SuperKitteh and the Evil Snack

SuperKitteh Launch. Must patrol Living Room Sector B…

Viper Away

SuperKitteh all Sector normal proceeding to Nap Sector—WHA


SuperKitteh Eye Phasers locked on Evil Snack Target FOR FURTHER INVESTIGAYSHONS


Proof that “BabyCheeks” can fly, sent in by Illeana D.



  1. That must be one darn good snack!

  2. I wonder if Super Kitty is chasing Mighty Mouse?!

  3. Lerrinus says:

    Very good photogography of a pritty kitty in akshuns! 🙂

  4. Graycie Alania jarboe says:

    AWW! i love it when cats jump like that. all probally know me as the crazed 7 yr old. well im 9 now and alot more sofisticated(spelling) I know what supervised means now and they did and still are supervising me. I am SO sorry.

  5. Starlinguk says:

    Wow, Graycie, you spell better than the average adult!

  6. Ha! Thanks, the Battlestar Galactica references made my day.

  7. Tossing kitties isn’t really all that cute though.. These are photos taken up toward the ceiling.

  8. earlybird1 says:

    Whoa, that last pic is kinda scary!

  9. I love this. Great little photo montage! Floofy kitteh… 🙂


  11. um, I hope throwing pets up in the air isn’t going to become a trend

  12. Graycie Alania jarboe says:

    thanks starlinguk erm i think,thats a complement,right?

  13. kibblenibble says:

    Babycheeks=Champion Floofy Creamsicle Jumper 🙂

  14. Awesome photos! That’s really funny.

  15. auntbaby says:

    To me this isn’t cute, it’s awful. That poor cat did not launch itself into the air like that. It borders on cruelty. NOT cute NOT funny. I don’t want to know someone who considers this a OK way to spend time or thinks that a living helpless creature thinks that this is fun.

  16. Von Zeppelin says:

    An impressive array of superpowers: flight, snack-sensing, gamma-ray laser vision, and the ability to look much larger due to vast amounts of extra fur. The cat wisely follows the Edna Mode dictum, “No capes!”

  17. Beth (in NC) says:

    Wow, amazing photography catching the cat pouncing like that… know when I have seen such air-launching? In response to laser pointers. Cats will do almost anything to try and reach the elusive red dot, I’ve seen one jump at least five feet straight up. Even my “big boned” kitteh will get off his behind to chase a laser. X-)

  18. copperbat says:

    rofl@ all the “tossing kitties” comments. That’s right, because if you’ve ever owned a cat, you know that they will never, ever, ever leap into the air after a feather toy or nerf ball. They must be thrown in order to get airborne like that. XD

    Wow. Really?

  19. CoffeeCup says:

    This just made my list of favorite photo series! And I love the Battlestar references! Kitties and Battlestar – perfect combination.

  20. And said nerf ball manages not to make any of the three shots.. how? And under what super strength would these kitties manage an inches-from-the ceiling trajectory…

    It’s somebody attempting a lolcat photo and it found its way to cuteoverload.

  21. The Viper is coming to vipe the vindows. 😛

  22. BSG references and super-poofy mamie cat!!!

    I’m one happy fangrl!

  23. This is stupid. They’re obviously throwing the cat to get these pictures. Unnecessary and not cute.

  24. What a cute kitty!

    Also, I would like to note that my cat Freddy came with an FTL drive. He can be curled up in his basket, sound asleep, yet miraculously appear instantaneously at the food dish the moment I open the can.

  25. CoffeeCup says:

    Who is the last cylon? Must be this cat.

    I am also laughing at all the people upset with the kitten tossing. Why so upset? These photos are hilarious, and many cats love this.

  26. Bloody hilarious. Kitty needs a cape! 😀

  27. Unless that cat jumped from the top of a ceiling high scratching post stand and someone took pictures as it comes in for a snack 🙂 Otherwise, I am I agree totally with Missy B, dry, auntbaby, copperbat and kibbles that is NOT funny tossing a poor kitty like that up in the air just to take pictures as it comes down 😦 If that was the case, the last picture shows the fate of the one who did it like this 👿

  28. Or like this 😈 followed by LOUD SCREAMS and EVIL LAUGH 😈


  30. Absolutely gorgeous kitteh; there is always the possibility that this pic was (gasp)
    photoshopped!!! Perhaps kitteh was pasted on the ceiling, photographically of course;
    On the other paw, all that kitteh floof might just be camouflage for the little harness she’s wearing, suspended by invisible wires from the dreaded ceiling; all this exhaustive ruminating about these possibilities for kitteh has given me a headache:
    I must go lie down now and take a nappee……

  31. Hi Graycie I am glad to see you back.. and supervised .. give your Mom a hug… when you are grown up you will understand how awesome she is.

