Feedback on the Redesign Feedback

THANK YOU for all your help with our revised design, People. It’s Beta testers like you that make this site so much bettoi. We received a ‘tock-load of emails with helpful pointing-out pictures and comments.


To sum up, your feedback was overwhelmingly positive of the revised design. Visits are also up 25 to 30 percent, so all in all, SCHWEET!

What you DON’T like:

  1. The site layout on Firefox 3 on a Mac! [We are working on this!]
  2. Lack of hamsters in Pannnts / Lake Tinkle [Hmmmmm, I guess the page loads TOO FAST for you to see the BG image. Shoot!]
  3. RSS got broke! Eep! [This has been fixed.]
  4. The header is tooooo tall! and where is the chick favicon!? [we’re working on the second one…]

What you DO like:

  1. Commenting Avatars
  2. Post image size increased by 12% [Redonk]
  3. Top 4 features

A Puffer fish redesigns himself! puffer fish on lake nasser, by catfeet2. Also, get a load of this shot!



  1. Love the new design! But I agree with the header thing.
    ❤ that fishy.
    #1 comment!

  2. Lake Tinkle! Lake Tinkle! Bring back Lake Tinkle!!

  3. I love the puffer fish!!!! I went to the Baltimore aquarium a couple of weeks ago around feeding time for the huge tank of tropical fish.. this guy had a bag full of what i think was mussels and the giant puffer came up to him and he fed him some.. I could hear the crunches clear as day..
    note to self.. do not stick finger in puffer fish mouth!!!!

  4. Didn’t there used to be a way to email individual posts?
    I don’t seem to see that anymore……..

  5. Is that a real fish? *poke* *poke*

  6. Do not poke. They is poyzin.

  7. What IS Lake Tinkle? I thought it was that yellow puddle at the top of the page. :blush:

  8. I see that it says that the RSS is fixed but I still cannot see the pictures in my RSS feed. I’ve tried deleting the old feed and adding it back and it still doesn’t work. I am using My Yahoo in Firefox on a PC. Should I just accept that I cannot see the pictures anymore? The text works fine. Thanks!

  9. Am I blind, or have the author indications gone away? Its usually fairly clear who’s written the post (Meg or NTMTOM), but I liked checking to make SURE I was right.

    [The bylines are now right under the post titles, instead of at the bottom… – Ed.]

    The good news: If that’s the ONLY thing I can find to complain about, the redesign must be pretty sweet.

  10. Is this what they us to catch snipe after dark?

  11. catloveschanel says:

    What’s up with this “listening to feedback” sorta thing. I am not used to people listening. That rocks~
    That fish’s mom should give him salt with iodine in it, cure that Goiter right up.

  12. Steeb – I’m not going to offer any opinion on whether you are blind, but on my screen, the author’s name is just below the title. This one was by Meg.

    [Er… jinx? – Ed.]

  13. The page always loads just fine for me in FF3 on my mac. Are there issues I’ve missed? Perhaps I am just too overloaded by cute!

  14. STEEB – u R teh blind. 😛 Look right under the title of the post for author. 😉

    [Oh fer cryin. DOUBLE JINX! 😛 – Ed.]

  15. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Cute? Fishizzle!

  16. Yeah, while puffer fish are cute, I am not a fan of pics of ones that are puffed up out of the water. That is going to be a very dead poor little puffer shortly after the pic was taken.

    [Not necessarily. In fact I would go so far as to say Not Likely. The person handling this fish, for the purposes of the photo, probably has some hint of an idea about what it is that he’s holding, you know? There’s no rule that says you NEED to assume the worst… – Ed.]

  17. I like the redesign. Easier to go back to older posts, background is a bit more subtle, ads overall feel less obtrusive to the content.

    If I had to nitpick, I’m not sure how I feel about the larger font overall. I liked the more compact sizing of the previous posts and comments. Random posts on top don’t feel so random (or they don’t change that much) – wish it would auto-generate more truly random posts so you could look at great older entries. As I said…really stretching to nitpick.

  18. Yes, I agree with YramAL. There used to be a way to email individual posts to a friend. That feature seems to be gone…..

  19. Shouldn’t this also be in the “Fishes” category?

  20. I would like to see a flying puffer fish, BTW. Those little fins on the side look like tiny butterfly wings.

  21. on safari the images extend beyond the text frame, bleeding into the advertisements and stuff on the right.

  22. The new design is nice, but all the ads in the right-hand column are breaking the tables (overflowing the column and sticking out into the background). I didn’t comment before because I was sure someone else would, but apparently not.

    I’m using IE, by the way.

