Our Friend the Cockatoo

Like its cousin the parrot, the cockatoo is a gifted mimic of other animals, able to reproduce not only sounds but also demonstrating a keen grasp of syntax.  In this video, for example, a cockatoo is able, after only a brief exposure, to correctly respond with the phrase “Yeah, that’s what your mom said last night” in Pug.



  1. YA WIN THAT FIGHT!! YA!! lol
    sooooo cute and funny

  2. catloveschanel says:

    I know you are but what am I?

  3. Uh . . . guess what, folks? Cockatoos ARE parrots.

  4. I love the “neener neener” dance the birdy kept doing. Also, sign me up to live in a place that just has cockatoos hanging out in the trees.

  5. I just tried to watch this video, with no success: it cranked up my Lolbrador so much I had to turn it off; mebbee later, when he goes for a walkee…… 🙄

  6. Copperbat says:

    Hahahaha! All I can say is I’m glad I don’t live down under. It’s bad enough that my neighbor lets his scottie bark day and night. I can’t imagine what it would be like if she had a wild bird to happily bicker with.

  7. Oh my … the little “head puff” dance was the best.

  8. Von Zeppelin says:

    Does the dog speak cockatooese?

  9. 260Oakley says:

    @Von Zeppelin: No, but at dinnertime he has been know to speak a little cantonese.

  10. Oh my gosh. My pugs HATED this video. They’re running around the house, barking their heads off right now! Too funny.

  11. Love it!

    @ Leilani Cockatoos are not true parrots. They are in the same Order but different family.

  12. When my brother was in Australia, a cockatoo went into his condo and stole a bag of bread out of the kitchen. Then invited all his birdy friends over to enjoy on the balcony. They were not afraid of anything!

  13. So is this in Australia, where the cockatoos fly free? If so, this birdie’s whole extended family can’t be far away.

  14. Dobermama says:

    Hah! I love that head-bobbing, feathers puffed up thing! “Come on, Buddy! Yeah, come on!” And yeah, both my Doberman and my Japanese Chin jumped up and started barking at the computer.

  15. hahahaha this made my day!!

  16. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    [pug] Woof woof woof!
    [cockatoo] Woof! Woof!
    [pug, to pugself] Oh no he di’int.
    [pug] WOOF WOOF WOOF! You hear me?! WOOF!

  17. First I stop getting the up dates on My Yahoo! Then I sign up to your service and get no pictures or videos, just big blank boxes!

  18. Send the dogs nuts, huh, nothin’. I got two cockatiels who were screaming loud enough to bew heard down in Australia!!! As if being slayed by teh qte was not eough;I need a Tylenol now…( buries head under pillow)

  19. The cockatoo is mocking the pug. Mock I tell ya.

  20. balamuthia says:

    haha, the poor dog is so confuzzled, he keeps looking out his fence for the other dog and not up in the tree.

  21. OK, I can’t help it:
    “In ur yardz mockin’ ur barkz”

  22. Kristabelle says:

    My Sunny did not like this barking ONE BIT!!!

    I would love to live where the cockatoos roam free!!!

  23. @Kristabelle, it is NOISY there among the cockatoos.

  24. Cheeky bird.

  25. berthaservant says:

    I love the pug’s look at about :40 — “Hey, cameradude, how ’bout a little backup?”

  26. temperance says:

    add me to the list of ‘at-home-riled-up-critters’. my pup barked so hard he started howling.

  27. That’s too funny.the pug is all “what the H#$”!

  28. Mary (the first) says:

    @bertha, exackly what I thought, right about :40 pug looks over, “Hey, could ya stop filming and start helping? huh?” . I want a pug and a cockatoo SO BAD right now.

  29. Patricia says:

    My Uncle’s parrots bark. I went to visit a few summers ago and slept on the couch for a family reunion. I was woke at around 3 am. I heard barking and thought it was my Uncles dogs wanting in. I went to the sliding glass door and no dogs, I looked around and the parrot was sitting in his cage near the door barking his little feathered head off. It was very surreal.