    Meg HEhehehehehe…

  32. LOL@ Nuffers. Because cats obviously cannot jump:

    And obviously, there’s no way that the picture-takers could take a series of dozens of pictures of their jumpy cat leaping after a toy and only took submitted the 3 best ones, right?

    I would guess that in the last two pictures, the person taking the picture was lying on the ground aiming the camera at the ceiling while another person was waving the cat-toy on a string over photo-person’s head in order to get the shots.

  33. If I threw my Dante up in the air, I would hope I had the presence of mind to take pictures. Then run for my life, and also get checked for a hernia.

  34. Cheshire… you forgot the obviouse laying on the bed photogarphing as kitty launches down on you from some where

  35. Ditto that on not throwing kittehs for fun and games. Pls don’t post.

  36. I detect toe-floof. Hope the kitty has a landing pad, because kitty is probably going to skid…

  37. Marianne from GA says:

    It’s Flying Kitty striking again! I have one cat who loves to catch tiny tinfoil balls, and will leap into the air–at least 3 ft high–to grab them with her paws or her mouth, then land and bring them back to me for more throwing. Another sits on her fat behind saying, “What IS the MATTER with that cat? How dare she be so energetic!? She’s setting a bad example–soon Mom will think WE ought to move around like that!” The third one says, “I am too pretty, too elegant, and too bossy to chase anything but the catnip mouse. Go away.” So I think this sequence might not be photoshopped nor cat-abuse of tossing into the air. Some cats just love to leap.

  38. spaceaged says:

    My kitty purrs when I toss and catch him. I put him down on the ground and he stays there looking at me waiting to get picked up and tossed again. If this kitty didn’t like it he’d be slicing the tosser very quickly.

  39. Anyone else notice the appearnce of OOCIF (out of control interdigital floofness)?

  40. LOL Meg. I don’t think I’ve ever read a Meg-response to nuffers. I think we are a little too prone to seeking out animal abuse in EVERY action we do now.

    And I am probably the most freaked out about animals getting hurt, so if this doesn’t bother me, everyone needs to chiiiillax.

  41. This kitteh is jumping! Not being flung. I had a cat who loved to jump and pounce, and he was a big-un, too. I enjoy the pictures, and the cat is just wonderful! I do agree, the ‘no cape’ look is just right.


    Bit of a mixed bag of references there, but BSG for the win! *salutes*

  43. Cats were about the only thing missing in BSG, so thanks for filling that deficit. Cats would make excellent Viper pilots, though maybe not Raptor pilots.

  44. anyone who actually think that this cat is not being thrown seriously needs to get their head checked.

  45. Idiots are out in full force today I see. Seriously people, do you know for 100% fact that this cat is being thrown? Please to prove your assumption, and show your work.

  46. copperbat says:

    Estelle, we aren’t the ones making absurd assumptions and accusations of animal cruelty against the photographer of this cat – why would we need our collective heads checked? I’ve owned cats most of my life and I’ve seen them leap several feet into the air, twisting and grappling at a feather wand or other toy just like this. I can reference zillions of similar photos online. You do not know this cat was thrown. You’re assuming. People who make slanderous claims against others with no evidence whatsoever are the ones who need their “heads checked”.

  47. I’m just catching up. I *assumed* the cat must be on a trampoline.

  48. Kitty tossing? I’m so there!

    (spectacular shots btw)

  49. Raemie L says:

    Bahahaha, my favorite is the second pic. The mid-air pause caption cute-hances it.
    Also, maybe this kitteh’s floofeh tail makes up for being without a cape.

  50. Samantha says:

    Flying kitty… named BabyCheeks… with toe fluffs!

    …too cute, I’m offended.

  51. BTW, nice comment, Meg. LOL. I love how you’re pretending to ’nuff your own post. *snicker* Can’t believe no one said anything in response to that… >^.^<

  52. Crookshanks is pissed.

  53. Wow, how did you even manage to capture the moment? And from the expression of the cat, it doesn’t seem “thrown”. More like being attracted by some very nice toy or delicious snack.

    So cool down people~ 🙂

  54. auntbaby says:

    Meg since this is your “house” ,I suppose that you are entitiled to make fun of me or any guest who visits here. Politeness notwithstanding, I am a big girl, I can take it. When I was in my teens (young) I knew two young men who “played” with a cat. They “played” with it until it died. I never got over that, never and I won’t. And I am 54 years old.
    And to the many who said “you don’t KNOW that the cat was thrown”. You are right. And by the same token , YOU don’t know that it wasn’t.

    I come here every day, love this site, and I am always polite.I don’t have to be,
    I choose to be.

  55. copperbat says:

    I see. Since we don’t actually know the cats aren’t harmed or unharmed, it’s perfectly normal to just automatically assume the worst and publicly slander the photographers. That makes perfect sense to me. Thanks for pointing out the logic.

  56. claudemarie says:

    Oh people… This isn’t emaciated dog as art exhibit. I think kitty is fine, but my opinion doesn’t matter. And it don’t bother me one bit.