    Otherwise, everything looks good, except I NEED more hamsters.

  23. Fish is all like: O.O niiiiiiiiiice!

  24. biscuithead says:

    I’m waiting for this fish to belch.
    I’m certain his/her appearance will change drastically as a result of said belch.

  25. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @Kate: I use FF3 on a Mac (OSX Leopard) as well, and I’m not seeing any layout errors, either. There is a difference in the width of the font between Windows and Mac, and this can cause paragraphs to lay themselves out differently, but this isn’t really an error.

  26. poor fish =(

  27. Though that fish is way too amazingly adorable, I can’t help but notice that it is unable to breath while being held up in the air like that. Part of loving creatures is respecting them and avoiding exploitation of their rights for our own amusement.

    [Biting… tongue… owph… – Ed.]

  28. Von Zeppelin says:

    Gravatars are fun–I like the numerous animals, Theresa’s classical profile and the self-portrait of Not That Mike (reminds me of somebody, can’t think who. . .)

  29. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @ YramAL: I don’t recall if the old design had a “Send to Friend” feature (perhaps Meg or Theo can recall), but many Web browsers make it easy to send the link of any page, using your default e-mail software. Look under your browser’s “File” menu for a selection beginning with “Send …”

  30. I don’t like that the little nav bar with “Previous story | Home | Next story” at the top of each post is gone now.

  31. I agree that we need more Lake Tinkle and flying hammypants. In fact, we are in serious breech of our daily requirement for Lake Tinkle and flying hammypants. Meg? Can you help us??

  32. Thanks for the continued feedback folks. I’m at work tuhday, but will respond tonight to your comments here… BLORP [fish depuffs and jumps back into ocean]

  33. I luf the new layout. I luf this website. I luf puffer fish. I luf that I can use an avatar. I luf it alls!!!

  34. Will that be feedback on the feedback about the feedback from the feedback?

    Darn glad I’m nowhere near a microphone, right now.

  35. Kiragirl says:

    The text does not seem to wrap around correctly, it keeps going off to the right.

  36. Max: I don’t like that the little nav bar with “Previous story | Home | Next story” at the top of each post is gone now.

    I was going to say this as well. I used those links exclusively to navigate through the posts each day, I would like to see them come back.

  37. Paunchie says:

    He can de-puff and swim away, right?? Didn’t we have this discussion before on a previous puffer fish post?? Like, they should not be out of the water and puffed up like that – even though it is terribly funny and cute. I also would love to see a flying puffer fish! I bet he would fly like a bouncing balloon!

  38. Paunchie says:

    (nodding in agreement to Sven and Max) although you can just click on the cute overload icon and go Home.

  39. I thought he was so good as Flounder in Animal House.

  40. cheesybird says:

    The new format is taking me some getting used to, but that’s just because I depend a lot on visual familiarities, so when things move around, it always takes me a while to get used to.

    My only nitpick is that I can’t seem to figure out how to preview my comments in WordPress like you could in Typepad. Apologies if this has already been brought up and explained, but is there a way to do this? Or do I just have to hit “submit” and hope for the best?

  41. Kish, I have the same problem. I thought the images might be blocked by my employer, but sounds like it’s a real issue.

  42. wat the that fish is huge

  43. Cute fishy, but aren’t puffer fish poisonous? I read somewhere that the skin and internal organs are really toxic to humans. And I don’t see the guy wearing any kind of gloves!

    [Not the skin, no. But tetrodotoxin really is wicked nasty stuff. – Ed.]

  44. I love everything about the new design…..except there used to be a way to email pics or vids to my friends but now there’s not…… put that back!!

  45. I can’t email the pictures or videos. Please put that back! Otherwise…I LOVE IT!!!

  46. balamuthia says:

    Oh, hey look! Spread the word:

    “When this happens with aquarium specimens the recommended course of action for fishkeepers is to hold the puffer underwater by the tail, head upwards, and shake the fish gently until the air escapes out of the mouth.”[3]

  47. Why doesn’t firefox have you duck icon on the bookmarks toolbar. Instead it is a W circle (WordPress?). I miss the duck.

    [You’re talking about the custom “favicon” chickie. I miss it too. We’ll see… – Ed.]

  48. I never said it resulted in death 100% of the time, but it’s very very dangerous and can lead to death very, very easily. Chances are that most people who happen upon a puffer in the wild don’t know about “burping” the fish to save its life. Plus any puffer who has puffed in as much air as the one in the picture doesn’t have very good chances. But maybe that little guy fought the odds and made it, I sure hope he did 🙂

  49. Leslie Thomas says:

    ….Theo…Would you be innerested in trying the decaff (maybe) —said in tender concern, not snarkiness…Your brilliant editorial contributions remain & we offer our humblest of salutations & thanks for HOVERTEXT KING of the Universe.

