Welcome to Hell

Population: One attention-starved pit bull puppy with one-tenth the short-term memory of a goldfish, one 15-year old declawed cat that just wants to sleep off a catnip hangover, and you. Have a nice eternity!

I give you props for patience, Michelle D.


  1. Lol…not a happy kitty.

  2. ticktickticktick *grrrrooooooooowl*thump* ticktickticktick….

  3. OMG LMAO! The kitty ears *kill* me. Reminds me of Bucky Catt from Get Fuzzy. :-D

  4. The pictures are now teeny tiny when they are viewed from my Google Reader :(

  5. Why do I find this so soothing?

  6. AuntieMame says:

    LOL! Poor kitteh! And poor, stupid puppeh! :D

  7. NutellaonToast says:

    Oh man, I love how the dog clearly just wants to play and the cat is like “OMFG if you don’t shut up I’m going to effing KILL YOU. GTFO, dog!”

    It’s like a hungover dad and a hyperactive toddler.

  8. NutellaonToast says:

    k, that usually only happens when it’s a video.

  9. Um, I’m sure the cat knows the dog well and isn’t “terrorized” by him. Annoyed, maybe.

  10. Aww, somebody buy that poor kitty a cat tree so he can sleep in peace or he might loose his hissy voice. Actually, that might be pretty cute too…

  11. claudemarie says:

    LOL!! I laughed so hard I choked on my spit. That cat RULES.

  12. ariesgirl says:

    Yes! I heart Bucky Katt! :)
    After about the 3rd time, kitty’s all “Oh, for crying out loud! Go ‘way boy, you bodder me!”

  13. genevieve says:

    aw, my pit mix just passed away, but this sums up the relationship she had with my 18 year old cat – except my cat isn’t declawed and the dog would’ve ended up with a bloody nose. But I soooooo recognize the twitch in puppy’s backside as she’s trying to decide whether kitty is playing or is about to attack. cute!

  14. harlemgrrl says:

    NutellaonToast that’s exactly what I was thinking. The cat is all “sweet baby santa, don’t you see I’m trying to sleep?!?!”

  15. Plaid-shirt Pyrate says:

    Howling with laughter here….

    “Do ya wanna play now?”
    “I’ll take that as no.”
    “Do you wanna play NOW?”
    “I guess not.”
    “How bout now?”
    …. repeat ad infinitum…..

  16. hahahaha. So cute. Such a dog! He clearly wants to play but just doesn’t get it.

    My doggie says to stay away from “hissing fluff fluffs” because they shoot razors out of their paws.

  17. Great depiction of the thought processes of a dog:

    Huh. What was I doing? Oh, yeah–lemme go see if the cat wants to play. Nope.
    Huh. What was I doing? Oh, yeah–lemme go see if the cat wants to play. Nope.
    Huh. What was I doing? Oh, yeah–lemme go see if the cat wants to play. Nope.
    Huh. What was I doing? Oh, yeah–lemme go see if the cat wants to play. Nope.
    Huh. What was I doing? Oh, yeah–lemme go see if the cat wants to play. Nope.
    Huh. What was I doing? Oh, yeah–lemme go see if the cat wants to play. Nope.
    Huh. What was I doing? Oh, yeah–lemme go see if the cat wants to play. Nope.
    Huh. What was I doing? Oh, yeah–lemme go see if the cat wants to play. Nope.
    Huh. What was I doing? Oh, yeah–lemme go see if the cat wants to play. Nope.

  18. this will NEVER get old ^__^

  19. Garfield and Odie. ‘Nuff said.

  20. @Plaid Shirt Pyrate: That’s exactly the soundtrack I was hearing in my head!

  21. OMG – hahahaha! My face hurts from laughing.

  22. Procatstinator says:

    Is that doggie wearing tap shoes?

  23. sweet jesus. It’s my dog and my old roommates cat all over again. Except the cat would go looking for the dog to terrorize, and my poor dog wasn’t smart enough to get out of his way…

    I love it. :D

  24. is this dog suffering from short term memory loss or something?

  25. i couldn’t take it for more than a minute, and that’s even with my speakers off.

  26. The cat is all, “Is this for real? Is anyone else seeing this? Am I on ‘Candid Camera’?”

  27. Melissa H. says:

    Jeez, shut the bathroom door, already! Let the poor cat sleep.

  28. In someone else's shoes says:

    Anna, didja ever think maybe the kitty came declawed? I know my dad’s did. Sometimes when you adopt kitties from shelters or rescue groups, you don’t get to say what happened in their past.

  29. maralisil says:

    They ARE playing! It’s a game on both their parts! “I’m bored, amuse me!” , says the dog. “I’ll hunt you down and kill you if you come any closer! I’m FIERCE!”, says the cat! Funny! The house is too dark and quiet, turn on the TV before they go completely insane! Pets like comforting backround noise.

  30. Are nail clippers allowed in Hell? Prolly no.

  31. I love that the pittie never seems actually frightened, just content to see if kitty wants to play LATER. How much later is a question for the ages…

  32. AnonaMiss says:

    @Anna: Nuff to your soapbox. There’s too many homeless kitties out there as it is, even without barring daycare providers and families with small children or mentally disabled members from owning them.

