“Ma—we need to talk.”

“It’s about the foster puppy.” [mini beady eye roll]

“Maaaaaaaaaaa!” [peck peck]

She does this EVERY TIME someone comes into the coop

Marc at Blogads is scoring points!



  1. I love the “I have no idea how this happened” look on the chicken’s face.

  2. What the HELL is going on here?
    Clearly, we need more pictures.
    Lots more.

  3. happypiano says:

    mom: what on earth could be bothering you? [head tilt]

  4. Haha…the only thing that approaches the level of bunnies in disapproval are chickens. And disapproving chick really think Mom needs glasses. Mom is also slightly disapproving of supposed chick’s weight gain.

  5. BostonBunny says:

    Talk about fluffitude! It seems that mothers of all animals recognize a lone baby when they see it,

  6. Just think how warm and cozy that puppy is… except for the chicken claws digging into him as “Ma” struggles to keep her balance on the puppy fat!

  7. berthaservant says:

    I’d hate to see the size of the egg that puppeh just hatched from.

  8. fish eye no miko says:

    Chicken: “I thought that last egg was a little large…”

  9. Uh, sure, the milkman is a Labrador Retriever. What’s your point?

  10. shannomo says:

    Ok, I know this sounds stupid, it the dog a stuffed animal or is it a real dog? Too weird.

  11. Don’t peck your brother.

  12. LisaHoneychan says:

    I love the look on Mama chicken’s face!
    “My baby’s not fat..he’s fluffy..YOU GOT A PROBLEM WID DAT??”
    She’s so into protecting the one under her, she dosen’t even see the little one to her side.
    “Mom, i’m cold…brrrrr… Can I get under there too? What do you mean, no room? My life is a rotten egg..*pouts*”

    This is too funny.

  13. Starlinguk says:

    Ahah, no chanpon: geese! Geese are the kings and queens of disapproval!

  14. That’s just one more reason not to name your farm puppy “Buck” – it would always sound as if the chickens are calling him over (buck buck buck buck buck buck…)

  15. Mary (the first) says:

    Is it just me.. or does that chicken look like Hermione Gingold??

  16. so…. very… comfterbuls…

  17. Mary– especially the hat. 😉

  18. Raydiofree says:

    LOL. He looks so sad. But the puppy looks all cumfortabels. How cute.

  19. booboodabad says:

    Aww…poor little chick. He needs to be sat on too! Mom doesn’t look especially comfortable, but that puppy is in heaven.

    So toasty…

  20. balamuthia says:

    Awwww! Chicken ❤ ❤ ❤

  21. Don’t peck at your mom!

  22. Selphie le Boffin says:

    Still cute though. Poor lettle cheecky.

  23. This is my favorite post, ever.

  24. I love the little chick. Hey mom, at least throw a wing over him! He’s chilly.

  25. gravyboatk says:

    I bet that puppy is the softest thing that chicken’s ever sat on. If it weren’t for the chilly chickie, this situation would be ideal!

  26. Wonderful, wonderful. ;D

  27. Awesome caption!

  28. Well all I can think of is bird brain ! Might not even realize that his baby belongs to someone else!

  29. It’s a “cockapie” larva. Cocker spaniel x magpie. They used frog genes to plug the holes in the DNA. They swore these things would never make it off the island. But life finds a way.

  30. “You see ma, he’s kind of intrusive”

  31. For some reason I can’t place, Mama Chicken REALLY reminds me of my Mama. Weird. But comforting.

  32. of course the chicken looks like hermione gingold. she was, after all, the original pick-a-little lady.

  33. whattttttttttttttttttttttttttt i dont get it

  34. never mind i see the puppy undrer her i thought it was her nest at first

  35. kibblenibble says:

    Jezebel: I think *all* chickens have that look. Perpetually. Don’t get me wrong, though. I love them in all their simplicity.

