Monk-shu… monnnk-shu

Check out this monktacular behbeh getting his honk-shus on IN A HUMAN HAND


Writes primate-licious Sender-Inner Robin H.; “This is an orphaned monkey I was “mommy” to in Cameroon this summer, at a primate orphanage called CWAF. Her name is Yoda. She’s a Talapoin monkey.”



  1. Oh fer cryin’ out loud . . . are you trying to kill us all? That’s the A-Bomb of Qte right there.

  2. don’t you know you gotta rock the monkeh! Hey-hey-hey-hey!

  3. Von Zeppelin says:

    This guy has a curious resemblance to the late British character actor Eric Blore, who specialized in playing butlers in Fred Astaire movies. The monkey has proportionally more hair, of course.

  4. This just in from the original Sender-Inner:

    “…I have returned as a volunteer to the primate sanctuary in Cameroon, and am working again with baby monkeys. Yoda recognized me even after more than a year and a half, and I see her several times a day (though she lives happily with other monkeys, but she still jumps onto my shoulder and strokes my face and hair, quivering with delight. It’s so incredible. I’m here for another 3 months at least. We have 250 primates, including 17 gorillas, more than a hundred chimps, and mandrills, baboons, and monkeys. All are orphans due to the bushmeat trade.”

  5. She looks very happy and content.

  6. Bebbeh monkee-girl Yoda is dreaming her little monkee-dreams in a sleep of child-like innocense; causing me to have a deep wish for peace and harmony, both in the animal world, and also in the human world that we inhabit….Maybe one day……

  7. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Such sweetness and trust!

  8. He kind of looks like baby Brad Pitt in the Curious Life of Benjamin Buttons.

  9. LUV

  10. “primate-licious”

    I “lof” these made-up words.

  11. Too Late says:

    ZOMG MONKEH!!!! I want!!!!!!!

  12. She’s smiling! Niiiiiiiice.

  13. kibblenibble says:

    Monkey looks like she is giving that thumb a very tight hug. Awww. And I just read the update…She still remembers her foster mommy. So heart-wrenchingly sweet. *sniff*

  14. Hurray for Robin! And little Yoda.

    Now it’s time for my nap, sans hand.

  15. lucy's mommeh says:

    Gods, the whole bushmeat thing makes me ill.

    Lucky little baby, to have such a good human mommy. And she remembers her.
    That’s something.

  16. This is such a lovely story–I love that Yoda remembers Robin and strokes her face and hair. That is so sweet. Lucky monkeys to have volunteers like Robin to help them.


  18. What a sweet little girl! So lucky to have had your care she is! What sort of monkey is she?

  19. @ Keith Handy nope! I went there… I did

  20. Shannon L. says:

    Aaah! Creepily adorable! xD

  21. temperance says:

    so jealous. so insanely jealous of sender-inner robin. i mean, i’m tryin’ to be all happy and pleased she is doing such wonderful work. but i just can’t get over feelin’ like …..why can’t that be me with a monkey on my finger who remembers me and strokes my hair and even quivers at the very sight of me, for goodness sake!

  22. Raemie L says:

    Her ear is the size of a thumbnail… bebeh monkey’s teeny body, no, the fingerlettes in proportion to human fingers… ack, cute overload, indeed!

  23. Congratulations to Robin, and to the rest of the workers/volunteers at the primate sanctuary in Cameroon – and similar places ’round the world – for doing the work of angels.

    Baby Yoda’s smile says it all.

  24. VentureSister says:

    Good job on everyone who works to fight the bushmeat trade! You are all heroes! However… am I the only one here who is FREAKED out by monkeys? Their little hands terrify me. Chimps scare me the most. When they grow up, they look at humans with pure hatred in their eyes.
    My roommates greatest fear is becoming quadrapalegic and being forced to have a helper monkey. She’s afraid it will shove food in her mouth when she isn’t hungry and she won’t be able to fight it off. Actually, come to think of it, that a fear of mine as well. Ugh.

  25. duck au vin says:

    cheshirekittehkat…Thanks for sending special thoughts our way. I hope so, too.
    Grateful to all who care for orphaned animals. Happy Monkey-Shus, little one.

  26. Kimberwan says:

    LOL VentureSister! That should be a Twilight Zone episode!

