LAMB CAM (say it 5 times fast)






Lamb cam bonus pic/slurp:


See all this and MUCH MUCH MORE over the Lamb Cam and Blog Fiber Farm. 😉



  1. kibblenibble says:

    Second pic, I picture lambie singing: The hills are ali-i-i-i-ve with the sound of
    mu-u-usic. Love the vid with mom and babeh eh-eh-eh duet, mom in a lower register. Sweet curly bebeh.

  2. That’s not a lamb! It’s a kid.

  3. Flavia A. says:

    Aww… that’s too cute 🙂

  4. kibblenibble says:

    Think you’re right Heather…the horns…

  5. Oh, I just love these little goats!! Lambcam is so addictive.

  6. superboymom says:

    Picture #2 – pure joy!

  7. I shall leek you….and leek you…..and leek you again.

  8. Monkeys On the Lam!!!

  9. PS in pic 2, would you say that is a caper, a gambol, or a frolic?

  10. the bug man says:

    On etymological grounds, I *insist* that it is a caper.

  11. balamuthia says:

    Yeah, they call baby Arno a “kid” in the video.

    And I just have to say, that bit of placenta drooling from mom in the beginning really killed the awwwwww factor for me.

  12. the second pic is so cuteeeeeeeeee
    love them, lambs are so pretty

  13. It’s not just a kid, it’s an angora kid, from an angora goat, who will produce lovely mohair for spinning into mohair yarn. Yep, got your yarn geek right here.

  14. The babies! Susan’s goats! On CO! Awesome!

    Yep, like Deb says, they’re goats. Susan has a good-sized herd of Angora goats and a couple breeds of sheep (mostly Cormo) who are all in the Hudson Valley right now, with some going back to Martha’s Vineyard in a bit. There were 9 kids born today alone, bringing the count to about 20, including several sets of twins!

  15. YAY! Goats! Baby goats! And before you know it, there’ll be LAMBS, too!!

  16. Oh! I love Momma’s sweatshirt in the last one. So retro 80s!

  17. yep, baby goatsies! you can tell by looking at their eyes – their pupils go sort of sidewise. which i guess is why they used to freak people out.

  18. why is baby goatsie wearing a down jacket in the 2nd picture? Shouldn’t it be an angora sweater? Suspicious interspecies clothing choices here.

  19. Eeeeeeee! Angora Goats!!!!! So cute!!!!!!!!

  20. Makes me really happy I’m a vegetarian . . .

  21. Meg, I can definitely say “Lamb Cam” 5 times fast, but I double-dog dare you to try to say “You know New York” 5 times fast…

  22. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    I dunno, pic #2 has some definite gallumph-like qualities to it.

  23. claudemarie says:

    what a happy looking face LOL, whatta cute little kid smile (if they smile)

  24. Goaties =/= sheepies!
    Regardless, too cute. The cute…it hurts….

  25. That’s the first time I’ve seen a lambette with ringlets!

  26. Very cute, but i think these are baby goats not baby sheep.

  27. Poohbear says:

    *low-pitched and high-pitched slurping sounds*
    first meal, tooooo cute !
    If there’s anything even cuter than a lammie, it’s a kiddie !
    My dream life, raising goats *sigh*

    I concur with you etymologists out there, 2nd pic, def. a caper ! 🙂

  28. Poohbear says:

    THIS picture of Arno is too moishe :

    Look at hees expreshonnn !!!

    And he seems to have golden hooves ! Amazingk !!! (besides knitting them sweaters, do the ladies do pedis on them too ?)

  29. snorglepup says:

    Lam-cam, lam-cam, fiber-farm,fiber-farm, Baaaaa!!
    Oh, sorry.
    Frolic, I say! Little kid is frolicking in the hay.

  30. Kid Kam, Kid Cam, Kid Cam, Kid Cam, Kid Cam. Silly people. Honestly! Angora GOOOOOAAAAAATTS. But oh, so sweet and snuggleable. Once he dries off.

  31. duck au vin says:

    Little kid is soooo precious! I vote for gambol.

  32. lucy's mommeh says:

    LOVE how mom & baby are “chatting” with each other quietly…:)

  33. No self respecting lamb would wear wool, just like no goose would wear the mini puffer jacket in pic 2. He’s all like “let’s hit the summit beyotches!”

  34. I especially love the 2nd picture…sproing, sproing!

  35. Von Zeppelin says:

    Looks like mom may have been sheared recently, hence the red sweatshirt. Would an angora goat insist on natural fibers only?

  36. So cutie cute, but in the video all I could pay attention to was the gross umbilical cord hanging out back there. I totally missed the adorable attempts at nursing. 😦 But, the pics make me want to reach in and scruffle the little ringlets I am sure are unbelieveably soft!!!

  37. dylanimore says:

    Isn’t it a ram and a lamb cam? Or maybe I just don’t know my animals.

  38. dylanimore says:

    @els Yucc. I just saw that. 😦

  39. Not gross. Natural. Anerable baby goatseys and lambies and puppehs and kittehs need feedingks in their mummehs belly to grow.

    Angora ringlets, 80’s sweaters and down vests put these over the top!!!!

  40. Just born bebbeh goatsie=CO fixation, leading to addiction:
    Caper, caper, prance, prance, prance;
    Gambol, gambol, gambol, dans, dans, dans:
    Arno is doing it right, captivating us as well, during his happy new-born antics;
    Add the teeney little bleatsies: O Noes!! Blarghhh! I ar ded from the kyuoote!!