  36. I can just hear Mama Chicken fussing to herself about that puppeh’s Mama!!! “Somebody’s gotta keep this puppeh warm. I just don’t know how someone leaves a little baby like this out in the cold! Hmmmpf!”

  37. duck au vin says:

    I understand, Mama Hen…This has happened to ducks, too. Remember “The Ugly Duckling”?

  38. Oh, I don’t know — maybe she just needed a warm comfy place to hang her weary tocks. And Buck just happened along…

  39. Super cute and super funny. Can even see the jealousy in the chick’s expression LOL

  40. I love how with this being the top post, it’s right next to the ad trying to get us to go vote for Cute Overload in the Webby’s in the “weird category.” Why? I think nothing has ever so clearly illustrated an answer to why in the history of whys.

  41. Nature can be so WEIRD :mrgreen:

  42. Psilopathic says:

    Interspecies Snorgling!!! My favorite! (I am liking the puppy fat cushion, quite comfies I’m sure)

  43. Em (The Original) says:

    aww poor lonely chickie… but happy puppy! 🙂

    oh and an off topic question, how does one get one of those icon thingys? do you have to have a wordpress account or something?

  44. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @Em: Just go to this site and set up a free account: http://en.gravatar.com/

  45. yea, all of you think this is cute but I bet the majority of you eat chicken, and eggs.

  46. @ NTMTOM : Thanks! 🙂

  47. Mmmmm, delicious chicken….

  48. This is hilarious! That baby chick looks so mad at the pup. I think the puppeh is a poodle. It has such a high forehead, it must be.

  49. LOL, Meg. Yes, chicken is good. Maybe that dog is trying to get some free nuggets.

  50. Hi guys, I’m a long-time lurker but I love this site and check it multiple times daily. I wanted to check out this gravtar thingy and see if it works. Oh, and this is the epitome of interspecies snorgling!!

  51. Yay! It worked! That’s my doggie Pokey!

  52. Wow! a rude and disgusting reply from Meg, a main poster on this site, how disappointing.
    I thought this site was for animal lovers at first, but apparently not.
    people around here can’t even be concerned for an animal’s well-being or they are called “nuffers” and attacked. and you all think one chicken is cute, and one is tasty? makes no sense to me. Do any of you actually have any idea what chickens go through on factory farms to get onto your plates? Do some research, and if you know what happens, and you are STILL ok with eating chicken (or any meat for that matter) then you are sick. in the head, and in the heart.

    [Om nom nom… 😈 – Ed.]

  53. obviously, the chicken was placed on top of the dog just for this picture.

  54. Em (The Original) says:

    someone needs to take a chill pill…

    and btw, Meg is not a main poster. its HER site. so she can post whatever she wants. oh and yes chicken is tasty. and i know exactly what happens to chickens and cows. i’ve worked on a ranch.

  55. Clara Cluck also has half a dozen chicks under her rear.

  56. Awww, poor chicky looks miffed!

  57. SaintStryfe says:

    No Laura, we don’t know what happens in a factory farm, this is the World of Warcraft where a Mage wiggles fingers and a big tray of Mana Strudel shows up. Please, we’re not idiots. We know how our food gets to us. Most of us don’t worry about it, because they’re freak’n chickens. Individual chickens can, on occasions like this picture, be cute. Birds in factories aren’t. Is it a mental block? Yeah. It’s how we move along in society without being completely flabbergasted by everything in the world.

    So in honor of Laura, how about a nice favorite Chicken dish thread to go along with the picture? Personally, I like chicken stirfry – mushrooms, peppers, garlic, in some broth thickened with some cornstarch, fried hot and fast in a wok, it’s damn close to heaven IMHO.

  58. Well, this is a bummer. You’ve taken the sarcasm too far IMO, saintstryfe. You’ve reached jerkdom in fact. So what if someone had a passionate reaction? So what? How does it threaten you to allow a person to have their say? Animal lovers are very sensitive people, and some more than others. So freakin what. Laura has every right to express her feelings – and she did so rather diplomatically, I feel. Meg’s comment was kind of tacky, but we know her heart’s in the right place. Reading comments like yours is rather ugly for such a beautiful place. Passions aside, CO is all good vibes, man. Or supposed to be.

