I feel a shiver down my back!

Ever get that feeling?


[Pupils... dialating!]

Heather S., I’m getting creeped out!



  1. Bleen! What a cutie.

  2. He looks like someone is trying to kill him. It’s just water, sweetie! You’ll survive.

  3. Awwwwwwwww… *turns to goo*

  4. Well, congratulations on being first, sweeda. Did that make your weekend? Your week?

    Poor kitten. I seriously doubt that it needed to be bathed.

    [Boy, somebody’s got the crankies today… – Ed.]

  5. So sad! Poor little snookums, I feel guilty just looking at him.

  6. lucy's mommeh says:

    Aw. Da poor baby. Freaked out….looka how big da pupils are!

  7. leslie thomas (Not a PhD; I admit, but...) says:

    …then again… did anyone consult, the little guy/ gal; on whether he/ she was INTERESTED, in being flooded with H20????????
    Post-traumatic Water Disorder would be my initial diagnosis

    Jus’ sayin’ …

  8. Cats do not need to be washed! Poor love looks terrified. Why do people feel the need to bath cats? Don’t get it. Dogs on the other hand….

  9. Older cats do sometimes need to be bathed, and sometimes younger ones too. My Brontë, being the runt and neglected by her mama, never really learned how to clean herself properly. So I have to help her out once in a while. However, I never put her in the tub, especially as a kitten. I just fill a bowl with wam water and wash her with a cloth. Perhaps a less tolerant cat needs a dunkin’, though.

  10. Yes, it made my week since I am new. hehehe… It’s not like it was my *goal* in life, but it was cool.

  11. Starling says:

    Our marmie voluntarily sticks his head under the tap. But I spose he’s weird.

  12. sad. just sad. those eyes.

  13. Starling says:

    Oh, lookie, my multicoloured werewolf puppy avatar is back!

  14. BTW, cats do need to be washed sometimes, people. If they get in mud or something really bad, licking it all off could make them sick. But I agree that this cat looks like it was clean to begin with, and doesn’t need to be bathed.

  15. Starling says:

    P.S. That looks like a very clean cat already.

    I will shut up now.

  16. Poor bebbeh’s eyes are pure panic; ears straight across; pinkee toes splayed out;
    “Lemmee outa here, now: I mean now!”;
    And the clincher, plaintively: “You have betrayed my tineey trust”…(a guilt-complex inducer, if ever I saw one…)

  17. That poor kitteh is all, “Noooo….don’t like! Pwease stop!”

  18. I have a friend whose cat–only one of her three–has developed mites a number of times. Her vet recommends bathing as part of the treatment. He looks perfectly clean, but he isn’t.

    Sometimes appearances are deceitful. Though the appearance of cuteness in this kitteh sure isn’t.

  19. that looks so cold! hope its warm water lol

  20. whiskers says:

    awwwww-halp! halp! this hoomin iz tryin to keeel meh!

  21. I lof u so moshe kitteh, you and your pink little heart-shaped nose.

  22. Aaaaahhh! The Creature From the WHITE Lagoon!!! Run for your LIIIIIIVES!!!!!

    That’s one seriously sad-eyed kitten.

  23. when you pet your cat and your hand starts turning brown… yeah, sometimes kitties need a bath….

  24. He sez “I iz not happies”

  25. My demon cat Prissy would take my hand off if I tried to do something like that to her! Poor baby!

  26. Poor kitty… 😦 He looks traumatized.

  27. eternalcanadian says:

    oh yes, kitties need baths, especially if one is allergic. i know kitties groom themselves, but that does not remove the dander which causes allergies. so yes, even though the kitties will put on those sad and pitiful expressions, “why meeeee? oh why meee?” definitely plop them in the bathtub just like you do with your dogs.

    such a cute kittie in the tub too, and bet his white fur got all nice and fluffy!

  28. chicky82 says:

    I feel bad for the kitteh but feel worse for the human that has to deal with the kitty’s aftermath “VENGENCE!!!! Wahahahaha!!!” 🙂

  29. cubbybutt says:

    when i first got my kitty, he pooped all over himself. he needed a bath. but, that was the only bath he’s ever had.

  30. Poor baby! I hurt just looking at his face, he is sooo upset. And sooo planning to get back at his humans for this indignity.

  31. Poor little kitty. It could happen you know. I had a white kitty, and she had no idea she was white. 😛

  32. PS YEA for the palm-sized votin’ stoat on the upper left corner– by far my favorite votin’ stoat!

    I VOTED, B@#$%s!

