You’re Soaking In It

I went looking through the archives for a photo which could satisfactorily convey a message of “Thank the Gooshy Goddess THAT ordeal’s finally over.”  Et voila, from July 14 of ’07.  Check’s in the mail, Commissioner Shulman.


No, I DIDN’T enjoy my FIRST BATH, actually.


But thanks for ASKING!!!

[bares claws and swipes in air: Ehn! Ehn! Ehn!]

And, NICE leg in the background, Shroom V.!



  1. berthaservant says:

    Dear little kitteh
    Clean angry eye booger nyerhe
    How I do love thee

  2. AWW. Poor little kitty had to be washed. The look on its face says “Keep laughing and the entire contents of this house are goners!”

  3. I wonder how late the nuffers stay up…

  4. Poor sad little sweetie had BETTER be getting some meelks real soon!

  5. Poor pinkie nosey. (kiss)

  6. So much more fun to hug and kiss them after a bath when they’re looking so sad. 🙂

  7. Tax time for Teho, is it? 😉

  8. girlgonemild says:

    omg… look at that super cute top lip. so precious.

  9. Oh! So sad! And so cute! SO SUTE!!! (Gives furious keeses)

  10. That cat looks horrendously traumatized. Just saying.

  11. kibblenibble says:

    I want to kees each side of hees moist leetle muzzlepowshe, then gently dry heem so that undignified bald patch deesappears.

  12. i love how this kitty have such pair of expressful (?!) eyes
    totally speaks the argony of how much the kitty hate the bath…

  13. “I thought you LOVED me!”

  14. Aww…what a sad little expression on such a cute face.

  15. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    I would pay that person $5 to shave “C.O.” into his leg hair.

  16. @Argyle Donkeypants – you’re on! Only, I’m not the person in the photo and it’s going to take me a while to get to the hairy stage and what’s worse, I’m a girl. But in this economy, five bucks is five bucks.

  17. You have betrayed its tiny trust.

    OMG, I just petted the screen. What’s happening?

  18. Wet kitty is reproachful.

  19. duck au vin says:

    Wish we still had Dry-Dry. Love you, kitty. >0O*

  20. Kitty: what did I do to deserve this?

    Bath-attendant: Don’t look at me like that. You know what you rolled in!

  21. LOL. Who could nuff this? It’s super cute, and sometimes it IS necessary to bathe a cat if they get into an offensive substance, or mud and such. DUH!

  22. cobratoes says:

    Awwww. Kissies for the sad little kitty face.

  23. cobratoes says:

    Hee hee. His little face is all “what just happened?”

  24. eternalcanadian says:

    awwww, wet pussy (no pun intended!). it looks so resigned, like “well, finnnneeee, you wanna humilate me like this, just wait until you are all asleep *muwahahaha*”

  25. fish eye no miko says:

    Aw, kitty…
    [hugs kitty, then dries him (her?) off]

  26. Each of my kitties was bathed at least ONCE as a kitten. Misadventures like leaping into the toilet or getting into something gross. The male has been bathed a LOT more than the female. Both have fallen into MY bath on occasion.

    Sometimes, ya just gotta clean up the kitty before they try to clean the mess off of themselves.

    The last intentional bathing of a kitty was when the male was attacked by a *squish* pillow and was covered with the styroball stuffing. (He says it snuck up behind him and exploded.) It was the only way to get that stuff OFF of him… and we were still finding the tiny balls months later, often in the oddest places.

  27. Trauma eyes.

  28. Poor little guy – I’ve seen that look before on my own guys. And yes, sometimes it is necessary to bathe a cat. And the younger you start them off the easier it is for you in the years to come.

  29. am i the only one that thinks this kitty kinda looks like zooey deschanel?

  30. I want to SQUEEESH him! He is so cute!

    And unrelated, but s’cuse me, why hasn’t the new Obama doggy been uploaded yet?!

  31. Hello gorgeous! Those eyes are melting me… and the nose… and the lips… I swear kittens just kill my brain cells and turn me into a blubbering cooing mess. And the eyes do remind me a little of Zooey Deschanel (and the fact that it looks like it has black hair). Cutest thing ever!

  32. burrrrr it cold

  33. that’s the saddest expression on the face of a wet cat that I have ever seen! Poor big blue eyes! He just needs to dry off and then he will a lot better about things.

  34. OH, what a look of betrayal!

  35. Be strong, Kit! This too shall pass.

  36. Kristabelle says:

    Poor kitten! What sad eyes!!!!

  37. Kristabelle says:

    P.S. Is that a Palmolive reference??

    [Maybe a little. – Ed.]

  38. Aww, he looks like he’s been taken total advantage of!

  39. it looks like elijah wood for some reason.

  40. PS “The Gooshy Goddess”? Isn’t that who provides gooshy food?

    [Well well, you seem to know your deities! – Ed.]

  41. Well, that would make it ME, then!! Bow down, people. :mrgreen:

  42. D’OH

  43. Don’t forget the little self-head-slap. Niiiiiiiice. 😀

    [But I don’t want a V-8… – Ed.]

  44. Is it just me, or does he kinda look like a baby Yoda? A very cute baby Yoda!

  45. AuntieMame says:

    Try a V-8 Splash, Ed. All the vitamins and good stuff, without the nasty tomato juice.

  46. Theresa, do you really make people into goo? You made Theo slap his head. Well, nice power if you can, Theresa. “With the power to GOOO!” That’s even more awesome than “with the power to melt!”

    AuntieMame-which flavor did you try? I tried on and it tasted furry- like it had mango in it or something. Bleeach. Furry, like ‘Earl Grey’ tea tastes like flannel. (I know it is the Bergamot, uhhhh.) Anyway, if you tried a different one I would most assuredly try again. I need more fruits and veggies.

  47. “i shall never …*shiiiiver*…ever … forgive you. *shiiiiver*”