Accent Throw Pillows!

This chair could use a little SPICE!

Ehn! [Scatters little kitteh pillows on chair]


That looks nice. [satisified head tilt]

Wow, what a money saver, not having to hire a Designer...

Really ties the room together, Raluca I.



  1. temperance says:

    huh? i thought kittehs were genetically programed to pile on top of each other…that’s just weird.

  2. So many grey earsies and nosicles and paws. I’m not sure about the colour coordination with the couch, but I do looooooooove the babies!

  3. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Careful where you plant your tushes, peepuhls!!! Those kittehs don’t wanna be squeak toys!!


  4. I just want to scoop up the one in the middle to snorgle and then do round robbin kitten cuddles until the “cows come home”!

  5. ceracrawford says:

    awwww they are sooo cute. its sooo odd that they arent close together

  6. Liz Carlin says:

    THIS IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!! I have two cats and i have a picture from when one of the is little and she was so cute!!!!!!!!!! her name is Phoenix she is a tri-colored cat though

  7. I must have the name of this decorator. RIGHT NOW!!!! I need a home makeover…

  8. These little kitlings are so cute, I’m almost feeling a little ill.

  9. victoreia says:

    I’ll take a dozen, please!

  10. @Temperance: Maybe they were so sleepy they didn’t wake up when someone separated them. Remember the Ferret Heart? You can bet those two didn’t plan it that way.

  11. People, that’s why you’re supposed to vacuum under the cushions too, or the dust bunnies start collecting like weeds.

  12. Maybe all the kittens are snubbing each other.

  13. Raemie L says:

    Are these kittehs those self-cleaning ragdoll pillows with random location positioning? I’ve heard they shed less than other models in its group… for cleaner design, ya know.

  14. No fair how the fourth one is hiding the nosicle. Must BEEP all nosicles.

  15. That funky couch makes me happy 🙂 I mean, how could anyone ever have a day when they come home and see it?? Oh and the kittens are cute too!

  16. OMGOSH!!! I love the couch, but I LUUUUUUUUUUUURV the kittehs! Can I have about a dozen, as well? This is a fun decorating idea. LOL. Of course, they shed more than normal pillows… hehehe

  17. Martha in Washington says:

    I’ll take a truckload please!!

  18. Martha in Washington says:

    Is that poor kitteh perhaps hiding in shame because her nose is not as dark as the others? Did she perhaps fade in the sun? (You have to be careful with sun exposure to fabrics you know.)

  19. duck au vin says:

    Busy knitting four pair of mittens–hope one kitteh will pick the mittens in my favorite color, shell pink. Kittehs will have other colors to choose.

  20. They look like the Balinese Cats. Argh, i love the fluffy fur and cute sleeping posture! They look absolutely adorable.

    Love the colour on the kitten on the 2nd picture. Slightly lighter than the others. Pure lovely.

  21. Seal-point goes with everything!

    [Also true is their shed fur SHOWS on everything. 😛 – Ed.]

  22. Kudos to the excellent photographer… The last picture is really sweet!

  23. duck au vin says:


  24. Looks like they were playing and were suddenly so exhausted that they all fell asleep right where they were.

  25. Cute_Anarchy says:

    As an interior designer, I would like to proclaim that these are THE accent pillow of the season, and everyone must have one! Especially me! Awww, widdle kitteh!

  26. Four sets of Honk-Shus all slightly out of sync. Ahn.

  27. I have always been a sucker for a siamese. Four little ones? Too much.

  28. Kitteh Kushions™ never go out of fashion! They even get bigger in size to suit your expanding cuddling needs! So what are you waiting for? Buy a Kitteh Kushion™ now!

  29. Cuddly kitty cushions with random arrangement feature.

  30. diddleymaz says:

    i want.i want i want (repeat)

  31. OMGOMGOMG. *dies from cute*

  32. AHHHH!!!


    Was not prepared to cuteness of this magnitude this morning. Thanks!

  33. Now in a convenient four-pack.

  34. duck au vin says:

    Maybe they were playing a game and all fell asleep on their squares. This is the
    nicest picture for Monday I can think of.

  35. duck au vin says:

    forgot >0O*

  36. Little sprinkles of fluff. Now, are the quilted in or do they detach for washing? Oh, snap(S)!

  37. Aw, my submission, such a nice surprise!
    They are my friend’s cats and they are Siamese. They are now 2.5 years old and still happily live together and are probably the most loved and spoiled cats in the Universe 🙂

  38. These little floofy throw pillows would compelment *any* decor!

  39. If they’re siamese then I’m guessing that they think that they deserve being spoiled. Heck, if they’re cats they think that they deserve to be spoiled.

  40. Very cute, but PLEASE spay/neuter your pets!

  41. Lerrinus says:

    Um, Teho, don’t you mean it really tie-ties the room together!? 😉

  42. Wowsers!! Such kyuoote little bundles of floof scattered at random onna cowch always make a bold fashion statement; (Just remember to vacuum around them….)

  43. They look like really soft, precious little leeches. (In a good way.)

  44. Who threw those kittens on that couch! How inhumane. I hope they are not broken. They weren’t a very good shot, no two ended up in the bulleyseye. I want to bury my face in them and then blow bubbles on their tummies. I want to love, and hug, and sqeeeeeze them. They are way over the top of the cuute meter.

  45. a clutchful of Rikkis!


  46. Those are the very best kind of pillows. They have built in heaters and purr boxes!

  47. I love that they’ve found the coziest nooks to snuggle into… except for that middle one. S/he seems to not been able to fight the tie tie on the way to a corner.

  48. catloveschanel says:

    “This couch could use a little spice!”

    There’s fluffy Spice, Soft-n-Spice, Sealy Spice and Micey-Spice.

    Posh Spice introduces her Spring Allergy Line…

  49. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Isn’t Nature just the best interior designer?

  50. Shannon L. says:

    Perfect! Genius!

    We just bought a house that needs serious decorating. Now I know what to do! Thanks, C.O! xD

  51. ariesgirl says:

    Looks like someone threw a bucket o’ kitties on the couch.
    That kit in the second pic is mine, all mine.

  52. B. Modern says:

    Where, oh, where can you get these???
    Cat & Barrel?
    Pet-tery Barn?
    Smith & Kitten?

  53. @B. Modern: How about Linen & Kits? Maybe Bed, Bath, and Meow? Or Mew 1 Imports. >^.^<

  54. Well how am I supposed to stop looking at this picture?
    Them nosies!

  55. Me too, Wend 🙂 Except I would pick up all 4 kitties and cuddle them all at once “unilt the cows come home” 🙂 AWW 🙂 Thank you, Raluca, for sending in such a sweet picture 🙂

  56. berthaservant says:

    B. Modern: Bleen, Blorp and Beyond?

    (awesome awesome pic)

  57. That’s a pretty serious kitten infestation. You should get pest control to spray that couch.

  58. booboodabad says:

    Want to snuggle them all…SO adorabulls!

  59. omg wat adoreable kittens

  60. Paunchie says:

    OMG KITTIES!!! Dey sooo schweet! Specially the one hiding her nosie!

  61. are they rag-doll kittens? arent they cute?

  62. AWW Don’t be so mean with the spray, Debbie LOL (I know you are kidding:)) The way to remove kittens from chair is to gently scoop them up 🙂 and then RUN like hell with them tucked inside your jacket 🙂

  63. Etherialgirl says:

    How can I find out the website for the breeder of these kitties!