  33. Mary (the first) says:

    Well I am trying not to nuff but I was kind of bothered by this. If the cat was not declawed it would be ok .. she could take a swipe or two and the pup would learn to stay away. As it is.. seems stressful on an older cat. I have an 18 yr. old cat and would like to get a dog but I wouldn’t do that to the cat.. not fair.
    On the other hand, the words “OH DON PIANO” also were running through my head.. sometimes cats do take themselves too seriously. I hope this kitteh is ok, is all I’m saying.

  34. Mary (the first) says:

    (addendum) mostly because older cats can’t easily jump up out of reach.. mine can barely get onto a chair anymore much less out of a midsize dog’s snozzle reach.

  35. Not to be a nuffer but… That poor dog has enough claws for himself and the cat… please clip those nails! It’s not a matter of personal preference like declawing, it’s necessary! It’s painful when their nails get that long.. not like pitties will let you know if something hurts though.

    Other than that, video’s hilarious. Reminds me of my poor cat and my dog–I went to college, got a puppy, brought her home to my parent’s and my cat has never let me live it down :(


    My pit tried that with my alpha kitty (1 of 4) when he first came home as a tiny pup almost 13 years ago. He was smaller than all of the cats. She bloodied his nose and he never tried it again.

    Silly, goofy puppy with the silly goofy ears is all like “wanna play?” And frustrated angry kitty just wants to take his eye out!

  37. and i think the dog keeps going back because someone’s standing out of the frame egging him on.. kind of disappointed once i realized that..

  38. somebody needs a pedicure

  39. Crackjob just described this video perfectly.

  40. Von Zeppelin says:

    Dog thinks: “Wow. The Thing in the Box is mad! Better get out of here before he kills me!” (Scampers out to hallway). . . . (five seconds of hold-button music, while dog forgets everything he ever knew since being whelped). . . “I’mboredI’mboredI’mbored. . . Hey! Maybe that Thing in the Box will play with me. (growl, hiss, paw swipe) Wow. The Thing in the Box is mad!”

    (Repeat ad infinitum per saecula saeculorum.)

  41. This is horrible. I feel really bad for the cat. It’s one thing when it’s able to get out of the room and away from the dog, or has claws to defend itself. But this is an older kitty who’s cowering in his bed. He should have a safe place away from the other pets.

  42. Hehe… the kitteh I had in high school had my dad’s Doberman completely intimidated… it wouldn’t have even gone into the room.

    Dad would let the dog out into the back yard in the morning to do it’s business, and Kitteh would nonchalantly wander out onto the porch and lay down in front of the door, and then the poor stupid dog would sit out in the back yard crying until somebody moved the cat.

  43. I kept expecting the cat to get up, stalk to the door, slam it and than lay back down.

  44. berthaservant says:

    For some reason, this brought to mind the scene from “The Sunshine Boys” when they are working on their routine and can’t agree on how it begins.

    I lurve the moment at 3:00 or so when the dog doesn’t even make it out the door before turning back, and the cat is all YOU CAN’T EVEN LEAVE THE ROOM RIGHT.

    On a serious note, if that cat DID have claws, this would be a much shorter video. If you can help it, peeps, don’t declaw your cats.

    BTW, is that cat sleeping in the litter box?

  45. That looks like a case for possible kitteh mental-torture. I think we need investigashuns of the most serious kind.

  46. I love the URL name for this. Any music nerds out there get the joke?

    [Any music nerds out there get the joke? - Ed.]
    [Any music nerds out there get the joke? - Ed.]
    [Any music nerds out there get the joke? - Ed.]
    [Any music nerds out there get the joke? - Ed.]
    [Any music nerds out there get the joke? - Ed.]

  47. CatGoesNomNom says:

    And THIS is exactly why I want a pittie.

    Gotta love the question mark tail!

  48. Space Cowgirl says:

    The cat’s like “…ARE YOU SERIOUS?!”

  49. Ok…..

    But why is the shoebox in the bathroom in front of the tub?

  50. cowering? the cat isn’t cowering. the cat is possibly stunned by the overwhelming stupidity of the dog and the need to continually repeat “Get out of here and let me sleep or I weeeel keeeeel you.”

    if the cat were frightened (which she isn’t) she’d flee.
    that dog is kinda sweet in an impossibly dumb kind of way.

  51. Goggie not so bright, eh? :)

  52. MB and Theo, before I even saw that, I thought to myself, “Hey, like Baroque music. You can *always* do something *one more time.*

  53. Minimalist Canine is stuck on repeat. Neo-classical Kitty does not approve.

  54. kibblenibble says:

    It’s best to let animals establish their own relationships and heirarchy if possible. That cat is taking care of herself just fine, thank you! It’s cute how far down her ears go the angrier she gets. When Puppy gets older, he’ll learn. Kitteh is teaching him who’s boss. He’s just a bit of a slow learner. :-)


  56. LOLOLOLOL @ Ed! Minimalism’s my favorite!

  57. Funny. I always thought the sound of doggy claws on hardwood a charming sound. Not any more.

    I’m usually team dog, but oh, I cannot blame that poor cat. That dog is pure instigator! Lol! Save the kitteh (and in the sequel please include a close-up of poor box kitteh).

