Out Of Control Interdigital Floof has been brought to you by…


This kitteh.





  1. That’s nothin! My Maliika has more floof than that… keep thinking I should cut it, but she “risky businesses” around the floors, and it’s just too fun to watch, so we keep the OOCIF as it is 🙂

  2. Kory Johnson says:

    Now THAT is a floofy cat.

  3. Sure makes my kitty look like a freeloader, she scratches up the furniture while this one dusts.

  4. hon glad says:

    All the better for sneaking up to the bird table.

  5. Trabb's Boy says:

    Not quite enough floof to prevent a little claw action, I see! Loooooooove the black nose!

  6. White floof with black toe beanz? Oh. Em. Gee.

  7. Trabb's Boy says:

    And black toe beans!

  8. Marianne says:

    note the lerve scratches on owner’s hand.

  9. Aw, the perfect black paw pads with the perfect white fur just kills me.

  10. Toehawks! I call toehawks! Amazing!

  11. cubbybutt says:

    That paw-paw is beautiful! And those licorice toe bubbles! Nom!

  12. What a purrdy baby!!! Luvs the look in pic 2, like…..ummmm my tummy feels good now!
    My doggies have this much floof too!

  13. Those are the blackest toe beans I’ve ever seen. Anywhere.

  14. So d–m cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can see I’m going to have get a shot of my Charlie’s toe-hawk/floofage. Tough to do, since he’s all black……I need a floofage portrait photographer!!

  15. cheesybird says:

    Awesomest bean/floof contrast evah! Only made cuter by the black nose!

  16. what a gorgeous and mondo- floofy kitty! i want to snorgle!!

  17. Kristabelle says:

    Toe floof is dangerous!!! Kitty needs the groomer ASAP! He looks very content though, so I would be loathe to disturb him with the scissors…

  18. Das Floof.

  19. Pretteh kitteh.

  20. Black toe beans show ancestry back to ancient Egyptian kitteh gods (per the writings of Paul Gallico, a 20th century cat chronicler).

    Impressive scratches on der hooman. Nice work o great one.

  21. Robin Rank says:

    I call these Toe Lashes.

  22. That’s some oof with the floof! Hehehehe, reminds me of my OOCIF challenged kitty. Love the toe-hawk in all its glory in the last pic.

  23. claudemarie says:

    Yup. Thems some pretty long hair growing between those beans.

  24. Katiedid says:

    judging by the scratches in the second picture that guy likes to rub fluffy toes the wrong way lol..

  25. Lucy's mommeh says:

    My Lucy has floof between her toe beans too, and I believe she’s purposely running in the kitchen & locking up her legs to skid when she runs up on our other cat, Molly. Too funny. I won’t trim the floofage. It must be there for some reason! The other cats don’t have it like Lucy. I think she’s part Maine Coon. She has long hair, but it doesn’t mat.
    Tabitha’s hair is short, and she mats like crazy. Molly is short haired and doesn’t mat. It’s weird, the variations in the furs.

  26. He’s Byoojifull.

  27. Awwwww… looks at those toe beans. Perfection.

  28. PS Note his face, for goodnessakes. That is a radiant kittyface.

  29. @PJ: Les Flouffes

  30. GrammyCat says:

    I was told by a breeder that yes, all Maine Coons have that floofage. Mine all did. I no longer have any Maine Coons – but Daddy cat left me with six grandkittens and several of them have the floof even tho they have their Moms short hair ! The purpose of floofage is of course snow-shoes. Look at a Snow Leopard – they have serious floofage.

  31. Omg the floof and the black and white is fantastic. Love the black nose and paw pads with the greenish eyes. Pretteh Kitteh!

  32. Those are happy scratches. Mad scratches occur in inconvenient places – like knuckles and thumbs.

    Rub the belly some more and you’ll see mad scratches.

  33. I’m also quite familiar with the phenonmenon of “clumsy scratches”. You know, you’re carrying the 17-lb. “kitten” around the kitchen bumble-style, when he suddenly spots the other tomcat scampering towards the bedroom windowsill and MUST PURSUE!!

    teh owch

  34. rgalford says:

    Notice the scratch marks on the back of her hand!!!! I’d be getting that kitty declawed.

  35. I definitely think this should be considered as a new rule of cuteness! Any paw with excessive floof is nomible and a def. cute overload! and Persians have seriously OOCIF, theirs is like 3 times longer than this kittehs. I have to send in a pic of one of my kittehs!