  59. Oh and I agree – factory farms are dispicable entities. That’s why I support cage free. Happily so!

  60. Marie, food lovers are very sensitive people too. Here’s my passionate reaction: animals are both cute and delicious. Saintstryfe, I like chicken curry.

  61. noramaria says:

    Oh mah gawhd this is cute on like a whole new level!!

  62. Now chillie chickie needs a labrador retriever foster mama!
    Or call in that Pitbull mix Mama we saw many posts ago who was so gentle with the baby chickies.

  63. That is one kerazy Mama Chicken! Sweet, though!

  64. These are the things that make Life Worth Living.

    (I think the expression on the chick’s face looks just like Kermit the Frog’s disgusted/fed up look… anybody else?)

  65. Well now, Marie, I thought SaintStryfe’s comment was right on target. Laura called Meg’s comment “rude and disgusting.” You call that “diplomatic”? Sorry, I don’t think so. But perhaps if you feel it’s OK to say someone has reached the level of “jerkdom,” you could brush up on your own diplomacy skills?

    We are animal lovers, but ya’ gotta’ realize that sometimes a chicken’s just a chicken. And people come in all flavors, too, with all kinds of opinions. If you’re not liking what you’re seeing, people, just move on. Don’t bite.

  66. First – the picture is just adorable.
    Second – many people eat meat…chicken, cows, etc. The main thing that everyone needs to focus on is preventing cruelity. Humans WILL continue to eat meat so the best thing to is fight for the humane treatment of these animals that are being used for consumption. Everyone should watch the video “meet your meat”. I am not saying this to make you a vegatarian…but for awareness. I believe in having mercy and respect for all of God’s creatures. So…mercy and respect for those that nourish your bodies. Can I get a “Amen”?

  67. shannomo says:

    Amen, kk3!

  68. Lerrinus says:

    I’m with you Melissa! Is it just me or is it actually *2* puppies under that mama hen? I’ve been trying to figure out the body position(s) since yesterday!

  69. Lerinus: I think you are right….2 puppies!!! One facing forwards (and on the bottom) and one facing backwards (on the top)!!!

  70. Ya’ll arguers just need to get a life and find some drama elsewhere. The rest of us are trying to enjoy the picture. Do you mind? If you need some excitement in your life, don’t get it here. Go get a pet or something, geez.

  71. At the risk of being labelled a ’nuffer…

    Chickens, pigs and cows deserve decent treatment while alive. I know the whole world isn’t going to go vegetarian tomorrow. I know meat is tasty. But we owe the animals we eat respect and simple decency while they’re alive. Chickens are lovely animals, very sweet and quite cuddly, actually. Hens are fantastic mums (I watched one square up to a curious deer once, because it was too close to her babies). Their lives have value and worth, and should be respected.

    Does that mean a vegetarian diet? No. But think about how you use meat. A bag of frozen, water-and-saline-filled chicken breasts is just filler. Have meat if you want, but have good meat, well-prepared. Meat that came from a farm where the animals were looked after properly, and killed as humanely as possible.

    All I’m saying is please, think about your food. I’m not condemning, I’m just reminding. These things matter.

    Also, that hen can have the free space in our coop if she’d like…

  72. VentureSister says:

    Wow. I was scrolling through the comments actually thinking to myself “Man, there is no way someone could find a way to nuff this picture!” Imagine my surprise when I was proven wrong. And the funny thing is that this happens EVERY time I think that. So… does someone just nuff every picture and I simply haven’t noticed before?

  73. I would like to know two things:

    1) How on earth did that pup get under there? @_@
    2) How did the chicken and the pup manage to stay still (or asleep, in the puppy’s case) for the picture?

