot for the cute. She’s the personification of cute lol

  15. I was looking for the video of the Rachel Maddow show online but they cutted the part she mentioned CO, it was right “just enough”. If you download the podcast it’s around minute 40′.
    She’s referring to some birds that were born in the white house lawn, and she mentioned it might as well be the first white house submission to CO.

  16. Strepsitwisty says:

    These are undoubtably the cutest animals in existence.

    But kids, don’t try to get them as pets. They are wild little primates with a toxic bite, and the pet trade is very cruel to them.

    Ahem. Resume comments about their eye-melting cuteness.

  17. This is just ADORABLE!!!!! Awwwwww……

  18. Birdcage says:

    I think we should start a movement to remove the “slow” part of their name (and all that it implies) and replace it with something else. How ‘ bout we call it a “Cute Overloris”.

  19. I have nothing too creative to say, Just “Aw, cute!”

  20. Noelle (the First) says:

    I think they survive in the wild by being so cute any potential predator takes one look at them and goes “Squeeeeee” then forgets why they were there in the first place. The best defence is a Cute offence!

  21. VonZep, you are from the State Department of Redonkulosity.

  22. Yes Noelle! and the loris food supply behaves exactly the same way, so they never miss a meal!

  23. Katiedid says:

    i want to touch his little tounge sooooo badly..
    side note…. where does it say where the catagories are for each picture.. like.. i shall lick you, or kittens….

  24. Bring this cutie to my mouth!

  25. pointy tonguey matching pointy earsies! Fabulous!

  26. Von Zeppelin says:

    Theresa, thank you for recognizing the importance of the little-known State Department of Redonkulosity. Our clerks work long hours reviewing applications for Redonk permits. It’s a job that requires dedication and judgment. (“Mice in the bed linens? No, just cute. Ostrich reading newspaper? Rendonk Permit granted (stamp).”)

  27. This is absolutely fantastic.

  28. ThirdShift says:

    @Meg & @NTMTOM,

    Yes, it was the 4/23 program. During a leader into the “Just Enough Pop Culture” segment, before they went to commercial, Rachel said something like: “Next, we’ll show you what just might be the White House’s first submission to CuteOverload.” I was really surprised to hear that, and I thought it was going to be Bo but it turned out to be newly-hatched little robins. They are not cute at all, in fact. If they showed up on CO there would be a storm of ’nuffs to end all ’nuffs. You can see the photos if you google “newly hatched robin, whitehouse” on Yahoo News images.

  29. Kristabelle says:

    Tongue sticker-outers unite!!!!

  30. Luuurve the faux hawk. 🙂

  31. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @ThirdShift: Thanks! I downloaded the video podcast of the 4/23 show just now and heard the reference. It occurs at around the 40:30 mark in the podcast.

    And yeah, those scrawny boids are most definitely not CO material.

  32. I am so making this my new profile picture.

  33. twokittymama says:

    Everytime I see this little critter, I can’t believe their real. I picture a bunch of mad (or maybe not so mad) in their lab covered with smily faces. “The eyes,can we make them any bigger?” “Only if we make those ears smaller” “Ok lets try this” ” Dr. your going too far soon we shall reach the limits of cute” ” “just do it” (evil high pitched, but squeaky laugh).

  34. Is there such a thing as a FAST loris? Or do we not know, because they are just too speedy for the scientists to spot?

  35. Yes, Camille, there one goes right no—— Damn, missed it!

  36. Blast and fie, I blinked!

  37. duck au vin says:

    Glad this cutie is a slow loris…have a chance to catch up with heem with ducky’s camcorder and a basket from Plaintain-Banana Paraiso…okay, let’s have a nice shot for the cats and dogs back home…That’s it…savor those plaintain chips…
    don’t think this one is gonna work for corgi…might work for Bertha…most surely will work for Winston, poster cat for banana republic.

  38. bahahahahaha

  39. twokittymama says:

    That should be they’re and …mad scientists. I should never post anything before noon.

  40. I. Love. Eet.!

  41. HooooBooooy!!! Would I ever luv to snorgle this littlol guy and plant a schmooch on top of his fuzzy adorable hed; but then, I wrench myself away from his picture with a mighty effort, and very, extreemely reluctantly recall, that he is best left in his natural habitat, and nawt as a pet……Bummer!!! But live on and thrive, teeney slow Loris…♥

  42. Words cannot express my squeals of delight when I saw this. Well maybe one: cute!

  43. MAJOR beady eye factor!

  44. berthaservant says:

    Well, slow loris is a lot better than what we used to call ’em back in the day before alll this political correctness. I ‘member my grandpappy goin’ on and on about how cute it was when he was a kid and they’d all go to the zoo to watch the zookeeper tickle the “loris of below-level intelligence who can take care of himself but scores awful poor on standardized tests.”

    BTW, isn’t “Slow Loris” one of those loud Seattle bands from the 80s? They opened for Harvey Danger, I think.

  45. -Puts on glasses-
    The plural of “Loris” is actually “Lores”. You can’t take five years of Latin then let this stuff go. Hee!

  46. Those are not eyes, they’re M&Ms.
    And the fuzzy body? Kiwi fruit.
    What? I’m hungry!

  47. I can’t decided if the eyes are cute or just plain creepy. Haha, I love lorises though, so I’ll go with cute.

  48. Can I use XQWCU as a scrabble word?

    [Depends. Is it Drinking Scrabble? – Ed.]

  49. love it

  50. Punkster says:

    Oooooh, my Senegal parrot HATES the slow loris, and the closeup? YIKES! Much swaying and growling and puffing up to the size of a Buick.

  51. @ThirdShift and NTMTOM: Baby robins fall under the “So Ugly They’re Cute” law of teh QTE. Just clarifying…..

  52. @Gail (the first one) so true, baby robins are ugly- talk about a face only a mother could love- but if you want to see really ugly, try a picture of a baby cockatiel… eeeww!

  53. Yo, Rachel of the Airwaves! Welcome or welcome back to CO land! I really do hope she is a lurker.

  54. Oh My God. That is so so werid but so so cute!!!!

  55. charliewabba says:

    OMG – that would be so cool if Rachel Maddow was a CO lurker. I knew there was a reason I held her in such high esteem.
    Maybe she’s even a regular poster, hiding behind an inscrutable screen name…
    I wonder what her avatar would be?
    Should we be calling the slow loris “the challenged loris?”

  56. Oh Good It’s so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Sally Drunage says:
    “The mystery of this toxin is currently being unlocked as we have isolated the toxin and are in the process of characterizing it. It is shaping up to be a fascinating piece of adaptive evolution and takes steps to explaining such things as why it is an effective survival mechanism for the mother to comb the baby over with the toxin which may protect it in her absence. **Surprisingly it appears that the toxin is highly similar to the protein in cat dander that is responsible for cat allergies! This not only gives some indications as to the potential mechanism of action of the toxin but also raises the question as to whether the cat allergy is actually deliberate on the part of the cat and is actually a toxic defense!** As Elvie has gotten older and started to secrete the toxin herself, Alexia has actually started to sneeze and itch around her. A most unfortunate development for such a cute little part of our family (and Elvie as well!).”

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