  57. eikoleigh says:

    Oh my!

  58. duck au vin says:

    Proud of CO peeps to disagree and express your opinions the way you do.
    Be nice if sender-inners of photos like this would include a video showing how
    it was done. Just sayin’

  59. I DEMAND more photos of animals being thrown in the air!

    More! more! more!

    Seriously, they’re hilarious, and they make so many people here clutch their pearls. The comments are fantastic.

    I love this cat.

  60. Tossing Cats says:

    More photos of cats being thrown:

    [You know, this almost got chucked into the spam folder. Almost. – Ed.]

  61. I think the floofy tail is used for propulsion.
    @Tossing cats. Great photo set.

  62. Kitty is gorgeous. The eyes, the floofitude…gorgeous. The still photography of a fast moving, manuvering, floofitude viper in jump mode…gorgeous.

    also @ Tossing cats..LOL!

    Nuffers: There is real REAL animal abuse going on somewhere else out there, go nuff that. I am sure there is a sick website for it. This ain’t it.

  63. indah129 says:

    the cat is sooo cute!! look at her eyes.. hyperactive

  64. @Tossing Cats- Awesome!

    @Estelle and anyone who still thinks the cat’s being thrown- Take a good look at the tossing cats website. Also notice that in half the pictures, the wand toys are out frameshot so the kitties look just like this one.

  65. Oh wow, the cat really looks like it’s flying.
    In fact…what if it actually IS flying!?

    -lols at all the people thinking this is animal abuse-
    Animal abuse is when you smack an animal across the face and kick it, possibly resulting in you killing it. Or setting it on fire. Whatever. Horrible stuff….bleck.
    It’s NOT when you get out one of it’s favourite toys, making it leap at it.

  66. I sometimes scoop up my cat, Fox, and toss him onto the couch or the bed. There, I said it. He seems to enjoy it, though, and it energizes him and makes him crazy playful.

  67. ingemary says:

    Kitty definitively has been thrown ! I am horrified , no real catlover would do this .

  68. Superkitteh, prepare to be captioned and photoshopped.

  69. What an awesome lookin’ kitteh!

  70. Cutie!!!
    Also, nuffers, chill pill pleez! 🙂

  71. Yo ingemary…..please to prove your hypothosis that kitteh is being thrown. Were you there when the photos were taken? Otherwise, shush.

  72. Yellow fire cat. Knows where you live.

  73. chevalier says:

    I have to go with Not Cute. Obvious cat-tossing. Cats don’t jump to the ceiling after toys. Nope. Throwing a kitty just to take a picture is dumb and mean.

  74. @Annie: that’s a very good one: add that to my collekshun: 😆 😆

  75. I lol’ed when I read this and saw the picture: “SuperKitteh Eye Phasers locked on Evil Snack Target FOR FURTHER INVESTIGAYSHONS”

    Awesome, just awesome.

  76. Cute cat….Is he chasing a mutant mouse?

  77. Raydiofree says:

    I don’t even have a cat, and I didn’t even cry abuse. Even Zoi likes to jump and fly like she’s Superwoman, the Pekapoo version.

  78. Not cute at all.

    It looks a bit like this cat was thrown. Regardless of whether or not they did, it’s a little suspicious looking. Cat looks awkward and twisted in the air with no reason in the photograph as to why. There is no evidence that the cat was thrown, but on the other side, there is no evidence in the photograph that it wasn’t, and no reason why the cat is jumping like that.

    [So? – Ed.]

  79. @ everyone who thinks this cat is jumping………YEA I am sure that it is normal for cats to jump almost up to the CEILING.
    in the tossing cats website, they are not up near the ceiling. I am just saying that it is QUITE obvious that the cat is being thrown. there is no way that the cat could jump that high on it’s own, also the angle from which the shot it taken also adds to the obviousness.

    [What makes it “QUITE obvious” to you that the cat is on the “CEILING” is wonky depth perception. The camera is using a built-in flash, which makes the weird shadows on light surfaces. Also, the shots are being taken from the floor. I could stage this just as easily as one of those folks in the photos that Tossing Cats linked to, except Mr. Bounce doesn’t go for Cat Dancer toys as much as any old beat-up belt I happen to dangle over him… – Ed.]

  80. It’s like America’s Next Top Kitteh Model. Strike a pose!

  81. I will agree that everyone here all love kitties 🙂 and do NOT want to see them hurt in anyway 😦 Without any thing in the photo to tell where the cat came from, it is hard to say if it was tossed or it jumped 😦

  82. LMCTAO @Tossing Cats

  83. berthaservant says:

    This is a serious, serious problem, people, as was pointed out to us by the great Navin Johnson (aka Gern Blanston) over three decades ago:

    (PS. Meg I so love you)

  84. berthaservant says: