Another relaxing evening with Fred

“Let’s unwind, Behbeh.” [pours Chardonnay into dog bowl, lights candle]

“Come here, let Fred massage the bacon oils into your skins” [paw paw paw on your shoulders]


“Let Fred speak to you in third person as your cares float away” [cranks Journey]


Alexis L., what an excellent Caturday.



  1. awwww! da corgipool tub. Rate THAT space!

  2. mom2twinzz says:

    I want a cute corgi in my tub. Actually I want the tub too…. No fairs.

  3. O.o dat corgi is getting “fresh” with us. *snickers*

  4. Not only would I kill for that bathtub, but I’d be apt to snorgle those ears for hours. :swoon:

    Corgis! Oh la la!

  5. dylanimore says:

    I want that puppy. And the bathtub, for that matter. For some reason, I thought you were talking about Fred on Youtube. I was like, WHAT?

  6. the eyes, they mesmerize… must do as the eyes say…sinking into puppy-scented swirling water…

  7. CoffeeCup says:

    You handsome devil. Candles, bacon and Journey is exactly how you get to a gal’s heart.

  8. That poor corgi does NOT want to be in the tub. How do I know this…I have 2!
    The clue is the gripping claws….corgis can grip things like my cats when they are desperate enough….this poor corgi is trying very hard to get out of the tub!

  9. Lunch Lady says:

    I was thinking of Youtubes Fred as well. bummer. But this Fred is cute, too!
    And Journey..Well, you just cant go wrong there! *swoon* *sigh* 🙂

  10. balamuthia says:

    This entry (despite more of the weird anti-water ’nuffing) gives me “more than a feeling” for you, Meg!

  11. Beth (in NC) says:

    He looks a lot more comfy with this plan than the wee wet kittens getting warshed.

  12. Bow chika bow wow…
    Needs doggie porn music in the jacuzzi.

  13. duck au vin says:

    My cares are floating away. Pass the dog bowl, sweetie.

  14. claudemarie says:

    hahahaha…. Journey eh?

  15. Oh I welcome the Journey with open arms. I was more concerned about the, er, glassware… myself.

  16. You know, the Queen of England has loved Corgies all her life. She even cuts up their food for them.

    This sweetie just wants equal time (i.e. the same royal treatment). I wonder if he has a nice terrycloth spa robe to don after his dip. And is that bubbles I see in the water?

  17. To paraphrase that old commercial, “Corgi, take me away!”

    [I know I’m up way too late and my brain is mush, but 😆 – Ed.]

  18. Martha in Washington says:

    Any puppeh who plays Journey has got to be the World’s Best. *singing softly “when the lights go down in the city…”*
    After all, my husband won me by playing Journey for me. And giving me back rubs, although NOT with bacon oil.

  19. I was hoping for captions with crazy french accent… 8)

  20. berthaservant says:

    Lol Teho. I saw what you did there. But I know you, you always have it any way you want it.

    [Yeah, I was a troubled child… until I took the midnight train going anywhere. – Ed.]

    Don’t worry, Corgi puppeh. Someday love will find you!

  21. omg Decca! hilare!

  22. The mention of being massaged by BACON OILS wants me to put it in the “GEE_ROSS!” category. Delicious though bacon is. 🙂

  23. Bacon oil huh? Killer will use many more far-lesssss socially accetpable unacceptable things that she find in her back yard. I think Fred is just darling!
    Killer approves. Mother Hubbard’s cookies will do as a lovely finish- “Couch Potato”, perhaps? Just right for snuggling on zzeeee coush…….
    Hey, Katina! NIce name!

  24. Von Zeppelin says:

    @ffleur–Are you saying that Her Majesty the Queen takes baths with her Corgis? These intimate revelations about the Royal Family have gone too far!

  25. Hannah Belle Lectre says:

    It is true dat Corgis luurrrrve deh water.

  26. Hee hee. What a sweetie. No, I cannot reeseest.

  27. PS Speaking of himself in the third person makes him either a profesisonal athlete (Ricky wants to play baseball!) or a relative of Disco Stu.

  28. Loving those ears!

  29. hahaha @Von Zeppelin. My leeps are sealed

  30. Katrina – you have no idea. My high school report cards don’t have me sans “r”. Sigh. I keep coming back to look at le corgi.

  31. @Katrina, what would Killer think of this stud-licious corgi stud?

  32. Hon Glad says:

    After the bacon oils may I reccomend a kibble exfoliant.

  33. My ex boyfriend had a corgi who looked identical! and his name was also fred!

    how silly and cute!

  34. Aw, he is the Calgon (as in “Calgon, take me away!”) of corgis! The little pup is much cuter than a bottle of bubble bath, though!

  35. Someboddee stop Fred: he just knocked over the 32 oz. size bottle of bacon oil and is lapping it all up!!! 😯

  36. claudemarie says:

    Theo: Don’t stop believin’!

  37. eikoleigh says:

    Corgi! So cute, but his face definitely does say “Get me outta here!” – poor baby! hahaha

  38. He is much cuter than Steve Perry.

    [What? Who looks at Steve Perry?? – Ed.]

  39. Theresa- Killer would go for his throat, just like any other dog. Killer is anti-social to dogetts. Not to people, she just flees or growls when people are around UNLESS YOU FEED HER SOMETHING… then you may get a pass. Oh- she LOVED the guy we got to rid our attic of the Brothers (and Sisters) of St. Ratius. She loved him! I’d never seen anything like it. He took to her right away too. They became best buds! Ah, yeah, he was a very nice guy.

    I don’t see that picture as a sexual thing- I see it as purely fun and games in a swimmy-hole. Fred does make it look very inviting. I bet his rubber duckie has teeth marks in it, though!

  40. Raemie L says:

    A bacon oil pawssage, huh? Watch the claws, please… and the teeth. *gulp*

  41. Martha in Washington says:

    Theresa–I’ll have to disagree with you there. Although Fred is adorable, Steve did have that long, dark hair and those tight jeans. And no bacon oil (at least that we heard about).

    [By that logic, the same goes for Cher. – Ed.]

    […um, no data on bacon oil there either, and I’m not going to speculate. – Ed.]

    […btw, where I come from, “bacon oil” is called grease. – Ed.]

  42. Martha– never went for him, I guess. Noses usually don’t bother me, but his is kind of like Farfel’s

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course.

  43. Why do I hear Barry White singing in my head when I look at these pics?

  44. i love corgis so cute

  45. Holy crap! The puppah looks so much like mine it is scary! (Cause she is corgi mixed with something and i have yet to figure out exactly what the something might be, and she is very unique looking).

  46. Corgis, ah, corgis. Even if they are dying to get out of the tub. (I recognize the stance because my corgi doesn’t like bathing, either.)

    Y’know, I used to come to CuteOverload three or four times a day. Then I got my own corgi, and now I just look at the blog when it’s too dark to gaze adoringly at the sleeping puppy. It works out.