    Its too perfect! 😛

  74. Laura, yes I love eating chicken and eggs. And I keep chickens myself. I am careful always to buy only free-range eggs (when I have to, the chooks keep me in real free-range eggs) and free-rage chicken meat.

    May I say also, Edward, you are making massive sweeping assumptions about the folks here. How do you now know that everyone here doesn’t already know about all that.

    One of my girls, Inara, deeply disapproves of the cats. They are cheeky whippersnappers according to her and she never fails to chase them, peck them and harrie them whenever she can! Bad girl! LOL!!

  75. Which came first, the chicken or the pup?

    btw, that egg would have made one HUGE omlet!!!!

  76. what a cute picture! i love the hen’s expression.

  77. Laura, I didn’t mean to make sweeping assumptions, and I apologise profusely to anyone who was offended. I know CO readers are more likely to be educated about our responsibilities to animals than virtually any other demographic, and if I came off ‘holier than thou’, I didn’t mean it. But I think it does help to be reminded from time to time what responsibilities we do have to our furred and feathered friends.

    Again, I meant no offense and mean none now.

  78. Sorry, that should have been a response to Seren.

  79. Hmmmmm; mebbee I’m the only one with the burning question: “What came first, the chicken or the goggie?”… the pup looks like a retriever of some sort; I can tell you, from experience, when he grows up he’ll be an 85 lb. lap dog, imperiling you wif a hernia….. 🙄

  80. cheshirekittehkat : you made me laugh!

  81. VentureSister says:

    @Mandy So… if I’m pro-choice that means I get to eat my delicious eggs and chicken sandwiches in peace, then? You’ve got yourself a deal, unrelated-topic-controversy-troll!

  82. @Edward-here, here! I grew up a place where we HAD to gather/grow/hunt ALL our food to survive. When I eventually moved and tasted factory raised chicken and beef and such, I was disgusted. It tasted like nothing I ever tasted before. When I found out how they lived before being killed I was even more disgusted. I grew up around wild animals and respect them, even in taking their lives. I learned from my father and forefathers to give thanks to the animal for giving up its life, and to give back to its environment and to help its children. Even with that deeply entrenched respect I won’t eat even wild meat now, because I now live in a place (ie, a city, as opposed to the bush) where I DON’T need to contribute to the death/abuse of ANY animal to survive and be very healthy and very happy. I’m not preaching here, I’m telling my experience. I’m not naive, I know this probably isn’t going to make anyone think about where their food comes from. I just wanted to show a point of view in a respectful manner. People on this site (and I’ve been coming here for years) tend to get really nasty really quickly. I remember a few weeks back someone took real offense to Meg using ‘goddamn it” in a post and said it insulted her and her God. Well, you know what? It insults me when someone calls the animals that I hold sacred (and yes, are a part of my ‘religon’) food, or a yummy hamburger, or a stir-fry. But I don’t stomp and shout and threaten to never look at this site again. I know this is an open fourm. I’m just saying let’s take a cue from this kind and nurturing chicken and look the other way, no matter what the issue looks like or sounds like to you.

  83. Which came first, the chicken or the puppeh?

    “I’m Henry and I’m a chicken hawk and you are a , you are a, you are a-what, a puppeh?”

  84. Oh man, you’re right Sher. I had completely forgot she wrote that part about Meg. I think I blanked it out after I read the comment I reacted too (look at the time – it was late, man). Of course that’s not diplomatic at all. My bad. Meg’s not disgusting. She’s anti-disgusting. Lol!

    Happy Earth Day!

  85. Flavia A. says:

    Love the chicken expression.
    This is one of the funniest pics I’ve seen here 😀

  86. that baby chick’s face could not be faked. dissed and pissed!