  58. PS, Congrats to Steve Reich for winning this year’s Pulitzer for music!

  59. Aww poor cranky old kitty. This is how my kitty actually reacts to my toddler (who NEVER pokes or pull at her) he is all happy and excited and she just hisses and runs away to sleep in the closet!

    And that is totally “puppeh wanna pway” body language. :D

  60. What is that?!?!?!?!? Ground Hog Day for pets? Funny to me, a primate – but my doggie really loved it! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  61. I guess it’s funny if you don’t care about the cat’s quality of life? The puppy’s adorable, and it would be nice if someone else distracted her and gave the cat a break.

  62. Pitt Lover says:

    Fer a minute there I thought it was a hidden video in MY house! I have Two Pitt Bulls and 2 Cats (not declawed, they sharpen their nails everday), and my dogs always get beat up by the cats. My dogs always come back for more (taking in the punches), never learning their lessons. Even with bloody scratches all over their nose, they want more!

    They’re such energetic and playful dogs, I love my pitts and of course my little cats.

  63. cubbybutt says:

    if you look at this video on youtube, the description says that “it went on for hours.” i feel really bad for the cat. cats, especially senior cats, must have their quiet space to sleep. without claws, this cat really can’t seem to get her message across. the puppy doesn’t know any better, but c’mon! the person who took the video should shut the door!

  64. duck au vin says:

    KAIT LOL…>0O*

  65. In today’s news, Cute Overload becomes Boring Overload, thanks to a dull, repetitive video of a very slooooow dog…

  66. Everyones all feeling sorry for the cat but the dog is wound up and awtns attention and wants to play and the stupid cat could at least quit hissing at him like the cranky old grouch she is!!! Poor puppy, I’d play with you!!!
    Oh and Alexis, the dog isn’t slow, the dog is just anxious to have anyone to play with, even his super grouchy older cat sibling in the house.

    This makes me really feel bad for the pit. I want to just hug him and take him to the park for a few hours.

  67. Hey idiots, the cat and the dog are best friends. Here’s a quote from one of her other videos “my dog and cat are best friends, which is really funny.. the cat picks on the dog all the time and most of the time, if they aren’t snuggling together on the couch, the cat is chasing the dog around the house.. which is living proof, dont listen to all of the crap you hear about pitbulls, they are wonderful pets to have!”

  68. More more more says:

    Can’t can’t get enough of this……. Love the look pittie sends mommy every time it walks out of the bathroom: “are you going to let him do that to me?” [cross my heart I only asked him 92 times when he was ready to play!] I can’t get over the… um… patience/short term memory of pittie… then again maybe kitty WILL change his mind next time…… ;)

  69. I totally got the joke and lost it.

  70. I think the kitteh secretly likes it.. showing that puppeh who’s boss.

  71. littledogrescue says:

    Pit Bull? Kittyinabox? My money’s on the kitty EVERY time.

  72. Not getting whats cute or funny about this.

  73. Thidwick says:

    This is exactly like my mostlyboxer pup, and our cat. She’s not afraid of him, she just can’t BELIEVE that he DARES to breathe HER AIR. And the only thing he’s thinking is “WILL YOU BE MY FRIEND?! WILL YOU BE MY FRIEND?!”. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3577/3385791604_64eaf6779f.jpg

  74. BostonBunny says:

    The music of Philip Glass has sometimes been compared to a cat and dog fight.

  75. balamuthia says:

    My god, it’s full of nuffers!

    Has it alweays been this bad? Why do i feel there’s been a great influx of nuffing lately?

    Haha, cute puppy and cranky old kitty. It’s a match made in heaven, not hell!

  76. once when my kids were younger and my oldest was picking on his brother
    I said ” listen, I know your bored but find something else to do and leave your brother alone” .My oldest son replied “but mom it’s so much fun” Sigh!!
    Same thing happened with me and my older sister. What did she blame it on,
    it being so much fun. My mom always said just wait till you have kids. :)
    If it were at all possable I’m sure kitty would have loved to slam the door shut and gone back to sleep.
    P.S. note from kitty ” whomever said it was OK to bring home that young pup is in sooo much trouble, right after I whip puppy into shape about who is the REAL Boss around here!!”

  77. This is adorable but I had to mute it. Clip those claws!!! I can’t take the clicking! aHhhHHh!!!

  78. Goodness, all these negative comments are ridiculous. My cat and puppy do this every night. It’s a game to both of them. When my cat is truly annoyed, she goes somewhere the dog can’t get to her. That cat could easily have gotten up and left the room if he was really scared or extremely irritated. Cats aren’t stupid.

  79. Say what you will, there’s nothing funny or cute about a cat feeling harassed. The kitty is obviously new to the place (box and bowls on the same place, the bathroom where kitties are housed when they first arrive to a house already populated by pets). Might not be panicking, but happy or comfortable he isn’t either. Not only the hissing, but the ears give it away.

  80. Theresa, there were NO KITTENS IN THAT VIDEO! STAY ON TOPEEK!

  81. (1) Yeah, clip the dog’s claws. That noise should be driving you insane. If not, maybe it already has. (2) Are we sure the dog wanted to play? I mean, nobody’s that stupid, are they? When he leaves the room, he often looks up. Are we sure there wasn’t a human off camera, pointing him back in there? Or, maybe, he was thirsty and (despite no doubt having a water bowl elsewhere) was just bound and determined to drink out of the toilet? (3) If that’s a “puppy” I do not want to have to take him for a walk when he’s full grown. (4) Those comments are based on the video by itself; some of the above comments make it seem like maybe these two critters have a history, and this is a typical interaction for them. If I were their human, about one minute in, I’D have closed the door. Just to make the clicking stop.

    [Funny, the clicking doesn't bother me... - Ed.]

  82. @Thidwick: hilarious pic!

  83. this was cute EVERYONE I HAVE A QUESTION that has been kinda nagging at me for a while….
    what is a “nuffer” and why is it called a “nuffer”?
    thanks! <3

  84. biscuithead says:

    14 attempts!
    It’s an existential hell worthy of Sartre.

  85. berthaservant says:

    Estelle – because they like to say “’nuff of this! no more!”

    I love it when Meg pops in, one never knows what to expect.

    And I keep forgetting to check the url! (Theresa, I was psyched about the Reich Pulitzer too! It was my facebook status for a day!)

  86. Gee what a grouch, I was only trying to tell him dinners ready.

  87. Poor kitty – declawing is just vile – it’s the equivalent of amputating a human’s fingers, and people who think it’s acceptable are abviouly not animal lovers, and shouldn’t be allowed to keep a cat. Cats have sharp claws and like to scratch – if you can’t deal with that, don’t get one. Thank goodness this disgusting practice is illegal in most civilised countries.

  88. Props for the Philip Glass joke in the URL. Reminds me of my favorite knock knock joke.

    *Knock Knock*
    “Who’s there?”

    *Knock Knock*
    “Who’s there?”

    *Knock Knock*
    “Who’s there?”

    *Knock Knock*
    “Who’s there?”

    Philip Glass!

  89. Michelleee says:

    My brother’s 1 yr old pitbull does this… he wants someone to chase him. So funny.

  90. That is not cute! Am I alone thinking that? The poor cat is in so much distress and anger, it´s just not nice to let the dog continue trying to play with it. Also, the cat is OLD, it should be given some peace and quiet instead of harrassment. Poor baby….

    And since I am totally anti-declawing, I should say (in jest!) that maybe the dog should also be declawed with all that noise (and probably scratches) it makes on the floor….

  91. Rafi above said: if the cat were frightened (which she isn’t) she’d flee.

    No, they wouldn’t flee because if they are in one of their “safe places” they would defend that safe place, and it looks like the box the cat is in is one of its safe places…

  92. Space Cowgirl says:

    I thought it was because they’re always saying “not cute e-nuff!”

  93. hmmm i keep thinking that the cat has babies in there or is about to give birth. what cat would otherwise want to be in a box on the floor when there’s a couch or window sill… unless it’s Maru, haha

  94. HRHQueenCat says:

    poor puss, getting harrassed at the expense of the owner’s need for fame :cc

  95. What is wrong with people? Why did three minutes of this get filmed? I remember when I used to try and stop my cat and dog fighting, especially if one wasn’t feeling well and wanted to be left alone.

    It’s as though you tube has stopped people from thinking “hey, my pet’s stressed and unhappy” and got them thinking “hey, this’ll get lots of page views, lol.”

  96. Ackshully, give some propos to the music of Steve Reich for the repetition … he won a Pulitzer last week.

  97. earlybird1 says:

    Does it seem to anyone else that after the website was updated, suddenly a random flock of nufflehausers came out of the woodwork? Why, oh why?? Bring back my mellow, screen-snorgling CO fans!!

  98. Shut up, that is waaaay too funny! I love the clickity-click of the pups nails. One can reasonably assume that pit pup sees the glass half full ;)

  99. Clairie Pie says:

    That’s hilarious, it’s like doggy has short term memory loss.

    10 outta 10 for trying – cuteness.

  100. Lisa (one of several) says:

    Once again, I am reminded why I do not read the comments on Cute Overload anymore. I am like the cute puppy in this video who forgets the cat is in the bathroom and is surprised each time – me coming to comments and surprised to find the nuffers are still here. Oh well…

  101. Starlinguk says:

    It’s a free world, people should be allowed to nuff if they want to (and people should be allowed to respond in kind if they so wish).

    [And yet, it's a private blog. Behave or begone. - Ed.]

  102. metsakins says:

    *sets out puddin’*
    Vanilla for the peeps who are upset about the declawing.
    Butterscotch for those concerned about the lack of toenail clipping.
    Chocolate for those concerned about the cat.
    and pistachio for those who are worried about the pit bull being bored.

    Thinks back to childhood, watching Ozzie trying to get Little One to play with him.
    Ozzie – but your brother plays with me.
    Little One – f.u.
    Ozzie – he likes it, you might like it.
    Little One – f.u.
    Ozzie – come on, he even goes on walkies with me.
    Little One – f.u.