  36. Mary (the first) says:

    That’s a truly gorgeous kitteh. My next kitteh is going to be black and white, I swear. And floofy, I hope.

  37. this floof is absolutely extraordinary.

  38. brinnann says:

    rgalford, please, PLEASE tell me you weren’t serious about declawing….

  39. Yeah, y’know, cat-positive people tend not to mind the occasional scratch.
    Love hurts. 😉

  40. balamuthia says:

    @rgalford, next time you accidentally scratch someone consider getting the first digit of each of your fingers chopped off.

  41. AuntieMame says:

    Heh. I was going to comment about the scritches on daddy’s hand, too. Dat’s some serious floofage. Rly.

  42. Lucy's mommeh says:

    NO to declawing. Did it once…NEVER AGAIN. From an early age, kittens get toes handled. Then, when it comes time for nail clipping, it’s not such a big deal. And then the get a snack afterwards.

  43. Absolutely agree — no declaw. Not necessary. My two guys, now 15, used to be a challenge to clip, but we’ve learned to accommodate each other over the years. They don’t even run when they see the clippers any more but are very patient while I clip. (Until they’re not, of course. I can’t dawdle…)

    Beyootiful kitteyh, and much loved, obviously. Goody!

  44. Y’know, I’ve managed to cause injury to myself MUCH more than any animal ever did (paper cuts, stubbed toes, sunburns, sprained wrists, bruised shins, and on and on) so the occasional cat scratch is not even worth thinking about.

  45. My Stinky would get the zoomies, and bounce off everything, including me, and push off with back claws extended. I used to call that a “drive-by.”

  46. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Awesome toehawks.

  47. Mary (the first) says:

    @Lucy’s mommeh, that’s exactly what I do also. Handle paws gently a lot while petting, etc. etc. and then when the clippers are included, they don’t even care. But (as Sher says) I can’t dawdle, either. Also, kitteh learns from baby hood that hands are not toys and not to be “attacked”. Of course this means, no tempting by playing “wrassle” with human hand and kitteh..which is hard to resist. . but not fair to try to teach them “don’t bite or scratch the hand” sometimes but it’s ok other times. And the occasional accidental scratch is just a small price to pay for the snorgling and floof love.

  48. To Robin R:….Toe Lashes. [giggle, snort]. I also suggest the possibility of Toe Fringe.

  49. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Argyle Donkeypants’s screen name wins the Internet.

  50. teh zoomies, heh heh heh. I have some scars from zoom-byes!

    Who’s a pretteh kitteh?! (snorgle snorgle) OWCHE.

    lerve the splayed back feet in the second pic.

  51. That is indeed 100% high quality toefloof. I am shocked, rocked and awed!

  52. starlinguk says:

    Grammycat, mine has long toelashes, even though he’s a shorthaired too.

  53. starlinguk says:

    P.S. I don’t even clip his nails. He knows not to scratch his humans and he uses his scratch post to sharpen his nails, nothing else. Thing is, he’ll bat your hands without nails and then bite you in your fingers REALLY HARD!

    What am I gonna do, deteeth him? 😛

  54. just wanna say Susan Boyle and your cat Pepples, we lerve you!

  55. minerva99 says:

    i second (or third, or fourth…) the absolutely NOT to declawing! but you don’t have to get scratches either. along with regular claw trimmings, you can get soft vinyl caps called “soft claws” that fit over the claw and still allow a kitty the pleasure of the act of scratching but without the damage to furniture or hoomans. my kitty Shadow gets them regularly, in colors that match the season, and elegantly show off her lush black fur!

    sorry for the commercial message, but i thought people might like to know. i have no connection with the the company other than as a satisfied customer, but ever since i was a tot and my parents had my cat declawed i try to spread the word about alternatives to this horrible procedure.

  56. So fluffy! What a beautiful cat! (And another vote for no to declawing!)

  57. Delta Sierra says:

    Black beans are the yummiest. Hm…? What…? Of COURSE I mean that in a totally snorgling way! Euw, how could you even think… ick. Just, ick.

  58. There is also the “O CRAP tis that Yappy Dog again” scratchin with hawt shoulder action!
    A frequent enough event in our house.
    I am in love with this cat. I swear I can feel the silkiness of that fur, and I so want to snorgle that belleh.

  59. katfighter says:

    Psh my hands are constantly covered in cat scratches, and usually I have no idea where they came from. The thought of declawing makes my stomach curdle. I have two kitties who don’t mind the clip, and one who is abnormally strong and a master at pulling the paw away just as you get the chopper around it. Not to mention, holding him pisses him off, so he is already squirmy.