  87. AWWW!!!!!

  88. Love this pic! And I love Jarmo’s link to when the puppy gets older. I actually loled on that one. Now I want to know what the whole story is here…

  89. I don’t know how ya’s done it, but I know ya’s done it….

  90. Priceless. That little chick captures a look of anguish and disappointment that the finest actors of 1940’s Hollywood would struggle to reproduce. You rock little Chickman!

  91. anastasia says:

    that puppeh has the RIGHT idea. ideah should be the new word……..

  92. The hen looks indifferent, the chick looks grouchy and the puppy just look contented! This is so cute! XD

    Love the captions. Love the picture. Love the idea.

    But would the puppy stick after that? Lol.

  93. I am kwelling!

  94. @Laura: I know it’s a little late to say this, but shut your dang mouth! We can eat chicken if we want to! I LOVE chicken, it’s my favorite food….and you know what? You probably eat chicken once a week! Meg is nice and funny and I like her. Go be mean somewhere else.

  95. just one thing, we as a race (humans that is) are all what the science community calls OMNIVORES, and I think most of you all are educated enough to know what that means, I think it is in 5th grade they teach that. It basically means we NATURALLY eat both meat and veggies. so the comment a while back about being sick in the head for it is a lil off base..Laura you are the one who is not normal for thinking that way, you are going against your natural instinct to eat meat, and ohh, by the way….to love animals is also a human trait and we all shouldnt judge a person for what they eat. great pic too.

  96. SamiWammy says:

    KENTUCKAY FRIED……………Love* ^_^

  97. SamiWammy says:

    great, now i’m hungry…. guilty face*


  99. aaawwwwweeeee thats soooooo cute … and soo funny 🙂

  100. OMG. This is so cute. I love the way the dog is just sitting there sleeping under the really fat chicken!!!!!! Abbi

  101. Adriana Souza says:

    Esta é a prova de que não há barreiras para o amor, aí estão esses fofinhos a nos ensinar. It’s very good. I love animal’s.

  102. then why laura, do we have teeth that are designed for eating meat???? maybe because we naturally EAT it?

  103. we have TWO teeth that are sharp for biting veggies.
    Do you REALLY feel like you could fight down an animal and kill it and then eat it with your two little canines? hahahaha.
    the definition of a meat eater isn’t “have your meat cooked and served up to you on a plate with a fork and knife” if we were meant to eat meat, then we would be built to kill things with our bare hands.
    I don’t know about you but I don’t feel very confident with my blunt finger nails and blunt teeth up against ANY animal, really.
    Just because we DO eat meat doesn’t mean we are made to. Our intestines are not even built to handle digesting meat. The only thing omni about humans is the positioning of our eyes. Herbivores typically have eyes more on the sides of their heads and carnies and omnies typically have them on the front (which is what we have). But I don’t see how 1/100 makes us omnivores. haha.

    Also, even if we WERE designed to eat meat, we now, in 2009, have other means of getting whatever it is you think we need, and can only get from meat. And I think it is sad that we continue to torture and kill other sentient beings for TASTE, really. Especially when there is an abundance of imitation meat out there that you cannot tell the difference between it and the real stuff.

    I ALSO think it is sad that I am having this debate on a site that is supposed to be full of animal lovers. Why am I trying to convince “animal lovers” that eating meat is cruel? I love how everyone says they are animal lovers on here…. sorry but you cannot be a lover of animals if you are OK with and supporting animals being tortured and killed so that you can enjoy their meat for a few moments at dinner. There’s no excuse for what we do to animals, there is NO excuse for what we do to animals.

  104. oh, PS I LOVE how all my comments keep getting deleted.

  105. As a native american, I love all nature, but also HAVE most certainly killed my dinner with my bare hands, your opinion, while I would fight for your right to haveit, is simply from only your perspective, you dont like meat, thats fine, the rest of the world does, nature is like that, animals in their natural state eat each other, and our bodies are proof that we also are animals, eyes, flesh (the donner party?) hair, just like the rest of the class we are part of, Mammels. I think ill go have a steak in your honor tonight!