    Unfortunately we did not have the technology back then, otherwise I’d be delighted to bore you peeps even more with movies.

    never once were we concerned for the safety of any one in this ridiculous, once weekly scenario, and Little One outlived the Oz by many years.

  103. wannadance says:

    i so got it

    i so got it

    i so got it

    i so love p. glass

    love him
    love him
    love him

  104. wannadance says:


    collapses laffing, plotz…

  105. Welcome back, WD.

  106. They either have wood or tile flooring… If I am right, trimmed or not, the nails will clickity click! :) I think the doggie LOVES the kitty!!!! :)

    [Dog's bored & wants to play. Cat says GTFO. Dog gets teh fk out, then thinks "HEY WAIT! IT'S A GAME!! I LIKE GAMES!!! YIP!" and starts again... - Ed.]

  107. @MEGarde, I tried to do that above. God knows I tried.

  108. I cannot believe some of the comments on this one. The animals in this video are in no danger – no real distress (who actually thinks that the cat would have really stayed around if she was scared??) IT’S A FUNNY INTERACTION between two animals who seem to know each other pretty well.

    I generally think it’s insulting to tell someone to lighten up, but you know what…LIGHTEN UP.

    But it’s a good reminder of why reading internet comments is like beating your head against a brick wall – it’s just as dangerous to your brain.

    [Unless of course you're already too far gone. Wa-hey! :D - Ed.]

  109. Leslie Thomas says:

    thank you to the poster whose contribution, was that the poor widdle pittie “just wanted to tell the cat, that dinner’s ready” !! Made me laugh just about as hard as the orig. video…have “rewound” up 3x already, browsing the approx 100 items, to locate & specify that poster’s “name”….my distracted brain can no longer cope with the search. But you know who YOU are & I thank you!!!

  110. Danielle says:

    I agree with the comment mentioning the sudden influx of nuffers lately… I don’t nuff, except for this one and only “nuff with the nuffing already” comment that is.

    Whenever I have something negative to think about a post, I just keep it to myself. It simply doesn’t matter what I have to say about it, I actually don’t think that I always know best…

    I bask in the cute and ignore the pasickies ;-) I don’t see the point in commenting just to bum out myself and the rest.

    [I had to add the link. Hehe. :mrgreen: - Ed.]

    Is it absolutely necessary to point out the bad? I think most people here think “Wow, those claws are getting long”, “poor annoyed cat” or “I hope that Loris is not a pet”, but that doesn’t cancel out the cute and it sure won’t make a difference if you comment about it here.

    Let’s point out the good though: the more nuffs, the more commentroversy, the more hits to the site. So maybe you should keep it up. And maybe Meg should look for some really shocking material. I myself could use another tattooed guy throwing cats in the air ;-)

    Now I’m off to check out the other YouTube vids of this funny pair to check out the awesome dynamic someone else mentioned they seem to have.

  111. @Leslie — That’d be The Honorable Gladys Anstruther, or “Hon Glad” to us.

  112. Linda H. says:

    Harmless play.

  113. Jenn in IL says:

    This is why I love dogs, especially the ever happy-go-lucky pitties.

    Nuffers – chillax, please. There are WAY too many ACTUAL horrible things happening to animals these days to get all up in arms about something like this. That kind of anger will take years off your life!

    Don’t get me wrong – people have a right to say what they want to say without being beaten for it…I just don’t think this post deserves that kind of venom is all.

    And I would like to point out to the poster who claimed that if you declaw, you’re not actually a pet lover at all…I declawed my kitty’s front paws a couple of years ago before I even KNEW that it was something not-so-great. Now I do. I love my kitty dearly and am a HUGE pet lover. Lots of people just don’t realize what actually happens in a declawing. So don’t make assumptions, s’il vous plait. :-)

  114. This video is heeelarious. My cat and dog acted much like this when people were around (that is to say, snobby Snicklefritz would make a great show of rebuffing all Nicky’s attempts at friendliness). But sneak into the laundry room at night, and you’d find them snuggled together all cozy, fast asleep. Cats and their mixed signals, sheesh!

    That said, what this video REALLY reminds me of is those Montel segments where someone with an unusual phobia is sent out on stage to face their fear — repeatedly. Puppy here looks like he’s trying to get over his ailurophobia (I had to look it up. I’m such a nerd). He keeps looking back at the videographer like, “But, Mummy, I’m scared. It’s making that noise again. Promise you won’t let it eat me?”

  115. duck au vin says:

    Endless Love. >0O*

  116. Another Jennifer in Ohio says:

    I love this video, first. Second, I really do love cats. I’m all for responsible pet ownership & rescuing shelter pets, not getting pedigreed pets. That said, I have an oh-so-sweet & spoiled 6 year old cat, who was de-clawed by an excellent vet 5 years ago. As I’m typing, she is romping, jumping, running around, & playing like a kitten. I was & am fully aware of what de-clawing is as 2 of my friends made certain of that. Lissy & my mom’s cat Bogie have suffered no ill-effects from their being de-clawed. I challenge anyone who says I or my mom do not love our cats just because we had them de-clawed!