  41. Arno just made my day. Pics like these make me want to become vegetarian!

  42. chackler says:

    Finally – lambcam gets it’s due! It’s very addicting and they take such good care of their little lambies and kids, you can tell that all the animals are loved very much.

  43. eikoleigh says:

    They’re so cute!!

  44. Beth (in NC) says:

    Lamb cam does sound a little better than Kid Cam…. but whatevskis. I like goats even a little better than sheep (shhhhh don’t tell them!!!?!?!?!?!)

  45. littlegreycatdesigns says:

    @Designing Writer–don’t worry, these goaties are NEVER eaten! I discussed that with Susan personally before buying shares in her fiber CSA. I’m a veg too, and it was an important bit of info for me

    @Poohbear–Arno’s hooves aren’t painted, just a tweak of the sunlight. But I agree, I don’t know how that one didn’t make it on the CO front page!

  46. Ah, yes, that pesky umbilicus. The sight of one nearly caused hubby to pass out in the Miracle of Birth Barn at the State Fair. Apparently, the Miracle of Birth is not for the faint of heart.

    And that is a gambol if I’ve ever seen one.

  47. @dylan: It’s definitely not a ram-cam. Rams lack that whole giving birth thing! 🙂 More like a nanny-n-kid cam. But I think we’re all missing the point that the Lamb-cam is for lambs as well as the goats we’re seeing here.

    My vote for the second picture is gambol!

  48. Katiedid says:

    i’ve never seen a lamb so happy lol.. it looks like he’s smiling in the second pic 😀

  49. I’m with Els: put it under “Gee-ross!” as a warning.

  50. new category: kids ‘n’ racks!

    that…came out…wrong…

  51. Um, ew?

  52. Thanks for the brainworm lyric, Meg: and it’s doing a Bat-usi
    Biff! Baf! Pow!


  53. These goats can do so much more alive than as meat. And I know they are not being eaten, I’m just adding to that thought:

    provide wool to warm our bodies
    milk and cheese to nurture out bodies
    and smiles and gambols to sooth our souls

    The umbilicus is not that bad. Human births are just as messy.

  54. Baby Goat should vote for CO in the Webbys, like er, a baby Goat.

  55. I’m a Niffer, not a nuffer, and I’m absolutely all about the many cute aspects of the curly kid, but between the umbilical cord and the comments referring to this little one as a “Goatsie”, I’ve got a twinge of the eeew (not ewe), too.

  56. ♫ He is a dedicated follower of fashion… ♫

    [They seek him here, they seek him there. With knobbly knees, and wooley hair. – Ed.]

  57. B. Modern says:

    Another thing LIVE goats can do is provide excellent and environmentally awesome lawn mowing services…

  58. leslie thomas says:

    (pardon the probably ignorant geek question on the way, please)
    Ed’s: Que, esta the song being hummed, as part of the captioning of these “New Kids on the Block”??????

    [Um, it’s the theme from the old Batman TV series. Keep hangin’ tough, tho… – Ed. 😉 ]

  59. Starling says:

    Sheeps have funny eyes like that too, kzgz, I know, cos I li-i-i-ived on a she-ee-eep fa-ar-ar-arm for ye-e-ars.

    Which hasn’t affected me at a-a-al.

    Our local teaching farm has a lambing weekend each year, you can come and see the lambs being born. Fascinating but squicky!


  60. Starling says:

    One of our lambs gave birth to triplets in the yard. No kiddinks.

  61. eternalcanadian says:

    eh? since when did sheep have horns (i know the male bighorn sheep have horns, but female sheep???). looks an awful lot like a goat to me so that would be a goat cam, not a lamb cam, yeah?

  62. I know it’s supposed to be yay nature, miracle of birth, kumbaya, etc.

    But srsly they couldn’t have avoided filming the umbilical cord? Or removed it somehow? It is natural, however at that point, it’s no longer sustaining life and it just dying tissue. I don’t like seeing my own dead skin cells. Ick.

  63. mervtheflamingo says:

    Gotta agree with several others on the viewing of the umbilical cord. I know its natural. Just not for the faint of heart. and usage of terms like “goatsie” etc, but that is more excusable because I think some may not know what makes that gross when spelled slightly differently.

    But super cute otherwise!!! 🙂

  64. ellie007 says:

    but in the video all I could pay attention to was the gross umbilical cord hanging out back there.

    DITTO! Stringy ewwwy nature goodness is many wonderful things – but not cute!

    That said the Kiddy is so adorable, I’ll just stick to the pics kthx!

  65. Yeah, I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who was majorly grossed out by the birthing material hanging out back there on the Momma. Otherwise, the sounds they were making were sweet!

  66. mom has the right idea, munching on that behbeh tail! That’s what I would do!

  67. I love how goats look perpetually bemused. Too funny.

  68. Yers, those are kids, kids. Where do you think mohair comes from? the 3 stooges?

  69. like a record baby round round round round….

  70. elizabeth says:

    looking at these pictures, all i can think of is this really creepy anime called “ringing bell.” and it makes me sad!

  71. It really is too bad that all totally adorable teeny weeny baby animals have to come out of some other animal’s utterly disgusting interior. The stuff hanging out of the mama is placenta/afterbirth, and it’s not safe to “remove” it – it should be passed naturally. This video was shot within minutes of the baby’s birth.

  72. Staa—aaaa—rling-just daa–aa—aaa-rling!

  73. ariesgirl says:

    2nd picture:
    Romp romp romp.
    *Twitch ears*
    Frolic frolic frolic.
    Gambol gambol gambol.