    Also, Soft Paws (Soft Claws) are one of the greatest inventions ever. Rubber sheaths that go over the nails and fall off as they grow out – ingenious. But again, kitteh has to be still to get them on.

    Cheesybird, your gravatar is making me hungry!!!

  60. ShonaSquee says:

    Beautiful and practical, the floof acts as a foot warmer in snowy lands.

  61. @minerva9- my kitties have them too.. except the place I get them from calls em soft paws… funny thing is that the process for getting them on usually gives me about a dozen scratches… lol 😀

  62. A study in serious kitteh-toe fluffitude…. CO to the max…. 🙂

  63. I have so many scratches from the new kitten it isn’t even funny. She has fully fourteen front toes with which to express her displeasure/SUDDENINTENSENEEDTOPLAY.

    My cousin has a dog with the BIGGEST toehawks I have ever seen; they’re seriously pushing like an inch in length and they’re so soft and fluffy. I keep trying to get her to submit pictures to the site… she’s even ResQte!

    I love the patch on this cat’s nose so much it hurts. And, as aformentioned, those perfect black pawpads. Contrast FTcutenessW.

  64. No to declawing, but do be careful with the scratches… all injuries from cats, inclluding bites (love nibbles) need to be cleaned out thouroughly… something about cat claws and jaws harboring bacteria… not sure if it’s just outdoor cats, or all cats. Does anyone else know?

  65. Wend — think “litter box”. Yes, it’s definitely best to properly clean & dress your cuts.

  66. The kitty’s fluffitude is awesome. It’s coloring is beautiful. I want to hug and kiss it! (And I have “love scratches” from my own kitteh, too! Declawing is evil!)

  67. starlinguk says:

    My cat declawed himself yesterday when fleeing from a dog. I just noticed it’s started bleeding again, poor thing.

    I cover any scratches I have with spray plaster. It disinfects (ouch!) and covers the scratch at the same time.

  68. Theresa- Does Argyle Donkeypants WANT the Internet?
    I remember Willie the Cat, he was an outside/indoor cat, big tomcat. As gentle as any gentle animal alive and even then I got some scratches. P’Shaw. No declawing ever.

    All cuts and scrapes need to be cleaned out, every time. Soap and warm water does nicely. No need for disinfectant unless you gots the creeping green crud. (Nobody gots the creeping green crud). If it gets infected onaccountabecause you didn’t wash it out- well, then yes, stupid, you need disinfectant and antibiotic goo and the schmere (nice pun there, did you see what I did??) Of course you did! Wash your hands often during the day when you switch activities.

  69. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    This cat is, rightfully, very proud of its O.O.C.I.F.

  70. What is that? OMG, it’s the creeping green crud!!!

  71. This cat is GORGEOUS!

  72. Paunchie says:

    ew! sounds like the Thing!

    Cat Scratch Fever is a realz thing tho’…

  73. Getitoff getitoff getitoff!!!! ack hack chchchghgh

  74. Paunchie says:

    OMG GET IN THE CAR! It’s the creeping green crud!

  75. AWW 🙂 What a sweet looking fluffy kitty 🙂 I would really LOVE to cuddle that cutie 🙂 I really HOPE for your sake, rgalford, that you were being silly about saying that cute kitty needs to be declawed 😡 or you will be the ONE getting CLAWED by everyone here 😡

  76. On a side note, if someone could show me how to make an angry face like this 😡 I will thank you 🙂

  77. That is one of the most beautiful cats and color patch paws designs I’ve ever seen. Seriously this looks professionally painted on! So very pretty and unique. I want more! I need to see more of this gorgeous kitteh! 😀

  78. photogirl says:

    I’m SO not a cat person, but i LOVE this cat.
    Kitty totally reminds me of a Border Collie!

  79. jubileeblot says:

    Yum-Yum, nommy black bean toes, such a pretty kitty. The guy sure has a death grip on the poor sweety though. Look at his scratched up hand. Makes me think this guy is not respecting kitties space. Such a beauty.

  80. berthaservant says:

    I always say this to people about getting their cat declawed:

    What is more important: the cat or your furniture?

    If the answer is “the furniture,” then you don’t want a cat for a pet.

    MAJOR Floofage.

  81. kittiesrock says:

    That second photo is just heavenly!