  27. I wonder what having your face stroked by a tiny Minky feels like?

  28. thats way to cute, looks so happy, that makes me smile

  29. Robin H. says:

    Please note, everyone – monkeys are NOT pets! They are highly intelligent, and should be free to live as monkeys, with others of their own kind. (and for more on helper monkeys, read Jane Goodall’s “The Ten Trusts.”).

    Yoda was found in a nearby village being sold as a pet. The villagers were persuaded to let her be taken to the sanctuary.

    For Venture Sister, if you saw all that humans do to chimps, you’d understand “the look” that some display, a lot more (and baby chimps and primates are miraculously forgiving). We’re only 1.3% different in DNA from chimps – that’s closer than an African elephant is to an Indian elephant, and closer than a zebra is to a horse. They’re only captive because they can’t speak for themselves.

    CWAF has just been re-branded “Ape Action Africa.” CWAF was featured on Animal Planet’s “Growing Up Gorilla” and in Europe and the UK, on “Going Ape.” Check it out!

  30. Selling of wild animals as pets is bleccchhh.

  31. This little monkey looks so secure and content. It breaks my heart what humans have done to animals and their habitats.

  32. dylanimore says:

    Yuck. Monkeys just aren’t cute to me- too human.

  33. Once I went on a prestigious photo-website. I saw a pic of a gorilla that had been slaughtered for bushmeat. He was just sitting there, propped up against a tree, with blood running down his face. That depiction of a big ape evoked so much indescribable emotion in me, that it just broke my heart….. that’s how I felt then;
    And now, on this Mundane morning, when I recall him in my mind’s eye, I still feel the same way….so whether you like monkeys or can’t stand them, please let us try to get these people to stop this wholesale killing. After all, we are stewards of this earth. ( ‘K: Ai staup naow..)

  34. Robin,
    The work you are doing at CWAF with all the primates is awesome! I can hardly wait to see more of your beautiful photos and read about your experiences in Cameroon. Everyone has a story to tell and yours is going to be a doozy!

    By the way, what can we do to help CWAF from here?

  35. Such perfect fingers and nails….I want to cuddle him.

  36. how could anyone be so small, so cute and so winsome….


  38. Raydiofree says:

    They aren’t supposed to be pets, but I wanna pet it. Pwu-ease?

  39. jubileeblot says:

    Those sweet, rubbery hands! Remembers her, strokes her face, gaaawwwd, how sweet!

  40. berthaservant says:

    ResQte tag, plz. 🙂

    [Gottit! – Ed.]

  41. Awww, no C.O.X.C.U. of bebeh monkey’s anerable nose goblins? 😀 (seriously, everyone, you must view full-size!)

  42. THANK YOU ROBIN H. FOR MAKING US KNOW ABOUT IT, AND FOR YOUR HELP! 🙂 (<– capital letters so Robin can see it ^^)

    Now that smile of Yoda is just a gift. All feeling well in that human blanket, feeling secured, Yoda and Robin have both been lucky to share such a beautiful moment.

    I’m also thinking about what’s happening in Congo, it is truly horrible for the humans not making that war, but it also has an affect of nature and its animals.
    One movie I couldn’t watch anymore is Gorilla in the Mist, with Sigourney Weaver portraying Diane Fossey’s fight for Gorillas. The way they hunt the gorillas, the noises, the stress going on, it’s such an horrible thing. But it gives you something to think about. Sorry, that wasn’t cute :-(.

    I wish Yoda a long and happy life. Thanks again Robin. :-)))

  43. Yoda’s smile now graces the background of a shared computer at my work. 😀

    Keeping monkeys as pets is a dispicable thing- sorta like when we used to sell and trade people (and some cultures still do). But it’s very hard to fight the maternal urges when Yoda’s face is SO similar to that of a human child. Her facial expressions are the same as ours. So, while she is nobody’s property (thanks to you, Robin!), I’m sure those people who see the picture of your hand holding a honk-shuing monk feel the warm fuzzies and want to snorgle. It’s part of our cuddle instinct.

    I feel ignorant because I don’t know much about the bushmeat trade, nor do I know much about foundations that help animals like Yoda. I didn’t think about it before, and until her story was brought to my attention I was blissfully unaware. Can you maybe cite links or something that can inform those of us moved by Yoda’s smile about the bushmeat trade (which threatens teh Qties everywheres!) and your foundation?

  44. i love it i love it