    [Hmm… that looks like “BATHSES” to me – Ed.]

  33. meacu1pa says:

    The problem with this photo isn’t the bath itself. It’s the fact that it doesn’t look as if that poor baby is being supported from beneath, and s/he’s hanging on for dear life! I always hated those pictures of terrified kitties hanging from trees or something by their little paws, but even that’s not as bad as this baby trying to get a grip on a slick, smooth bathtub/sink.

    That pink nose needs comforting nuvins.

  34. First:
    Cats are animals… that can survive in the wild… I’m sure kitty is just fine whether she has “support from beneath” or not

    I rescued my kitten when she was 5 and a half weeks old and I was told by my vet to bathe her 24 hours after her flea treatment to get rid of any lurking eggs etc.

    You don’t know the circumstances of why this kitty needed this bath… and heck this picture made me giggle for a good 5 minutes. So chill out crabby nuffers!

    Now back to my giggles

    hee hee!

  35. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Why do people insist on bathing their cats?????????

  36. And why on Caturday, of all days???????

  37. dylanimore says:

    That poor, poor baby! I just want to wrap him up in a warm towel. He looks so sad. I must hug him. Although I’m sure the owner had PLENTY of reason to bathe this kitteh, I feel bad. Ah well. I know some people who have scars from kitty-bathing. That’s why I’ve never tried to bathe my siamese russian blue, Dylan. He’s a little warrior, and he’d NEVER stand for a bath. I’m sure the shelter bathed him, though, as he’s had NO problems at all. I wonder what kind of cat this is, it has the most beautiful eyes.

  38. I had a foster kitten (white as well, not that that matters), who insisted on helping everyone cover their potty up in the litter box. Unfortunately, he would get said poo all over himself. He had a many a baths, and he survived.

  39. Poor kitteh looks miserable!

  40. mom2twinzz says:

    I agree with eternal Canadian – my dh is allergic to cats and bathing our kitty is what helps us be able to keep him. He gets one about once every couple of months – basically whenever DH’s allergies have gone into severe attack mode. Mine looks incredibly put out when we do it, but no scratches and more a resigned attitude – much like dogs get on their faces.
    As long as you dry them off well and don’t let them sit in the AC it is not abuse or cruelty, just not what most people think needs be done. Plus I have noticed that when it is getting close to bath time anytime I get accidental scratched (you know ADD cat being held and then suddenly uses your leg, chest or arm as a springboard) it stings from the amount of ammonia that builds up on his claws. I have less of the problem now that we clean his paws every couple of weeks.

  41. Theadosia says:

    In my early teen years my family adopted a pure white kitten that had been dumped in my father’s colleague’s mailbox. She had been separated from her mother too early and had no idea how to clean herself. Pearl used to stand in her own, um, waste on a regular basis and liked to sleep in the coal bin next to the fire. Bathing the kitten was an almost daily occurrence.

    Matters did improve after our big tomcat Spike finally had enough and started pinning Pearl down and cleaning her himself. After that a couple of rounds of that she seemed to get a better handle on basic hygiene.

  42. AuntieMame says:

    I think that shiver is someone walking over your grave. At least, that’s what my mom always says. 🙂

  43. balamuthia says:

    @Theadosia- We had a similar thing happen! We had a little girl kitty, all white, name Chibi and our roommate’s big old tom named Clyde held her down and bathed her because she wasn’t doing it herself! 🙂

    @nuffers- Just because a cat can lick itself doesn’t mean there’s never any circumstance in which they might need to come into contact with some soap and water. Good grief.

  44. Ironic thing is my last cat whom I used to bathe regularly due to allergies (and just because he would get kind of matted and slick too) would actually be super sweet after the bath. He would give about 5-10 minutes to licking through his fur, but once that was done, he was apt to want to curl up in your lap, and he was no lap cat. Kind of sweet, except he smelled like wet cat. (>_<) When he dried and was nice and floofy again, he’d be back to his anti-social way, and never want to sit on your lap again.

  45. CoffeeCup says:

    It kind of looks like a Gremlin… but it’s still cute.

  46. duck au vin says:

    No fair! Fred gets bacon oils and aroma therapy. You call THIS a spa?

  47. oh man, the stuff my male cat has gotten into (requiring bathing) starting with a failed leap to the counter that resulted in landing IN the toilet (just after someone stood up) at a bit more than 12 weeks old.

