You’re leaving on ANOTHER business trip?

You’ve been to Dallas TEN times this year, Brutus.

I’m beginning to wonder if we had too many puppies.


Just kiss her on the cheek and get out of there, SarahEllen H.!



  1. the look in the eyes is so pretty, so so adorable, you cant say no to a face like that

  2. “Just come back to bed!”

  3. The creases between the eyes that makes her look all concerned + the dainty pozish of her hands = perfection

  4. kittyadventures says:

    THat Cad Brutus better watch his P’s and Q’s

  5. GingerBean says:

    Another soul sucker! Quite prosh.

  6. Katiedid says:

    Its an icky day out puppy.. I think I will just have to squeeze in that bed next to you *squeeze*

  7. Beep the nose. Beep!

  8. Awww those questioning eyes. Time to go back to bed

  9. Quite futile to resist this ravishing red-head; (goggie-girl pushes the level of kyuooteniss to the outer limits, propped up as she is against the ultra-feminine embroidered pillow)

  10. Curled paws are too cute.

  11. Hey, this little puppy is in almost the same position as the seal in the last post.

  12. They are playing us people… they have learned we are suckers for teh cyute, and they are playing it for all it’s worth. And this pic would be worth about a box of doggie treats, don’t you think?

  13. Big sad eyes + Long floppy ears + Stubby little legs =
    Why dachshunds are automatically cute, ALWAYS!

  14. But… Brutus! She just got her nails did!

  15. We couldn’t believe this! She looks exactly like our Otto!

  16. OK, OK, those eyes win. I will give you whatever you want…my credit card, keys, money, soul, whatev.

  17. Mary (the first) says:

    She looks like a dribble of caramel yumminess .. yum yummmmm.

  18. berthaservant says:

    It’s five o’clock this morning, and the sun is on the rise
    There’s frosting on the window pane, and sorrow in your eyes
    The stars are fading quietly, the night is nearly gone
    And so you turn away from me, and tears begin to come

    And it’s goodbye again, I’m sorry to be leavin’ you
    Goodbye again, as if you didn’t know
    It’s goodbye again, and I wish you could tell me
    Why do we always fight when I have to go?

  19. duck au vin says:

    Berthaservant…You are the soul of soulfulness. You make the day bettoi.

  20. But Brutus the Chomodley-Featherstonehaughs are coming to dinner, I told you weeks ago, I can’t cancell again, it’s social death, we’ll be made laughing stock of the community.

  21. Lerrinus says:

    That behbeh sealio ripped out half my soul and this puppeh just stole the other half!

  22. SarahEllen H. says:

    That’s my Lili! Her first feature on *squee* I’ve always thought she was as adorabuhl as can be!

    If you want to see more of her, check out the CO 2009 calendar, Nov. 18th! 😀

  23. Kristabelle says:

    What beautiful eyes she has! Who could leave that????

  24. Claudine says:

    She is soooo beautiful! Reminds me so much of Lucy (whom I had to return to Doxie Rescue….sigh). I can see why you are so crazy in love with her!!

  25. she looks so sad. like, “you are leaving? 😦 “

  26. Berthaservant, I love you. But I’ll never tie you down. (And I mean that in the seventies singer-songwriter sense, not any other)

    [Was this comment meant for the kangaroo post, Sport? – Ed.]

  27. take me wit you please wit a cherry on top i ‘ll through in some kibble

  28. I think “Love Means Never Stuffing You Into My Abdomen” was by Glenn Campbell, though.

  29. Aww this pup is sooooo cute my pups a lil cutter though, she has white paws, a whit spot on her neck, shes a dachsound with light brown hair