Meow Mix

Now check it, peeps, ’cause I got what ya like,
It’s MC NOM-TOM on the not-that-mic
With my kitteh deejays spinnin’ the sound,
Whirlin’ ya right round, down into the ground

You say my posse’s cute? Now, that’s astute
We charm the ladies and grab the loot
We’re a lovin’ achiever, a money receiver,
Got more gold than a golden retriever,
Makin’ you a believer in cat scratch fever

We’re on top of the sound, we’re the best around
At givin’ you what you need to get down,
So get your hips busy while we spin you dizzy,
Get your feet in a fury and your head in a tizzy
Techno to House, we’ll be spinnin’ it all
‘Til we fall on the wall, and then–WHUMP!–that’s all.



  1. “MC NOM-TOM on the not-that-mic” … first I was all like 😕 but then I :lol:’d

  2. laureling says:

    Further proof that nom-tom is full of win. And also, proof that all kitties should have record players.

    Thanks for the Friday afternoon lol!

  3. Next party I throw, I’m hiring a kitteh to dj

  4. kibblenibble says:

    Now, where’d I put my old turntable and vinyl? C’mere, kitties, I’ve got a new game for ya!

  5. Hoarseman says:

    I have always wondered how dogs and cats view our technology. Are humans all strange magicians to them or do they even care?

  6. Nah… it’s prolly more like “Oooh.. it’s moving”, or “Oooh, this is fun!”, or “Ooooh, the room goes round and round when I sit on it!”

    That last one made me dizzy just watchin it. 😉

  7. Oh, and yes. We definately have our talents, don’t we? I.e. very cute & clever captions… spinning on turntables… etc.

  8. mom2twinzz says:

    I always wondered how my records got scratches on them – now i know

  9. OMG, the 3rd one was funneh! I love NTMTOM posts. I’ve only been on here like a week, but he’s already my favorite. 🙂 He’s in my favorites. I’m quickly going through all of his old posts. heh heh heh…

  10. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    For extra bonus fun, start video one, let it play about 20 seconds, and then start video two. Pretty soon you’ll start to feel like the kitty in video three. 😉

  11. You can’t tell me no one else was thinking:
    “You spin me right round, baby right round,
    Like a record baby, right round round round….”
    ..while watching that last clip.

  12. @ Chanpon O.o Now I have the Jessica Simpson version of that song stuck in my head. I like that song, but I HATE earworms. lol

    [Hey, I know how to cure that one! Hum along with me now: The waiter just took my table, and gave it to Jessica Simpson… – Ed.]

  13. Oh, and I tried that just now, NTMTOM. Doesn’t work. My screen is too small. =( But thanks for the idea =)

  14. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @Sweeda: Sorry, I should have clarified: It’s not the visuals running together that’ll drive you crazy, it’s the sound.

  15. Yeah. One of the reasons I turned it off. lol. I was like: O.O

  16. GIGGLE 🙂 Those kitties look like they are having so much fun 🙂

  17. Nobody scratches quite like a cat!

  18. CoffeeCup says:

    Can we have Sir Meows A Lot next time?

  19. Love the third little kitty–he looks like a baby Maru (a much slimmer version!) His expression at the end is priceless. Nicely done once again, NTMTOM!

  20. Mary (the first) says:

    The first two had me wondering how people with fancy turntables would be so ok with the kitteh scratching everything up. The third one was too funny though.. just like a kitteh to get herself thrown off the thing and then climb back on! “This thing is not going to win! No! wait . .why is everything spinning again .. and backward .. uh oh”

  21. Juniper Jupiter says:


    Juniper yellin’ a shout out to all tha fuzzeh peeps and to the one NOMTOM with tha illest dopeslap rhymes THIS side of the net not THAT side cuz if it were yo the beats wouldn’t get caught, ya dig?


    BTW, GREAT viddies of the DJ Kitties, I aboot boost a noot if I had a pair to boost! 😛

  22. hahaha definitely played first two videos together, and the sound made me go :\ or maybe O.O
    and the cat in vid 2 seems like he’s trying to stop the music. can’t say i blame him.
    love the laughter at the end of vid 3.
    and i lol’d at the “MC NOM-TOM on the not-that-mic”

  23. Haha! I love it! And totally appropriate given that Saturday is Record Store Day! I reckon using this as a promo would get a whole new crowd in the shops, LOL!
    The first one looks eerily like my cat, down to the markings. I wonder if that’s where he disappears to during the day….I thought he went out chasing squirrels!

  24. I wonder…now that the turntable is rare, do cats suddenly become Luddite’s and smash our cd/dvd/mp3 ?

    I would have loved to have tried this with my cat – sadly, I need my fingers for work

  25. OMG, so cute! I love the way DJ Meow does those professional “scratches” in the middle. RAWK! 😀

  26. Utterly brilliant. Like a few others here, my first thought was “ouch” for the decks, but I was soon laughing. What a brilliant way to start the day. Thanks for the laughs,

  27. whats the title/artist of the first track please? nice song. (dj spencer kitty)

  28. NOM-TOM rockin’ the POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are briiiiilliiiaaannnnttttt!!!!

  29. kittyadventures says:

    I used to wonder how anyone ever got the idea to scratch… it makes so many fascinating sounds… but now I see it was probably inspired by some ones DJ Kitty.