  117. *SNERK*

  118. @Theresa, sorry I didn’t yours before I posted as well. Brag: I knew him back in the day. Way back, when the famousness was j u s t beginning.

  119. Hilarious video! However, confusing to come in late and read all the anti-nuffer stuff with the nuffers apparently sent to cyber-limbo. Not that I mind. I get very tired of people putting mouths (or fingers) in motion with brain on hold. My re-homed cat (not sure what the correct term was — her family had to give her up and I was available) was declawed by her previous family because they had a new baby and were concerned about the cat’s curiosity. I know they loved her because I still get occasional e-mails asking how Ellie is doing. She stalks and kills measuring tapes and laser dots with wild abandon and does her best to claw the furniture. Maybe she would be happier with claws — I don’t know. But I do know she’s happier in a warm and affectionate home with me getting spoiled rotten than she would be in an animal shelter, on the street, or euthanized — all “solutions” people find for cats who claw things. Just sayin’.

  120. charliewabba says:

    durn. I used up all my pudding on the slow loris post. All that’s left is some sugar free low fat stuff in little plastic cups my husband bought because he’s trying to be on a diet.

  121. betsyh11 says:

    Poor puppy. When dogs assume that position — low, ears back — that means they want to play. He is having trouble learning Cat.

  122. Okay, I love the toenails on the floor. This made me laugh out loud.
    Good job!

  123. what an idiot cat and stupid dog!

  124. Katiedid says:

    lol they could have just taken the first 20 seconds and looped it forever!!!

    This reminds me of when I was a kid, my brother had a cat named Tiger and we had a dog named Taz. It only took one swipe to the nose for Taz to have a life long fear of cats…..

  125. Poor dog is a glutton for punishment :(

  126. Kristabelle says:

    I love the pittie’s play bow! COME ON! PLAY WITH ME!

    Short term memory loss for sure, though!! hahahahaha

    Now? How about now? Now? Maybe…..now? How ’bout now?
    Kitty is certainly ready to unleash the hounds of hell on him!!!

  127. Katiedid says:

    92 Barbarella a.k.a. The Mad Cat Lady- I have two kitties and whenever my boyfriend manages to scare our kitties, which is pretty often, (now i know where the term scaredy cat came from) they poof their tails and run like the wind. They NEVER stick around to ask questions…. So i think if that cat was really scare it would more then likely have left the area the… 8th or 9th time the dog came into its room… the cat was probably just angry it wasnt getting its full 16 hours of sleep… kitties need their beauty sleep… just ask winston…

  128. Catsquatch says:

    “one-tenth the short-term memory of a goldfish”


    Man, Im gonna hafta keep that one, its a good an insult as “Smooth Brain”.

  129. alyssa, I don’t think anyone is egging the dog on. To me, it looks like the dog is checking to see if there are any humans around that he can go to for attention rather than the uncooperative cat.

    I find it hard to see this as “aw poor kitty”. My elderly, declawed (she came that way), crabby cat rules over three other cats and a dog, all with claws. The underlings approach the old lady several times a day to bug her a bit and entice her to play, and she growls and grumbles and complains. If the underlings don’t seek her out, the old lady goes looking for them … so she can growl and grumble and complain. If she didn’t enjoy it, why would she go looking for it?

  130. Failboat 9000 says:

    LOL – I dunno if beauty sleep is the operative term for it…. with brain kitties or smooshface kitties like Winston, (and my old cat, (D)ust (B)unny,) they can get as much sleep as they want, and they’ll STILL look like they spent the day chasing parked cars. ;) (Which I think is hilariously adorable, but my cousin disagrees. Xp pbbbpbt to you, Ry…)
    Maybe it should be niceness or civilization sleep; because if they DON’T get it, then they’re vulnerable to possession by Basement Cat.
    Then the band-aids come out. :D

  131. What is so funny about the video: the pets are SO predictable; you just KNOW what will inevitably happen, over and over; watching it the second time is even funnier….
    Re: kitteh’s abusive feline language to the dog: we had a Russian Blue cat that would often act that way toward his littermate, a petite female Tuxie; she especially annoyed him when she got neutered, because he couldn’t tolerate the residual vet smell wafting from her; he loudly voiced his displeasure with menacing and threatening gestures; we had to separate them for awhile; wasn’t long before they wound up back together, sleeping and cuddling……. :roll:

  132. Lighten up already! Dogz ‘n Catz:-)

  133. TracyFlick says:

    dogs are idiots, lol. catz rule!

  134. I’ve been a reader of Cute Overload for a long time, but have never commented before. Just wanted to say that I thought this was hilarious!

    Honestly, some of you folks need to lighten up a bit. It’s plain as day that the dog is nothing more than a puppy in play mode. His demeanor, the bows inviting kitty to get out of the box and have some fun. I doubt that any owner attentive enough to think about recording this would let any actual harm come to her pets. An abusive, neglectful owner just wouldn’t care.

  135. Cheryl (and the cats) says:

    Dog has found a wonderful automagic squeaky toy. Go near it and it automatically makes wonderful spitty, growly noises. Just watch out for the sudden pointy bits.