  30. Ohhh that mockery’s gotta STING! (love the ‘too’s lil victory dances)

  31. VentureSister says:

    My favorite part is the exact moment when the birdie raises his crest and is clearly saying, as NTMTOM pointed out, “That’s what your mom said last night!” And the poor little puggie looks at the cameraman like “you’re just going to LET him say that about mommy?!” Priceless.

  32. That. Is. Awesome.

  33. martha in mobile says:

    My parrots not only imitate the dog barking, they imitate her howling and imitate me calling her. Poor puppy doesn’t know which way to turn.

  34. OMG! Sooooooo funny.

    The bird was having a grand old time messin’ with the doggie, and the doggie was all indignant like!

  35. Birdcage says:

    Yeah, my parrot mocks the dog, calls the dog, squeeks like the dog’s favourite squeeky toy, throws parrot food on the floor for the dog, yells “weeeeeeeee!” when the dog goes running by, and barks like the dog. I just hope that was a wild cockatoo and not an escapee. I always worry about escapees……

  36. I like what my friend’s parrot does– she gets the dogs all riled up by saying “Wanna go out? Wanna go out?”

  37. Adrienne says:

    Theresa–LOL. I can picture it.

  38. I love me some pug, but man, that barking is enough to make a pug lover like me reconsider adopting one. I didn’t think they were so vocal? I was totally rooting for the boird.

  39. puglets rule says:

    nads – it all depends on the pug! I always thought puglets weren’t yappers – but one of my pugs thinks he’s a watch pug. The other pug rarely ever barks but will howl at the cat and random things he doesn’t like. They do have wonderful, quirky personalities! 🙂

  40. trinky dink says:

    You and me both Birdcage. and if he is an escapee, he’ll probably end up living at my house at some point anyway. . .every other bird in the world seems to.

    I love parrot-with-attitude. Parrots rule, quakers, especially.

  41. I love the mohawk of doom that the bird sports. 😉

  42. My elderly dobie was sound asleep next to the computer desk, but all the pug/bird barking woke her up and she stalked suspiciously from window to window in the house, mumbling dobie curses at whoever it was that had violated our perimeters. LOL.

  43. Cockatoo: I got your Kibbles ‘n Bits right here!
    Pug: *looks to camera* Can you believe he said that to me?!

  44. Add one hysterical terrier to the riled-up critter list…

  45. bet the neighbors are loving that.

    funny bird – cute dog, just glad their down under and not next door.

  46. duck au vin says:

    O give me a home
    where the cockatoos roam…
    and the frosty beer’s served on a tray…
    where seldom is heard less than 25 birds…
    the surprise makes the pug run away.

  47. @Clovina: At least on Wikipedia, a parrot is defined as any member of the order Psittaciformes, including the families of Psittacidae (true parrots), the Cacatuidae (cockatoos) and the Nestoridae (from here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psittaciformes). So really, you can call a cockatoo a parrot and no one should disagree with you.

  48. Okay, my parrot had a field day listening to this. He’s still meowing like the siamese.

  49. It just sounds like a squawking bird to me. It doesn’t sound like barking.

  50. With a neck roll, too!

  51. annoying and dumb.

  52. Anything you can do I can do better
    I can do anything better than you
    No you can’t
    Yes I can
    No you can’t
    Yes I can
    No you can’t no you can’t no you can’t

  53. That cockie was way smarter than that silly dog! If you think White Cockatoos are funny, you should see the Galahs when they are playing.

  54. My corgi went nuts listening to this. He was all over searching for the barking dog. Life would be chaos with that cockatoo around. Great video!

  55. Katiedid says:

    LOL my bird does the same thing to my cats… If they are in “his” room he’ll start to meow at them. They get freaked out and leave lol..

  56. excellent poetry, duck au vin!

    The ‘too’s got some serious ‘tude going with that barking!

  57. Mommybird says:


    We have barkatiels at home.