    [Er, thanks, but these days I rarely have to do that anymore; they seem to have caught on, don’t you know. 😉 – Ed.]
    […oh, and no, no decaf for me, ta very much – Ed.]

    Meg: THANKS for the redesign!!! THANKS for all the hard work on a daily basis to begin with; & then for (are you eligible for the Purple Heart?) working even
    more — on revisions!!!! I LOVE the larger images & font….

    Nice semi-French : “Bettoi” !!!!!

    (Is there a way that I can indicate blushing or sheepishness before I indicate the following???? ….er…uh….I must admit, you can count me among — perhaps the barest of minorities…who…..actually grumbled to myself, that I HATED the hamsters in pants, flying about …. so I like that change.
    While I’m quite a sucker for many many aspects of cute …maybe I’m the ONLY grouch re hamsters in pants. If so, I will gladly accept the responsibity for keeping ma trap shut on the issue in the future.
    Meantime, THANKS THANKS THANKS THANKS THANKS THANKS to Meg, to Theo, to NTMTOM (by the way, who IS the other Mike????????) & all else who toil endlessly blah blah blah, etc, etc (you get the idea…)

    [Trust me, full earnest, it’s not important who “THAT” Mike is. My hand to Dog. – Ed.]

  50. Samantha says:

    Who’s up for beach volleyball? *bops over net*

  51. berthaservant says:

    Do whatever you want, Meg.

  52. duck au vin says:

    Love the new design, especially the avatars that this creative crowd is using.
    Meg, I can’t find a link that will let me add an avatar to my comment. Please
    advise and thanks.

    [Ya gotta log in at WordPress, then modify your account profile. – Ed.]

  53. Julia (the one in BC) says:

    Lovely redesign. I adore virtually everything about it.

    Just bring back the Hamster Pants! My entire household misses them. What’s the point of chanting Hamster Pants, Hamster Pants every morning when there are no pants?

  54. The HamPants are still there, y’all; it’s just that the page itself loads BEFORE the background image, now. (Which really should have always been the correct order of things, but y’know. You work with the tools you’re given. 😉 )

    Here, have a bonus link. 😀

  55. Feedback on the Feedback on the Redesign Feedback

    I hear you on;
    1. The header is TOO LARGE
    2. All Lake Tinkle ALL the time
    3. @Everyone We’re working on bringing back “Email this image”
    4. RSS Should be working, if it’s not working for you, please write sysadmin (at)
    5. Safari and IE are problematic for images stretching into the right column
    6. “Previous” and “Next” post with the post title are at the BOTTOM of the page now…
    7. @cheesybird There is no “Preview” comments in WordPress that I know of. Yes, you must hope for the best!
    8. @Li The chick favicon will make a triumphant return, yes!

    Of course we’re working on more design refinements and will announce them as they happen. Always feel free to send thoughts and feedback and ideas to redesign-feedback [at]

    Thanks, Peepulls!

  56. I like the bigger comment box and I don’t miss the Hampsters they were getting stale and tiresome.

  57. I can’t see Ham Pants either!

  58. FWIW, the new design is completely whack for me (using XP and IE7 here). The captions extend into the yellow border on the right side (I tried adjusting my font size but that doesn’t help). Oh well, I can still see the pictures though and that’s what counts.

  59. alwayscataddict says:

    What’s Lake TInkle?

  60. hf080677 says:

    I miss the categories by aminal. I liked being able to click a link and look at hedgies to my lil heart’s content! Bring back hedgie links!! And kitteh links!

  61. I’m reading in Firefox 3, and the ads on the right at the top of the page overlap the photos and first few posts. whazzup with that? (I even have flash blocked, but the empty boxes still intrude.)

    also, I’m with hf080677 that category links are/were great for getting a big dose and/or for finding an older photo that you might remember…

  62. The layout problems with Firefox are not Mac only. I have the same issue with Firefox 3 on Windows XP.

  63. The puffer makes me sad…they always die if they puff up out of water. :<

  64. Limertilly says:

    the redesign must be why i haven’t been able to look at cuteoverload in 2 weeks. is explain a lot.

  65. Everything is too large. I can’t see the captions and the pictures together. In some cases I can’t see the entire picture without scrolling. Not a happy camper!

    [Huh?? What is your screen resolution set to, 800×600? – Ed.]