  136. lol @ cheshirekittehkat .. my kitties did the same thing when we brought them home from the vet it took us a solid day to figure out why they were being jerks to each other… turns out they smelled “vet” on each other hahahhahah

  137. That is quite possibly the most stupid dog I’ve ever seen! He’s darn lucky that cat is de-clawed. sheesh.

  138. i could watch this literally all day.

  139. Oh, trust me…..declawed cats can communicate their displeasure QUITE clearly. Ask my dog.

    And, just to come out of closet here (full-disclosure), I did choose to have mine front-declawed. It was done entirely safely by my vet, my cats are 100% indoors, the kitties don’t even realize their claws don’t work and my furniture and woodwork have stayed shred-free. I don’t disagree with anyone—I’ve heard some awful tales. BUT at the age of 37, I bought a house with beautiful wood doors and trim and also decided that I was tired of living with “early adulthood” furniture hand-me-downs. It is a decision I am very happy with.

  140. that is FUNNY!! you can tell that by the end of the video the dog’s getting tired of backing off and the cat is getting tired of having to warn him hahaha cute video.

  141. Nicky Anspach says:

    Loved it, loved it, loved it!

  142. I bet you anything the cat is actually getting a kick out of the dog!! Heh heh….. :P

  143. That is SUCH a pit bull. They can peck away at something for hours! I loved the expression, the ears, the tail, and most of all the repetition. I watched the whole thing and would do so again. cliclicliclick, raaaawr!, jinglejingle, cliclicliclik…

    [Kind of a terrier thing, isn't it? - Ed.]

  144. Noelle (the First) says:

    This reminds me of my dog, except I’m the one she’s always rying to play with, and when I have a headache I react a lot like the kitty.

    Ed…Thanks for the pasickie link, I needed that today.

    Pasickie’s for everyone!

  145. Dr. Emile Schufhausen says:

    The clickita-clickita-clickita of the dog toenails is my favorite part.

    There is something so Wallace-and-Grommitty about this vid.

  146. LOL The people who over react to this VERY funny video .. are actually alot funnier then the video itself…
    If you think this is bad or abusive or sad… go volunteer in an animal shelter for a week.. listen to some of the stories from the people who have worked there for years.. get a REAL point of view on animal abuse, then watch the video…

  147. LOL how bout now? How bout now? Now? How bout now?

  148. My cat came from a shelter; she still has her claws and I wouldn’t declaw her but when we were searching for a kitty, there were quite a few who were already declawed. Who knows, I might have ended up with one of them.

    She and my dog play together, too. Kitty lies on the back of the couch and small doggie puts her front paws on the back of the couch (as high as she can reach) and they bat at each other with their paws. When kitty tires of it, she jumps down and goes to one of her quiet spots.

    This video was hilarious to me, not mean.

  149. Am I the only one who noticed? Kitty seems to be worn out from a day’s work: he has just finished emptying the toilet paper roll (see center top and bottom rigiht corner). A working cat needs to be left alone to rest up! Doggie needs his batteries removed for a few hours.

  150. Beth (in NC) says:

    I dunno if there are more nuffers than there used to be…. every once in a while there is a post with 5 beeeeelllllion comments, and then I ready my pudding and click…

    When did we start throwing puddin? 2007? Then there was Pasike and the stuffed duck….

    [You can check out teh Puddins in teh Glossarys. ;) - Ed.]

  151. Poor doggie just wants to play. Cranky kitty says no way.
    I have this sort of situation at my house right now. I adopted a 4yr old pomeranian from
    the animal shelter and he loves the kitties. Kitties don’t mind him, unless he starts
    bouncing near them. Then they just run, they have no idea that the dog is just trying
    to play.
    As for declawing, my sister lives in low income housing, and the only way she could
    keep her cat was to have it declawed. It isn’t like the cat is awake and tied down when
    they are taking it’s claws. It is not quite the same as amputating fingers, more like
    taking fingernails. My mother had a declawed cat that could catch a squirrel better
    than a cat with claws.

  152. Beth (in NC) says:

    Wow!! 2006!!!! Tanks, Teho! And I didn’t know that the puddins wuz in teh glossarys. That’s win. PS- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpuUemDBz-8

    [Wow, that's... that's really, really wrong 8O - Ed.]

  153. Bwhahaha! This is unfair to the whole canine community.. This is just a well trained dog… He jus wants to take a pee! and that cat cant stand the sound of the flush!
    PITBULL : dude.. move over man.. need to take a pee.. I need some privacy. So SCRAM
    CAT: no.. sorry.. buzz offf… YOU SCRAM
    (AND THIS KEEPS GOIN ON AND ON AND ON AND ON … until the camera battery runs out)

  154. binky-mama says:

    Unclear on the concept puppeh!