  30. How nice of the last picture’s people to invent the PERFECT machine for chasing ones’ tail! No effort required and you get all the benefits of the dizziness and lack of orientation! Now, those are some awesome animal companions!

    Ah, modern life!

  31. you spin me right round right round
    when you meow-meow
    when you go meow-meow

  32. McNomTom: I have only been on this blog for a short while; but this presentation made me decide that you are decidedly a genius: and you should receive some kind of an award (Just what kind of prize, I can has no idea…..! 😆 )
    Teho would know….!

  33. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @cheshirekittehkat: Thank you so much! Actually, there is an award you can help us win. C.O. is nominated for a Webby award in the People’s Voice competition. Go to, sign up for a free account so you can vote, then look for Cute Overload in the “Connections” section, under “Weird.”

  34. Oh, nice catch NOMTOM! I finally voted. Took me two days, but I puuuuuuuurrrrservered. Like a baby stoat or coat, your choice.

  35. “you say my posse’s cute? now, that’s astute.”


  36. Not picking on this post or he who made it, but oh I long for the days when turntables had nothing to do with the annoying phenomenon known as “DJs.”

  37. Saint Stryfe says:

    ::waving hands in the air in a care-free manor::

  38. The last one reminds me of that kitty music video for the Steve Miller Band’s “The Joker.”

  39. that’s it, my next party will be d.j.-ed by those kittens, and m.c.-ed by not that mic the other mic…and of course you’re all invited!

  40. whee! whee! whee!

    whoooa! (crash)

  41. Happy Record Store DAY!

  42. When I was a kid a friend of mine had a broken, wind up gramaphone (as we called it in those ) we’d spin old 78’s by hand. Untill I heard them properly played, I thought several artists were women, as we over did the speed.How I remember Slippery Sam the Stoker, Three little fat girls and Whispering pines, you could make a dish out of a 78 by softening it in hot water, try doing that with a CD, although they do make good bird scarers on the vegetable patch.

  43. The kitty on the turntable got my cockatoo TOTALLY wigged out! His eyes bugged halfway out of his head, and he ran up my arm to “get away”! LOL!

  44. thanks to whoever submitted my youtube video. it’s now got 6,200 views.

  45. NOMTOM deserves a Songwriter of the Year Grammy!!!! Hmmm. what would be the Qte version of Grammy? Lam(silent b)y? The Lamm(b)ys?

  46. Oh WAIT!!! Of course!! The HAMMIES!!!

  47. Dawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
    Nice Kitties Soooooo Cute.

  48. eternalcanadian says:

    lol, those videos were cute! 😀

  49. They’re kicking it old school!

  50. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Well, if I had to listen to that music, I would be doing the same things as kitties #1 and #2. Stop the Insanity!

  51. More gold than a golden…..bwwaahhahahahaha! I love CO! nomtom-u iz cwazy!

  52. Baby it seems to me, that you’d be lot’s of fun, so poen up your lovin arms and watch out here I come…yoEaru spin me right round baby right round…..EARWORM..AUUUGH!!!

  53. (so distraught I couldn’t even spell it out right!)

  54. berthaservant says:

    I love how the kittie in #3 found his way off then jumped right back on again.

    And I love NTMTOM. In a cool guy way.

  55. A purveyour of cute who is also a poet
    has captured my heart and I long so to show it
    My head’s in a whirl and my heart’s full of bounce
    but why is his name so dang hard to pronounce?

    My hormones have been all alight and aglow
    since the moment this wordsmithman first said “Hewwo”
    but my plans for great love songs are hopelessly trounced
    by the fact that his name is not easily pronounced

    Oh woe and oh me, it’s a sweet tribulation
    but I cannot master the enunciation
    so I’ll have to settle for “I really like
    this guy on the ‘net who is partly named Mike”.

  56. *slow clap* Bravo, Charlie! I think you have captured the feelings of many an Overloader perfectly.

  57. [snapping fingers for Charlie]

  58. I wonder if kittehs with an extra thumb would have an advantage here… Polydactyls baby!

  59. [Bowing in Mike’s general direction]

  60. meow mix is the name of my radio show! should i bring my kitteh in?

  61. I can’t believe we beat Japan in development of kitteh dj.
    Or… [sky darkens, sound of thunder] have we?

  62. A Hammie to Charlie, please people. NOMTOM, you know we simply adore you.

  63. “I get more gold than a golden retriever?”

    Classic Mike. Get that man a microphone. We’ve already got three turntables.

  64. Does anyone know what is the music in that first video? It sounded like good ambiance for things like the homework I should be doing at this very moment.
    Thanks 😀

  65. I was all like “wow, cats may actually be smarter than dogs” ’til I saw the last video. Awesome!

  66. Can I have a shirt that says Mixmaster Spencer, too?

  67. The third one is hilarious!!

    INCOMING!!! ::hurls::

  68. I made the mistake of letting my kitty watch this with me…now she’s eyeing MY turntable…Thanks a lot!

    That was great; thanks for posting!

  69. mervtheflamingo says:


    My guess is Boards of Canada.

  70. A pussy cat party……… sweeeeeeeeeeeet………..


  71. Adorable! LOVE IT!!!! My fave was the vid of the spinning kitteh….can I have him? PLease?

    See? I told you! Living proof that the rare wicky-wicky-kitty exists! Now pay up!

  72. Wow. Those kitties are professional rappers. *dies of laughter*


  73. hehe nice collection