  58. I get entire flocks of sulphur-crested cockatoos nesting in the trees behind my house, and they are noisy. Nearly as bad as having brush-tailed possums fighting on the roof…

  59. creativegirl says:

    my dog is running around downstairs looking for the dog that she hears barking right now listening to this! Tooooo funny!

  60. Kristabelle says:

    Mommybird – we have a barkatiel as well! She’ll call my Wheatley by name – only it sounds like Wheat-leeeeee. And she barks like a goofball when the dogs bark when someone comes to the door. It’s regular mayhem around here.

  61. sorry have to post the message again cause there were so many mistakes and was bugging the hell out of me soz people.

    My Citron Cockatoo Alfie Barks like a dog, calls the dogs names yell’s come here, says hello you, what you doing, funky alf all kinds of things way to much to list.
    but I had a african grey called amy (Sadly past away now) who used to take great pleasure in calling our rather doopy rottie into the house then yelling at him to get out or get in his bed over and over again and would yell bad boy at him all the time. and when she heard you say bad boy to him she would say ha ha. so they are very smart and can learn a lot even sometimes when to use them. for instand alfie and me have the same routine every morning as I walk past his cage in the morning i say “morning alf”, and he says “hello you”, then either me or him depending who is quickest says “what you doing” and the reply from me or him is always the same “going to the toilet” then as i slip in through the bathroom door, i hear “love you” and i say “love you too”. its the same every morning and when we have guest they are amazed by it but its just become part of the routine with us now.
    they are just very cleaver birds and such sweethearts but before people go rushing out to buy them be aware that they need a hell of a lot of time and attention and if you dont know what you are doing or do not have the time you could end up with a bird that screams all the time, plucks and is down right misreble so make sure you have the time and have the knowlage from talking to experts before getting one. It may be cool when they talk but it wont be cool when they are screaming your house down at all times of the day and destroying everything insight including there beauitiful selfs.
    that needs so much love and I dont mean to be negative just want to be sure people dont go and get these birds on impulse because its the bird that suffers when this is done.
    ((((((((hugs))))))))) joss

  62. The bird sounded like one of the neighbor’s dogs and sent 2 of my 4 doggies into a fit and out the dog door.

    Aaaand the mockingbirds are screwing with the chihuahua again. *facepalm*

  63. Yep… it got my Boston Terrier all huffy, snorty, growly and barky. But my Boston- Chihuahua didn’t even perk his ears up.

  64. platedlizard says:

    Gotta love Umbrella Cockatoos. One time at this pet store I used to work at the fire alarm went off, and it was absolutely ear-piercing. Turned out to be nothing (a grease fire in the restaurant next door or something). An hour later the boss’s umbrella cockatoo decided to copy the alarm exactly, the only thing he couldn’t get right was the volume. Fortunately he never did it again.

  65. OutdoorMisc says:

    The youtube profile says this person lives in the US. Cockatoos cannot survive in the wild in the United States, so I just wanted to point out that if anybody sees a bird like that in their yard, they should go to pets911.com or try to lure it with food and water so it can be taken to a vet or shelter. As a parrot owner, I know I would be devastated if one of my little stinkers ever got lost, and this cockatoo probably had a birdie momma/birdie daddy shedding a lot of tears over its disappearance.

  66. omg, I thought my house was chaos with 13 cats and 2 guinea pigs, but you peeps with the bird/cat/dog stories are cracking me up – as well as the doggies going crazy from the barking on the video. thanks for all the chuckles!

  67. Listening to your bird, and trying to understand him is like trying to decifer what a Ghost might be trying to say.
    Listen closely.

  68. A neighbor reported me to animal control because she heard one of my African Greys sneezing and coughing and sounding really sick. You would have thought that she would think twice when she heard him blow his nose! I second jossie about thinking twice about getting a bird. They are incredibly intelligence but can also be destructive. 4 of my 5 birds are rescue bird and have taken an enormous amount of time to rehabilitate. But I love them all, especially when one of them says “Wanna cuddle? Cuddles are good. Cuddle, Cuddle, Cuddle.”