  155. Michelle says:

    I just have to add in my 2 sense here- this is my video and my babies in it- so for those of you who feel bad for gabbie (my old cat) you can rest assured this video describes her to a T… she is just an old “you know what” who hates every other animal on this planet! She LOVES boxes and at the time this video was taken, she was happily using the box in this video as her favorite place to live. when I got her as a kitten, she was de-clawed. as for Mika, my pup- she wants to be best friends with EVERYONE and ANYONE. So much so that when the cable guy was at my house sitting on the ground working on my tv, she got in his lap and sat down. and as for her nails- they are clipped, they just sound REALLY loud in this video because of the wood floors and where my camera is set up. that beings said- I am glad so many people are enjoying the humor with in this- animals sure can keep you sane with their silly ways cant they? :)

  156. I love Phillip Glass and Brian Eno. Is that so wrong?

    [Ehhh, who am I kidding, I listen to both on occasion... - Ed.]

    Hey, does kitteh have own lamp? And is that a tiny, box ottoman next to the box? Canine harrassment aside, pretty nice life! Still can’t get over this vid. Hee!

  157. Michelle says:

    Oh and one more thing. I just need to assure everyone, that I would NEVER put my animals in danger. I was sitting right there while this was going on. That dog would never in a million years hurt that cat. The video just captures their personalities. While I do appreciate the concerns that some may have over animal cruelity- that just isnt the case here. The other cat that lives in that house is best friends with my pit (they snuggle together) gabbie (cat in the video) hates them both. Ok, I am done. Thanks for all the comments on this video.

  158. woooooow

  159. leslie thomas says:

    1) Theo — thx for locating my poster’s ref — generous assistance

    [You're welcome, and #2 has been taken care of... - Ed.]

  160. Beth (in NC) says:

    Thanks for removing the bad words, Theo. :-) At least… I think that Ed. is still you!!!

    And is $240 worth of puddin’ wrong…. or soooo, soooo right?? haaahahaha

  161. Melissa H. says:

    While I agree this video is cute, and it’s amusing to see this dog not getting the message, I do feel the need to say this: that cat is not happy and it’s not playing. A couple of times in and out would have been plenty, and then the door should have been closed.

  162. Melissa H….could you try scrolling up and reading comment #158 & 160? It’s just that those very comments are from the submitter of this video who is also the hoomin for that dog and cat and you’ll see in the time it takes you to read that your assumption is grossly incorrect.

  163. [Ehhh, who am I kidding, I listen to both on occasion... - Ed.]


    Hey, Michelle, you sound really cool about all the comments. You must be a real sweetheart. Know what you mean about the claws and hardwood. Please provide more reel on box cat, though. I think I’m in love. <3

  164. unknowntheartist says:

    A good giggle here. I hope the kitty has lost its voice though.

  165. unknowntheartist says:

    I meant “hasn’t” lost its voice….

  166. Yeesh, doesn’t ANYONE freaking take the time to note that the animals’ hoomin has posted twice to explain the situation to the nuffers?

    Probably not, since the average nuffer only cares about spouting off anyway.

  167. claudemarie says:

    Hey Michelle, it’s a great vid :D


  169. shannomo says:

    Michelle, I think they are too cute. Hope the nuffers didn’t hurt your feelings.

  170. SamanthaM says:

    Michelle, seeing your pittie brought back some great memories for me. My pit mix had the same dancing bow, clickety-click walk on the tile floors and happy-go-lucky attitude. Thanks for setting the record straight here.

  171. Michelle says:

    Hi Marie! Ohhhh box cat. AKA Gabbie- story behind her is this. She is a mean old lady with a tiny heart of gold (for me only, doesnt like a human that isnt me or any other animal)! My family got her when I was 10 years old (already declawed). The reason it looks like she is living the bathroom is because at the time of this video- she pretty much was. we had just moved into this house and she needed an “all in one place” to be so she wouldnt mark her territory all over every bed and couch in the house! I originally put my videos on youtube to share with my friends and family but I get a kick out of all of the views this one seems to get. As for the “nuffers” – you are right, I am 100% fine with the comments. People are completley entitled to their own opinion. This is a 3 minute video clip of something that happened one day. My animals live great lifes and get lots of love every day. If people want to formulate opinions based on a 3 minute clip- more power to them I guess! As for everyone else, I am glad you are getting a good laugh at the expense of my mean grumpy cat and my silly “short term memory” dog! :) Have a wonderful day!

  172. Kristabelle says:

    Michelle – thanks for having such a positive attitude and taking good care of your animals. :)

  173. Michelle,

    YOU ROCK! And I love your silly dog!

  174. Someone take the tap-shoes off that puppeh!

  175. Makes me nostalgic. When my mom got her pit bull my 20ish year old de-clawed cat would chase her around the house and bite her ears. Ahh the good old days.

  176. “The kitty is obviously new to the place (box and bowls on the same place, the bathroom where kitties are housed when they first arrive to a house already populated by pets).”

    Jac: Fantastic detective skills you have there. You were able to tell, at a glance, the age and the length of residence of the kitty, and thus draw a conclusion of the cat’s mental state based on that fact. Top-rate investigative work. Too bad it didn’t extend to oh, say, going to visit the source material, where you could read quite explicitly that the cat has been a member of that household for years — and, for that matter, that the cat and the dog are close friends.

    But hey, I suppose the owner could be lying to cover up their astounding negligence. But you aren’t fooled. You know the truth! Stand up and fight for it, girl!

  177. cute videe!

    stop with the conspiracy theories, nuffers!!


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