  66. The only real ish for me is that sometimes the text that should be below the picture starts to the right of it and is thus squishified. Whether post text or comments. I’m on IE 6.

  67. Don`t want to be a nuffer, but I don`t like seeing animals in distress.

  68. “6. “Previous” and “Next” post with the post title are at the BOTTOM of the page now…”

    Wow, I honestly wouldn’t have noticed that if you didn’t point it out. 😮

    Could you move it to the top again? It’s so much easier to navigate there. :]

  69. BostonBunny says:

    Format problem workaround:

    I don’t know why this works but go to Firefox Preferences and click on Content and change the default font to 16pt.

    It worked for me!

  70. I’ve used Firefox 3.0.8 and Safari 3.2.1 and have no layout issues. Text may be a tad too big but that’s ok. It reminds me to stay further back from the monitor!

    And I love that there is a very tiny little smile face (sans nose) right below the “Powered by VIP”.

  71. bwhat bdo byou bwant bdon’t blook bat bme blike bthat

  72. Cutest fish eva

  73. soxfan413 says:

    Puffer fishes are amazingly cute.

  74. You know that when a puffer fish is fully inflated, they are usually really not that happy. As pretty as it may be, I wouldn’t suggest doing that.

  75. Christine H says:

    I’m using Firefox 3.0.9 on a Mac, and the layout is fine for me.

  76. cheesybird says:

    Thanks for the splainy, Meg! I’ll just have to type eggstra carefully. 😀

  77. Leslie Thomas says:

    To FroggieFreak:
    I like [altho’ I admit to also Feeling beFuddled, slightly, by] Your Lingo.

  78. Um, Firefox, On a Mac, Works fine for me. I’ve never had troubles viewing this site, and thank god! cause It’s my morning wake up call. I can’t get through my rough and tumble day of working at a dog daycare without you guys.

    Weird thing, I talk to the dogs in prosh voices and use phrases like “your tocks are so cute!” and “you’re totally rule 13!!!”…I wonder if it’s a side effect..

  79. Handy hint: If they can’t add the “previous/next” links at the top, just do what I do now and use the ol’ “End” button to get to the bottom o’ the page and use the links there. Just one leetle keystroke – ees not so bad.

  80. i wish i could still get daily CO posts in my livejournal!

  81. Uh, I don’t care for the increased post size because it BREAKS THE LAYOUT. In Safari, the photos overlap the junk (and it’s more junky than ever) in the right-hand bar. (Maybe that’s secretly intentional, since the junk is so junky…) So “you” like the new increased post size, but “I” certainly don’t.

  82. Layout much better- easier to navigate, nice big headlines on the header. Nice simple repeating background 🙂 Could use a bit more design tightening however, the empty whitespace on the top is distracting and unnecessary. Also not a fan of the double grey borders on the primary navigation.

    Experienced in Firefox 3 for Mac, spacing between left/right sides are uneven… i assume this is the header not being the full width and the yellow background being given a width too short, or it’s that the body content is not being contained with a width and is overflowing… I’m assuming since FFmac is being worked on, these and other noticeable issues are probably being dealt with and tested more fully.
    Issue is also in safari.

    You may want to consider (if you haven’t already) shortening the length of titles outputted on the blog post headlines on the header, has the potential of making the header way too big.

    Layout broken for Blackberry browser- if that’s a concern 😉 May want to consider a mobile version of the stylesheet that deals with the sidebar content nicer.

  83. A mobile version would be amazing. I don’t have trouble on my iphone but my boyfriend always complains that he can’t open any CO links I send him on his Blackberry.

  84. 5^^now8ing says:

    Late comment, I know — but I get my CO fix via email and sometimes they stack up. (yeah, I know, hard to believe…)

    PLEASE, PLEASE what’s Lake Tinkle? Been following CO forevah, thought I knew all the lingo, even visited the glossary, but I’m coming up blank. (It may just be that blank is my default condition, but please take pity and give definition.)

    unobtrusive ads
    linking the comments (but how do you actually DO it?)

    Stretching to nitpick (a la chanpon):
    miss the duck favicon
    pls. move navigation (previous, next) back to top
    miss hamsterpants (but long ago saved the BG image)
    having trouble with “soich” – was looking for the video of the lion reunion with the Brit boys & couldn’t find it via “lion” & didn’t want to scroll thru ALL the Unusual Animals

    BIG THX to help from comment posters , especially NTMTOM for an easy way to email any link (can’t believe I didn’t know that), and Ed. Theo about how to get an avatar (but, BOO-HOO, I can’t keep my user name on WordPress — only letters and #s — and I can’t live without my ^^s!)