    Then there was the soda spill, and then the pillow that detonated for No Apparent REason (yeah uh huh, it snuck up behind you and BLEW UP on it’s own.) and a few other gunky encounters…

    (female cat apparently isn’t as adventurous. but HAS fallen into MY bathtub, and then needed rinsed so she wasn’t licking soapy water out of her fur.)

  48. Poor kitty, thats animal cruelty!!!!!

  49. kibblenibble says:

    I want to wrap up this babeh in a towel an snuggle him all better. So pretty.

  50. AWW 😦 Poor little kitty 😦 Looks so scared 😦 It is possible that the bath the kitty was getting was for its own good and was only for the one time 🙂

  51. berthaservant says:

    While I do hope the bath was necessary, I have to say that this little kitteh’s expresh (and the splayed paws-n-claws) make for a pretty adorable pic. I’m sure kitteh got lots of hugs afterwards!

  52. Oh, leetle KEETTEN! The little FACE! So PEETIFUL!
    With that said, I am sure it was being warshed for a sensible reason. And I hope that as soon as possible it was wrapped in a warm lavendery towel and cuddled dry.
    Little pity kitten, according to the camera date stamp you are three years old by now! I am sure you are a big strong snowball who never EVER needs baths. Wouldn’t it be rad if the kitten’s family see this entry, recognise the photo and send in an update?

  53. Subhangi says:

    Awww, poor bebeh. Look at the Fennec Fox ears!

  54. its cute & her paws r like her wings

  55. Hon Glad says:

    I’ve been trying to cut a clingon off my cats arse (solidified poo) for the last three weeks . The major battles indicate that a bath is out of the question.

  56. @HonG. Some people have ALL THE FUN!!!!!!!!!. ;-}

  57. Every freaking time there’s a pic of a cat being bathed, the nimrods come out of the closet. Seriously, yes, cats DO require a bath in a tub of water now and again. Just because YOU haven’t had to encounter it or because YOU think it’s perfectly alright to allow kitteh to lick odd substances off of their fur doesn’t mean you actually have a clue.

    My older girl has a skin condition and the VET recommened bathing her to help her in that regard. The VET. So silly little nuffers, I think I’ll listen to my VET rather than your yammerings. And no, it is NOT cruel. YOU need to visit a shelter to learn what CRUEL actually is.

  58. At least they’re trying to get him/her used to water at a young age. Cat’s still need baths you know…

    Don’t worry baby, it’s only water. 🙂

  59. eikoleigh says:

    omg – that look is of sheer panic!

    It’s just a wee bit ‘o water, kitty!

  60. Oh, oh, the flat fuzzular ears, the panicked whiskers “I don’t like bath-time, I don’t like bath-time, I don’t LIKE bath-tiiiiiiiiime!!…”

  61. quincygirl says:

    AWWW what a little cutie!

  62. @Chantel: my cat didn’t learn to wash himself until he was 4 years old. Seriously, he needed baths — else he smelled like he rolled in his own poo. Luckily, when we got our new kitty, Bear managed to learn to wash himself more thoroughly and we haven’t needed to give him a bath over 6 months.

    This is totally bleeeeeen.

  63. victoreia says:

    1st: AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, the sweet baby!
    2nd: Regarding the bath: Fleas, people. Sometimes you have to bathe them to get rid of the fleas, folks.

    (Been there, done that, wore the fur and scratches…….AND got just as wet.)

    Back to the Qute

  64. A dry towel over the edge of the tub gives kittehs something to put their paws up on whilst getting bathed, and yes, baby kittehs do NOT need baths unless there are special circumstances. My old outdoor cat used to get car oil on his back…full of driveway dust, etc. (And yes, we did lose him to the street eventually). My old cat needs her baths, too, since she’s almost 18!
    Remember the towel trick, it makes them feel better!

  65. Nice helicopter ear action, too!

  66. batraygirl says:

    Oh he looks like he is questioning *everything* he ever knew to be true, but I think it’s healthy to do so every now and then. Poor kitty, we are all tiny specs in a universe that may well be a molecule in the fingernail of some giant race. And you are taking a bath. Life is a mystery, eh?

  67. Mary (the first) says:

    That’s a very beautiful baby.

  68. Briggiboh says:

    Omg! The Kitteh looks like Falcor! How is that possible?

  69. Super adorable! It’s just a bath 🙂

  70. CUTE or SAD??!?

  71. So, what are the words to that song again?

    Raindrops on kittens and whiskers on roses,…