  82. Creeping green crud… clearly, someone else has (aack) cleaned out their kid’s lunch kit, after said kid left it at school for, ah, um… some time… seriously; I opened the thing, and someting started movin’! had to wrestle the lid closed- still have bad dreams…

  83. serafemme says:

    i REALLY REALLY REALLY want this kitteh.

  84. Shannon L. says:

    omg…the thing that made me laugh the hardest was “toe beans.”

    Best new phrase I learned, ever.

    I gots me a maine coone too, so the toehawks are nothing new to me. They keeps the floors nice, though. 😮

  85. kibblenibble says:

    Gorgeous kitteh. Can I have a turn snuggling?

  86. Best toe bean- floofage contrast ever! My Henry cat has beautiful toe fluffies, but he’s a black cat, and the fluff doesn’t photograph well.

  87. has anyone noticed the scratches all over the person holding the cat? lol.

  88. Tally Cat says:

    My kitten Dinah has all-black toe beans too!!! They are the cutest.

    Oh, and she knows not to put even one toe bean on the kitchen counter or else! 😛

  89. Yes, thats a fluffy bunch of paws, but not fluffy enough to prevent the scratches all over the guy holding the puss.

  90. Declawing and even nail clipping virtually unheard in the UK. I’ve had to replace couch covers, cos of my little darlings @**&%#!

  91. I, too, am in love with this kitteh.

  92. The Shazinator says:

    I sent in this link last week – toe floof that beats B&W kitteh’s OOCIF, HANDS DOWN!!

    ~Cookiecat Fuzzy Toes~

  93. The Shazinator says:
  94. lucy's mommeh says:

    Berthaservant-I have said, out loud, many times-NO furniture is worth getting a cat declawed.
    I have sound a particular fabric that cat claws have a hard time latching on to . Our La-Z-Boys are covered with a fine corduroy fabric. I noticed nails just slip right through it! Keep that in mind next time you get some new furniture! 🙂

  95. Imagine my surprise when I took my daily peep at cute overload and I saw my own kitty looking back at me. Thanks for featuring Sniff! We both ❤ cute overload!!

  96. brinnann says:

    Attn: Teresa
    RE: Unhappeh Emoticons

    (Forgive me if this doesn’t work; it might just turn out jibberish.)

    😡 = : x (minus the spaces)

    👿 = : evil : (minus the spaces)

    😕 = : ? (minus the spaces)

    [Don’t forget :mrgreen: : mrgreen : and 😈 : twisted : …which are my faves – Ed.]

  97. brinnann says:

    Congrats Emmie! You haz a verra pretteh kitteh! I lof heem!

  98. Paunchie says:

    PS I also really like the term “interdigital floof”

  99. Lucy's mommeh says:

    hon glad, if I don’t trim kittie nails, they get hung up in the retro 1980s longish carpet!
    Also, when Molly is sitting on hubby’s lap, making bread, he’s not flinching because of the pain she inflicts….she’s VERY exuberant about the lovey-dovey paw action on tender thighs!

  100. honestly, you can train a cat not to scratch. have a scratch post near by, if he/she attempts to scratch the furniture scold “no!” and put it near its post to scratch. We’re doing that with our cat and she actually will look at us pleased when she uses her post.

    As for human scratch, you can scold also. Cats get it. They are very intelligent. HOWEVER do not expect a cat not to scratch if you’re teasing or playing with it. Once that starts all scolding should NOT occur. Its not fair. That’s how they play.

  101. It creeps, It is green and yes, it is crud. Lunch boxes, the back of the refrigerator, underneath the microwave turnything, oh, yes. I just mean that it doesn’t just ‘get’ or creep onto your skin without your knowledge. Just wipe it off with warm water and soap and remind yourself to wear gloves next time. The high ones with the buttons. Very chic. Pearls oh yes, pearls.

  102. that’s cookies and cream.

  103. Thank you, brinnann 🙂 As for rgalford, I give :x, :evil:, and :twisted:.

  104. And thank you, Ed 🙂

  105. My cat has O.O.C.I.F. too! So cute though!

  106. eternalcanadian says:

    yikes, look at all the scratches on that person’s hands! fluffy kitty or not, those paws are weapons! lol

  107. C’mon, do you seriously think someone would mention declawing offhandedly on a page full of cat lovers? Please don’t feed the troll.

    CO is love. Long live CO.

  108. Poohbear says:

    Sweet cat floofage.

    This is just a smiley test, performed sneakily by night in a corner ! Might not work :


  109. Poohbear says:

    Booh ! 😕